How do I heal bad acne (or any heal ailment)?

Hi Brian,

After reading your self worth post today it made me think of an issue my husband has been dealing with for over 9 years.

He had beautiful clear skin all throughout middle school and high school. When he went to military school at age 18, he started breaking out due to the temperature (humidity), his new diet (eating more processed foods) and his job of working with toxic fumes (fueling up aircrafts.)

He’s been out of the military for the past 6 years. His terrible acne has calmed down a lot… but it’s still pretty bad. We’ve tried numerous creams, pills and diets/lifestyle changes. Nothing has actually helped resolve his bad acne for good. After seeing multiple dermatologists… they just recommend plastic surgery!

One day we were arguing because I felt he wasn’t really interested in a solution as he wasn’t taking actions to help resolve his condition. He told me he lost hope years ago and didn’t know what to do. I accused him of actually wanting to be a victim of his acne and he admitted that maybe he had acne because he felt unworthy of being beautiful.

Nowadays he’s taken much better care of his skin, diet and doing all the proper things his dermatologist recommends… but still he suffers from this. We just talked earlier and he says he’s ready to have clear skin once and for all.

Brian, how can he attract this into his life? What am I missing? What is in his energetic field that is causing this to happen?

He has always been stubborn but he’s in so much shame about his situation he’s ready to acknowledge it and change.

As always, I greatly appreciate your insight and teachings! Thank you in advance.

Hi Samantha, thanks for this post, I always love talking about health and energy vibration as that is where my journey to uncovering all of the truth started.

So let’s start with the basics. Some of this may sound odd at first, but bear with me as I put it together. Also I will digress in some places but will bring it all together and you will see how this can be changed. It’s a bit lengthy, but the we have been missing the truth for a long time so I need to set this up so you understand how it all works. First, here is some foundational information 1) the cells of our body know how to be well, they know how to function perfectly. They don’t need us to look after them in any way, EXCEPT, they do need us to stay out of the way. What that means is to keep resistance / negative feeling thoughts and beliefs out of our energy. Temporary negative is natural and OK, but not sustained, that’s when health and life matters do not go so well. 2) given this fact, and from this energy perspective and our true energy nature, there is nothing wrong with your husbands skin on his face, his skin is literally talking to him, it’s saying you have resistance, your thoughts are out of alignment with what you want and your power as a creator, it’s out of line with the fact that you are a worthy, wonderful, deserving, unique, and uniquely gifted, creative intelligent being. So his skin is doing it’s job perfectly. 3) now that we have the true account of what is happening, you can see that this is a temporary condition, it is a manifested condition based on the specific negative energy in his vibration, which as you indicated, would be his self worth, self image, self respect and self love.

My post about self worth was specifically to help people be aware of their level of self worth, because when this is low, it can show up in all areas of our life. For your husband it is the skin condition, for others, it is lack of money, others unsatisfying relationships, and the list goes on. Our self image is perhaps the most important aspect of our beliefs as it is our foundation and when it is shaky, it rattles our world. We can have other specific beliefs about “things” in life and it will affect them directly but self image distortion is one that touches our life in many ways. This is why the first part of my program focuses extensively on this aspect of our vibration. Knowing who we truly are. When we we know this, we can’t possibly feel anything but wonderful about our self. Then we can also see all of life in more wonderful and truly positive ways. A strong sense of self sets us up for attracting the life we want.

Metaphorically the skin represents our layer of protection, so when we feel vulnerable in some way, the skin gives us indication that vulnerability is faulty (low vibe) thinking, we are the creator of our reality, we have the power that creates universes within us and at our finger tips, any thought of vulnerability is for sure faulty.

Ok, so that is all of the background of what is behind this manifested situation. It really has nothing to do with the elements of his military life that you mentioned, but that is the way we have been taught to believe, that outside conditions cause inside misalignment, and that of course . . . now we know that is not true at all, it’s the inside energy that manifests in our life / health circumstances. Just imagine all of the professional people he has seen and how little they understand about helping a person to be well from the condition that they (the service provider) spent so many years being educated about. Anyone who does not understand our energy nature is going to be very limited in what they can do do help. What it gets down to for the service provider is this, does the patient believe what the service provider is doing will change things. If the service provider can generate enough belief and positive expectation, that will be the high vibration that will change things, it has nothing to do with their procedures or products. Interesting eh! Oh yes the medical world is in for quite a shock.

What I will say about your husband entering the military school is that at that time in his life, he either felt increased vulnerability / unworthiness in some way about going into the military or there was another item in his life that sparked the increase. Either way it does not matter when you understand what is happening. The healing is really quite straight forward. He simply has to reconnect with his true and total self and from this he will have a solid sense of self image, self love, self respect, and self worth. In understanding his true and total self he will understand the broader purpose of life, the creative process and the workings of the universe. This will all give him a great deal of confidence and appreciation for him self, realizing that he is a very special and unique being among a planet of very special and unique beings (most of who don’t know this and having health and life issues because of it).

What is interesting about health issues, when we don’t understand them from an energy perspective, is that it results in 2 levels of low vibe thinking. You see, the first level is that we engage in some low vibe thinking, like unworthiness, which we don’t know how to clean up, so it goes on and on, until we get a bigger indicator like our body starting to talk to us, showing us a condition, such as acne. Now we are low vibe about the condition so we got 2 layers of low vibes to solve.

If we listen to the first indicator of low vibe, the emotion of unworthiness, and realigned with our true self, the body would not have to give the alarm (condition). But since we generally don’t understand our energy nature and how this all works, instead of dealing with it, we tend to try to sweep such things as unworthiness under the rug, but we can’t hide it or hide from it, our body won’t let us (and as far as those goes, our life in general, as it will show up some where). Our body makes us an open book to the energy we got going on. Medicine really has not understood this yet. When they start asking their patients what is troubling them emotionally and helping them with emotional relief, they will be doing far more to help their patients be well again.

Ok, so now we got 2 levels of low vibes to solve. With the information I have provided here, that can give relieve to the second level of resistance which is feeling “bad”, or having fear, uncertainty about the condition. Realizing it is simply a condition of the first level of resistance gives empowerment, a feeling of I can change this, I can be OK with this, no big deal, it’s just a temporary condition of my resistance (that feeling of unworthiness). So letting go of the second level of resistance is the first step, knowing it’s temporary and very changeable from within him. (no services or products necessary) Note, this by itself will not change the condition but it opens up the way to let go of the first level of resistance, and when that happens, the acne disappears.

To let go of the primary, first level of resistance (the unworthiness), if he studies even the first module of my program he will get a greater understanding and connection with himself, and there are exercises to help hit this home so it becomes his new belief about himself, his natural belief that he came here with.

Once he gets to this following frame of mind, his body will have no more need to alert him to the faulty belief because it will be gone and with it the acne. So once he can say (and really believe it) “I like me, I was born beautiful, born powerful, born worthy and deserving. I can’t be compared to any other, no need to compete, I am unique and I am special and I came here with my unique gifts and talents and to express them to enjoy life and expand my life experiences. I am free to be me, don’t need to please others or live up to any expectations of others, life is not about that, we each are powerful creators to have life the way we want it. All is well”

Some additional insight and support to re-establishing self worth.

Our personal value gets quite muddled from our culture, social and family beliefs and we tend to measure our value against the outside world. When we do this we really set our self up for unworthiness. There is no need to do any of that, our value is unmistakable, unquestionable, we are all very valuable beings simply in our presence here on planet earth, we all come to express our gifts and talents and have a totally fulfilling life in all ways.

Just a few words of support. When I was younger, before I knew all of this, I too felt vulnerable and I had rashes on various parts of my body. Once I connected with my true self, it all went away, never returned. For further reference, in the book E2 by Pam Grout, 9 energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your realty. She talks about her life and how she felt unworthy, this manifested as acne, teeth issues, glasses etc. Once she reconnected with the truth of her being, these things all went away.

Our outer appearance and body functioning is always a match to our inner feeling about our self, when we have a healthy and natural self image, our body functions in accordance with that, perfect health.

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