How to allow money to manifest when there are limiting beliefs?

If you have a desire and a belief that opposes it and you attempt to make specific affirmations about having that desire it will almost certainly cause resistance and prevent the manifestation. Many people say “I have been affirming that I have money, money is coming, money flows into my life easily, etc., ” but it isn’t happening because there is a belief of lack somewhere in the vibration mix and those affirmations do nothing but feed that faulty belief, flare it up. The belief has too much momentum and those affirmations bounce right off it. So if you make statement of desire and you don’t really believe it, and you have to be honest with yourself whether you do or not, it’s not going to work for you.So here is what you can do, just take the specific thoughts away from money and put your thoughts in a more general positive feeling place

there are areas of my life that are going wellsome things do work for meideas sometimes come to meit’s actually quite fun when ideas come to meit would be fun to watch a desire unfoldI like the idea of being a deliberate creatorI do believe I create my own reality (with the larger part of me)I like that I am coming to understand how this all worksI know I have taken on beliefs about myself and lifeI know many of them are inaccurateI know I can create new beliefsI know I am just beginning to scratch the surface of my abundance

Once you get some momentum going you could add statements like. It feels good to think about . . . (and think of an experience). This is a great statement because you are not opposing any belief, you are not saying you have anything, you are just saying it feels good to think about it.
The thing you have to ask is, what does my desire feel like, it feels like fun, joy, excitement, fulfilling, interesting, free, abundant. Now if you get those vibrations going for any reason, any reason at all and not even remotely about your desires, well you are at the vibration of your desire and it can manifest. That is the purpose of the general statements above, to put you into the matching vibration of money or anything else you want to manifest, by sidestepping the beliefs, which means no inflaming it. When you make statements that you know to be true and feel good, now you are in alignment with the desire.

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