Soothing Resistance

Below is a sample of how to talk with yourself to sooth resistance, in this sample it is intended to sooth worry and fear but may also be helpful for other negative feelings. Note that these specific words are not what changes your vibration, it is how these specific words cause you to feel. So as you go through it you will no doubt find some of the language soothes you more than others so pick out what works for you, build your own soothing story. Also note that the statements take into account that you know who you really are as an energy being, how life really works from an energy perspective and why you are here on planet earth in a physical body. This is the knowledge that opens up a who new library of thoughts that can sooth you out of resistance and thus into your natural high vibration.

For each negative emotional state we are feeling, and depending on the circumstances, a different script or story will be needed to sooth it. The bottom line is that you are looking for a script that will give your ease and relief, let you know that everything is OK, nothing bad or wrong is really going on. This relaxes you and in that state of no resistance your vibe rises and you start to receive better feeling thoughts, ideas, impulses, inspiration etc that will help you to travel the path of your desires and realize your desires. No matter where you are in life or what is going on, the larger part of you has a path setup for you to move into a satisfying and fulfilling life, your job is simply to let go of the resistance that spins up from old faulty and limiting beliefs. With those out of the way you get to enjoy the life you came here to live, really good, always.

To effectively sooth our self it is good to acknowledge where you are emotionally, not pretend or avoid how you are feeling, you can’t use your emotions as your guidance if you are not going to acknowledge them. So start where you are and work up step by step with statements like you will see in the sample below.

If you are in a state of negativity you may want to take a minute or two to just settle down before connecting with the script. You can just stop and breath, or count down from 100 or count by 3’s or repeat something that just get’s your attention in a good feeling way, like, ease, OK, I accept, release, calm. Once you have put resistance on pause or slowed it enough to think new thoughts, then you can inject some new thoughts to move you up the emotional scale from where ever you are (low vibe), step by step, releasing resistance so vibe can rise back to high.

Here is the sample soothing self talk

I am feeling fear, worry

I could think those worrisome and fearful thoughts, but I don’t have to, I now have so many new thoughts available to me because I really know who I am, I know how life works (the creative process) and I know why I came here into this physical body. These new thoughts continually reconnect me with who I am, how life works and why I am here, and they connect me in a way that I truly understand what is happening here, reminding me all is OK, nothing is gone wrong (even though my old faulty beliefs can have me thinking differently from that, but I am releasing them more and more each day).

As I practice reconnecting each and every day with these new thoughts, my connection gets stronger and stronger and my trust in the fact that I am the creator of my reality gets stronger and stronger. My knowing that life is meant to be good and in fact thriving always gets stronger and stronger, My knowing that I am not subject to the conditions of life but my life is subject only to the vibration I choose, this gets stronger and stronger. My knowing that how to find better feeling thoughts and stay in my natural state of high vibration gets stronger and stronger. I am getting better at this all the time.

I am never left alone, never on my own to figure this out, I have the larger part of me doing all of that, I have the power that creates universes supporting me, with me all the time. So I know that I don’t have to feel tense, I know tense is not helpful to me and I now I know it’s not necessary at all. I am the creator of my reality along with the larger part of me (Source), life is meant to be a pleasant experience and I can receive that pleasant experience any time, Source always has it ready for me.

I love knowing that I am an eternal being, constantly expanding, and any contrast (unwanted situation) simply helps me to expand, it’s completely natural to experience contrast, Nothing is ever really wrong, in fact the more wrong / bad it may seem, means the bigger desire I have asked for and Source has created it vibrationally ready for me to receive right now, there is never any need for me to suffer or be upset and Source knows this and now I know it to.

Source knows where I am, what I want and how to get it to me and me to it. This experience has been acknowledged by Source and Source knows what I prefer and has it setup for me to receive right now, Source knows no boundaries, no borders, no conditions that are too much to handle. Source simply brings together all resources and details that move / lead me / keep me in my natural state of well being.

This negative feeling is letting me know that I am seeing this situation differently then the larger part of me, Source is seeing everything as OK, it sees the path it has setup for my well being, it does not see me in any troublesome time or lacking for anything. Source just keeps letting me know if I am moving on the path to my desires or not. When I am feeling negative, that is Source saying, hey you are not coming along, shift your focus, release the resistance (change to accurate, better feeling thoughts) and let yourself come, all is well, you have asked, I have provide, and now you can receive it. When I am feeling positive, that is Source saying, those thoughts are in vibrationally in agreement with what you want and you are in the process of realizing the desire.

I am ready for a better feeling thought now, and I like the idea that Source provides me with better feeling thoughts as I relax and feel at ease, knowing all is OK.

It’s interesting how my old beliefs take me to an uneasy place, in fact when I feel uneasy, that is the sure sign that I do have faulty beliefs active, because in true life there is nothing, absolutely nothing to feel uneasy about. Now that I know how it works, this situation means a new exciting and satisfying experience is now ready for me to receive, it seems a little odd to think that based on my old beliefs, based on what is going on around me, but it is the truth of life, I have lost track of how it works but thankfully I am now reconnecting with it, any unwanted situation simply means a new situation is on the way.

The law of attraction has no idea what is going on, nothing, not one detail, it only knows what vibration I chose to offer and connects me with what matches it, when I choose to feel at ease, satisfied and eager because I know who I am, how life works and why I am here, then I naturally receive the impulses and inspirations that are the path to my well being and fulfilling life.

So things are really meant to work out for me, Source sets them up so they are always working out for me and I simply got to connect with those detail by being high vibe, and that is natural as I let go of any resistance.

It seems sometimes that I have a bad day, but really there are no bad days, there are only days when I either experience what I want or I am asking Source for it and Source creates it instantly for me to receive, this is natural life, so nothing is ever really a bad day, that’s just old faulty beliefs.

Everything that is happening is a temporary condition of my vibration, and as I relax, release resistance, and my vibe naturally rises, my conditions change to what I desire, because there is no resistance to stop them, it is natural for the good things I want to experience come into my day.