The Power of Words

In the Beginning Was the Word

by Marilyn Jenett


The foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper teachings is the Word.

Whether we have a religious affiliation or none at all, at some point in time, we have probably heard…

In the beginning was the Word, and the
Word was with God, and the Word was God. —John 1:1.

Now, since Feel Free to Prosper is not a religious teaching, but is based on spiritual law…for our study, let’s substitute the word “Law” for “God”:

In the beginning was the Word, and the
Word was with Law, and the Word was Law.

In the beginning lessons of the Feel Free to Prosper teachings, a primary purpose is to help my students come to a clear-cut understanding and grasp just how powerful their word is — the spoken word and especially the written word.

Our words become our “claim” — the imprinting of our desires on Universal Mind Substance — our claim to our natural inheritance. Our word is the bridge between our heartfelt desires and our Creator — God, Universe, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mind, Lord — Law — which has the ways and means, the know-how to turn our words into “flesh.”

Our word is our manifesting connection to the Lord — Law — of our being. Our word becomes flesh (form, material) when we make — and stake — our claim with faith and expectation. Our word is the manifesting mechanism in our fulfillment factory. Our word becomes the law of our being.
When we say on one hand that we want this thing but continue to express words that represent the opposite of our desire, we succeed in perpetuating the same unwanted conditions and we do not reach our fulfillment, or freedom state.

When we say on one hand that we want this thing and also say and write and express words that represent our desire, we succeed in creating space for that desire to rush in and we attract it and reach our freedom state. Our word becomes flesh — our physical, tangible, fulfilled desire. In more “clinical” terms, we have then succeeded in creating an agreement of the desired idea between our conscious and subconscious minds. And when both aspects of mind agree on the same idea, our desire becomes manifest.

We cannot have it both ways. We cannot want one thing and express its opposite and expect the powerful laws of the Universe to work on our behalf.

You cannot claim to feel “prosperous” and then state that there is no way to pay your bills within the next two weeks. That very statement will ensure that the ways to pay those obligations will not get through to you because those words have now become your law — and beautifully represent a law of lack — your self-fulfilled prophecy.

The law never stops working for you. And you can’t stop using it. But you can keep using it to manifest what you do not want. Or you can learn to use it purposefully and in alignment with the abundance that universally exists for everyone, including you.

I cannot teach these principles and at the same time watch on as students express the very opposite of this powerful principle. That would be inauthentic on my part, as a devoted teacher of the laws. But more importantly, it will not help them or others who wish to become aligned with the laws. So I am quick to alert a student if I feel he or she is not aligned with the fulfilling law of their being. It is not that I am without empathy or compassion. They are very important parts of my path. But my mission is to teach you the power of the words you choose.

So the very best in empathy, compassion, or inspiration that I can offer is to firmly encourage you to choose your words and language as if your life and conditions depend on them.

Because they do.

You say that you need an answer. There is always an answer. There is always a solution. The Universe and the Law has ways that you could never imagine. But you must invite these answers and solutions with your words.

We are not lying. We are not ignoring reality. We are creating a new reality — the reality that we truly desire. Our words create our feelings. Our words and feelings create our reality — a reality that is moldable and always subject to change. What an amazing realization! We must do our part and then the Law of our being will do its part. Our words will not “return to us void.”

Marilyn Jenett, Chapter 9, Feel Free to Prosper – Two Weeks
to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available 

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