Script Writing Introduction and Summary Steps

Script writing to quickly release resistance, allowing vibration to rise

Introduction to script writing

Our natural state is high vibration and that is where our good life is because a high vibration allows us to receive a joyous flow of desires and daily life in all ways. That’s why we want to be there all of the time and if we start to pull it down, we want to let it up quickly because a low vibration in some area of our life is the opposite of a high vibration, a rough and unpleasant flow. We came to have pleasant interactions with others, we came to experience abundance of anything we want, we came to have our day and life flow in very joyful ways, every day, and the very basic high vibration of feeling good about our self at all times which is easy when we know the wholeness of who we are. So, since high vibration is natural and such a good life, what has happened that has us pulling our vibration down and staying down for extended periods. Well, from childhood we picked up low vibration (faulty) thought habits about our self and life and therefore have those beliefs recorded in our subconscious mind and they are both influencing our present moment thoughts and serve as our point of attraction in the various areas of our life . . . about money, about our self, about others, about work, about how things happen, about health etc., and until we displace them, they basically are our dominant thought energy to the law of attraction that makes our life what it is.

What has been happening with the human race for a long time is that, as children, we grow up into adults carrying that low vibration baggage, which is what is determining how our life is manifesting. And what can happen is that once one thing manifests from those faulty beliefs, other faulty beliefs can have us processing those matters such that we are choosing low vibration (negative feeling thoughts) and now we are compounding the negative energy and adding momentum to those faulty beliefs. Typically as we move further along into our adult life, we accumulate unwanted manifested experiences, one piling on top of the other that we are feeling badly about, but they all came from the one root faulty belief. You can see why you want to get really good at releasing any negative feeling thoughts quickly so that you don’t continue to support those faulty beliefs and invite more of what you don’t like, while blocking the receiving of the good life you want. Isn’t that interesting, the energy related to the beliefs we picked up as children is what our adult life is all about. To say that another way, here we are as adults living out our childhood faulty beliefs when what is supposed to happen is to be an adult living out our childhood dreams and our perpetual new dreams. It’s nice to know now that we can now work towards knowing our true self, true life, which allows to reprocess our past and present live in good feeling ways and therefore working towards living our dreams the easy and natural way, however, we must realize at this point that those faulty beliefs are still active, and so, that is what we want to be working on, displacing those faulty beliefs, and that happens as the result of making new good feeling thought choices to replace the old negative feeling thoughts choices constantly and consistently.

It is really helpful to know what has happened that causes our life to be as it is because now if causes you to look at the way you have been seeing yourself and life, and know it is at least some what faulty, and the good news is, you can clean that up. This means that you can look at all of the people and all of the circumstances of your life, what ever they are, whether about money or people, or circumstances, and know where you don’t like those circumstances, you can clean up the faulty beliefs behind them, release them in peace and change your energy so you are a point of attraction for what you want instead of continuing to be a point of attraction for what you do not want. That’s so nice to know, it’s like the best gift anyone could ever give you. You also know that until you do this clean up, things will stay relatively the same, but in knowing you can do the cleanup, now you can get on the road to getting back in tune with your true self and true life and have your life flow as you want it. This essentially is the value of the script process, to clean up and clean out faulty beliefs, and it is done by retraining our present moment thinking. This process is much more than releasing resistance in the moment, it works on gradually displacing faulty beliefs, picking away, picking away until they are deactivated, and at the very same time, the process to deactivate the faulty beliefs causes a restoring of natural beliefs, this is essentially the rewiring of your subconscious mind to it’s natural high vibe state . . . 2 resolves with one process. It’s important to realize that you will always have a brief point of resistance in your life because that is the asking but you don’t want the same resistance over and over, you don’t want that long drawn out drama or unsatisfying life circumstances or chronic negative emotion. Asking once is enough. You can see the value of being able to quickly talk yourself out of any resistance and back into a good feeling place, that’s what assures you of joyously receiving the good life you want.

In the remainder of this document is insight to the script writing process and a summary of the 4 steps that enable you to achieve a quick turnaround from negative feeling thought energy to positive feeling and then there are separate documents to explain each step of the process in detail.

As you know from going through my book Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony and The Book of Life, there are many ways to side step resistance and keep your focus on feel good thoughts, which is your high vibration energy, however, sometimes there is something going on in your life, in your thoughts about yourself or from your past or perceived future that really gets your attention in a negative feeling (out of alignment) way every time that topic comes up or you are engaged in it. When this is the case, a self talk script is a very effective tool to 1) release that resistance in the moment which allows your vibe to rise 2) cause some deactivation of the faulty belief behind that resistance 3) cause some establishment of new high vibe thought habits, and therefore some activation of your natural high vibe beliefs, which starts to provide more support for you to receive the path to the manifestations you desire. As you use your self talk script each time that resistance shows up, eventually you totally deactivate the faulty beliefs, make peace with any issue, and activate the natural belief that supports receiving the path by which your desires manifest. For example if you have a habit of saying, and thus believing that something is too expensive, or you don’t have the money for something, those thoughts are from a faulty belief and we know it because the emotion of disappointment and feeling of lack show up. The script process will help you to see clearly why those thoughts are faulty, and therefore nonsense so they don’t have any power over you and at the same time what thoughts are accurate and in alignment about what it is you want, to the point where your disappointment turns to positive anticipation and expectation . . . that’s a huge shift in thought energy, moving from low vibration to high and therefore allowing for the receiving of satisfying days which includes the details of the paths to what is wanted instead of feeling like you can’t have it or not sure if you will get it.

Since it is automatic and natural for all that you want to continuously flow into your life, easily, and since the only thing that can inhibit that from happening is the presence of resistance in your vibration, which are those thoughts that don’t feel good (because they are faulty), its very logical that we would want to start keenly recognizing the presence of resistance and release it quickly by introducing thoughts that feel good. Recognizing the presence of resistance is made easy for us because of our emotions, a negative feeling emotion always means our thought energy is faulty, and we are therefore in that moment, low vibration, out of alignment with the Creative Process and our Inner Being, and setting a point of attraction for more of what we do not want.

When we release resistance, it allows our vibration to return to it’s naturally high state so the natural receiving of the path to desires is occurring, meaning satisfying delightful days, but we won’t even attempt to release resistance unless we are aware it and what it really means (inviting more of what we don’t like). Having gone through my books The Book of Life, combined with working through my 20 week program, you would have gained the where-with-all to recognize when you have resistance active, and what that means. Also, from my 20 week program, and here in the Mastery Group you would have accumulated many high vibration thinking tools that enable you to focus / refocus your mind, and from my book The Book of Life you would have received may sample scripts that enable you to refocus your mind in a way that reconnects you with how good you are and how good life is for you and this is always going to bring relief through new perspectives of processing your daily life matters and any of that negative self talk, letting you know that all is OK and you are OK.

Now it is time to put everything together so that you can develop self talk scripts that allow you to release specific resistance in specific areas of your life very quickly. As you practice the scripts that you develop, you release specific resistance in the moment (that comes from specific faulty beliefs), and that causes some displacement of the faulty believe itself, and in the process some restoration of the natural high vibration beliefs that are in alignment with the truth of your being, the truth of the way life is setup to work out for you, in agreement with what that larger part of you knows to be true, and what you want. Gradually as you employ your scripts each day, you cause your beliefs to line up with your desires and this means your dominant present moment energy is a match to the energy of your desires and you are receiving the path to realize them. To say that another way, the scripts will help you to change your belief energy from what is contradictory to your desire to energy that matches your desire. Once that happens, then there is nothing to impede the natural, joyous, and automatic manifestation of your desires. To be clear you don’t have to think about your desires to receive the path to them, you just have to be sure you have no beliefs that are contradictory energy to your desire.

Building a resistance releasing script has a 4 step framework that enables you realize that you are in a negative feeling place and then employing thoughts that allow you to comfortably and confidently move back into a good feeling place related to any areas of your life or day. So, review the summary of each step and then have a look at the detailed document of each step and start using them to build your own personal scripts to sooth your own personal unique areas of resistance, and then you are on your way to cleaning out all faulty beliefs and therefore all of the negative thought influence. This means more time in a higher vibration which is where you are allowing yourself to receive those wonderful paths to all things wanted.

Here is a summary of the 4 steps.

Step 1 – Leveraging negative emotion naturally to your advantage

You always want to acknowledge the presence of negative emotion, then 1) acknowledge and give thanks that you have emotions to let you know what your present moment thought energy is 2) give thanks to that negative feeling emotion for helping you be aware that your thought choices have strayed out of alignment . . . that’s the big value with negative emotion. This is your step to realize that a negative emotion means a faulty belief is active and the thoughts that it is influencing you towards are complete nonsense, totally out of alignment and not in agreement nor accurate with who you are, how life works and what you want. This step basically creates relief from the faulty belief related thoughts by helping you release the grip they can have on you . . . as you realize that they are nonsense, have no basis in the way life is, they just loose all of their strength and control over you. The negative emotion is literally a communication from your Inner Being letting you know that your thoughts are not in agreement with theirs, meaning you are out of alignment and you can say to those thoughts “that’s not true” or “that’s nonsense” or “I used to believe that but that’s not the way life is at all”. This is fantastic awareness that enables you to start looking for the better feeling thoughts that are in alignment (true), as we see in step 2.

Step 2 – Positive re-processing of unwanted circumstances and / or limiting and faulty self talk

Once you realize that your present moment thought is not in alignment (not true), you can say to yourself “what is true is . . . “, and then you can talk about how the situation is really serving you from an awareness point of view , meaning you are aware you have a faulty belief and also aware that you are asking for what you want. This tells us for sure there are no bad situations, it’s always about awareness. As you have those kinds of thoughts you are going to feel even more releasing of the resistance because you are going to feel more empowered and that everything is OK, and that everything is setup to work out in your favor, meaning that negative emotion is subsiding because the faulty thoughts are being replaced. This brings on a better emotionally feeling place, more settled, more calm, more at ease.

Step 3 – Sitting in the positive energy you have just established to allow it to gain momentum

Sit for a few minutes to acknowledge and feel your freedom from resistance, freedom from the faulty belief, understanding the situation vibrationally and now feeling in charge and supported by universal elements. This place of no resistance also allows you to have access to / receive good feeling thoughts such as a feeling of peace with yourself, peace with life, peace with others, peace about your past, peace with current life and feeling the positive anticipation and expectation of what is on the way as well as how the universe is serving you in all moments. Sit in these thoughts for a few minutes of how good you are and how good life is setup for you. Feel the power in understanding the working of your energy, that everything is working perfectly in accordance with your energy and the Creative Process, and realizing your desires are vibrationally created first and then the path to them ready to be received into your physical world. This step helps you to strengthen your natural connection with who you are how life works for you, and what this does is 1) develop that high vibration thought habit and start displacing the faulty beliefs about who you are and how life works and 2) make it easier and easier to respond to your daily matters rather than react because you are essentially reprogramming / retraining your mind with the natural high vibration thoughts to process all daily matters such that when you find yourself in those old unwanted situations you will find the high vibe responses come more easily to you.

Step 4 – Specifically tuning your vibration to who you are, and the path to your desires

Now that you have generally tuned your vibration to high by recognizing how a situation is serving you , and reconnecting with the goodness of who you are and the goodness of how this universe is setup so you can live the good life you want, you can talk about specific desires with no resistance as you have dismissed the faulty beliefs that have been around them.

In this step you can simply take a few minutes to focus your thoughts to the vibration (joy, happiness etc) that matches the vibration of what you want your experience to be and feel the complete worthiness to receive them easily and effortlessly, no price to pay, no having to prove yourself, justify yourself or explain yourself. You can do that with statements like, “I am looking forward to . . . ” “I can see my self (relaxed, feeling joy) in a new experience . . . ” “It’s exciting to know I can receive the path now and the path is also joy” You can talk about the specifics or generalities of a desired experience or you can talk about the path and how good it is, and how everything is setup to work out for you etc. With resistance out of the way you can talk freely about anything you want, feeling the realness of it. You can also talk freely about the path being now, your day’s flowing easily and everything working out and you can do it with complete confidence and trust, that is what step 1, 2 and 3 enable you to do. You could not start step 4 from a place of resistance, it will actually cause more resistance, but if you work up to it with steps 1, 2, and 3 it will cause a feeling of positive anticipation and peaceful expectation. This is what many people are missing, they try to go to step 4 and it is akin to putting paint over rust. Step 1, 2 and 3 are rust removers and then when you put the paint on in step 4, it stays, you have your new point of attraction.

Now you are back in alignment and you can carry on into enjoying your daily life matters and if resistance comes up, you can go through this process again. At first it may seem you are engaging it quite often but as you do and you start to master the process it comes easier, your vibration is rising and you are attracting less of that unwanted stuff, unwanted self talk and therefore less and less time to pull out the scripts.