Daily practice to restore natural high vibration


  1. tuning your vibration to start your day
  2. tuning your vibration during the day
  3. specifically displacing faulty beliefs
  4. tuning your vibration to end your day

Starting your day

tune / train / prepave your frequency to match who you are, how life works and what you want (playing with the vibrational presence of your desires),

add in what’s good about current life that has already manifested, what feels good, what’s working, your favorites, positive aspects, things you appreciate and are grateful for.

realize everything is vibration, all your past, accept it as that and that all happenings are the manifestations of the path to your desires or the seeds for expanded joy of life

add one more element and that is to practice a script to sooth known resistance (so you respond when it shows up versus react, maintaining your high vibe state).

The reason to start your day intentionally, is to start the following high vibe momentum:

Arouse an all encompassing, spontaneous feeling of a perpetual state of

*worthiness and knowing that what you want is yours and on the way,

*optimism and total positive expectation, anticipation that things are

always working out for you,

*knowing you have natural gifts and talents to express,

*a feeling of overall well being and unlimited access to unlimited



A complete understanding of everything happening in your day / life from a vibrational perspective such that you simply know why it is natural to feel good (high vibe) about everything and no reason what-so-ever to be upset (low vibe) with or about anything; able to talk to any situation from a high vibe perspective

Here are specific focus points to start your day and can be done within 20 to 25 minutes (which is a small investment when you think about the pay off that a high vibe gives you). You may focus on one or include several, and each day can be a different mix



Read some statements from a True Life / True Self tuning script that will connect you with your true worthiness and reason for expecting things to work out for you, arouse that feeling of positive expectation of goodness, ease and flow. Essentially this is the view point of your Inner Being / Source’s view


Rampage about something in your life that feels good, something that has meaning and value to you and serves you constantly


Take a minute and look how far you have come, how much you’ve done and so much more on the way


Listen to a short audio / video or read a short message that inspires you to your true power to have your life as you want it to be


Touch on gratitude, appreciation, what’s working, positive aspects, favorite aspects of people or things in your life


Take a look in your vibrational reality – feel it

Acknowledge that your inner being has layed out a path of surprises and delights for you, feel the eagerness and excitement around that. You know what you want is yours, what you don’t know is how your inner being is going to have the law of attraction deliver it to you, you just know it’s going to be really satisfying, which also helps you to know there is no rush, you want to savor the path.


To build confidence and trust in your power as the creator / receiver of your life, demonstrate that your inner being is with you all the time setting up a path to your desires. To do this set an intention that has no associated resistance, something you can be enthusiastically expecting of manifesting, like someone saying something kind to you, or getting a great parking place, or someone offering you something like a free lunch or seeing a particular color car or bird. It could also be something practical as long as there is no resistance to it.


Practice any soothing scripts to address known resistance

This tuning will ensure that each day you are more and more restoring to your natural high vibration state, remaining more often and for longer periods in your natural high vibration, regardless of what is going on around you.

During the day (tuning)


practice kindness, understanding, acceptance and compassion (self and others)


Acknowledge through the day, as things are happening (manifesting), that they are the result of your vibration. Take ownership of everything. Bask in the things that are satisfying to you and being thankful for the vibrational awareness of those things that are not. Also acknowledge in any dissatisfaction, it is the seed for the preferred experience to be created vibrationally, this helps to hold a point of view of gratitude towards what is dissatisfying by seeing the satisfying side of it, and by doing this it helps you to refocus to what is now on the way. You are in the driver seat of your life, holding the steering wheel of your life, and your life goes exactly where your vibration goes, your vibration is your steering wheel.


tune your vibration before going into an experience of your day by seeing / feeling it playing out in the way desired. Always prepare your energy so it can go to work for you to orchestrate the experience.


When you combine all of this with not reacting to any resistance in your day, now you have the perfect formula to restore your natural high vibration. So if you find that you have fallen off of your high vibration during the day, be OK with it, roll with it, accept it, I am where I am, make peace with it and don’t react to the fact that you had a reaction, say “I’m working on it, it’s to be expected that the old momentum will still be grabbing me until the new momentum is dominant”, it is what it is, just a manifestation of some negative energy in my vibration that I am deactivating by a) not reacting but instead understanding it vibrationally and b) knowing that the next day after sleep, I can engage my routine and reinforce my high vibe to start the day.

If you will do these things, you are really setting yourself up to restore your natural high vibration, and that’s where life flows in very satisfying ways, as it is meant to.

What you will find is that you just start to process everything in your day from the creative process perspective, which feels good, you have a greater sense of positive expectation and worthiness, and bothered less and less by anything going on around you, your day simply flows with ease and confidence of things working out for you. You start to notice that your desires are manifesting a midst very satisfying days.