Meditating Effectively


By Brian Withers

We know that the larger part of us Source Energy is pure positive energy, high vibration, that is, it’s view of everything is positive and uplifting.   We also know that the vibration of our desires is high because when we think about them they feel good, they feel like fun, joy, happiness, satisfaction, freedom, abundance etc.   These emotions are all high vibration energies.    So in order for us to realize our desires, that is, for them to manifest, we in our present moment conscious mind must offer the vibration that matches our desires, and that is a high vibration.

It is natural for us to be in a high vibration, to feel happy, joy, satisfaction, eagerness, certainty, etc. because we are can direct our energy, that is, we can choose the vibration we offer to the law of attraction and thus cause the manifestation of what we desire.   So really, what is there not to feel good about when you know you are in the driver seat of your life, that you can be, do or have what you want because you can offer a vibration of your own independent freedom of choice that causes it to manifest.  Happiness is nothing more than simply knowing this.    Our vibration is like a magic wand, once we offer a high vibe, the law of attraction hooks us up with all of the details for us to change our reality to our desires, and in a really nice way as layed out by Source Energy.

Knowing this, then why is our life not all the things we want it to be?   Well we pick up limiting and flawed beliefs about our self and life and that causes us to think thoughts that take us to low vibes.   When we are there, we are not a match to what we want nor our power as the creator of our reality.  We are a match to more of what we are experiencing that we don’t want, and the law of attraction brings more of it to us.

The task at hand then is to release these thoughts that take our vibration down and it will automatically spring up causing us to once again be a match to our desires.   Then the path starts to come again.    Enter meditation.

Meditation is simply a process to help the mind release resistance (negative feeling thoughts) and thus automatically return to its natural state of high vibration.     When we, in our conscious human self, are vibrating high that is called being in alignment with Source Energy, with our desires and with our power to create.   When alignment happens, this is when life really flows easily as all of our desires come to fruition on a continuous stream via the law of attraction.   A continuous stream means that once we realize one desire causes another to be born and the stream goes on and on as we are on an eternal journey of expansion.   This is the fundamental impulse of the universe.

In a state of non resistance which comes from the act of meditating,  this allows positive energy momentum to start and that then causes the path to your desire to start manifesting.   Energy momentum means that the longer you are in a vibration the faster that vibration moves you on the path of that vibration.  This means you always want it to be at a high vibe rather than low so your day is filled with manifestations that are easy flowing, rather than hard flowing.

The first part of the path to your desires is non physical, it comes as thoughts, ideas, answers, urges, inspirations and these can certainly come during meditation so notice them (but don’t look for them), they are feel good.    After meditation you can follow up on what drops into your mind and if nothing distinctive does just know that the momentum is moving in a positive direction and “things” will drop into your mind and start “showing up”.   One caveat is that although you now have positive energy momentum going and are on the path, things in your day can trigger you to low vibes so you also got to be prepared to deal with those in a high vibe way.    This is where understanding the 4 legs of consistent and successful manifestation come in.    Meditation gives you a running start but you also have to be intentional with your thinking during the day to sustain that positive momentum.   Without meditation or another way to get that momentum going, you don’t have as much resilience and are more exposed to falling into negative energy.


A meditative state can be accomplished in many ways.   There is no one specific right way to do it other than that it has the effect of allowing your mind to release resistance.    So you want to sit comfortably and feel comfortable.  Next you need a focus point that you can take your mind to, something that has no resistance attached to it.    You need this because thoughts are natural and will continue to come, you just want to treat them like clouds in the sky floating by and then go back to your focus point.   You don’t want to get hooked up on the cloud and start riding it.   But if you find you have, not big deal, just jump back to your focus point.

A focus point can be white noise, like an air conditioner, can be staring at a candle, can be focusing on your breathing, it can be a word sound that has no real meaning such as not to generate any thoughts.   A word like om, shring, or any combination of syllables that serve as an anchor to hold your mind to without taking it on any stream of thoughts.

When you start to meditate, give yourself about 1 to 2 minutes just to relax and breath slowly and deeply.   Then start to use your focus point.   As thoughts come, let them go by and back to your focus point.    Continue this for 15 minutes give or take and then at the end take another minute just to let yourself “come back” to regular thinking.

You might find there was a strong thought stream dropping into your mind that is related to something you want to do or have an urge to follow up on, so do that if it feels good.

When you first start to meditate,  it may seem your mind is very busy, but that is OK, in time you find it more settles.   You will find at times you no longer sat down to meditate and the time is up as though time disappeared.    You may also have physical sensations like not feeling parts of your body, you might even open your eyes to see if your feet are still attached!  There are many different sensations that can come, and in a state of non resistance they are all good.

The more you practice it the more you feel the refreshment of releasing resistance and experiencing the high vibration.  We know that a high vibration is where all your desires are, where your perfect health is and where all your abundance and good time are.   So all of this will be positively affected with regular meditation.

You also want to add to your daily flow by practicing high vibration thinking and the 4 legs as mentioned above.   You can get more info on this by reading my article called Starting Your Day With Positive Momentum   here on this website.