Daily Vibration Diary

The overall purpose of the diary is to help you change your vibration and therefore what is manifesting in your life. The way that the diary does this is that it helps you identify any negative feeling thoughts about any aspect of your life, including yourself, so you know what needs to be cleaned up and also the diary will help you to track your progress in cleaning up the negative feeling thoughts. It also enables you to check in with how much you are allowing yourself to receive the path to your desires and if you are progressing there as well. We know from the Creative Process that everything we want would naturally and automatically manifest during our daily life (the path unfolding) in very satisfying ways if we had no resistance in our energy, meaning no negative feeling thoughts in our conscious mind and no limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind, and so we can see that a tool or process that allows us, helps us, enables us, empowers us to release all of that faulty / negative energy is going to restore us to living our natural high vibration life. That is what we came for and it is an amazing life so we want to do this daily diary as a way to help us get back home to our high vibration life. It is perhaps the most effective tool / process on the planet to change you vibration and your life when used in conjunction with my books Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness, and Harmony and The Book of Life. To have our life manifesting in the ways we want, it’s all about our present moment conscious mind energy and the energy from the beliefs in our subconscious mind and so it is very logical that to have our life change we would work on these energies to clean them up such that they are positive.

The Diary

The first section of the diary is where you list your dreams and desires and the emotions that go with the having of them. You also want to show your current physical world satisfaction with that desire and your current emotional satisfaction with that desire. What you are wanting to identify is that even though you are not 100% physically satisfied with the way it is, you are emotionally 100% satisfied. You want to be sure of this because 100% emotional satisfaction is what it takes to allow it to manifest. If your emotional satisfaction is low, that means you are at a point of attraction that keeps your current physical reality manifesting the same because your vibration about it has not changed. In the emotions column, you can and must feel those emotions about the desire, and in your daily life matters to be a vibrational match to the desire and the path to it. The emotions, which are the vibration of the desire . . . anytime you feel that / those emotions in your day in a sustained way, you are in tune with the desire and receiving the path to it, and it does not matter what thoughts you think to get to those emotions, all that matters is that you are feeling those emotions. The law of attraction only picks up from you, your emotional energy, nothing else. So you can be walking your dog, petting your cat, watching an interesting documentary, feeling interested / excited about the work you are doing, lying on the beach, paying bills etc., it does not matter what you are doing, what matters is how you are feeling about what you are doing, this is what tells you if you are tuned into the path to your desire or not. Also be aware, you can think about your desire, but it has to feel good, feel now, feel present, on the way, for sure . . .that is the vibration of the desire. If you feel worried about a desire coming, unsure, absent, then this thought energy is going to basically block you from receiving the path to it. So, the emotions associated with your desires are the benchmark vibration that you are wanting to be in all day, and about the desire because when your constant emotional energy is the same as the emotional energy of your desires, they must manifest, this is a law of the universe. And the good news is, it’s easy to feel good all of the time when you have the knowledge of the Creative Process and you are in tune with it, thinking from that perspective.

*** note, your current physical satisfaction is always going to be low but your emotional satisfaction can be high, and in fact if you want something in your life to change then the emotional satisfaction has to be high even when the physical satisfaction is low. For example, if you don’t like your job and want another kind of job experience, you have to find some aspects of the current job that feel good so that your emotional satisfaction is high. If you focus on what you do not like, in a negative feeling way, then your vibe is low, you have resistance and you are blocking the receiving of the path to the desire you want.

In addition to this front page the Diary also has a page for each day where you have the following columns.

Column 1 – Your thoughts / activities through the day

Column 2 – The specific emotions you were feeling

Column 3 – Allowing / Blocking – enter A or B. Enter an A if the emotions column is positive feeling emotion or B if the emotions column is negative feeling emotion

From this daily detail you can see many things and one of them is what is bothering or upsetting you. You know this because the emotion column tells you. As you identify aspects in your day or life that are bothering or upsetting you, these are the things that are blocking you from receiving the path to desires and so you want to list them in section 3 of the diary so you can track progress in eliminating those things as bothersome or upsetting. You want to work on checking all of them off of the list so you completely clean up your energy of any resistance to let the natural flow through. On this page where you have a list of things that are bothering or upsetting you, you want to identify a new story, a new perspective, a new script / self talk based on the Creative Process that will help you to see how it is serving you and we know everything is always serving us and so as you do this you start thinking from the Creative Process perspective (high vibe) rather than that faulty belief perspective (low vibe).

Another thing you can add to your Diary is this. At the end of the day, look over the details, particularly the emotions column and identify your day in terms of a vibrational productive day or the level of productivity. If you have 50% negative emotion and 50% positive that is a 5 out of 10. Now you have a working bench mark and you want to start to see that number increase in terms of positive emotion. You want to see that productive number move up to 55%, 60%, . . . 95% and higher . . . generally and on specific topics. Over a month you can plot your productive day number and see how you are progressing. Adding this dimension to the Diary will also help you to see areas of your life where there is consistent resistance and so again you can add that to the other page in your book for the topics that are bothering or upsetting you so you get to work on finding new good feeling perspectives and ways to process it such that it is no longer bothersome or upsetting.

Other things your diary can tell you is how much fun you are having, how good your life is, we are not just trying catch the things to change, we want to catch the good things too so we promote good feeling thoughts and that helps to change those other things. You can also see if your emotional satisfaction on any issue is rising above physical satisfaction level. If anything in your life is to change, this indicator must change. Nothing can change physically until there is a change emotionally / vibrationally.

There you have it, perhaps the most leading edge tool on the planet to rewire you subconscious beliefs, clean up your energy, get you back into alignment and living your high vibration life. Now that’s a nice thought