How do I deal vibrationally with the fear of loosing money?

Fear is an emotion, part of your emotional guidance system, it is a negative frequency emotion meaning that it is telling you that your thought about money is inaccurate in terms of your power as a creator, that the thought is not vibrationally in agreement with what you want which is abundance, certainty, freedom, security (and these things are all natural to us). Also the thought is not in agreement with your birthright to unlimited abundance.

So fear is your friend, it’s telling you to refocus your mind to what you want, you can be thankful that your guidance system is working. The fear is telling you that you have work to do, to retrain your mind to think the thoughts of what you want, to think the thoughts that are in alignment with the truth of your power and who you are and your access to unlimited abundance. Your old faulty beliefs currently have more vibrational momentum than the truth of abundance and your power as a creator. So you got to change the balance such that the truth has more momentum. You do that by 1) connecting with the truth about yourself and the truth of abundance on a daily basis, practicing those thoughts. You can see those articles on my website. 2) viewing the FAQ’s about money on my website and they will help you to understand and find specific language to sooth your thoughts about money. 3) demonstrate as I indicated in one of my posts yesterday that you are the creator of your reality, that Source got your back (it was the article about trust being the key). 4) You can build your feels good list and your feels good to think about list and your what is satisfying list. This will help you to take your mind off of money and put it where you really want it and that is on finding alignment, finding the thoughts that feel satisfying and put you at ease, releasing all resistance. This combined with knowing for certain that no resistance means abundance flows gives you confidence.

When you find alignment, when you do these things to connect with your true self, when you build trust in who you really are and the creative process then fear will go away and be replaced with trust and knowing and certainty and security. Fear essentially is synonymous with ignorance or lack of trust / knowing in the truth of life. So the remedy is to connect and to practice the thinking that puts you into alignment.

You, me and pretty much everyone on this planet have been given faulty beliefs and we have lived with for years and they have a good deal of momentum, but like a fire we can put them out, one bucket of water at a time if we keep going. So give yourself time to learn and to practice the thinking that is really representing the truth of life. Go through my program and assemble your tool box of high vibe thinking and apply it, use it every time you have a negative feeling thought. Start your day intentionally with high vibe momentum. Engage your mind, fill your mind with the truth until it fills every fibre of your being and you will no longer have fear of anything. Fear cannot live where there is knowing of the truth.

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