High Vibe Language to Start Your Day

By Brian Withers

You really want to set the tone for your day upon awakening to get positive energy momentum moving. If you don’t do this intentionally, it is very likely some negative momentum will start to move from things going on in your life and limiting beliefs that have built up some momentum. You really want to specifically and intentionally connect with the thoughts that cause you to know that you are the creator of your reality, and how you do that intentionally, and thus allow your day to flow smoothly enroute to the realization of your desires. You really want to practice this every day until it becomes your habit of thought, until you walk into your day with the high expectation of things working out for you, until you allow nothing to get your attention in a negative way, until you are the master of the thoughts you choose.

These statements are intended to really tune you into the fact that the best, most effective thing you can do in your day, in terms of enjoying your day and realizing the path to your desires is to tend to your in the moment thoughts, choosing them intentionally and mindfully based on how they feel. To be vigilant in all moments, in terms of listening to what your emotions are telling you about the vibration of your thoughts. And in any moment your emotions are letting you know that you are in the negative vibes, you want to take immediate thought action to shift your thinking such that it is back to a high vibe. Your emotions, once positive, they are telling you that your vibe is high.

So you want to start your day with statements like below to help you make a commitment to yourself that you are going to be keenly aware of how you are feeling in each moment and willing to adjust any negative feeling thoughts to a better feeling place until you feel good – no matter what is going on around you. You are not going to let anyone or anything be so important that it takes you off of your high vibration. You are going to make the most important thing in your day, paying attention to how you feel and again, adjusting thoughts to feel good. This is what allows your desires to manifest. To allow your thoughts to remain low vibe (negative), for any reason, you are really choosing to say, I don’t really want my desires. You may feel justified in your negative energy but you are really not getting anyone except yourself, you are literally putting up blocks so your dreams and desires can’t find you. Is anything in your day really worth that? This is what is at stake here by tending to your thoughts and emotions, the blocking of your desires or the allowing of them.

If these statements appeal to you as they are written be sure to use them daily until you train your thinking and thus vibration to high. If not adjust them as you like to get the statements that do appeal to you and use them until you train your thinking and thus vibration to high.

Today I am going to let my energy lead my action, I am going to first tune my vibration to high which sets my vibrational atmosphere to what I want. I am going to let the law of attraction handle the details. This means I am making my priority for the day, to tell the law of attraction I am ready to receive the path to my desires. I of course do that with feel good thoughts, that is, thoughts that are easy feeling, satisfying, no resistance, just things I naturally enjoy, get excited about, feel at ease about, feel good about, anything at all, as long as it just feels easy. Every thing is in place, it’s just up to me to let it in and I do that by feeling good, releasing all resistance.

So today, no matter who I talk with and what I think about, no matter what I am doing or who I am doing it with it, it is my dominant intention to find the feel good and only give attention to the feel good, side stepping all resistance which means making everything OK so I can remain focused on the feel good.

I am ready to receive my desires because I am determined to feel good no matter what, so show me the path in a fun way, show it to me easy, show it to me in an interesting way, show it to me and make me laugh, just show it to me any way you can. I know you know where it is and how to get it to me in a really easy way.

I am always looking for a thought of ease and satisfaction, I know there is one

Today I will just look to feel good and follow the path, let feel good be the path to follow.

My goal every day is to get into the state of enabling my desire to find me. What I want is looking for me so I play the come and get me game, which is simply the game of feeling good. This is all about my vibration and the vibration of the thing I want, no other consideration is needed for it to manifest.

I surrender and let go, I give in to Source and Loa as the my support team that know how to deliver everything I desire

The better I feel the more I allow (so I am determined to focus on feeling good)

It’s nice to think about the surprises and delights that will come on the path that Source has layed out for me.

It’s nice to know that my desire is created and guaranteed cued up for me to receive, it’s nice to know that I can choose to light up, tune my vibration so I can receive it. Therefore it is nice to know that I can take my time, enjoy each moment, enjoy the path, in fact that is what I really came for, to enjoy the path, that is where all of the joy is, that is where all of the surprises and delights are. I know what the dream looks like, I don’t know what the path looks like so that is where the excitement is because I know Source got it layed out in a really nice way.

Source, I know you know what I want and were it is and the best path to it, and I am excited to think about the path.

I am not figuring it out, I am allowing it to happen, I do that by going about my day thinking and doing and conversing and listening to things that just feel good. Nothing in particular, just the easy to feel good about things.

My work is to tune into the frequency of the desire, that’s it, that’s the work, the feeling is the work, the only work.

My high vibe is to my desire manifesting like giving water, good soil and sun are to a seed. When I do this I know my desire is manifesting.

Today I am going to give a high vibration to the law of attraction and let it bring the details to me, the path to my desire.

I realize that an unwanted situation means that the improved experience I want is now created and ready for me to receive

Today I am going to manifest the feeling of my desire and let loa take care of the rest

Today I going to choose to respond positively rather than react negatively

I am going to catch myself feeling good and milk it, that naturally happens many times a day, that’s the vibe that reveals to me all other thoughts and actions to allow my desire to unfold.

I know that feeling good let’s it in