Daily Positive Focus Monitor


Did you start your day with intentional high vibration momentum?

  • If not see my article starting your day with positive momentum in the info section of this website. It will give you ideas as well as refer you to a document called training your vibration which has over 20 ways to start your day in high vibration momentum.

Did you intentionally and only focus on the positive aspects of the various areas of your life, what is working, what you have to appreciate and be grateful for, what felt nice to think about?

Did you acknowledge your worth, your power and your access to abundance; to be, to do and to have what you desire?

Did you catch yourself in a negative feeling and turn it around, realizing that the negative feeling is simply telling you that your thoughts are inaccurate and out of line with who you are and what you want?

Did you focus on / notice acts of kindness and thoughtfulness?

Did anything show up that was of benefit, pleasant, enjoyable or made your day easier and more fun?

  • This includes ideas, imaginations, urges, hunches, intuition. These are manifestations as well. Whether physical or non-physical, when good feeling manifestations show up, it lets you know that you are in a high vibration and therefore on track to realize what you want.

Did you feel a sense of satisfaction with your day, any of it?

Did you intentionally stay focused on good feeling thoughts today no matter what the conditions or circumstances were or did you let conditions and circumstances dictate your vibration?

Did you make choices on the basis of what option was easiest to feel good about and did you keep your focus only on that option and only what felt good about that option?

Do you have a perspective, a stream of soothing statements (specific and / or general) concerning any area of your life where you can find yourself going negative?

Were you aware of each thought you had and only spoke it or carried on with it, in terms of its feel good (vibration level), when it was high vibration?

Did you talk about your ideal life story when talking about or thinking about the various aspects of your life? Can you easily recite your story?

Did you have only high vibration conversations with others?

Did you listen to anyone’s negative story(s) today?

Did you take responsibility for what you attracted into your day?

Did you hold others responsible for your happiness and for pleasing you?

Did you bring a positive attitude to the people and your environment regardless of conditions and circumstances?

Did you see the good in people today, and only the good?

Did you make the best out of all situations?

Did you experience contrast (what you didn’t like) and if so did you use it to your benefit or your detriment, that is, did you use it to shift your vibration to what it caused you to ask for or did you focus on it in a negative way and therefore ask for more of it?

In the heat of the moment when you started feeling negative and about to react, were you practiced enough to maintain a high vibration? If not are you willing to practice more?

Did you accept “what is” today, “the way it is”, and therefore be at peace with it as simply a manifestation of your energy or are you pushing against it, holding resistance about it like someone or something is doing something to you or you are bad / wrong / deficient in some way?

Did you take time for yourself today as desired, did you honor, respect, and accept yourself?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you acknowledge the abundance in your life and all around you today?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your satisfaction level with regard to your progress of practicing high vibe thinking?