Script Writing Introduction

Script writing to release resistance and live our natural high vibration life

Introduction to script writing

As you know by now, from going through learning sections 1 and 2, there are many ways to side step resistance and keep your focus high vibe, however, sometimes there is something going on in your life or from your past or perceived future that really gets your attention in a negative feeling way every time that topic comes up. When this is the case, a specific self talk script is a very effective tool to 1) release that resistance in the moment which allows vibe to rise 2) start deactivating the faulty belief behind that resistance 3) start activating your natural high vibe belief, which supports the manifestation of your desires.

Since it is automatic and natural for all that you want to continuously flow into your life, easily, and since the only thing that can inhibit that from happening is the presence of resistance in your vibration, its very logical that we would want to know how to recognize the presence of resistance and release it.

When we do this, it allows our vibration to be in it’s naturally high state so the natural process of desires manifesting can flow. In your understanding of the creative process that you achieved from the first learning section, combined with working through my 20 week program in the second learning section, you would have gained the where-with-all to recognize when you have resistance active. From my 20 week program, you would have also accumulated many tools, in your high vibration tool box that allow you to release resistance. In this section, you will use all that you have learned, to develop scripts (also known as streams of statements) that allow you to release specific resistance in specific areas of your life and develop new desire supporting beliefs. As you practice the scripts that you develop, you release the resistance (that comes from faulty beliefs), displace the faulty believe itself, and in the process restore new beliefs that are in agreement with the truth of your being, the truth of the way life is setup to work out for you, and in agreement with what that larger part of you knows to be true. When you line up your beliefs in this way, your present moment vibration is then dominantly a match to the vibration of your desires and they can manifest as they are naturally meant to. To say that another way, the scripts will help you to change your belief energy from what is contradictory to your desire to energy that matches your desire. Once that happens, then there is nothing to impede the natural and automatic manifestation of your desires.

The effectiveness of this script building process, to release any kind of resistance, is made possible from your knowledge of the creative process and the knowledge of high vibration thought choice you would have gained from my 20 week program. This Section is where you take all you have learned and really exercise mastery over your vibration no matter what is going on around you. To be the master of your vibration, means to choose your thoughts in each moment such that they are a vibrational match to (in agreement with) 1) your power as a creator, 2) the creative process and 3) the vibration of your desires (and that does not mean you are necessarily thinking about your desires, you are just matching the vibration of them).

Building a script has a 4 step framework, that as you will see, in building the script, it completely releases present moment resistance, displaces limiting and faulty beliefs, and restores natural high vibration beliefs.

For any resistance you have in your day or life, you want to be able to self talk your way out of it, and you can do so by quickly developing and practicing a specific script that moves you out of that specific negative energy into a better feeling, and therefore, less resistant frame of mind. In fact, when setup effectively, the script will move you to a state of no resistance, which means your vibration rises to its natural high state. So review each step and start using them to build your own personal scripts to sooth your own personal unique areas of resistance, and then your desires can effortlessly start flowing into your life.

Here are a summary of the 4 steps. In this Learning Section you will find more detail on how to use each step to build your script.

Step 1 – Leveraging negative emotion

Acknowledge, understand, and accept the presence and value of negative emotion, then give thanks to it and release it

Step 2 – Positive processing of unwanted circumstances and limiting self talk

Acknowledge, understand and accept the value of unwanted circumstances / limiting self talk, then give thanks and release it / them

Step 3 – Acknowledge your freedom from resistance

Feel the power in understanding the working of your energy, that everything is working perfectly, and realizing your desires are created and ready to be received

Step 4 – Tuning your vibration to the vibration of your desire

Refocus your thoughts to the vibration that matches the vibration of what you want your experience to be