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My 20 week Higher Vibrations Program is contained in my book Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony.   The book can be purchased as a printed copy or e-book from Balboa press or from Amazon.   The information below will give you insight into this book and program.

The objective of my Higher Vibrations program is to help people learn about the innate power they have to intentionally guide their thought energy so that they easily receive the wonderful path to all desires, continuously.   Essentially it is a veritable users guide on how to become a master of your thinking mind, which means to master your vibration and therefore take charge of everything that happens in your life.   The fact is we came for a really good life and the way we receive it is through our thought energy which works in concert with the universal elements of the Creative Process which I also talk about in my book.

What we must realize is that our mind is a very powerful part of us, but because we have not received the knowledge and training about how to fully, effectively and intentionally use it, the power is largely under utilized and misfocused,  and therefore we tend to use it more against our self then for our benefit.  You probably see this in your everyday life as people around you,  and perhaps you, allow the days events, or that voice in your head to get your attention in a negative feeling way.   When you do that, you give away your (thought energy) power, and so, if you want your life to change, you have to stop doing that, taking charge of your thought energy to focus it in a way (high vibration) that allows what you want to manifest.    This is where my program comes in,   it helps you to understand how to stop that negative thought energy choices and redirect your thoughts in a way that allows you to feel relief and get back quickly to high vibration thought energy.   That is always your key, feel resistance, change your thoughts,  find relief.   When we do this, our vibe stays high and it’s like keeping the door to a dam open, everything you want flows in.

Being the master of our mind, and therefore vibration, means being the master of our thought choices, which essentially means being the master of our present moment vibration, and regardless of what is going on around us.   In this way our dominantly vibration throughout the day on all topics and subjects is high vibration.    What we all must realize is that our thoughts are things, they have unique vibrations of energy and the vibration that our thought choices represent causes an equal vibration to be returned to us in the form of a circumstance that represents that vibration.   This means we are responsible for all of our life experiences through our vibration – whether we are consciously choosing it or not, the thought has energy, and when dominant,  is attractive.   What is good to know is that our emotions always keep us informed moment by moment about the energy of our thought selection.

To achieve mind mastery, a person must achieve mastery in the 4 areas that represent total mind mastery.  In the program these 4 areas are likened to the legs of a chair; that is, all legs must be strong to support the person sitting on the chair, if not the person can fall down.   This is the same for mind mastery, all 4 areas must be strong to support the effective and intentional use of the mind to have a point of attraction that matches our desires, otherwise, to some degree, we will attract what we do not desire.

The four legs are as follows:

Knowing your true self and how this universe is setup to serve and support you (trusting the creative process)

Knowing your story / Telling only your story (the one you want to experience)

Positive aspects of current life

Vibrational Awareness (feeling negative energy and turning it around to positive feeling energy,  this also includes awareness of the inspiration to act)

In terms of the program setup.   It is 20 weeks in duration.   That being said the reader can take as much time to complete each week as required but it is highly recommended to progress steadily through the program to get maximum benefit.   In each week there is reading, questions and exercises.   The questions help to solidify the reading material in the readers mind.  The exercises help the reader practice what they are learning and each exercise pertains to one of the areas of mastery.

As the reader progresses through the weeks, the exercises will accumulate to the respective area of mastery so that by the end of the program, the reader has a tool box that can be used virtually for the rest of their life to maintain their mastery in each of the 4 areas.    That being said, once we re-establish our natural high vibration beliefs, we will also restore our natural high vibration thinking mind, and with little resistance in our energy, all of life flourishes, relationships, vocation, well being, wealth and all aspects of life.    This is what we came for.

The great thing about the exercises is that they allow the reader to build a tool box that it is unique to them and this is very important because we are all unique and at different places in our journey.

Towards the end of the program there are 4 monitors, one for each area of mastery.   Each monitor will help the reader identify their level of effectiveness in that area of mastery.   If more work is needed in an area to increase effectiveness then the reader can look at all of the exercises and material that pertain to that area and practice them until they raise their effectiveness.   To raise effectiveness of course means to raise vibration.   Once that happens that is when all that we desire starts to show up easily and effortlessly.  There is a summary at the back of the book that shows all exercises by area of mastery.   It also includes diagrams and articles that pertain to that area.

The program was stretched out over 20 weeks as I realize that people have busy lives and therefore each week is intended to be small enough to fit into current schedules.   Again if more time is needed the reader can extend time spent on each week.

In my experience there is no one quick solution or method that you are going to do in a week or a month to “fix” or “change” everything in your life (or anything for that matter).   Ultimately if your life is going to change, you must deal with what is causing the conditions and circumstances in your life and that is your dominant vibration which is essentially your beliefs; and you are the only one that can change them which takes a process of displacement over time.  In order to do this, you need the missing  information (see my article on this site), which is the accurate knowledge of life, the Creative Process, and you need to know how to allow it to influence your thinking mind.    This is what my program shows you how to do.

Depending on your commitment and application of what you learn, you could see small changes start to take place within 30 days and they will build as you continue to step through the program, but for most people, the changes start to come after the program is complete because it takes all of the program to really begin to change your thought habits.     Think about it in a similar way as going to school to become knowledgeable and proficient in a certain area of life.    You complete school, and then you use what you have learned to produce new results.    This program requires commitment and dedication but that is no different than learning to dance, to cook, to play music, sports or any vocational or professional endeavor.  In all cases you are leaning to master a skill, in this case it is the intentional use of your mind to guide your thought energy and positively affect the quality of every part of your life.  Just like learning anything, it takes time to study and practice before you see results.

The program gives you the knowledge and know how to be at the point of attraction that matches your desires.   When that happens you receive the path, and the path, it’s as wonderful as the desire itself, full of surprises and delights.    Another way to say this is that when your vibe is high, you have no resistance and therefore nothing blocking you from receiving what you want.    As you understand the Creative Process which shows how desires turn to physical things, you realize there are no specific thoughts or actions to be done for the manifestation, it’s more about keeping negative energy out of your vibration, meaning to stop being bothered and upset by things / people around you, that is what pulls your vibe down.   For this reason there are no specific sections for specific areas of life, it’s about remaining high vibe for any reason, and in this resistance free state, again, all things desired can manifest.   The understanding of intentionally choosing good feeling thoughts to allow your desires to manifest, this is what causes your life circumstances to start manifesting differently, more of what you want and less of what you do not.

Book Contents


Use of the Program


About the Writing of this Program

Higher Vibrations

Why Your Life Is The Way It Is, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

  • The Power of Beliefs
  • Doing Does Not Equal Having
  • The Missing Information
  • The Truth Versus The Lie

Below is the layout of the program.



Week #1 – Discovering Your True Self

Week #2 – Your Life Satisfaction Indicator

Week #3 – Are Your Beliefs Serving You

Week #4 – A New Declaration, Setting the Direction for Your Life

Week #5 – Review, Reflection and Further Alignment with Your True Self


Week #6 – The High Vibration of Abundance

Week #7 – The High Vibration of Gratitude and Thankfulness

Week #8 – The High Vibration of Doing Your Best

Week #9 – The High Vibration of Giving, Compassion and Understanding

Week #10 – The High Vibration of Living in the Present Moment

Week #11 – High Vibration People

Week #12 – High Vibration Life Style

Week #13 – High Vibration Review and Reflection


Week #14 – Waking up to Your Purpose / 14s Supplemental Information

Week #15 – Preparing to Attract Your Desires

Week #16 – Attracting Your Desires

Week #17 – Nurturing Your Desires

Week #18 – Taking Action to Receive Your Desires

Week #19 –  Monitoring Your Progress and Mastery

Week #20 –  Program Summary

This is designed as a self study program and I offer free support of the material via messaging.   If you find it would be helpful,  I offer coaching sessions as needed to support your progress of taking charge of your life.  You can also join my Facebook Group Higher Vibrations Now which is a community of people learning this information and how to apply it.   It is a great venue for support.    There is also another Facebook Group called Higher Vibrations Insights to get a daily insight about your energy nature and directing your energy to allow the manifestation of what you want.   I have a third Facebook Group called   Higher Vibrations Mastery  click this link to read about it and how it can help you to master what you learn in my program.

This program is a learning, active, doing approach to changing the things that are causing the results you don’t like.   This is not a “quick fix” solution.   This is you learning how to use your natural faculties to attract the life you want for the rest of your life.

Since the program makes reference to articles and diagrams on this website it would be very helpful to be comfortable with using a computer to navigate the internet to access information.

If you believe engaging my program will help you take charge of your life and make positive changes, you can buy the book as indicated at the top of this article and get started.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at b_withers@hotmail.com.

My first book was inspired because I realized that we were missing so much vital information about our self, about life and about our power to create the life we desire, and so, this book helps you to reconnect with the accurate knowledge of the wholeness of who you are, reconnect with how this universe is setup to serve and support you,  and reconnect with your power of thought energy and how to use it to create the life you desire.


After writing my first book I realized there was another missing piece, and that is after we regain our alignment, how do we keep that in order while sharing our life with another who is equally as creative, expansive and dynamic as we are.    Although my first book addresses this generally, my second book is specifically written to help people use the concepts of my first book to connect with and sustain that dream relationship.   This book is written in the same spirit with reading material, questions and exercises that can be used throughout a lifetime to keep a relationship in that ideal place.

This book can also be purchased at Balboa press and Amazon.


This is my third book, which is an audio book, and it is available here on this website.    You have seen in my first book where I talked about the 4 legs of thought mastery which is vibrational master.   One leg is trusting the process and in my new book I expand on this leg of thought mastery as trusting the process is the cornerstone to our high vibration thinking.    To trust the process is to thoroughly understand The Creative Process and all elements that show us clearly how it is that the universe is serving and supporting us at all times in terms of how desires are born and turn to physical realities.    This understanding really helps to bring in confidence and trust that you are for sure the creator or your reality and that is a high vibration.   Also another leg of the 4 legs is vibrational awareness which includes being aware of when our vibration is low due to negative feeling thought choices and being able to turn that around within 10 seconds so you are feeling good again.   My new book adds to my first book in enabling the mastery of turning away from negative feeling thought energy to positive and of course knowing the process is a big part of what allows that shift to happen.   So, the 2 books together are a 1, 2 punch that give you all of the knowledge and know-how to reconnect with what is accurate about life and about yourself in terms of you being the creator of your reality and how you life it intentionally.

If you look under the Products section on the Home page, you will see the book of life and you can listen to an overview and download the table of contents for further insight.