Last updated May 2024


Welcome To the World of Learning to be The Deliberate Creator of Your Own Life Experience, the easy, fun and sure way

If you are experiencing something in your life that is unsatisfying, unpleasant or unwanted and you are looking for a way to change it to the experience you want, you have come to the right place.   Whether it is a family matter, a health matter, a financial matter, a relationship matter, a career matter or any other matter, what you will learn here is that you have the independent power to change it, you don’t need anyone or anything to make changes in your life, you have all of the power within.

If you have an interest to help others be the deliberate creator of their life, you will also see that you can be certified to use my program.

Do you know why you are here on this planet?  Do you know who you really are?   Do you know the power you possess to be, do or have the experience you want in all areas of your life, including career, relationships, family matters, money, health and wellness and more?   Do you know that you are really in the driver seat of your life?  Do you know that you have all of the faculties within yourself to effortlessly cause the life experiences you desire?  Do you know everything you want is actually all cued up for you and all you have to do is understand how to let it into your life?   Do you know that you can change any experience you are having that you don’t like to one that you do?  You will find the answers to these questions and more on this site.

If you start with the Site Navigation Page in this Home section it will give you a good understanding on how to navigate this site and help you to understand why you are indeed the creator of your reality.

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Discover just how much power you have to take charge of your life and change anything.   If you are looking for insights and inspiration, join my Facebook group Higher Vibrations Insights.    If you want to take it to the next level, join my Facebook group called Higher Vibrations Now to ask questions and get answers about how your energy works and this energy universe works to enable you to receive the good life you want.   If you want help in living what you learn about in my book, you can join my group  Higher Vibrations Mastery Learning Community

You can also see my YouTube series How to Get the Life You Want which is 6 short videos totaling under an hour which shows you the creative process, why and how you are in charge of everything that happens in your life.