Vibration Indicator Questionnaire

The Importance of Knowing Your Vibration

In answering the questions below you will begin to get some insight as to what the level of your vibration is overall and also in specific areas. What many people do not understand is that their vibration is the reason for what is going on in their life. The results in your life do not set your vibration, it is your vibration that causes the results in your life. The things that happen to you, the way people are towards you, the way your day flows, your health, your wealth, your satisfaction with the aspects of your life, these are the result of your vibration. It is what’s inside of you that drives what happens outside of you, not vice versa. What’s really good about going through the questionnaire is that it will instantly bring you awareness about the areas of your life that need a vibration boost. You can then focus in on those areas to increase your vibration and attract more satisfaction to your life. For some people, they think life is going along fairly well until they go through this questionnaire. Often they are quite surprised to see exactly how much they have slipped into a low vibration in one or more areas of their life. Further awareness comes that if something isn’t done to change what is of a low vibration, it can really turn into a life crisis over time. The great thing of course is that we all have the ability to choose our vibration as you will see throughout this site and that means we can change anything in our life to the experience we want it to be.

Use the questions below to determine where your vibration is.   Remember, a low vibration (negative feeling thoughts like overwhelm, sadness, anxiety, frustration, guilt, doubt etc.) attracts experiences of a low vibration nature, experiences in your career, relationships, finances etc. that match these low vibrations.   A high vibration (positive feeling thoughts like joy, happiness, enthusiasm) attracts experiences of a high vibration (joyful, happy, enthusiastic etc.,) that are the path to your desires.    If you want more fun, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, abundance and better health in your life, you will have to choose more positive feeling thoughts.  If you want to see the difference in your vibration based on the emotions you choose, see the Emotional Energy Affect page on this site.   Also the Everything is Energy energy page.  At the bottom is a picture of the effect on water crystals from negative and positive energy.

In the questionnaire there are 2 sections of questions, the first section, you will notice a high score on the question means you have a high vibration for that question and a low score is a low vibration. In the second section of questions, a high score on the question means you have a low vibration and a low score means you have a high vibration. This will make sense as you read the questions. Score each question with 1 being not true and 10 being very true, this applies to both sections.

With regard to the questions, read them in the sense of what you regularly do each day. For example, the first question. Maybe you were grateful for things today but if it was the only day this month, you really need to rank that with a 1.

When you click on the link below it will take you to the questions document in PDF format, if the online PDF reader does not show this document link clearly, you can download it to your PC with the button on the upper right. Your local PDF reader should give a clear image that you can print and then you can answer the questions. When you want to return here from the online PDF page just click your browser back button.

Vibration Indicator Questions

Hopefully this has helped you to see where you can do some work to increase your vibration and cause positive changes to manifest in your life. If you can think of areas that I have not included and they are of a low vibration, you will want to make note of that as something you could work on.

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