High Vibration Thought Options

I could choose to be with negative feeling thoughts like beating myself up, complaining, feeling terrible, worried, hopeless etc., I could, I can make that choice, and it’s always a choice, but I don’t have to, I don’t have to stay with those thoughts, I could choose different thoughts / actions as follows and why / how these things are true and therefore helpful to shift my vibration, letting go of resistance.

I could realize that what I want is on the way

I could accept that contrast is a needed and natural part of life that means something better is on the way

I could use my emotions to help me select high vibration thoughts

I could realize the thing that happened “I did that”, it was the result of my vibrational point of attraction

I could accept that I am where I am because that is where my active vibration has taken me

I could acknowledge that I can change my active vibration

I could remember that as I begin to change the momentum of my active vibration, starting now, that energy doesn’t manifest into some physical change instantly, but as I continue to stick with the change in momentum it does

I could remember that my vibration is natural high and even when have gone low vibe, my mind naturally wonders and my vibe rises

I could remember that I can feel good now even before the condition changes, that I don’t need the condition to change to feel good

I could make a statement to myself “It’s OK where I am because . . . “

I could graciously dismiss, detach, ignore, release from what /who has my attention

I could take responsibility for how I am feeling and what’s happening because . . .

I could think about that from a vibrational perspective and rephrase it or reframe it

I could remember that things showing up that I don’t like simply means I have work to do to displace a limiting belief and that the better experience is now ready for me to receive

I could realize that with more awareness about how I feel in the moment, I could more quickly release negative energy

I could remember that everything is setup to work out for me, why and how

I could remember that I don’t have to figure out how anything is going to come to me, that I just have to feel good to receive it

I could remember that everything that comes into my world is directly due to the dominant vibration I am broadcasting

I could remember that the law of attraction has no idea about what is going on in my life or day, it just hooks me up with what matches my energy

I could remember that I have options to respond and that I don’t have to react

I could remember that when I am judging others, I am really taking my vibe down

I could remember that when I let conditions influence the way I think, I remain at the vibration that keeps causing those conditions to manifest

I could remember that I can’t get the new reality by looking at the old one

I could be determined to reach for a better feeling thought

I could let them off the hook because it’s not their responsibility for how I have set my vibe

I could find words or rephrase this such that I feel ease and that everything is OK

I could think about what is going well, how far I’ve come, that I am learning, what I am grateful for

I could tell the story that is in the process of manifesting, my desire, just because it feels good, it excites me

I could think less out of habit and more out of intention