How do I deal with anxiety?

Hi Brian just a question, I suffer from anxiety, even though I can feel positive, anxiety has a mind of its own. Have you come across or talked about in a post techniques on how to calm the mind and body if something has deeply affected someone. I refuse to believe that everyone can just change to a positive vibe by thoughts only, I wouldn’t be the only one with anxiety / anxious issues. Nerves do affect the body and mind and they don’t listen to what the mind is saying. I would love to know if you have any info. Just to add, maybe it (anxiety) could be talked about in one of your posts, because I,m sure everyone would be interested if you have any solutions. I am not good at meditation. If you don’t that’s fine, thought i would ask.

Your note touches on many teachable moments to clarify and resolve this matter based on our energy nature and I will address each one. I most likely did have a post about anxiety / depression as many many people have been led to believe that they are disorders, syndromes, dis-eases, something we have no control over and need treatment. Mainstream medicine, people educated for years promote such a faulty belief and actually view it as something to treat. The level of ignorance around this is astounding, especially as you start to tune into the truth. Even from your note it appears there is some confusion for you on this topic. So let’s clear it up. Let’s work from the energy perspective, from the ground up.

Anxiety, it is an emotion as you see on the emotional scale, a very low vibrating emotion. It is an emotion just like happy, like anger, like joy, like guilt, like optimism, like worry, like sad, like appreciation, like peace etc. Now nobody would say that worry is a disorder nor pretty much all other emotions, but for some reason anxiety and depression got duped with being some malfunction within us, or a force that we have no personal control over and perhaps nothing to do with. Well I suppose that should not be so surprising that people think like this given the serious amount of faulty and limiting beliefs fed to us in large dosages since the day we were born.

Anxiety like all other emotions are part of your emotional guidance system. They are indicators to let you know the vibrational value of your thoughts and beliefs. Anxiety is a low vibrating emotion meaning it is telling you, indicating to you that your perspective, thoughts, opinions, attitudes, moods, beliefs, values are faulty, inaccurate, not in vibrational alignment with your power as a creator or what you want to manifest. Anxiety, like all emotions is a beautiful thing, without it you would have no guidance, would not know where you stood emotionally and could not make the adjustment, life would be like floating in space, no control, no direction, no nothin! But what does medicine want to do, they want to medicate people, disable their guidance system out of ignorance. Medication is certainly far from a solution. The solution is knowledge, understanding, practice of the truth, practice directing your energy intentionally as I further indicate below.

In your note you indicate “nerves do affect the body”. This again is a faulty belief, the mind has all power over the body, the body is an instrument of the mind, and where the mind goes the body follows. Now this can seem not so true when we don’t understand energy momentum because once momentum gets going . . . well, then the law of attraction feeds us thoughts so fast it seems like the anxiety (energy momentum) has taken over but it’s just momentum and when you understand it and know how to shift it, it’s no big deal at all, nothing scary at all.

So let’s drop the faulty notion that anxiety is some force of it’s own going around wreaking havoc on the people of this planet. Anxiety is an emotion that results from thoughts like, I am out of control, I can’t have that thing I want, this does not look like it’s going to work out for me and I have no control to do anything about it, I really am in trouble here or going to be in trouble, this is not looking good and I don’t see how I can do anything about it. Anxiety is linked to fear, it’s linked to insecurity and powerlessness. Now let’s think for a moment about what I just wrote. From the perspective of the larger part of your Source, is any of it true? No, none of it is true and that means we have accepted faulty beliefs to have such thoughts. It means we are not connected with the truth about who we are, the truth of abundance, the truth of why we came here into these physical bodies, our power as creators, the creative process and the incredible unconditional support we have from Source to give us everything we want and Loa to deliver it.

When we are connected to the truth, the anxiety alarm goes off because we are in alignment, we are feeling like our natural self. Optimistic, knowing, satisfied, happy, joyful, eager, enthusiastic, excited, at ease, peaceful, empowered, free, independent, positive expectation. If your anxiety alarm is on, it means one thing and one thing only, you are out of alignment with the truth and so my prescription for anxiety is to get back into alignment and you do that by embracing the truths I mentioned above and practicing them in your daily life.

Meditation is a great easy way to allow alignment. In the absence of resistance, vibration rises naturally and the law of attraction goes to work for you on the high side of life instead of the low side (remember it is at work 24/7 matching you up with what matches your present moment vibe). Meditation is like everything, it just takes practice. You set an anchor thought like a mantra, a meaningless word or could be a meaningful work that has only positive associations, it could be white noise, your breath, counting by 3s. The purpose of this anchor is that when you detect thoughts, you let them go like clouds in the sky and go back to your anchor. Now when you start meditating you will have lots of thoughts and just keep returning to your anchor, but as you practice more and more, your mind will more and more stay in a place of silence, none resistance. You can’t get it wrong, you can’t be bad at it because you know when you are thinking, then you just go back to the anchor and repeat it / focus on it gently.

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