Script Writing Step 4

Script writing to release resistance and live our natural high vibration life.

Step 4 – Easily tuning your vibration to the vibration of your desire

The whole point of this script process is to enable you to be tuned into the high vibration of your desires so that they can manifest. We know they are high vibration because they feel good in the thought of having them, and it’s natural for you to be tuned to them, but due to faulty beliefs you are prevented from being vibrationally tuned into your desires because faulty beliefs will tell you every reason why you can’t have them. But this process in steps 1-3 tell you very clearly why it’s ridiculous to think you can’t have them and give you all of the reasons you can have them, and that allows you to once again think about them with no resistance, to feel good about them, to feel the worthiness and deserving of them, to know how easy it is to receive them, to feel good about receiving them, to know that feel good alone lets you receive them, and feel the total knowing they are yours with full expectation to receive them. Once this foundation of knowing is set then you can freely think and talk about your desires with no interference from faulty beliefs, they just are no longer a factor as you are knowing the process by which desires are born and turn to physical things.

Feeling good about the desire is paramount to your receiving it, but also you must feel good in general through your day as that feel good is the way to receive the path to the desire. And this process also helps you to process all daily matters in good feeling ways as well.

With your mind clear of all of that resistance now, you can talk about your dreams freely with no interference and you can talk about how things are working out for you and why it’s so easy to have what you want and so in step 4 we want to do that, we want to practice talking about our desires, feeling at ease, sure and generally good about receiving what we want from a place of total expectation. The way we talk about our desires is with a new story about them, an all positive story about the experience and the joys of receiving it, this replaces a story that had been in place based on faulty beliefs that didn’t allow the receiving. You will notice a very big different between the old story and the new story and you will also notice if you get out of tune with the new story and use this process to get back in tune with it. The new story about your desire will have no resistance, it will feel like the presence of your desire, the looking forward with joy to receiving it with certainty, the fun on the way to receiving it, the excitement of the path to receiving it.

With all of this in mind here is a repeat of the script sample in step 2 where you can see that the script first indicates where this person is emotionally (annoyed – low vibe) and then the other low vibe of blaming their feelings on another person. Then they turn it around because they realize that statement is not in alignment and start to tell the story from a new perspective that is in alignment. This version is expanded to demonstrate how you can put together an all encompassing script that really gets you connected with your true self and desire vibration.

“That person is annoying me, oh wait, no they are not annoying me, I am simply receiving the emotion of annoyance because of how I am thinking about this situation. I am thinking they are independently deciding to do something unwanted to me, which I now know is untrue because it is my vibration (that I chose intentionally or not) that causes me to be with them in this way. So let me re-frame this, it is not their job to behave as a want, it is my job to attract the kind of experience I want. I am the creator of my reality. If they are behaving in a way that I find annoying then I got to be more mindful with my vibration so I attract the kind of interactions I like rather than do not like. I like people who are kind and supportive . . . I also am now learning that any behavior that comes my way that I don’t like is all about my vibration and I now understand and accept that, and I realize it makes so much sense to just let it go because it is not something being done to me, it’s something that is giving me awareness of an active vibration in me, and also giving me clarity about what I want. Further more it’s an indication to me that the new improved experience I desire has been created and now ready for me to receive the path. I know if I stay focused in a negative feeling way that I cannot receive the path to the newly created experience because that negative vibe does not match the positive vibe of the new experience that my Inner being just mapped out for me. I know I can only receive the new experience if I let go of this circumstance, which I can do by understanding it vibrationally. So not only does it make sense to let it go but in fact be thankful for it. It’s not their job to change for me or be what I want them to be, it’s my job to change my vibe to cause the manifestation of what I want”

Now, from the understanding of how the Creative Process works, the situation is seen from a completely new perspective which is in alignment with the way life really is. As a person responds in this way over and over, eventually, this becomes the new habit and belief, then there is no resistance and the experience they desire begins to manifest, one with people where there is great satisfaction.

This the part of the process where the story can really be detailed. In the example it said “I like people who are kind and supportive . . and you can elaborate to say, we enjoy each others company, we compliment each other, understand each other . . .” and so on, whatever you want your reality to be. This helps form the new positive response / story and tune your vibration to match the desired experience which is what invites the path to it.

Now to be clear, you don’t have to sit down and repeat this several times a day, you just got to have this script strongly enough practiced so that when you feel the trigger and you go into blame and annoyance, that you instantly shift into this script and sooth that resistance. That takes the resistance out of that moment and gives momentum to the new belief / story. The rest of your day, what ever feels good to do and to think, just keep your mind there. If there are other areas of resistance, have a script ready for each one. The name of the game is to stay resistance free, this lets your vibration rise to it’s natural high state and then everything you want happens easily and automatically, everything just works out, that is the way life is meant to be.

So let’s take another example. If you had a habit of saying, things don’t work out for me, which is a point of attraction for things not working out for you. You could stop yourself and say “hey, when I say things don’t work out for me, that feels like I am powerless, defeated and that’s not true at all, I am a powerful creator and things are meant to work out for me, in fact everything is setup to work out for me” “I don’t know in this moment how things are going to work out for me, I can’t see it, and in fact it’s not even my job to know the details of how it’s working out for me because that is the job of Inner Being, so I know things are working out for me even when I can’t see they are working out for me, it’s just a matter of me getting back to feeling good and part of that is trusting the process, and that happens when I talk like this because it reconnects me with what is accurate about life which puts me at ease and releases the resistance. There are so many ways for the things that I want to come to me, the larger part of me knows where I am, what I want and how to get it to me in any number of paths.”

So you see, once again acknowledge the negative emotion(s) and the thoughts, see that the thoughts are not accurate because they are not in alignment, that is what the negative emotion is telling you, and then start telling the new story / setting up a script of what is in alignment with your power, with why you came here, with the support you have, with your desires that are ready for you to receive. This releases resistance (and causes displacement of the faulty belief), setting up the new accurate belief which becomes dominant over time, typically within 90 days if the practice is regular you will see changes, noting of course that the momentum of the faulty beliefs always plays into turn around time.

Three short last examples, if you say “I don’t know how to make this situation better”, that can bring on worry, fear, powerless, hopeless. Right away you know that statement is not true / accurate. Say “I don’t have to know how to make this situation better, my inner being does.” Now that is accureate so it feels better, releases resistance.

If you say “I never now what to say to make myself feel better”, that brings on unworthiness, not good enough, failure, panic so you know it’s not accurate. Change the statement to “it is possible that there is something I could say that would make me feel better so if I can just distract myself for a bit then it will come to me (and a script that reminds you of the Creative Process is a great distraction). Your Inner Being has an endless number of thoughts lined up for you that you could say to yourself that would make you feel better. Say “I don’t have to figure this out, it will come to me. The fact that I felt that dissatisfaction of not knowing what to say means the experience I want is on the way, my Inner Being sees me as always knowing what to say, so in reality I do know what to say, I just got to relax and let myself receive it” This is accurate and so it releases resistance and forms the new belief.

If you don’t know why you are feeling negative, no specific thoughts, say “it’s OK that I am feeling negative, I am where I am I know it means I got a faulty belief energy active, I don’t have to know what it is, my Inner Being knows and it knows the path out of it, it knows I want to feel better and so it knows the thoughts that will reconnect me with who I am and what I want and that everything is OK. I do know that my mind naturally wanders and when it does I will receive those thoughts, or I could go do something that is fun or interesting and once I start feeling good then I am in the receiving mode to better feeling thoughts on all topics. The fact is I know there is a fun thought or an interesting thought I could think, I know there is, I have had them before. It’s just a matter of me receiving one once I either intentionally or unintentionally release resistance, in fact, even saying this script is helping me to feel more at ease and knowing that everything is OK.”

You can always use this general script to reconnect with feeling at ease. “I am the extension of the larger part of me, I have a vibration guidance system (emotions), I have a vibrational reality, I always receive exactly what matches my active vibration, there is a law of attraction, this universe is setup for me to live joyous expansion” Now have a conversation with yourself about what each of those facts mean and by the time you have completed explaining each one you will have soothed yourself away from the resistance, understanding present circumstances vibrationally, how they are all helping you and why your life is getting better.

Remember you can use this same script process to get a new story going about money, job, business, health, friends, anything. If you want something to manifest differently you have to have a new story about it, and you have to feel good about that story. That is what this process enables you to do, feel genuinely good, no resistance about your story of your desires.