I am just curious to know if you have any plans for writing a book on “Money Wealth & Prosperity Consciousness”.

I will address your question in a round about way but bear with me and you will understand the answer.

Many people think that manifesting is a conscious effort to use ones mind in a way that will bring specific desires, like money. In other words, people think if I spend so much time each day thinking about money, thinking about prosperity and abundance that the law of attraction will bring this. This is not really accurate and it frustrates and confuses many people.

Rather than teach people how to manifest things, like money, I help people to understand the energy vibrations to offer the law of attraction so that the things we desire can manifest. Another way to say this is I help people to understand what vibrations (feelings) to manifest, so that their desires manifest.

You see, you don’t have a Soul, you are a Soul with a body where Soul is Source energy. Source is with you at all times. It is monitoring all of your experiences and it let’s say for example you have an experience of financial lack. Source is aware of this feeling of lack, knowing what you really want is abundance. That is what the experience of lack causes within us, the desire for abundance and prosperity. Source knows 2 things in this regard. One, it knows abundance is natural and unlimited and 2) that we have the faculties to allow it to manifest. So when you feel lack, it means you are having a thought that represents lack and when you do this, Source sends you a negative feeling to say, no that is not true, you just had an experience where there was lack but that does not mean you have to have that experience . . . that experience caused you to ask me for prosperity and I have granted it. Now if you will focus in ways that match prosperity it can manifest. This is why I have developed the 4 legs of consistent and successful manifestation. Many people think, if I do affirmations about wealth, visualize it and so on it will come, but again that is not true. For one to do this is only 1 leg of the 4 legs of successful manifestation and 2 if those affirmations don’t make you feel good, then they are resistance that blocks the abundance.

So rather than thinking about money, it is much better to think about what one wants with the money. What is the experience we want the money for. If we will focus on that and how that experience feels, like fun, happy, joy, freedom, security etc. Those vibrations match the vibration of money, abundance, prosperity. BUT we can’t sit all day and think about those desires, we have a life to live. So now we go into our day and we have to sustain that high vibe, just like we had when we thought about our prosperous experiences. We have to hold our vibe at the level of joy, happiness, peace, ease, optimism, gratitude, satisfaction, eagerness, excitement etc. dominantly in our day. This requires a focus on the positive aspects of our life as it is, a sense of satisfaction. It also requires that we trust the creative process and the first part of the process, we can’t see it, so we have to trust it is happening. Lastly if something gets our attention in a negative way, we must catch that and release it so we can get back to feeling better.

So you see, I could write a book on prosperity, but my thought was why write a book to focus on that alone when learning to think high vibration brings not only prosperity but satisfying career, satisfying relationships and everything else.

You see we have to get away from thinking about the how, where , when and who. Source energy and loa take care of all of that. If we will simply manifest high vibe feelings, and one way to do that is to think about what we want and why we want it (emotional reason), along with the other 3 ways I mentioned then it all comes.

Prosperity is natural to all of us, we are born as creators of our reality to be, do and have what we want. All we need to understand is how to let all the desires we have manifest. And we do that with high vibe thinking rather than specific focus on the manifestation of some “thing”. That thing, is guaranteed to manifest if we just stay away from resistance, it’s not a matter of it happening, it is happening now and the less resistance we have the faster it comes. There is no specific thing to do to attract wealth, there is just a specific way to feel and that is high vibration. So I train people to think high vibe and then everything they want starts showing up. So I highly recommend you take your time and go through my program so you train your mind to think at the vibration level it takes to allow your desires to manifest, that’s the work, that is all you have to do. The group is great for support as you learn and to help you learn high vibe thinking.

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