Reasons for people joining my HVN group

Below are reasons people have for joining my groups and my response to those reasons

Reason – Practice a high vibration life

That’s exactly what you can learn to do here and in my resources and then start living the high vibration life you came for, that’s your natural life. What humanity has been living is not really even close to what we came for, so much better is available to us.

Reason – I’m interested in keeping my vibration high and finding a group to help with that. A lot of groups I’m currently in I find lower my vibration and I would love to be in one that doesn’t.

Response – In this group you can ask any questions to help with your understanding of keeping your vibration high, and to be clear, a high vibration is natural to us so what you learn is how to stop pulling it down. We learned many low vibe thinking habits and patterns of thinking, as children, and most are not aware of how much of the day they pull their vibe down. Many of the groups out there are a kind of free for all with all members weighing in on how they think it all works and the debates go on, which yes, many times turn into low vibes. In this group, it is based on the teachings in my books, of how we take charge of our vibration on a daily, all day basis and live our high vibration life. You can also join my highervibrationsinsights group and send me a friend request as I use my personal facebook page for daily inspirational messages only. My website is very informative with practical ways to start using your thinking mind more high vibration. If you want the max content and interaction with live sessions that is my Higher Vibrations Mastery Group which is a $20 CDN monthly subscription.

Reason – to learn to stay high vibration mode

Response – This is definitely a skill / ability to learn so that you are in a positive state of energy all of the time and that is what allows you to receive everything wanted as part of an easy, joyous flowing day. That may sound like a lofty statement and if it does you can be sure that you have fell under the spell of faulty and limiting beliefs because life is really, really, really easy, effortless and joyous at all times when you know how to interpret everything vibrationally.

Reason – to have pure energy, a shield to protect

Response – We are born pure positive energy and only live less than that from the misinformation we pick up about our self and life as we grow up. That information causes us to endure some degree of low vibration thought energy and form limiting beliefs which of course is attractive energy. As we clean up our thought energy and get back into alignment with our pure positive energy self, then by virtue of this we have a shield because the law of attraction will not connect us with anything or anyone that is lower in vibration.

Reason – self improvement

Response – One thing you will learn here if you stick with it is that you were born prefect and perfect at all times, also you are a natural success and you literally can’t get anything wrong, you don’t have to improve yourself, you just have to improve the way you are using your conscious mind thing. Again, if that sounds odd to you that’s a sign that faulty beliefs have taken hold and causing you to think things that are not accurate. It’s so odd the way were taught about life and self, so out of line. If you visit my website and look under the HOME section, read the ABOUT sections it will start to get you thinking more in the direction of who you really are. Also I have an article in the INFO section called The Truth About You, and that will further help you understand your true self.

Reason – personal growth / awakening / enlightenment

Response – Personal growth is going to automatically happen when you get the understanding of who you really are, why you came here and how this universe works to support you at all times in having the life you want. Under the traditional teachings of life we simply cannot fully develop as a human being because the education that includes our powerful mind (thought vibration), and how our energy works in conjunction with the universe is simply not given . . . and that is our greatest power, it’s the power that allows us to have the life we want, effortlessly and joyously every day!

Reason – learn about vibration / healthy life style

Response – From my earlier answers you can see that learning about vibration . . . you can get the whole thing here, and you can ask me any questions about energy, my books or any of my material. I am here to help people get the education about our energy nature that we all should be getting when children, and much of it is free and the rest is very little cost for enormous life changing benefits.

Reason – curious / health benefits

Response – It’s great to see people joining the group to get more awareness, especially health care workers, because the root of health is within us, available to us at any time and to return to it any time, independently, and any outside remedies can be great for temporary relief but if we want a permanent return to wellness we got to understand our energy nature and what we do that blocks our health, then we can get rid of the energy blocks and our body has all of the intelligence built in to do any healing, that’s right, it’s self healing.

Reason – positive vibrations for me and the world

Response – That is a great reason to join the group because a direct benefit of getting your own vibration into alignment is that you are, at the same time, offering positive energy to the collective consciousness, and so, the more people living high vibration, that naturally causes more peace and harmony on planet earth.

Reason – more flow of abundance

Response – What you will learn about abundance, and money is part of abundance, is that it flows naturally, easily, automatically, effortlessly and joyously to us at all times and we just have to understand how to receive it, not ‘get’ it. When we learn to keep our vibration in it’s natural high state throughout our day, we then have the doors open for receiving. Lack of abundance flow has only to do with low vibration thought energy. Abundance is high vibration and so high vibration thought energy streams must be dominant for it to flow and we can learn to do that quite easily.