The Missing (vibrational) Information of Life

The effect on our life from this missing information is enormous and something we want to change

In this illustrative audio, the intention is to help you to realize just how much of the accurate knowledge of life we are missing so you can understand 1) why you may not be feeling in charge of your life to independently change it or have it the way you want it, easily and joyously 2) that you can learn the accurate knowledge of life and take charge of your thought energy to easily change anything in your life.

This knowledge is something new and still not taught in schools but more and more people are realizing it is the accurate knowledge of life, it shows us a whole new way to understand life in a way that we can see how we really can be in charge of our life to have it as we want, not through making it happen in the traditional way of thinking but by using the power of our thought energy which leverages enormous universal resources and elements to orchestrate the delivery of what we want. Humanity is at the dawn of a new era in terms of understanding how to have our life the way we want it, beginning to understand the massive power of human thought energy to cause universal resources to joyously manifest what is wanted.