The Missing Pieces

By Brian Withers

What You Don’t Know is Hurting You

The missing pieces are the facts about life and about our self that we did not get. As a result we have accepted information about life and about our self that is simply faulty. This is largely the reason why our life is not the way we would like it to be. It is also the reason we feel somewhat powerless to change it. Therefore it is not only what you don’t know that is hurting you, but also what you think you know that is not so, that is also hurting you. And to really top if off, it’s the things we think we know that can really get in the way of us getting to the facts. If you feel any resistance when reading through this article, that will be an indication of how much misinformation you have been exposed to.

These missing pieces are not only absent from our education system, they are also absent from the beginning of our life and so we didn’t get these pieces anywhere. It’s hard to say where, in the history of humanity, these pieces were lost, but this loss accounts for so much of what is not working in our world and in our lives. The missing pieces are almost certainly impacting your life and the lives of people around you in one way or another on a daily basis? Here is some of what happens as a result of these missing pieces:

* Are you looking for something in life that you have not found? Do you feel stuck, lost or not sure which way to go?

* Are you wondering why others have success in different areas of life when you do not?

* Do you have things in your life that you wish you could change but don’t know how?

* Do you aspire to something but feel held back, afraid of making changes?

* Are you struggling or just feeling dissatisfied that things are not working in some way?

* Do you have relationship issues, career issues, financial issues or health issues?

* Are you settling for something but really want more?

* Do you wish you could get a little further ahead?

* Are you worried about your future?

If you are experiencing any of these or similar issues you will be very interested in these missing pieces? They are available to all of us and we can use them at will once we know how. It’s just a matter of the willingness to learn and change.

In terms of accepting what you will read in this article, consider this; There was a time when people thought the world was flat, a time when people knew nothing of electricity, a time when people knew nothing of air and space flight. If you were to talk about such things before their discovery and acceptance, you would be met with great resistance and disbelief, even laughed at. At least some of what you are going to read as the missing pieces in our education may really shock you, you may laugh in disbelief, you may feel very uncomfortable, and you may just shut down upon reading it; just like the people who could not identify with these discoveries. But these missing pieces are proven facts, and coming very quickly into mainstream acceptance. Just as the discoveries of electricity and other important discoveries radically changed our world and our lives; these missing pieces, when put into action, will do the same.

If you do feel resistance when reading the missing pieces, that is your beliefs at work. Beliefs always attempt to deflate information that is in disagreement (with the belief). Just be aware of your thoughts as you are reading so that you keep an open mind to consider the information rather than casting it aside or searching for ways it cannot be true. As you understand more about how to take charge of your life you will see that being aware of your thoughts is a critical point to change limiting beliefs and therefore change your life. Because it is so important for you to gain an awareness of this information, let me offer this suggestion. If you see something that is a challenge to believe or really has you resisting, just ask this question “How can this be true?” It’s one of my favorite questions to keep my mind open to new possibilities, to expand my knowledge and invite the answer.

In the remainder of this article I will present you with what I have discovered are the missing pieces, and this will be followed by some examples of how they affect our every day life in a big way. If you want reference material that supports these missing pieces, I have listed several books under the Info link. What is shown on the Info link is by no means conclusive of my study, but gives fair support to what is written in this article. These missing pieces were put together from over 25 years of my personal research and study, my personal experience, and work I have done with clients through personal empowerment coaching and energy shifting modality.

There are five main missing pieces from our education which are fundamental principles of the universe, and critical for us to learn if we want to take charge of our life. They are:

The Law of Vibration

The Truth of Abundance

The Truth About You

The Law of Expression

The Law of Increase (expansion)

Essentially, everything that you experience in your life is the result of attraction. Therefore if you learn how to work with what causes the attraction, you can have the life you want. This is the information that explains it.

The Law of Vibration and Attraction

The universe is one field of intelligent substance – energy

Every physical thing, although solid in appearance, is a unique frequency of this energy. The unique energetic frequency gives rise to a unique form (like a cup, a piece of paper, a human body, anything).

Your body is 99.99~ empty space. If you magnify your hand 1 million times what you will see is swirling bits of energy. This energy gives rise to the body like a projector gives rise to a movie.

Although physical forms appear to be separate; at their energy level, they are all part of this one field of infinite, intelligent energy. Physical forms are to energy like a wave in the ocean is to the ocean. Each wave is individually identifiable, but it is still part of the ocean. And just like a wave in the ocean rises up out of the ocean and returns, energy rises up (to form) and returns to the universal energy field constantly.

Emotions are things and therefore each emotion has a unique energetic frequency, also known as a vibration. Think of the word emotion as e-motion or energy in motion.

The law of vibration and attraction causes things, people, situations of a like energy frequency (vibration) to come together; be in the same physical experience.

Like energetic vibrations attract to each other, therefore when you choose a thought-emotion, this vibration causes the attraction of an equal vibration which comes to you in the form of an experience carrying that vibration.

The Truth of Abundance

Everything is made from formless energy and that energy is limitless.

We can hold a desire and it is immediately given vibrationally because energy can take any form asked of it. Once it exists vibrationally, we then only need to hold our self in that frequency and it will manifest.

We are limited only by our imagination to have as much as we want of anything. We can have it where we want and for as long as we want if we adhere to the laws and principles of the universe.

The universe is an unlimited supply of energy and we all have equal and unlimited access to it because the ability to transform energy into matter is inherent in all humans.

The Truth About You

You have a physical body and an energy body, also known as source energy. Think of the physical body as a manifested extension of the energy body.

Your natural state of energy at source is a high vibration (love, joy, peace, eagerness, knowing, enthusiasm) so when we choose emotions such anger, guilt or shame that are low vibrations, we are, our conscious self, out of energy alignment with our source energy.

Each cell of our physical body has the intelligence to maintain itself. Through it’s access to source energy it can get what it needs for this balance, except when we have energy misalignment. When we choose low vibration emotions (misalignment), it inhibits the communication between the cell and source energy and this gives rise to the variety of symptoms that we call disease, disorders, illness etc.

You have a natural and unique purpose with gifts and talents and you have a birth right to abundance, love, peace, joy, health and happiness.

You have the power to choose your thoughts and thoughts influence emotions, emotions then set your vibration. Low emotions (guilt, shame, anger) generate a low vibration; high emotions (love, joy, peace) generate a high vibration. The power to choose what we think about and how we think about it is one of our greatest powers.

A thought choice once repeated over and over becomes a response habit (a belief). A response habit makes it seem like we do not have a choice but we do. We can stop and think first, and then make a new choice.

We can choose our thoughts independently of any past event, of any suspected future event or anything happening in this moment. We have the power to turn the focus of our thoughts and emotions to anything we want including our imagination regardless of anything going on around us.

Beliefs are simply the thought>feelings that we repeat. The more they are repeated, the more momentum they get and the more powerful they become to influence our choice of thought-feelings, which then influences our vibration and the results in our life.

You can displace old beliefs that influence the attraction of what you don’t want by repeating / accepting new thought>feelings (new beliefs) that will influence the attraction of what you want. Once the new belief becomes dominant it will be the attractive vibration.

Our beliefs about our self and about life get developed in the first, roughly, 7 years of our life. They are usually faulty to some degree, certainly with respect to this information.

Our beliefs will always supersede our wants. If you are wondering why you are experiencing something different than you want, you can be guaranteed you have a belief supporting that thing you do not want.

Repeated responses literally “wire” the brain (neuro pathways) such that our response to the same situations become automatic and we experience a cycle of:  experience>response (thought-feeling)>vibration>experience. This becomes a self-reinforcing cycle of the belief. We can interrupt this cycle.

We have a conscious and subconscious mind

The function of the conscious mind, in the context of the law of vibration, is to decide what we want, choose a vibration level (throughout the day) that is a match to what we desire and act on inspiration to receive that which we have manifested. By sustaining a vibration of joy we cause our self to be at the frequency of our desires that are also at the frequency of joy. Once we sustain the match than that desire shows up or the steps to it.

Through your conscious mind, you can choose to accept or reject any emotions related to a situation you may find yourself. There is no automatic and standard emotion that goes with a given situation, each emotion you hold is the result of the choice about how you decided to think about something. That typically is highly influenced by a belief that you have but ultimately you have free will to choose. If you can’t find good feeling thoughts about a topic then move yourself to a different topic or subject that does feel good. That is the power of your conscious mind, free will to choose what you think about.

The function of our subconscious mind is to keep our body functions running, store the beliefs chosen by the conscious mind, store every event of our life in every detail, and hold our requests for what we desire.

Our source energy self orchestrates all of the details needed to connect us with the experiences we desire.

The law of attraction connects us with the details set up by source provided we, in our conscious self, maintain a high vibration. If we do not we connect with circumstances that equal those low vibrations and do not get to realize our desires.

If we use our conscious mind to figure out “how” to get what we want rather than simply using it to set the vibration to attract “what” we want, we risk causing our self stress through worry, fear and doubt and offering a vibration that will cause the attraction of what we do not want. Each part of our total self must be used and allowed to do its job and only its job if you are to get the results you want. You may have heard the phrase “get out of your own way”, this essentially indicates that we are using our mind in a way that is incorrect, ineffective and causing us to get what we don’t want.

Imagination is a tremendously powerful faculty that we have. It is the faculty that allows us to offer a high vibration regardless of what is going on in our physical world. It can be used to set our vibration to whatever we want in the middle of the most unpleasant situations. The law of attraction registers emotional energy whether it is based on what your five senses are experiencing or based on what you hold in your mind as imagined reality.

We will never experience anything greater in our life than the image and worth we have accepted about ourselves. In other words, what we believe we are worth is what we will attract. A feeling of deserving is a high vibration; a feeling of not deserving is a low vibration. The level of the vibration attracts accordingly, in our health and in our circumstances.

The combination of our vibrations (thought-emotions) related to all aspects of our life form our vibration field. This means that you could have a high vibration and thus satisfaction in one area of life but a low vibration and dissatisfaction in another.

What you are experiencing today is the result of the vibration you have been offering, that is, your dominant thoughts (your beliefs). There is always a time period between creating a new dominant vibration and its physical manifestation.

You cannot effectively change your experiences on the outside because their cause came from your vibration. To work on changing the outside is like working with a shadow. Change only happens when there is a shift in vibration.

Fear is usually strongly embedded in our beliefs; fear of failure, fear of not enough, fear of being without, fear of not being good enough etc. Fear beliefs block us from experiencing abundance, purpose and all good things.

Willpower is only to be used for holding the minds attention and focus on an image that we want to be attracted to us or on something that feels good. Use of the will in the outside world will work against you; if you use your will on people or things you will either immediately or eventually find more damage than good because to use will on the outside world carries the vibration of lack. That vibration will cause lack in your life.

Intuition is a faculty of our being; we can ask questions of it and get answers, awareness and knowings from it in many ways that will guide us. We simply need to be present and relaxed to hear it.

To think ill of another does not “get” them, it gets you. This is due to the law of vibration. What ever thought-emotion you hold in your mind generates a vibration and the law of attraction returns an equal one to you.

There is a period of time between when we set our vibration and the object of intention materializes in our physical world. It is your high vibration that nurtures it and allows it to unfold; like a hen sitting on an egg to hatch it.

A true intention is something you hold in your heart, not just a fleeting thought or want, but something you really have a purpose to experience. Intention combined with high vibration is what manifests energy into experience.

Our vibration not only impacts what comes to us, it impacts the collective universal vibration which determines the state of world affairs.

Increasing your vibration is the single biggest thing you can do to not only improve your own life but to help improve life on the planet for everyone.

What you put your attention on expands and grows. Be for peace, not against war; be for health, not against disease. The fight against disease only keeps it alive, the fight against anything gives it attention and that keeps it alive. Put your attention on what you want.

The Law of Expression

The fundamental impulse of the universe is expression and expansion. Like a flower, our life has a natural course of growing and unfolding, but unlike a flower which has single course, we are free to choose our course as we sift and sort through experiences and decide what we want for ourselves. As we come into touch with, or realize the things we have passion to be, do and have, we have can be, do and have those things.

We can not stop this flow of natural expression through us; however, we can choose to put our focus on expressing other things that are not our natural expression; as a human being, different than anything in nature we can choose to express our self differently than what we really want to express. If you likened our power of choice to plant life, expressing our self in a different way than what we want would be like a rose attempting to grow into a tulip!

Our source self continuously calls us to our true desires when we make choices that keep us away from them. It does so through our emotions and the law of vibration as follows: if we are not a vibrational match to our true desires we will attract things that are dissatisfying and lacking fulfillment. This can cause us to feel low vibration emotions which are telling us that our thought>feelings are not a match to what we want. Our job is to find the high vibration where we are which will then connect us with what we want. As we do this, our life becomes more satisfying and fulfilling and flows along much more easily and effortlessly.

If we insist on feeling low vibration emotions because things are not as we want, the law of attraction will continue to bring us more dissatisfaction, discomfort, and discord that equals that low vibration. We must shift to the vibration that equals what we want, even when things are not as we want. We have the mind faculties that allow us to do that. This is why “manmade” solutions to deal with physical ailments, pain and dissatisfaction do not work effectively. Anything that serves to mask, suppress or ignore the fact that we are experiencing what we are because of our vibration only ignores the cause and gives temporary relief at best. Ultimately it is only the alignment with our true desires that will effectively relieve anything in our life that is unsatisfying.

The Law of Increase (expansion)

It is natural for us to have ideas, to be more, to do more, and to have more. We have free will and we can use it to focus our power of attention and intention on increasing anything we wish and within the realm of our purpose and true self.

Once we achieve a thing, new thoughts will spring forward inspiring us to express, expand and achieve new things. We are simply built for continuous growth through our natural flow creativity and ideas.

As with the Law of Expression, the universe supports us to evolve and develop, to seek more life in every way. We simply cannot reach a point in life where our evolution and development are complete. If we attempt to stay the same, that is suppressing our desires and our emotions around dissatisfaction will have the law of attraction drawing to us what is unwanted. Dissatisfaction is always our indicator that is time to shift our vibration to what is equal to our desires. You must follow your desires by maintaining the vibration of them, if you do not, the law of vibration will motivate you to do so.

The Effects of the Missing Pieces on our lives

In each example below take notice that it is the state of the person’s vibration that is at the root of the circumstances. You will also notice that I often use the phrase, ‘turn away from’. This is a critical concept in terms of getting more of what you want in your life and less of what you do not want. What I mean by this phrase is that in any situation, you can decide to get emotionally engaged in the thing that you don’t like or does not feel good or you can decide to choose a thought-emotion-image (a vibration) that represents what you do want to experience and / or simply what feels good. Now I know that may sound very odd to you because we have been so thoroughly trained to get engaged with the events of our day, but this is a big part of the secret to taking charge of your life. An ignorant person allows circumstances to control his or her thoughts. An aware person uses the power of choice along with the faculty of mental will and imagined reality to intentionally set their vibration to attract what they want. Essentially, use your mind not your mouth (words). In your physical world you still need to deal with the issue at hand, but you DO NOT need to get emotionally captured by it. Let’s look at how this works.

Let’s say you are feeling lost, empty, with no direction and not knowing which way to turn. First, realize that this is only happening because you are missing the information in this article and therefore you have been stripped of your power and your true association to the universe. You can take back your power any time, and now is a good time to start by knowing that you are a child of the universe. This means 1) that you have a birthright to abundance 2) that you have a natural and inherent purpose with gifts and talents 3) that there is always a demand for your purpose and 4) you can use the law of vibration to intentionally attract what you want. The feelings of lost, empty and no direction come from feeling powerless to change your life, to “get” what you want and / or wondering where it is you fit into the picture of life. This simply breeds fears and insecurities of all kinds and has you making decisions that probably give you more of the same. The solution is wake up to your purpose, your true identity and maintain a high vibration state of mind which is what my Higher Vibrations program is setup to teach.

Example 1

Let’s say your spouse is behaving in a way that you find unpleasant. First you must realize that the experience you are receiving is based on your vibration. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning their words and actions. Let’s get the focus off of them, what they are doing or not doing and on to what you can do. Their choices are a reflection of their vibrational state of affairs, what you need to work on is yours. You probably know by now that you cannot effectively change people directly, BUT they will change in response to a change in your vibration (they won’t realize it). What I am focusing on here is that 1) for you to be empowered knowing that you set a vibration that attracted this, which means 2) that you have the power to turn away from that and set a new vibration. You do this by choosing a new response (thought-emotions-images). This starts to build a new vibration, and once it becomes dominant, it attracts the behaviour that you want to experience. Your new choice will start to change your vibration and thus what you attract. This change probably will not be overnight because it will take some time to make the new vibration dominant, but if you stick with it, it is the law for your experience to change.

Here is a fact that you need to come to terms with. Once you set a vibration that equals the kind of interactions you want with others, and it becomes dominant, your subconscious mind, in conjunction with source energy will organize everything to make it so. Your conscious mind states the “what” and then must allow the subconscious mind and universe take care of the “how”, that is critical for you to remember. People or things in your life will change one way or another to match your vibration. This will all happen circumstantially based on the vibration. Or, you can disregard everything I just said. You can get emotionally involved with the behaviour you don’t want and attract more of it, staying in that cycle that you do not like. You may find it hard to believe that it is your mind and not your mouth (words) that changes your world but again, using our words is what we have been taught and it is what we have practised and made a habit. I think if you look closely you will find that using your words to change your life is really quite ineffective. I am not saying not to say anything, you obviously need to communicate, and effective communication can be very helpful in shifting ones vibration. Ultimately, what we need to understand is that only by changing our response to one that shifts our vibration, will our relationships with others improve.

Example 2

Let’s say you have a co worker that you find annoying in some way, you can turn away from that and set your vibration to the work environment that you want to experience. You can find something good about the current environment even if it is only that it is helping you to know what you want. Persist in doing your best work, keep giving smiles, find what you can to appreciate and spread joy in the knowing that it is those vibrations that will increase your frequency and move you to the work environment that matches that frequency. It may be a new job or changes within the same job, but if you increase your frequency, a change must occur that matches that frequency. Or you can disregard your power and can continue to choose to feel annoyed and attract more of that frequency to you.

Gratitude and thankfulness are very important ingredients for you to attract what you desire. If you hold an image of the experience you want but at the same time hold the vibration of annoyance or any emotion that represents something negative about a person or situation, you will nullify your power to attract what you want. You must realize that the reason a person shows up with behaviour that you find annoying is because they represent a vibration in you. This alone should make you thankful to them for making you aware of it. Everyone is actually on your team, isn’t that a weird concept, just think, all of these years we were thinking people were doing things to us, not true, they were doing things for us. See how the missing pieces in our education have really affected our life.

The notification of our vibration often comes in an odd way and in a funny costume but the reality and the truth is that they are there as a representative to let you know what your vibration is. It may as well be your head on their shoulders, in fact that’s a good little trick to use to keep your self aligned with this information. It may be nice if people just came up to us and said, “Hey did you know you have a vibration that is making me bring this behaviour to you”. I somehow suspect that may not deliver the same effect and I guess nature figured that as well so things come to us clothed in a way to get our attention. This may sound a bit strange but it is the way the law of vibration works. Not knowing this has us at odds and fighting with each other and creates untold unhappiness in the world. Knowing it empowers us and makes us instantly thank people (in our mind at least) for helping us, it puts us in the driver seat of our life. Wow, did we ever miss some critical education.

Example 3

Let’s say you want a new car but maybe your banking situation does not visibly support that. Is that what you are going to let dictate your decision or are you going to picture yourself in that car and get the feeling of driving it, get the feeling that it is yours. Can you get your arms around the fact that you can have anything you want? It’s just a matter of knowing how to use your power and displacing those limiting beliefs and that faulty self image? You can get that car regardless of your financial position, and what resources you think that you have available. You literally have the power to transform energy into anything. The only thing that stops you is your limiting beliefs that keep finding reasons why you can’t. You set the vibration and let the universe take care of the rest, and then you simply take delivery. Just like ordering anything online. You place the order, and then you trust the process to get it to your door. If you will do the work to get past those limiting beliefs, you are free to attract whatever you wish into your life. So are you going to focus on your bank account and all of the reasons you can’t have the car, in which case that is what you will get, or are you going to turn away from focusing on your bank account, and turn your attention and intention to what you want, set your vibration accordingly, and attract it? It’s really just a matter of choice, whichever one you make is the one you attract. I want to be clear that the law of vibration is not for you to take your rent money and use it for your first car payment. That is simply irresponsible and nothing to do with your power to attract. When you use the law of vibration intentionally, things show up to put you in a better position than you currently are, not a worse one.

Example 4

Person “X” finds that no matter what they want, no matter how hard they work, life just doesn’t work out. The job doesn’t work or the relationships don’t work, the finances don’t work. There may be a lack of energy, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. They attempt to get fit and give up, they get more education but it does not get them a better job. They think they found a great relationship and it falls apart. They help others but they don’t get any more appreciation or respect. It looks like things are starting to go well, then bang, back to the old way. They try changing their food, moving to a different place, changing jobs but eventually life ends up back in the same old place. I propose to you that this person has a vibration grid that consists of vibrations in the area of “I am not worthy”, “shame”, “worthless”, “hopelessness” etc. And as long as those vibrations exist, the life conditions, the results they are getting will remain the same. It is the job of the subconscious mind to orchestrate your life according to the instructions, and the instructions come in the form of the vibrations that you choose. This is the law of vibration. To get what is desired in life; one must align with their true identity and live their purpose. That is done on the inner world, not the outer.

Example 5

Do you have a dream of opening a shop, starting a new career, playing a musical instrument, coaching a sports team, you name it. If you don’t have one of these dreams I know you have another one because nature endowed us with dreams for a reason – to express and live them. Are you spending your mental energy generating a vibration on how it can happen or are you spending your mental energy and generating a vibration on how it can’t happen. Whatever your vibration consists of, is what you attract.

I do realize that you almost certainly have a force working against you when you start learning about and using your power; that force is your beliefs that relate to the faulty and limiting information that you accepted. Negative beliefs that are dominant are like an invisible ball and chain on your foot. They prevent you from getting what you want by attracting what is equal to their vibration. Your wants are not your dominant vibration, your beliefs are, and your dominant beliefs are simply the result of what you choose to think about most of the time. That being said, a belief with a lot of momentum can be very influencing on the thoughts you choose and it takes great awareness to turn away from them and to thoughts of a higher vibration. Depending on your age, your experiences and how you have been influenced throughout your life; your beliefs will affect your life proportionately.

To sum up, running our life without this knowledge is like putting a 5 year old in a car and getting them to drive it, and make that a 5 speed standard transmission. It’s like putting a person on stage with a musical instrument and expecting them to perform a beautiful piece of music when they have not ever held that instrument. I say this because although as a race you could say we have come a long way, and there are certainly many great advances, the cost of the trip has been heavy; wars, genocides, pollution, disease, medical systems that simply do not have solutions to health issues, education systems that leave us without critical information to run our life, corruption, child labour, economic disasters, family breakdowns, racism and maybe the worst of all, what may be behind all of it is the damage done to a child’s self image and self worth. These are the children that have grown up and made the decisions for these things to have happened. You may have heard of the expression that we only use 5% of our brain or intelligence, something to this effect. The fact is that we use 100%, we just use it so ineffectively because of our unknowing about it, and that makes it seem like we are only using 5%. To use our intelligence more effectively we only need practise what I have shown above as the missing pieces. This will bring health, happiness and harmony on a personal and global scale.

We have been living life from the outside, trying so hard to “fix” things on the outside. We have been living from the faulty beliefs of finite resources, scarcity, limited everything and therefore fear; however, with this new information, we can recognize that we are all one, that we are part of an infinite universe with infinite supply; that our outside world is a reflection of our inside vibration; a vibration that we are in charge of. That we can really only effectively use our power for good, as any “bad” intentions only come back to haunt the intender in the long run. We would simply only do this out of ignorance. Anyone, before all of the programming takes place, would pick a life of love and abundance over fear and scarcity, but that option gets taken away from us before we realize we have it. Perhaps that is why we are so attracted to the energy of babies. They represent our true free spirit, our desire to follow our heart, an attitude that anything is possible and they are determined to move forward. They want to love and they want to be loved. Inside of them they know that they are unique with gifts, talents and a purpose to live a fulfilled life while serving others with that purpose. They know that they are a flower to unfold in all of their beauty. That is true for all of us.

If you want to take charge of your life and improve the living conditions on this planet for you, your family, your friends and everyone else you will continue this journey and put this information to work in your life. If you need help to do so feel free to contact me about my program and services. I am here to help you and make the world a happier place for all.