High Vibration Language Categories

Talking / thinking the natural and universal language of high vibration

When you learn to speak / think your natural high vibration language, then you live your naturally joyous flowing, continuously fulfilling life of all of your desires.

Vibration is the language we communicate with the Law of Attraction. When our vibe is high we receive the path to our desires as setup by the larger part of us, Source Energy / our inner being and when our vibe is low we receive the path to what matches that low vibration, things unwanted. So you can see we really want to be effective in communicating with the law of attraction so we receive what we want rather than what we do not want.

No matter what language you speak, there is one language common to all of us, it is our natural language of high vibration. What is high vibration language? There are 4 ways to describe it 1) it is words / thoughts that are accurately reflecting our power as the creator of our reality and the truth about our being 2) it is words / thoughts that are in agreement with the creative process (how life is setup to work for our continuous fulfillment) 3) it is words / thoughts that are a vibrational match to our desires 4) it is words / thoughts that are accurate with the perspective of our inner being, that is, what our inner being knows to be true.

When what you say / think fits with these 4 descriptors, you are at your natural state of high vibration, which means you have no resistance in your vibration and therefore the automatic manifestation of your desires can flow easily and effortlessly. You can always be sure you are in the high vibe zone by the way you feel, your emotions are your indicator of your vibration. To know if you are high or low vibe, you can check the vibration indicator chart at http://highervibrationsnow.com/?page_id=1006 . If you are feeling any emotions on the left, you are high vibe and if feeling emotions on the right then low vibe. You want to speak high vibe language all day long from the time you awaken to the time you sleep as that is what it takes for your desires to manifest. Here are the categories of high vibration language.

Awakening language – to get positive momentum going by getting you in a state of satisfaction about current life (the positive aspects), a state of knowing that you are in charge of your life to be, do and have what you want, and a state of positive expectation and knowing that your day is setup to flow easily with desires manifesting

Trusting language – keeps you connected with the fact that life is setup to work out for you in the ways you desire (easily and effortlessly) and how / why you are the creator of your reality

Setting up “your day” language – to setup more specific intentions / expectations for how you see your day playing out, set the tone (vibration) of things working out for you as you want to experience them

Your life story language – to emotionally (vibrationally) enjoy the experiences you know are on the way to you

“What is” language – to specifically and emotionally embrace things that are working in your life, things you appreciate, feel grateful for, what feels good, what is satisfying, soothing, comforting, pleasing

Responding language – to have a positive feeling (non-resistant) response to everything and anyone in your day

Interaction language – to be focused with others in uplifting, forward leaning, empowering, compassionate, soothing ways

Self language – to think / talk about yourself in ways that are accurate with who you really are, that is how powerful you are to be, do and have what you want, how unique you are, how naturally successful you are, how naturally worthy and deserving you are, how perfect you are at all times no matter of conditions

Other language – to think / talk about others in ways that are accurate with who they really are which is exactly the same as who you really are

Releasing resistance language – to talk with yourself using words that make you feel better in any situation by letting you know everything is OK and on track for you to have the life you want

Acknowledgment language – to know that everything happening in your world is simply the manifestation of your vibration and you have the power to change your vibration so you have the power to change your life

Inspiration language – what you say to yourself when you want a positive feeling that everything is OK and you are on track for the life you want

End of day language – to give you ease and relax for a peaceful sleep and positive start to next day

You can score yourself from 1 to 10 in terms of how effectively you are speaking these high vibe language categories each day, all day long. This will help you to know if you are offering the vibration to the law of attraction that allows your desires to manifest or not. If your score is low then you know you simply have some practice to do to train your thinking to speak high vibration language more of the time. When your score is high that means you are both enjoying things you desire and flowing along very nicely in your day getting the details that lead you to your desires.