About Becoming a Trainer / Coach

Are you interested in being a trainer / coach to empower people to be the deliberate creator of their life experiences that they have the power to be.   You can do so using my 20 weeks Higher Vibrations program.   Here’s how.

If you want to work with people using my program, and you want to charge a fee for your service, you will need approval to do so. I issue an annual approval certificate to those who meet the following criteria:

1) You have demonstrated through either experience, interaction with others and / or education that you are committed to empowering others to improve some aspect of their life.   Submit 3 references from people who can indicate your interest to empower others for positive life changes.

2) You can demonstrate that you have completed the Higher Vibrations Program and also demonstrate that you continue to practice and use what was learned.  (Working with an approved coach or practitioner through the program is not mandatory but increases credibility to be a trainer for others.  Further the coach can vouch for program completion and practice otherwise another reference will be needed for this confirmation).

3) You have worked with one or more people through the Higher Vibrations Program and can supply a testimonial from that person(s) that indicates how or why the program has empowered them.

4) You provide a written statement that you accept and agree to use this program in the spirit intended, which is for the strict purpose of helping others to be empowered to take charge of their life, in accordance with the program material and  independent of any other person.

For yearly renewal of the approval certificate, the practitioner must submit 3 testimonials from people they have worked with through the program since the issue date of their existing approval certificate.