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You have a power within you that is greater than anything around you.

Higher Vibrations – what do higher vibrations have to do with anything.   Vibrations have to do with everything that is going on in your life.  Look at the state of your health, career, love life, family life, fun, joy and overall satisfaction.   Whatever state they are in you can be totally sure it is directly related to your vibration.

What is this thing called “vibration”.   This is what you will learn about on this site; what it is, why it is the cause of what happens in your life and how you can change your life by taking charge of it.   For now, know this, the higher your vibration the more satisfaction you are getting.  Conversely, the lower the vibration the less satisfaction you are getting.   Therefore, in the interest of the quality of your life you will want to know how to keep your vibration high.  Your health will be better, your relationships and everything will be more satisfying.  You will experience more of what you want and you will be more in harmony with everything in your life.    Taking charge of your vibration is essentially taking charge of your life.  This will be all explained on the “About Higher Vibrations” page.

In the process of understanding what your vibration is and how it accounts for what happens in your life, you will discover there are significant pieces of life knowledge and life know-how that our education did not give us.   As you learn what these missing pieces are you will start to see you have much more power to change your life than you probably thought.  To get an understanding of these missing pieces, I would recommend that you read the article The Missing Pieces in the “Info” section.  This will really help you to know why understanding your vibration is so important to taking charge of your life.

In the video section there is a video called the The Biggest Missing Piece.  It will help you to grasp how your vibration is responsible for what you experience.  This clip shows a teacher of vibration with an audience member who does not understand what we are doing to set our vibration and the effects of the vibration we are setting.  There is also another video called the The Key to Effortless Manifestation.  This is a great clip to get an intro level idea of what vibration is all about.  There are also many other videos to help you grasp this concept of vibration.   The images in the “Info” section will also give you insight as to your energy nature.   There are also several diagrams to help explain how our energetic vibration affects our life.

You may have resistance to some of the material so keep an open mind and ask yourself  “How can this be true”.   If you have a life issue and have not been able to solve it or no longer want to live with it, or there is something you want in your life that you have not been able to acquire, in the area of relationships, health, money, career etc. you have nothing to loose by keeping an open mind and gaining a new perspective, one which I know can be your solution.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at b_withers@ hotmail.com or send a private message via Facebook.

Thanks for visiting, whether you pursue the journey to discovering your true vibrational nature and the vibrational nature of this universe here on this site and with my teachings or you find another,  I very much encourage you to engage this journey, it will restore you to your true high vibration nature and the high vibration life you came for, a life that is filled with satisfying days and continuous manifestations of desires.

There is no darkness, nor lack of abundance or well being,  these things are only present when we are not shining our light, but we can restore our light at any time.    This is what my teachings help you to achieve.