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If you are wanting to

  1. change something or anything in any area of your life
  2. take charge of your life to have it the way you want it to be or
  3. simply deepen your understanding of your energy nature, how life works and how to be the intentional creator of your life experience, simply by using your energy vibration
  4. enjoy easy flowing, satisfying days of health, happiness and harmony

I feel comfortable to guarantee that this community can achieve this because if you go through the learning process as it is laid out, and you engage with the daily postings and interactions, you are going to learn 1) the creative process, which shows you who you really are, including the power and support you have to be the intentional creator of your life experience (using your energy vibration), why you came here and how life is really setup to be lived 2) how to reconnect with your natural high vibration way to think that keeps you free of negative vibration energy (resistance) and therefore allows your vibration to be at it’s natural high level. This is where your days flow easily, effortlessly and with great satisfaction among the manifestation of your desired life experiences.

It is natural for your desires to manifest automatically and for your days to flow easily with great satisfaction, and they do when there is an absence of resistance in your thinking. In this learning community, you will come to understand what resistance is, where your resistance is, where it came from and how to displace it.

The benefits you receive by subscribing to this learning community are as follows:

This learning community has features and benefits you would receive by going through any educational program as follows:

Learning units within each of the 3 main learning sections (see sections below)

Questions, quizzes and exercises that ensure you understand the material and can apply what you learn

Ability to mark learning units complete so you can track your progress

Ability to interact with other members and a Life Coach / Empowerment Trainer (Brian Withers), generally in the community or specifically in each learning unit

Flexibility to work through the learning units at your own pace

Access to a Life Coach / Empowerment Trainer (Brian Withers) for clarification and explanation of any learning unit material. (Access is via comments and questions within the community. Any voice contact concerning the learning units material or real life matters will be scheduled and subject to coaching fees).

Daily support and encouragement through a variety of engaging / interactive posts so there is consistent attention to understanding and applying what is being learned

Member sharing of real life manifested experiences that demonstrate and build confidence in using your energy vibration as the way to allow your desires to manifest in your life

Option to request illustrative videos for understanding of concepts

There is a developing project to add live chat sessions to cover specific questions or topics as requested and to build synergy in the group to stay consistent with the teachings and apply them to living life.

The Learning Sections

The Creative Process Learning Section

The first learning section is setup to make sure you receive the complete knowledge and understanding of the creative process which clearly shows you

  1. your true powerful energy nature, why you are the creator and receiver of all your life experiences, and how you do it intentionally
  2. why you came here into your physical body which gives you assurance that you know it was to have a fulfilling life
  3. the natural laws that govern order in the universe in a way that ensures each person is the independent creator and receiver of their reality
  4. the natural support you have from the universe for a fulfilling life in all ways
  5. why you have unlimited access to unlimited abundance
  6. why each day is a day to be enjoyed and celebrated
  7. why things are meant to come to you easily without working hard or making anything happen
  8. how to direct your energy to allow the natural and automatic manifestation of your desires
  9. how your desires manifest and you receive them

Within this learning section are several learning units with illustrative audios and related quizzes to make sure you are clearly understanding what you are listening to.

The Higher Vibrations 20 week program Learning Section

The program can be effectively completed independently from this group, however, by doing it within the group, it offers a more engaging learning process.

My 20 week Higher Vibrations Program will help you learn to direct your energy vibration intentionally. Essentially what this means is you will learn how to choose high vibration (positive feeling) thoughts, and reject / release low vibration (negative feeling) thoughts. To say that another way, you will learn to respond positively to everything rather than reacting negatively which is what causes you to continue to keep low vibrations active and manifest the same old experiences you do not like.

Each learning unit within this section represents a week of the Higher Vibrations Program. The intention to setup learning units in the community are strictly to allow members to share comments and questions from each week of the program. All program work is in the book, this means you will require a printed copy or e-book version of my book Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony. The answers to the program questions are provided in the files section of the community. You can also mark each week being complete as a way to track your progress.

Script Building Learning Section

Script building is covered in the program but because it is such a significant tool to release resistance, I have given it additional attention here in the community. In this learning unit you will take all that you have learned in sections 1 and 2 to build scripts that will sooth any resistance, or specific areas of resistance in your life. By the time you get to this section you will know that everything you want automatically and naturally manifests. You also will know that the only reason they don’t is because of resistance and you will know the only reason you have resistance is due to faulty and limiting beliefs that influence your thinking, perceptions and perspectives. So by formulating a script that is particular to you and your particular resistance (negative circumstance or emotions) you can release the faulty beliefs (resistance) that are influencing your thinking, reconnect with thoughts that are true, accurate and in vibrational alignment with yourself, life, and what you desire and thus be resistance free so your vibration remains naturally high and desires can manifest. In this unit you are essentially mastering the skill of self talk such that your thoughts are always a vibrational match to what you want, your power as a creator, and the creative process.

This learning unit will give you the 4 step frame work to building a script and members can post their scripts and ask other members and myself for input and guidance. This is where we really do the work to release the faulty beliefs and reconnect with those that are true and accurate. The more faulty beliefs that are released, the more time vibration is high which means a more steady stream of easy flowing days and desires manifesting.

All learning units and sub topics within units allow for comments and questions to maximize community interaction for understanding in that unit. I will be regularly checking for comments and questions and replying where applicable.

Other Resources

In this community you will also find posts are categorized by topics so you can get specific focus on a topic that is of interest / value to you.

In the files section there are several documents that are setup help restore our natural high vibration vocabulary, and perspectives.

Joining the community

As you seen in the description of the learning units, you will require either a printed copy ($25 USD) or e-book version ($4) of my book Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony. You can acquire the book on Amazon.

There is a $20 (CDN) per month subscription fee to be part of this learning community. Your subscription can be setup using the button below and will be automatically processed via PayPal once a month until you cancel or otherwise leave the group which you can do at any time. If you cancel your subscription you will be removed from the group. If you leave the group you are responsible to cancel your subscription in your PayPal account.

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