Script Writing Step 2

Script writing to release resistance and live our natural high vibration life

Step 2 – Positive re-processing of unwanted circumstances and limiting self talk

In step 1 we seen that negative emotion tells us that we are having thoughts, influenced from a faulty belief, and therefore, they are not accurate with how good we are, and how good life works for us.

In step 2 we want to stop pushing up against an unwanted circumstance or negative self talk and instead see how it is serving us, that is, what is vibrationally helpful about it based on the Creative Process. To be bothered or upset by the circumstance is to misunderstand it’s true vibrational value, and instead thinking about it from a perspective that it some-how is against us, something we are stuck in or a ‘bad’ situation that we are powerless to change. When we stop pushing up against it like that, but instead see how it is serving us, now we have released the resistance about it and that means our vibration is starting to rise which means we are beginning to receive the path to what is wanted. Once we embrace the view point of how it is serving us, then we can easily see that nothing has gone wrong, nothing is bad, and we are not bad, in fact everything is on track, working out for us and vibrationally perfect, it is simply part of the Creative Process cycle. And you can imagine the relief that comes from this high vibration perspective vs the faulty belief perspective which really wants us to beat our self up emotionally, and that of course keeps us from receiving the wonderful paths to our dreams and desires. So, in step 2 . . . we want to identify the value in an unwanted situation / negative emotion. It’s kind of like the warning track on the side of a highway, we don’t want to view that warning track as a bad thing that rattles our car and makes our ride rough, we want to view it as a very good thing that alerts us to guide our car back onto the road so we can enjoy the ride.

In our traditional teachings, when we are feeling negative emotions, we are attributing it to the way someone is behaving, what they are saying or to a circumstance, or to self talk, in other words there is an element of blame which is actually a second layer of resistance. For example a person will say “I am angry because my cheque didn’t arrive in the mail today”, or “I am annoyed because my spouse . . .” or “I am lonely because nobody ever calls me”, or I am frustrated because no one will help me with . . . “ or “ I am sad because I am thinking about this thing that happened in my past” In all cases the person is blaming their negative feeling emotion on something or someone external to themselves, or past memories or a faulty belief about self / life and we know that is not accurate for 2 reasons 1) the situation is simply the result of offered energy, that is, no one or nothing is to blame for anything, and no one or nothing inserts itself into our life arbitrarily, in can only be there because it is a match to a vibration in us, so there is never anyone or anything to blame, there is only the acknowledgment that we offered a vibration (intentionally or not) that caused that experience to manifest for us in the way that it did and 2) the negative feeling emotion is coming from our Inner Being to let us know that the way we are choosing to look at the situation, or our self, is inaccurate; it’s out of alignment, not in agreement with our power as the creator of our reality to be, do and have as we want and therefore a low vibration. We are receiving the negative emotion because our thought in some way is saying that we are powerless, or helpless, or unworthy, or not enough, or not capable of having a good life, or that we can’t have what we want, or that someone or something is doing something to us that we don’t like and we have no control over that, generally that life is unfair, and we don’t deserve to have this thing done to us. When we choose thoughts like that, we receive a negative feeling emotion to alert us that our thought is not accurate in accordance with the Creative Process, and because it’s not accurate, it’s low vibe and not a match to the high vibration of our natural being and our desires. That means we can’t receive our desires, and so, that negative feeling emotion we are feeling is an indicator to change our thoughts / perspective about what we are focusing on to what feels good about it, what is accurate about it in accordance with the Creative Process, that negative feeling emotion has nothing to do with the circumstance or person, it’s telling us that our interpretation of the situation is inaccurate, we are looking at how it is against us rather that for us. We can say “ I am experiencing this negative feeling emotion because I am interpreting this situation inaccurately, the way I am interpreting it is not in agreement with what is really happening here vibrationally based on the Creative Process, what is happening vibrationally is . . . .” We can also say “It is not true that I am experiencing this negative feeling emotion because of them / it, what is true is that I am feeling this way because I am thinking about this situation from a perspective of being a victim instead of the one who invited it vibrationally. In other words I am blaming what’s out there for not being the way I want it to be instead of taking vibrational responsibility in here for asking for the manifestation, not being aware or not accepting that a faulty belief in me is responsible. When I think thoughts like they are, or it is making my life unpleasant in some way, and that my life is not good, and it’s because of it / them then I receive a negative emotion because that is never true. My life is the way it is because of my present moment thought choices and beliefs and when I acknowledge that I feel much better because I feel empowered, in charge to change anything. The fact is, the new perspective that the Creative Process gives us so that we are shifting away from the blame and what’s out there is that this situation is good because it caused me to know about a faulty belief with in me, and now I can work on changing it and it caused me to know more clearly what I want which constitutes me asking my Inner Being to create what is wanted and a wonderful path to it. All in all, what we have been interpreting as ‘bad’ situations, they are all part of the natural process for joyous expansion to happen in this universe and we are finally starting to realize this and it is this perspective that shows us why everything is good, on track and working out for us. Of course when you add in that since we are aware of a faulty belief within us, we can work on displacing that too, a rewiring of our subconscious mind to natural high vibe beliefs. So much goodness exists in what we were thinking is a bad situation, a the negative emotion tells us we are not seeing that goodness, to reframe the situation into the Creative Process perspective so we can feel good about it, feel the empowerment around it. To summarize, experiences that are not preferred are natural in that they are manifestations that came out of a vibration within us, and those manifestations give birth to what is preferred, they give clarity to what is wanted, they are the seeds for expanded life and displacing faulty beliefs.

When we understand this working of our energy then it is easy to accept all circumstances as vibrational feedback, or easy to accept that it is a manifestation from the vibration of our beliefs, and this not only easily allows us to accept them / it in peace, not assigning them any responsibility for what manifests in our life, but 1) be thankful for the awareness they provided about our beliefs, and 2) clarity about what we want and therefore, the opportunity to refocus our mind to the thoughts (vibration) that match our desire. This is the natural way to process unwanted life matters so that we receive a really nice path to our desired experiences, this is the way we came to live, to ask and to receive easily, effortlessly and joyously. We can say “I am thankful for this situation for making me aware of an active faulty belief I got going and as I do not react to it, but respond in this positive understanding way, it starts to deactivate that faulty belief, and that is the basis for my life to start changing in the way I desire.” You can say “handling it in this way frees my mind from a negative focus and prevents me from adding momentum to a faulty belief, and that opens up mind space for me to focus on how good life is setup to work out for me and how much goodness is on the way, in fact the goodness that this situation has caused me to ask for”

Now, we can take our old thoughts about unwanted situations and turn them around by saying it like this “That person is annoying me, oh wait, no they are not annoying me, I am simply receiving the emotion of annoyance from my Inner Being because of how I am thinking about this situation, which is that I am blaming them for the words / actions they are displaying.” Let me re-frame this, “it is not their job to behave as a want, they are not doing anything to me, in fact they are doing something for me. They are making me aware of my active vibration (belief), and they have caused me to ask for the preferred experience which is now on the way. It is my job to allow that preferred experience to manifest. Together with my Inner Being we are the asker and creator (of vibrational reality) and I, in my human form are the receiver of the vibrational reality into my physical reality. If they are behaving in a way that I find annoying, it’s not a big deal at all because my beliefs asked for that behavior, so, I just got to shift my perspective on their actions to what is really going on vibrationally and I won’t feel annoyed, I will feel satisfied and joy. It’s nice to know that what is going on is that they are simply coming to me in this way because my beliefs invited it, now I have the satisfaction of understanding that it’s all happening as related to my vibration and as a change my vibration I invite the preferred experience, and that of course is a feeling of empowerment and joy. I am not subject to others, I invite them and I can invite something different any time I like. The annoyance is just me blaming them for being in my experience in a way I don’t like, but I can’t blame them or hold them responsible because I asked for it with my belief vibration. It is my part in the Creative Process to process this situation vibrationally so I continue to feel good and allow what it caused me to ask for to manifest. By processing it vibrationally, my point of attraction changes such that what starts to manifest is more about what I want rather than what I do not want. When processing this vibrationally, I open up space to focus on what I do like and what feels good like how everything is setup to work out for me. I like engaging with people who are calm, insightful, cooperative, encouraging, optimistic, upbeat, peacefully communicative, seeing the goodness in things and supportive . . . I also am now learning that any behavior that comes my way that I don’t like is all about my vibration and I now understand and accept that and let it go (in fact am thankful), it’s not their job to change for me or be what I want them to be, it’s my job to change my vibe”. Now we have moved from being annoyed and blaming to understanding, acceptance, release and gratitude. Through understanding our situations vibrationally, we are now empowered to take charge of our life by taking charge of our thoughts. That is a complete release of resistance and the forming of a new accurate high vibe belief that will support your desires. ** Remember the people in your life can’t be different until your beliefs are different

To really hit home how we have been living, without the understanding of how our energy works, the emotion of annoyance came from a faulty belief that others are supposed to please us or be the way we want them to be and when they are not they are wrong / bad and somehow our annoyance with them is going to make them change to please us and be what they want us to be. We are so programmed about this that people will take tantrums, be manipulative and the like to get others to be they way they want them to be. It comes from when we are young and taking tantrums and others giving into us, or seeing others with this behavior, we get the faulty belief that others are supposed to be the way we want them to be and we enforce this on them which obviously causes conflict and lots of low vibe energy. Also what is almost certainly in the mix of faulty beliefs is a feeling of unworthiness, no value, not good enough, like why are they not doing that thing for me, am I not worthy, don’t they care about me, don’t they see this is causing me so much stress, why don’t they change, am I not important, not worth respect, don’t I matter. But they can’t change because they are always coming as the result of the our vibrational invitation, they show up in exact agreement with our faulty belief vibration, it can’t be any different, this is a law of the universe. It is totally futile to expect or try and change others, the change can only happen with a change in us.

So in step 2 we want to be very clear that unwanted circumstances are simply and only about our dominant / default vibration (beliefs) , and if we have negative emotion about unwanted circumstances, that is our Inner Being letting us know that our present moment perspective / beliefs about the situation are not in alignment with what is happening vibrationally, and because of that our vibration is not in alignment with who we are, why we came here, how life is setup to work out for us, the view of our inner being and our desires.

With this new understanding we can easily accept all people and circumstances as vibrational feedback and the seeds for new desires, this allows us to release them from any “wrong” doing, it keeps us calm, not reacting, insightful and feeling good and that allows us to receive the new preferred manifestation in place of the current one we don’t like. When we know why it’s OK and good to accept people and circumstances, it frees up our mind to focus on the kind of thoughts that produce the vibration that allows us to receive what we want. Now that really makes us pay attention and want to process those seemingly unwanted circumstance vibrationally so we quickly move away from any negative feelings to feeling good very quickly, knowing that to keep our focus on it in any negative feeling way only means that we are attracting more of it.

As in step 1, where we thanked the negative emotion, now that we vibrationally understand circumstances and the people in our life, we want to thank the people and circumstances for the awareness they gave us about our vibe (beliefs) as well as the clarity about what we want and the reminder that it is on the way. From this we can choose new thoughts that 1) match the vibration of our desire and 2) cause the displacement of faulty beliefs which include the rewiring of our subconscious mind with beliefs that support our desires. That’s when live gets really good.

Now we have further released resistance by understanding that we are 100% in charge of, and responsible for what is happening in our life, and our thoughts about it, and that we can change our thoughts about it so as to release all resistance which allows different manifestations, the ones we want.

We now realize why and how we are the creator of our reality. We also realize we are receiving emotions based on the way we think of things, which we get to chose. This means we can change our emotional state anytime and it will always be a good feeling emotional state when we choose thoughts that are in agreement with what is happening vibrationally, who we are, how life works and our desires.