True Self Monitor

Knowing who you are


This monitor is the first of the four mind mastery monitors and deals with your acceptance and demonstration of who you really are. Your mastery in this area obviously has a critical bearing on your ability to master the other areas. For this reason, this one is a bit more lengthy and is divided into the following sections:

1) Concepts

The universe

Who I am

The relationship amongst the parts of my total self

Attracting my desires


2) Applying the Concepts

In the first section you will find the fundamental concepts about energy, vibration and your power to manifest. You really must accept these before you can effectively put them to use. Once you confirm that you accept them you don’t really need to visit them again. You will want to visit the second section anytime you find some aspect of your life is not going along as smoothly as you would like. By reviewing the second section of this monitor you will know the level of your proficiency in this mind mastery area and therefore if there are some aspects that you need more practice on.

Answer the following on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most true or in agreement.


The universe

I accept that this is a universe of energy and everything in it is a manifestation of that energy.

I accept that energy as the source and basis of all of life, is the embodiment of everything good, and uplifting, and conspires for the success, joy, abundance, peace and fulfillment for all.

I accept that energy is infinite, that it can not be created nor destroyed; it simply moves between manifest and unmanifest (physical and non physical).

I accept, based on the previous point that this is a universe of unlimited abundance

I accept that only like vibrations of energy attract (the law of attraction and vibration)

I accept that the fundamental impulse of the universe is expansion of more for all.

Who I am

I accept that as a human being I am as follows:

Source energy (non physical, never ending) which manifests the following

A body that is a mass of molecules at a unique rate of vibration

(physical and temporary)

A subconscious mind (non physical and temporary)

A conscious mind (non physical and temporary)

I accept that me as source energy is perfect health, unlimited abundance, creative, intelligence, innately desiring to grow and expand, compassionate, an uplifter of all, worthy and the knower of my human self gifts, talents, passions, and desires.

I accept that the job of my conscious mind is as follows:

  1. to make requests for what I want. It does this automatically from experiencing what is unwanted. There are also the thoughts of those heart felt desires that simply bubble up from within.
  1. to choose present moment thoughts that produce a feeling and therefore a vibration that is equal to the vibration of what I desire. This matching vibration is what allows my desires to manifest in my physical life experience.
  1. to be aware of my surroundings, intuition, urges, hunches, opportunities, serendipitous occurrences and the like so that I know when to act to receive what I attracted. This is inspired action.

I accept that the job of my subconscious mind is to store my beliefs and memories and take care of automatic body functions as well as orchestrate and deliver what I am asking for with my conscious mind vibration (whether that vibration in my conscious mind is equal to what I do want or equal to what I don’t want).

I accept that the law of attraction does not know why or question why I choose the thought>feelings that I do and it does not monitor what is going on in the outside world, it just takes the feeling (vibration) I choose and uses it to attract a situation that is of an equal vibration.

I accept that I chose to come into physical form, knowing that I can choose my vibration through my feelings; knowing that my vibration attracts equal vibrations and therefore knowing that I am the creator of my reality.

I accept that I came here to have a continuous journey of desire, fun, exploration, discovery, and experiencing abundance, joy, peace, and excitement in all aspects of life.

I accept that in the freedom to choose my experiences that there would be things I chose that I didn’t like and they simply would help me to be clearer about what I do.

I also accept that in the not liking something it meant that I immediately asked for what I did want and that it was automatically made vibrationally available to me.

I also accept that once a thing is made vibrationally available to me I only need to match the vibration of it to allow it to manifest in my life.

From the previous 3 points I accept that regardless of what is happening, there is always a reason to feel good about anything in my life, in other words, it is what I want or it causes me to ask for it.

I accept that I am unique and came here to express my combination of unique gifts and talents for my joy and the joy of others.

I accept that my emotions are my guidance system to realizing what I asked for. A negative emotion means that my thoughts are not inspiring the vibration that is a match to what I have asked for; a positive emotion means that they are.

I accept that I have the faculties of awareness, choice, mental will, perception, imagination and intuition and that it is the deliberate use of these faculties that allows me to intentionally choose and focus my vibration and therefore be the deliberate creator of the life experiences I desire.

I accept that I have the ability to dream, imagine, envision and feel desires because I have the power to make them come true.

I accept that universe orchestrates supply and demand and that I have, and I am inspired to express my gifts, skills, desires and talents because there is a demand for them.

I accept that as I change my thoughts, the emotion that follows tells me where I am on the emotional scale. In this way I know how close or far my thoughts are from the vibration that matches what I want and I can adjust accordingly.

The relationship amongst the parts of my total self

I accept that the source part of me is always aware of what the conscious mind part of me is thinking.

I accept that the source part of me knows that the human part of me can have what I desire.

I accept that the source part of me sends negative emotions to the conscious me when my thoughts are causing me to to feel in some way that I can’t have what I want and it sends positive emotions when my thoughts are causing me to feel that I can have what I want.

I therefore accept that my emotions are simply source me letting conscious me know that my present moment thought>feelings (vibration) are or are not equal to the vibration of what I want. This makes me aware of whether I need to shift my thoughts or not.

I accept that my conscious self does not always see life, who I really am, and what I want the same way that my source self does because source me knows the truth of these matters where as conscious me has accepted faulty, erroneous and inaccurate beliefs about the truth of life and who I am.

I accept that my conscious self picked up faulty beliefs about me and life in my early years where me as source constantly sees life and self without the interference of faulty beliefs and with full information about who I really am and how life is to be lived.

I accept that although my beliefs and memories stay in my subconscious mind until I transition, my conscious mind choices can put new more dominant beliefs in my subconscious at any time that will influence my thinking (vibration) and therefore how I respond and what I attract.

I accept that my body is a self healing, self regulating apparatus. Each cell calls to its source body counter part for the repair and maintenance that it requires to remain perfectly functioning and it is only through low vibration choices in my conscious mind that I cause this communication to be interfered with, and therefore interfere with the functioning of my body.

Attracting my desires

I accept that what I desire is always a high vibration because it feels good in the thought of having it. Feeling good is a high vibration.

I accept that my desire must be believable, conceivable and achievable for me to attract it because only then do I feel excited, enthusiastic, joyous and eager about it and it is these vibrations that cause me to be a match to it.

I accept that an authentic desire is one that does not have any intention of bringing harm to myself or others and is one that does not impose on specific people or specific ways for it to be delivered; I allow the universe to figure out the how.

I accept that if others choose to feel negative over my choices to do what pleases me, with no intention to harm them, that is their free choice and need not have any influence on my choices that please me. They are the creator of their reality through their choices just as I am. They can attract what pleases them.

I accept that source organizes all of the details necessary for me to come together with my desire in the physical world.

I accept that my dominant present moment vibration must be high in order to connect with all of the details and circumstances that source has orchestrated to move me to my desire. It is a high vibration path to my desire.

I accept that the law of attraction and vibration will bring to me what I focus on that I don’t like just as readily as it will bring to me what I focus on that I do like. Whatever vibration I offer (for example, happiness, frustration etc.) an equal one comes back.

I accept that every thought > feeling I choose, if held for 17 seconds, causes the law of attraction to match this thought with one that is vibrationally equal. If I continue to hold steady to this vibration, and it is high, it will cause circumstances to manifest that are my desire or lead me to it, easily and effortlessly. If the vibration I offer is low, what manifests is what I don’t want.

I accept that I don’t have to focus on my desire to manifest it, I just need to keep my present moment conscious mind at the feeling (vibration) level of that desire using any subject, topic or perspective. When I do, the law of vibration will lead me to the specifics and the desire in a gentle and easy flowing way.

I accept that when I awake each day I have a “clean” opportunity to start momentum in a positive direction no matter what my life has been about before that day.

I accept that I can deliberately choose to think about what I want to think about even when I am observing what I don’t like.

I accept that the feeling of what I want to manifest has to come before the thing will manifest. It is the feeling that allows the manifestation. I realize that I may do things that seem like they cause the manifestation but it is the feeling I get by what I am doing that causes the manifestation.

I accept that when I am feeling good, what I want is in the process of manifesting. Feeling good is the indicator that my desires are manifesting.

I accept that when I simply give up negative feeling thoughts, my vibration will automatically raise to the level of my desires because that is its natural frequency.

I accept that negative feeling thoughts act like a block to what I want to manifest by causing what I don’t want to manifest.

I accept that source will never give me more than I am ready for, it keeps the journey fun and comfortable yet exciting.

I accept that when what I have asked for is not here yet, it means that I either have resistance in my vibration (low vibration from negative feeling thoughts), or it is on its way.

I accept that it is not what I do, what I say and what I decide that causes what is attracted to me, it is how I feel about what I do, what I say and what I decide that determines what I am attracting.

I accept that my self image, the way I feel about myself, has a large influence on the quality of my life experiences because I can only attract in accordance with my worthiness to receive. My level of worthiness is a vibration. Worthiness = high. Unworthiness = low.


I accept that a belief is simply a thought repeated and accepted whether true or not.

I accept that beliefs (habit of thinking) strongly influence my present moment thinking and therefore what I attract. If they are faulty, and I allow them to be the source of my thinking, I will attract what I don’t want.

I acknowledge that I can create new empowering beliefs in line with my true nature in the same way old faulty beliefs were created; repetition and acceptance of thoughts.

I accept that to change my beliefs I have to focus on my new thoughts consistently and those thoughts have to be believable, achievable and conceivable so as to arouse excitement, enthusiasm, eagerness, joy, anticipation etc. This is what keeps focus consistent to form a new belief.

Applying the concepts

I have demonstrated that I can choose what I think about and how I think about regardless of what is going on around me.

I have demonstrated that when I hold a subject lightly and joyfully in my mind, give it at least 2 or 3 minutes of very focused attention; something that is not really important to me but feels good to think about and has no resistance, and I am not holding any great expectation of experiencing it, that it comes into my experience because there is not resistance.

I have demonstrated vibration momentum to myself in that if I am experiencing negative or positive feeling thoughts and hold my thought there for 17 seconds, more thoughts like it join and if I continue, the thoughts are returned faster to the point where it seems like the thoughts are thinking me.

I have demonstrated that when I intentionally start good feeling thoughts, that positive momentum keeps good thoughts coming, good things keep happening, things go easy.

I have demonstrated the previous point with negative momentum as well.

I have demonstrated that I can change negative feeling thoughts to general or specific positive feeling thoughts in 17 seconds.

I have demonstrated that I can find a new perspective on a topic that changes how it feels from negative to positive.

I have demonstrated that it is very effective to use generally positive, truthful, non resistant statements as a way to move to a generally good feeling place from a negative place.

I have demonstrated that I can easily ignore or distract myself from thoughts that do not feel good as a way to shift to thoughts that do feel good.

I have demonstrated that I can use any topic or subject that feels good to me as a way to change to better feeling thoughts and get positive momentum going.

I have demonstrated that the way my body feels is related to how I am feeling emotionally.

I know who I am, I can instantly describe who I am, and I treat myself with respect and appreciation.

I think about myself as worthy, deserving, bright, brilliant, intelligent, creative, abundant, capable, secure and powerful to be, do and have what I desire.

I know what my unique combination of gifts and talents are.

I know my passions, dreams and desires

I know that if I don’t know the answer to the the two previous questions that if I keep my self in high vibration feelings, they will be revealed to me.

Are your scores telling you that you completely accept who you are, and what power you have to manifest the life you desire? Are they telling you that you have complete acceptance in terms of having access to unlimited energy to manifest anything you desire (without harming yourself or others or imposing your desires on others)? Are they indicating that you completely accept that you have support from your source self and the law of attraction, expression and expansion to intentionally live a fulfilling life? Are they telling you that you are aware of your desires, your passions, your gifts and talents and the expression of them? Are they telling you that you are a proficient creator of your reality?

If your scores are low you can go to the Program Exercises by Mind Mastery Area reference at the end of the book or consult your Mind Mastery tool box and go to the section Mind Mastery Area 1 – Knowing Your True Self. In this section are a list of program exercises, program articles and program diagrams that will help you to increase your scores and therefore proficiency in this area of mind mastery. Select the specific exercises, articles and diagrams that will most effectively help you to increase any low scores. The more you practice the more proficient you will be and the higher your scores will be. Your scores in this area of mind mastery let you know your level of mind mastery in this area only. Remember, total mastery requires that you have high scores in all areas. To be a total mind master is to take charge of your thoughts, your feelings, your vibration and therefore what you are manifesting, regardless of conditions, circumstances, memories, experiences or anything else that could influence your thinking.