Program Exercises by Mind Mastery category

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Higher Vibrations Program Exercises by Mind Mastery Area

To take charge of your life, which means being, doing and having what you want, you must take charge of your vibration. To take charge of your vibration means you must take charge of what you think about, how you think about it and how you feel about it regardless of appearances and conditions. This is what I call mind mastery; the intentional choice of thoughts, feelings and therefore vibration, again no matter what is happening in your physical world in any present moment.

To be the master of your mind, in Week 19 of the program, I have identified what I consider to be the 4 areas of knowledge and know-how that constitute total mind mastery. Mastering each area is what enables you to be the total master of your mind. How do you know if you have mastered each area and therefore are the master of your mind? On my website, in the questionnaires section, there is a monitor for each area of mind mastery. Each monitor helps you to identify how proficient you are in that area. Once you review the monitors, if you find that you need to improve your proficiency in any area, it is simply a matter of revisiting the exercises throughout the program that pertain to that area of mind mastery. To help you with this process, below is a list of all program exercises categorized by the 4 areas of mind mastery. Also in each area I included the diagrams and articles that pertain to that area as well.

If you followed the recommendation at the beginning of the book in terms of organizing the exercises into your own personal mind mastery and empowerment tool box for quick reference, it will be easy to locate and review your completed exercises in each of the mind mastery areas below. It will also allow you to expand on them as they are living exercises that grow with your life. If you have not grouped your exercises by mind mastery category, this would be a great time to do so because you can use the monitors and your tool box for the rest of your life to maintain yourself as the master of your mind and therefore live the life you desire.


Here are the areas of mind mastery.


Mind Mastery Area 1 – Knowing Your True Self

Week / Exercise

2 3 Setup a “Good Qualities” list

3 1 Converting your beliefs to the truth

3 2 Converting your fears to faith

5 2 You are special and unique

5 3 Setup an “I am” list

5 4 Identification with your true self (source)

6 1 Acknowledging the abundance in your life

14 1 Finding your true identity and purpose

20 1 Knowing who you really are


The Missing Pieces

The Truth of Abundance

Fear Versus Faith

The Road to Your Dreams


Life Cycle

The Power of Choice

The Effect of the Missing Pieces

Which Flower are You

Choosing Our Life

Living in the Light

What Causes What Happens in Our Life

Self Alignment


Mind Mastery Area 2 – Knowing and Telling your Story (your dream or ideal life)

Week / Exercise

1 1 Figuring out what you really want and like

1 2 What do I want more of

4 1 Declaring your new direction with intention

5 1 Impressing your desires

15 1 Creating statements to attract your specific desires

15 2 Creating your dreams in pictures


Mind Mastery Area 3 – Maintaining a High Vibration (awareness of feelings and shifting to high vibration)

Awareness of feelings

Week / Exercise

1 3 Filling your mind with what you want and like

2 1 Rating the satisfaction level of the various areas of your life

2 5 Choosing empowering perspectives

4 2 Identifying triggers that take you to a low vibration

4 4 Making choices

6 2 Understanding how you are closing the doors of abundance

7 4 Tracking your effectiveness to turn from a negative feeling to a positive

8 1 Doing your best monitor

9 3 Awareness of positive contributions

10 1 Tracking your effectiveness to keep your mind in the present moment

10 2 Present moment thinking satisfaction indicator

16 2 Monitoring the attraction process

18 2 Tracking your effectiveness in feeling good

19 1 Monitoring your mind mastery effectiveness

20 2 Awareness of what you are practicing


Shifting to a High Vibration

Week / Exercise

1 4 Setup the “Feels Good” list

1 5 Setup the “Success” list

1 6 Setup the “Feels Good To Think About” list

2 2 Setup a “Words of Attraction” list

2 4 Setting your attention and focus (stream of thoughts)

4 3 Choosing a new response

4 5 Choosing what you want to see (In my world)

5 5 Detaching from taking things personally

6 3 Keeping the doors of abundance open

7 1 Acknowledging what you have to be grateful for

7 2 Turning the unwanted into the wanted

7 3 Changing negative reactions into positive responses

8 2 Focusing on what is right, the “What’s Right” list

8 3 Why everything is OK as it is

9 1 The act of giving to others

9 2 The act of giving to yourself

10 3 Replacing fear with faith and trust

11 1 The people in your life, interpreting the message

11 2 Responding versus reacting

11 3 Your support team

12 1 Monitoring and adjusting the vibrational inputs of your day

13 1 Finding new high vibration responses

16 1 Giving momentum to the attraction of your desires

17 1 Tracking your vibration and focus

17 2 It’s a new day

18 1 Writing out your list of priorities


Patience – The Road to Your Dreams

Why Everything is OK

Using Your Emotional Guidance System

50 Plus ways to Maintain a High Vibration

Retraining Your Vibration


The Law of Vibration and Attraction Cycle

The Law of Vibration and Attraction Life Cycle

Life Change with Vibration

Moving from Negative to Positive Vibration

Choosing Our Life Circumstances

What Frequency are you on

Effect of Emotions


Mind Mastery Area 4 – Actions in a Universe of Vibration

Week / Exercise

18 3 Acting through fear

18 4 Acting in harmony with what you want to attract

18 5 Acting on the good

18 6 Acting as though you are

18 7 Acting on your intuition

18 8 Acting with all of your heart and soul


Action and Attraction