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If you are wanting to

  1. change something or anything in any area of your life easily and effortlessly
  2. take charge of your life to have it the way you want it to be easily and effortlessly
  3. simply deepen your understanding of your energy nature, how the universe works to serve and support you in all that you want, and how to be the intentional creator of your life experience, simply by using your thought energy
  4. enjoy easy flowing, satisfying days of health, happiness and harmony

I can confidently guarantee that if you engage with the various offerings of this community on a daily basis and practice them daily , it will enable you to be the master of your present moment thought choices, and that is the energy that determines how your life plays out. As you know from my books, everything in your physical world is the manifestation of your dominant thought energy; that is your vibration that the law of attraction picks up and connects you with the energy that matches. You can see quite quickly why it’s accurate to say that you are the creator, and easy receiver, of your reality, it’s just a matter of restoring mastery of your thought choices. It’s finally good to know that life is not really hard at all, it only is because we were not taught how to use our powerful thought energy to make it easy, but that is like anything, if we do something without learning how it works, it’s not going to go well.

To live our natural, easy flowing, joyous life, it happens when there is no resistance in your thought choices, meaning you are not choosing thoughts that produce negative emotion, upset or feeling bothered but always choosing thoughts that feel good in all that you do throughout your day. The flow of good feeling thoughts is the flow of high vibration energy that carries your dreams and desires easily into your experience. Although choosing good feeling thoughts may sound easy to do, because of the faulty and limiting beliefs we picked up as children, it can be a challenge. Just look around you at how others think and how they are emotionally feeling, and perhaps you are doing it as well, so many people are spending a good deal of time feeling negative emotion and that means low vibration thought energy. This is the energy that prevents us from receiving that easy, effortless life, but when we are unaware of that or do not know how to shift our thinking so that we stay in that feel good place, either way, we are blocking our self from receiving that easy joyous life that we came for.

In this learning community, you will come to understand exactly where your resistance is and how to displace it so it does not block you from receiving what you want. The group will help you to practice the daily thinking that will restore your natural high vibration state of mind, and that is what allows you to effortlessly receive the joyous path to all things wanted. A joy filled life, that is what we came for.

The benefits you receive by subscribing to this learning community are as follows:

This learning community has features and benefits you would receive by going through any educational program as follows:

Multiple daily postings that include

  1. inspirational thinking,
  2. questions to check on your understanding of the Creative Process (the knowledge that explains how life is setup for it to be a fulfilling experience for you)
  3. check ins to help you identify progress with mastering your thought choices
  4. posting series on specific topics like the flow of abundance, how to feel good all of the time
  5. high vibration thought tools
  6. high vibration thought perspectives to help see things in new ways that release resistance and allow your vibration to rise.
  7. Examples of scripts to help you move from a negative feeling place to a positive feeling place, again moving from blocking your desires from manifesting to allowing them to manifest.
  8. Real life examples of manifestations and more, as well as interacting with other members in these posts.

The posts in this group help you to continue to use your thought energy as you have learned in my 20 week Higher Vibrations Program in my book Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony, and also in my book The Book of Life which shows you why your thought energy is so important in terms of the universal resources it is accessing.

Videos that augment The Book of Life to provide you with the knowledge of life, The Creative Process, which shows us why we came here, the wholeness of who we are and how this entire universe is setup to serve and support us in a continuously expanding joyous life as we want it. There are also questions about each video to make sure you understand the material of each video. The Book of Life contains many examples of how to build self-dialogues so that you are always thinking in ways that are in alignment with the goodness of yourself and life and therefore displacing all faulty beliefs that are the source of resistance in your vibration, meaning the reason for negative reactions, getting upset and bothered. You want to get to the point that no matter what is going on in your day, you can see how it is serving you and therefore you keep your energy in that high vibration state that allows all things wanted to flow into your experience. The Book of Life is an audio book.

Interaction with other members in live sessions facilitated by the Author of the group and books, Brian Withers Life Coach / Empowerment Trainer

Access to Brian Withers Life Coach / Empowerment Trainer for clarification and explanation of any group material, via post comments or private message.

Daily support and encouragement via posts so that there is daily focus and reminders to change our thought habits and patterns and restore our natural high vibration beliefs. It is the daily consistency that changes our thought habits, vibration and our life.

Member sharing of real life manifested experiences that demonstrate and build confidence in using your energy vibration as the way to allow your desires to manifest in your life

Option to request illustrative videos for understanding of concepts

A library of high vibration trigger images and expressions which serve as flash cards to help retrain ones mind to our natural high vibration thinking perspectives.

A document full of daily thought practices, processes and routines to prepave the day for high vibration and prepare our thinking mind to respond positively to all matters of our day, this is the state of mind that allows us to receive the path. High vibration means good feeling thoughts on all matters of our life during our day. That is the one single ingredient that we supply for the receiving of the path to our desires.

A 4 step script writing process to enable anyone to turn a negative feeling place into a positive feeling place so that we remain in a dominant high vibration.

High Vibration language documents in the files section

The Book of Life provides the following knowledge which is part of enabling you to master your thought energy and your life.

  1. your true powerful energy nature, why you are the creator and receiver of all your life experiences, and how you do it intentionally
  2. why you came here into your physical body which gives you assurance that you know it was to have a fulfilling life
  3. the natural laws that govern order in the universe in a way that ensures each person is the independent creator and receiver of their reality
  4. the natural support you have from the Creative Process elements for a fulfilling life in all ways
  5. why you have unlimited access to unlimited abundance
  6. why each day is a day to be enjoyed and celebrated
  7. why things are meant to come to you easily without working hard or making anything happen
  8. how to direct your energy to allow the natural and automatic manifestation of your desires
  9. how your desires manifest and you receive them
  10. why you can feel good all of the time and allowing for the receiving of the path to all desires

The Higher Vibrations 20 week program

My 20 week Higher Vibrations Program will help you learn to direct your thought energy (vibration) intentionally which means to choose your thoughts intentionally. You can always know the frequency of your thoughts because your emotions let you know what the frequency is, negative emotion means low and positive emotion means high. Essentially what this means is you will learn how to choose high vibration (positive feeling) thoughts, and reject / release low vibration (negative feeling) thoughts. To say that another way, you will learn to initiate positive feeling thoughts at all times and respond positively to everything rather than reacting negatively, and it is those habitual negative reactions which is what causes you to continue to keep low vibrations active and manifest the same old experiences you do not like, and so replacing them will get your life moving in the direction you want it to go.

The answers to the program questions are provided in the files section of the community.

Script Building Learning

Script building is covered in the 20 week program but because it is such a significant tool to release resistance, I have given it additional attention here in the community. To effectively write resistance releasing scripts you will take all that you have learned in my 2 books to build scripts, using a 4 step framework, that will sooth any resistance, or specific areas of resistance in your life. By the time you get to script building you will know that everything you want automatically and naturally manifests as your vibration is dominantly high in your daily life. You also will know that the only reason they don’t is because of resistance and you will know the only reason you have resistance is due to faulty and limiting beliefs that influence your thinking, perceptions and perspectives. So by formulating a script that is particular to you and your particular resistance (negative circumstance or emotions) you can release the faulty beliefs (resistance) that are influencing your thinking, reconnect with thoughts that are true, accurate and in vibrational alignment with yourself, life, and what you desire and thus be resistance free so your vibration remains naturally high and desires can manifest. By learning to write scripts you are essentially mastering the skill of self talk such that your thoughts are always a vibrational match to what you want, your power as a creator, and the Creative Process.

This is where we really do the work to release the faulty beliefs and reconnect with those that are true and accurate. The more faulty beliefs that are released, the more time vibration is high which means a more steady stream of easy flowing days and desires manifesting.

Other Resources

In this community you will also find posts are categorized by topics so you can get specific focus on a topic that is of interest / value to you.

In the files section there are several documents that are setup to help restore our natural high vibration vocabulary, and perspectives. As you can see, there is a great deal of material for you to learn how to be in charge of your thought energy at all times such that you are offering high vibration energy and this is exactly what it takes for you to live the good life you want. What this means is that it will be easy for you to process all of your daily matters from a good feeling place and that is what allow you to receive the joyous path to all that is wanted, that is what you came for. The mastery of your thought choices, and therefore your vibration comes as you are using what you learn to make the high vibration thought choices in all areas of your day and life. It’s a process that happens gradually over time gradually, and your life changes gradually with the gradual change in your vibration. You could see change starting to happen within months, it all depends on your commitment and consistency to re-establish new thought choices and habits.

Joining the community

To join the community, you are required to have a copy of my book Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony. Printed copy ($25 USD approximately) or e-book version ($4 USD approximately) . You can acquire the book on Amazon or from Balboa Press. You are also required to have a copy of my audio book The Book of Life which you can purchase here on my website under products ($25 CDN)

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