Starting Your Day with Positive Momentum

By Brian Withers


Why would you be concerned with starting your day with positive momentum

The short answer is, if you do start your day with positive energy (high vibration) momentum, you are setting up your day to go very well and if you don’t . . . well, not so good. The fact is that when you get up from sleep you are going to either get positive or negative energy momentum going because your energy momentum is the result or what you think about and how you feel when you think about it. So if you are not intentional to think about what makes you feel good (high vibration momentum), it is almost certain that you are going to think about things that don’t feel good. This is all more fully explained below, the main point you want to acknowledge right now is that energy momentum is what dictates the quality of your day, it is always negative or positive, and you have the choice on whether it will be negative or positive. If you read through this article you will understand your energy momentum and how to guide it, and again the quality of your day and of your life depends on it. There are several processes included in this article that will help you to intentionally start your day with positive energy momentum as well as ways to keep it going positive throughout your day.

Starting your day with positive momentum means that when you wake up that you choose good feeling thoughts long enough for the law of attraction to start returning to you more thoughts that are equal in vibration to the thought you choose. It takes 17 seconds of pure positive feeling thought before the law of attraction will return one that is equal. Once it returns one that is equal, it makes it easier to keep thinking positive feeling thoughts because they are kind of injected into your mind. As you keep carrying on with that positive stream of thoughts, and not introducing any thoughts that have a negative feel to them, the positive energy gains momentum. Then as you go into your day you continue to receive thoughts that equal your high vibration, you receive ideas about things you want, solutions to things going on in your life, and you find yourself in circumstances that equal that positive energy; it could be a pleasant exchange or any pleasant occurrence like good service etc., or a step that gets you to your larger desires. You will also be confronted with opportunities that inspire you to act as well as feeling the urge to act. And it is these actions that either directly or indirectly cause you to realize those things that you want for your life experience. As you hold to that stream of good feeling thoughts, and add to them from the good things that are happening in your day, the positive momentum just keeps building and causes your day to flow from one pleasant and easy experience to the next, on route to your dreams and desires.

To emphasize what happens, as positive energy momentum continues to build from the first choice to hold a good feeling thought, the first manifestation is more good feeling thoughts, then imaginations, ideas, solutions, urges, hunches, inspirations, then physical world occurrences start to manifest that equal that positive energy. This is the law of attraction in action.

What you must be mindful of is that this process works the same way when we are thinking a negative feeling thought, so we really want to be intentional with our thinking right from waking up. This is what sets us up with a day that is filled with more of what we want.

What you also must be mindful of is that there can be triggers in your day that can lure you into negative feeling thoughts if you are not paying attention to what you are thinking about and how you are feeling about it. Your attention on negative feeling thoughts can quickly change your positive momentum to negative. There will be more information later in the article about how to avoid and turn away from such triggers and keep your positive momentum going.

What is happening when you get positive momentum going is that the law of attraction starts connecting you with all of the details that get you to those things you want, those things that life has caused you to ask for; the details are the path that the source part of you setup to get you to that relationship you want, that career, travel, wellness, peace etc.

Once life causes you to ask for what you want, by your experience of what you don’t want, source instantly holds it in a vibrational format at a high vibration ready to be manifested. The manifestation occurs as you hold a conscious mind high vibration. It may show up all at once, but so many things come in pieces over time, the path. As long as you hold a high vibration you keep moving along the path. If you go to a low vibration it just means you are slowing your progress. The thing you want is there until you realize it, no matter how many life times it takes. Remember we are at source, eternal non- physical energy. Those things we ask for are there and remain there until we manifest them.

Why we do not intentionally start our day with high vibration momentum

Given the profound effect on our day by choosing to start off with positive momentum rather than negative, why would we ever choose negative or just be lazy and let negative start up or be lazy and risk negative starting up by not intentionally choosing positive? The reason lies in our very early days. From the time we were born we have be subjected to and accepted incomplete, inaccurate and invalid information about who we are, how life works and why we are even here. We typically don’t believe that we can cause our life to be what we want it to be with certainty; that is, that we have the power to manifest the life we want from our energy, in fact we don’t even think of our selves in terms of energy. We don’t really know why we came here and what life is supposed to be like for us so we do the best we can with our very limited knowledge. We think of our selves as a body with a thinking mind with a certain range of time to live and a limited amount of resources to work with to get what we want, and that if something is going to happen in our life, we need to “go out there” and make it happen. We have no idea of how powerful our thoughts are in terms of the energy they activate; causing the law of attraction to bring us equal energy thoughts and circumstances, and connecting us with the experiences we desire. We have no idea that our total self includes an eternal non-physical aspect that actually knows what we want, where it is and how we can get it easily and effortlessly via the law of attraction. We pretty much see our selves as on our own apart from others who may be supportive but of course knowing that they are not going to look after us, always be there for us and make sure we have everything we want. This whole belief system that we have accepted makes it tricky to feel confident about having the life we want because we know we really have no control over others or changing what is “out there” so it leaves us always with an underlying feeling of vulnerability and insecurity which breeds fear, worry and doubt, and causing us to wonder if we are really going to be able to get what we want. So we don’t really believe that it makes that much difference to our life and our day to take the time to start our day with intentionally positive feeling thoughts. With that belief we just don’t feel very compelled to be intentional with our thoughts, we tend more to let them go where they go, what ever pops into our head or gets our interest or attention.

To really hit this point home because it is so fundamental to why we don’t take charge or our life and disable ourselves from changing our life, let me repeat, these faulty beliefs that we have taken on about life and our self make it a challenge for us to believe that mind exercises are going to do anything constructive in terms of making our day flow easy. There is just no real accepted association between how we use our mind and what happens in our life, so we tend not to want to make any kind of commitment or effort to guiding our thoughts and intentionally focusing them.

To further identify why we don’t start the day intentionally with positive momentum, without the knowing that we have complete control over what our life experiences are, and in fact that we are the creator of our reality through the moment by moment conscious mind vibration we are offering, it makes it a challenge to be certain of attracting what we want. And that lack of certainty makes it a challenge to not allow negative feeling thoughts to creep in. This is what makes it a challenge to get the positive energy momentum going, a overlying feeling of uncertainty. The lack of knowing about what the creative process is and how it works and how we can work it causes us to have no confidence that focusing our mind will make any difference and therefore we don’t see the value in taking the time to be intentional with our thoughts.

So what happens quite often when we wake up is that our mind picks up on the things that have been active (in our mind) that have not gone well, are not going well or thought to not go well. Or we watch the news, read something, watch something or listen to something that rekindles some negative feeling thoughts or topic. We might hook onto something that feels good, but then read an e-mail, get a phone call or observe something that hooks us back up with the negative feeling thoughts and away we go.

We are very vulnerable to picking up or resuming negative feeling thoughts because we typically have negative momentum going on in some aspects of our life that can easily get activated. Why? Because it only take 17 seconds of focus to activate a negative topic, and if we had left that topic in a place of negative momentum, it takes off and gets bigger very quickly as the law of attraction connects us with all of those low vibe thoughts. In fact once that negative momentum gets going its like thoughts are thinking us, being injected into our mind, but it is just the law of attraction returning to us a thought that is equal to the one we were holding. This letting our self get focused on negative feeling thoughts is more proof that we just don’t associate the relationship between how we are feeling (about what we are thinking about) and what happens in our life, this is why we so easily tend to go along with a negative feeling thought. We simply are unaware or not willing to accept the damage it is setting us up for. In fact, at times we actually feel quite justified in our negativity as though it is going to get us what we want or pay somebody back or get even with another. But we can’t get others, we can only get ourselves. Our energy causes what is attracted to us, our energy does not cause any attractions in anothers life.

So, because of this lack of understanding of our energy nature and how our energy works in conjunction with the law of attraction and our larger self, we do not put much emphasis on finding and using tools and strategies to start positive momentum and shift away from negative feeling thoughts to start our day or during the day.

When we wonder if we can have what we want, never being completely sure, and when we don’t think the unpleasant happenings of life have anything to do with us, that they are just random or chance or that someone or something is doing something to us of their own accord, then negative feeling thoughts can be expected. It is very natural for fear, worry, doubt, vulnerability, and insecurity to come easy when we believe that our lot in life is subject to the conditions and circumstances that are around us or dependent on others or other factors outside of our self that we have no control over. Essentially without the truth about our self, that we are the creator of our reality through our vibration, there is really nothing to discourage us from going to negative feeling thoughts that come from feeling powerless to some degree. This is why it is a challenge to start the day with positive momentum and why its easy to get negative momentum going any time during the day.

How to intentionally start your day with positive momentum

Now that you know why you would want to start your day with positive energy momentum, and the reasons you have not been, you have a very large reason to want to acquire strategies for starting your day with intentional good feeling thoughts. To this end, there are a number of processes below that will help you to intentionally start your day with positive high vibration energy momentum. The thing to remember about these processes is not to just read them once, but to read them and apply them repeatedly (daily) to train your mind to automatically go to positive feeling thoughts. You want to practice them, this is what trains your mind and makes them a habit. You currently have habits of thought based on your inaccurate beliefs and you got them by accepting invalid information that was given to you and repeating it. So to create the new accurate beliefs, it is the same process, identify with the information, accept it and repeat it. This is how you train your mind to the thinking you want it to be engaged in. The thing is once you keep yourself in a high vibration you will receive the physical evidence (manifestations) of it and you will have the proof that your thoughts do indeed turn to things, both negative and positive.

The reason you want to start your day with intentional good feeling thoughts and therefore momentum is because after awakening is the time when there is least resistance. At this time you have a small window when it is easier to think those good feeling thoughts.

Your willingness and discipline to practice focusing on thoughts that feel better will grow stronger as you realize that over time, as you consistently practice focusing on good feeling thoughts, your momentum will change to be more consistently positive. This causes your life experiences, and your daily life in general to be more of what you want, and as your days start to be more pleasant, pleasing, easy, fun and fulfilling, you will see the benefit of training your mind to a positive feeling thought habit.

So give yourself the best shot to ride the high vibration wave throughout your day by starting the positive momentum as soon as you awaken. Keep the odds up of having a great day; attracting what is equal to that high vibration and having more resiliency when the unwanted does show up.

When you are in a high vibration, when you have positive energy momentum going, you are in the receptive mode. This means you are at a vibration level that enables you to receive what is also at the high vibration level; the things, experiences and interactions you want. So what could be better than starting your day out in the receptive mode, in that vibrational place that allows you to receive all that you desire.

Processes for starting positive energy momentum

Identifying with the truth about you and life

If you do not have a firm grasp on who you really are as an energy being, the law of attraction, your total self, the creative process and the fact that you are the creator of your reality then the first thing you want to do when you wake up is review this information. It is what is needed for you to

  1. feel the confidence that you are indeed in the driver seat of your life; that you can be do and have what you want
  2. commit to learning how to train your mind to think positive feeling thoughts and practice it
  3. consistently start your day with positive energy momentum
  4. manifest the life you want.

You can get this information in the article called The Truth About Who You Really Are on this website.

The truth about who you really are gives you that sense of satisfaction that everything is OK. It let’s you know that the unfolding of what you want is in progress at all times and that it is not just what you want that is satisfying, it is also the experiences all along the trail that are deeply satisfying. This causes you to feel that sense of satisfaction not only for what is coming but also for what is and enjoy the journey, not be in a rush for what you want to come quickly. When you live like this, you realize that there is so much along the journey that feels good and this makes you want to savor it and take your time. You realize that source has layed out the path in a way that is comfortable and pleasant, things are happening at the right time for your maximum pleasure and enjoyment. You know that once you get to that thing you want, you will want more as the journey of expansion never stops. You start to realize that your desires give you a reason for the journey rather than the journey being a necessity and a labour for you to reach your desires.

The truth about yourself will also give you great relief that no one or no situation is doing anything to you or trying to take anything from you or put you down or make your life miserable, their presence is merely an indication of your vibration and for the purpose of helping you to be clearer about what you want. Those seemingly unpleasant situations are the ones that help you to expand by causing you to ask for an improved life experience. Once you do ask you merely need to fixate on the vibration of it and once again you are on your way to realizing what you asked for. It’s all good, every bit of it.

Training yourself to think high vibration (good feeling) thoughts is like training for anything. The repetition will cause you to automatically think high vibration thoughts. When you repeatedly identify with the truth about yourself and life then it becomes a habit to think about yourself and life in this way. That habit then makes it easier to think high vibration thoughts about all aspects of your life because you know, absolutely know that you have the power to cause your desires to manifest independent of others and conditions. You will know that your world comes out of your vibration period.

Wake up routine

Wake up in peace and calm and take your time getting ready for the day (having gone to sleep in peace with fun, happy thoughts. Thoughts of ease, relief and soothing).

Allow extra time for a nice wake up experience. If there is something you enjoy to eat, or a place to sit or a person to talk with, or something you enjoy listening to, or something you take great pleasure in thinking about, or you just enjoy the peace and quiet, engage this thing.

Be thankful for what is generally working and available

Be thankful for your body and all of its workings, it does things you don’t even have to think about. You lye in the bed, breathing all night long and didn’t have to think about it.

Even if you don’t feel physically well, you know that discomfort simply means you have engaged in negative energy which prevents your cells from receiving what they asked for, for their balance and wellness. This means it is just a temporary condition until you release the negativity and allow the cells to receive what they are asking for. What ever the condition, it is temporary. Isn’t it good to know your body alerts you to let you know you are interfering with its wellness (by choosing negative feeling thought energy). Isn’t it good to know that the cells of your body know what to do and how to be well and you don’t have to think about it.

Generally appreciate the

roof over your head

structure that provides electricity


standard of living you have access to

vehicles, how good they work

really good transportation available

organization of government that puts roads in place

the sun came up this morning and you didn’t do a thing, pay a cent

the food, so much good food available

the furniture that makes life comfortable and convenient

the tools that allow us to repair and maintain our things

so much good clothing available

so much information available

great music available

think of other things that you can be generally appreciative of

Stay for 68 seconds in this appreciation so the law of attraction returns to you more of those high vibration thoughts and builds more positive momentum

The general positive momentum that comes from acknowledging your natural well being and what you have to be generally grateful for really causes your to connect with high vibration circumstances in your day because the feeling (frequency) of gratitude, satisfaction and well being are high vibrations and they will attract more to be grateful for into your day.

These acknowledgements also help you to observe things in your day without reacting as you realize there is no big deal, what ever is going on is just the result of a vibration you have active and you can change it. For this reason you will be far less reactionary and will therefore engage in far less negative energy. This positive momentum brought about with appreciation will help you to be far more prepared with a high vibration response to anything in your day as the law of attraction will give you access to positive perspectives about the topics at hand, for example, you will quickly realize that any unwanted situation is simply an indication of where your vibration is and is helping you to identify what you prefer. This is much more positive then taking things personally or becoming defensive which are both low vibrations that attract more of what you don’t want. This awareness enables you to remain free of resistance (negative feeling thoughts) which allows your vibration to rise.

More specific thought exercises to practice and build positive momentum

These can be found in the document, Training Your Vibration. Review this document and engage 1 or more of the exercises each morning for at least 15 minutes. This will train your thinking to a high vibration, starting positive momentum and preparing you for a high vibration day.

The remainder of this document provides information and gives ideas on how to maintain your high vibration momentum throughout the day.

Daily Awareness to maintain a high vibration

Going into your day

Now that you have pure positive energy momentum going, you will experience things on that vibrational level. That being said, until you displace all low vibration thinking, negative beliefs and therefore negative momentum on all topics and subjects, you will continue to have circumstances that represent them show up in your day. You want to be aware to not let them get your attention in a negative way because they will bring down your vibration and shift your positive momentum to negative. To side step being triggered into negative momentum, thus maintaining your positive momentum, there are two documents you can view on this website. They are Your Emotional Guidance System, and Maintaining a High Vibration (when things around you are not). These documents give you the means to maintain your high vibration by turning away from those things that can get your attention in a negative way.

To summarize the negative to positive shift processes

Always be aware of how you are feeling, I am feeling . . .

If starting to feel negative realize, this is a temporary condition, one that I attracted based on my vibe

This condition is an indicator, it is telling me

I am still giving attention to what I don’t like

that I am activating a low vibration

This condition is reminding me of what I do want and reminding me to focus on it

That’s it, that is all it means, no one or no thing is doing anything to me

Any person or the details present in this temporary situation simply are a match to my vibration

The law of attraction brought us together not the conscious decisions of either of us

We decided to be together by the vibration we activated

My choice not to react in the same old way with the same old thoughts allows me to shift my vibe

Choosing to refocus on a new high vibration response will stop this temporary condition from repeat

My job is to hold my focus on the frequency of what I want or something that matches that frequency

To avoid pulling down your vibration during the day consider the following;

Cut out watching news items and observing things and talking about things that do not feel good. It creates negative momentum. But you don’t have to hide or be afraid that you will see or experience things you don’t like. They are there to help you know what you do want. You need those experiences to know what you prefer (which sets them up as a vibrational reality for you to connect with). You are learning about your preferences and it takes new experiences to know what those preferences are. So there is no need to get upset about things that are not going your way, they are actually helping you, by reminding you to refocus. Once you identify your preference, then you can turn your attention to it or anything that puts you on the vibration of it and that will cause you to realize it. Don’t push up against anything, it will keep you re-attracting that experience, just be thankful for what it caused you to reach for, then shift.

Remember that everything that happens is just a condition of a vibration you offered. There is never any need for disappointment or upset, it’s just an opportunity for clarity about what you want, and a reminder to line up your energy with what you want, that is, match the vibration of it.

Disengage from those things or people that you are repeatedly reacting too as much as possible and at the same time work on a new perspective that allows you to see the value in them helping you to be clearer about what you want. If it is a person 1) see them as reflecting back a vibration active in you and 2) see beyond their words and behaviors to the larger part of them and that they are learning and becoming as we all are. As you change your perspective, your experience will change. As you increase the level of your vibration, all things and people in your experience will match. It may things change but you can be sure the experience will be filled with elements that match your vibration.

You just can’t isolate yourself from contrast (those things you don’t like and may be reacting to) because you were born into contrast for the purpose of making choices. In that way the contrast is your friend, it is helping you to know what you want and therefore expand to it. It is not trying to get you or do anything to you, just helping you to expand through the contrasting experience. Enjoy contrast because it helps you to identify what you prefer. Don’t see it as a threat to your happiness, contrast does not threaten you, it is what feeds your desires and expansion, it reveals your dreams and desires.

Other things that may be helpful to reduce resistance

Turn off the TV for 30 days or be mindful of what you are watching and how it makes you feel

Withdraw from as much of reality as possible for 30 days, things that do not feel good.

Think in terms of all possibilities, knowing that you can be, do or have what you want, let your imagination soar. Tell your story, talk about the life you want for yourself, the one that excites you, brings you to life.

When you carry positive momentum into your day, inspiration, urges and intuition will occur, follow through with it if you can in the moment that you feel it, make the phone call, move in the direction of it, feel the pull of it. It’s like source taking you by the hand and saying, you’ve been mentioning this for quite a while and I want to show you where it is.

Document the things you’ve wanted for a while that are now vivid enough that you are seeing them in your minds eye, you are receiving ideas and imaginations. Document any physical evidence you are seeing in the environment around you, the things that are happening that feel good. Even more than seeing it is feeling the vividness of it.

The more you get accustomed to act on inspiration, those things that come easy and are fun and easy to engage, the less you will engage in forced action which always introduces resistance. Of course, trusting the creative process is really what enables you to let the law of attraction bring it to you rather than you feeling the need to go out to get it.

Take moments in your day to connect with and focus on your desires (your vibrational reality). Acknowledge that everything you want and all of the exciting, joyous steps to it is unfolding. Continuously focus on the positive aspects of everything in your day, what is working, what feels good. This is what will enable your desires to unfold as you will be holding a vibration that matches them.

Recap your day in terms of the items below. This will bring awareness to what you are activating for a vibration and if that activation is getting you what you want or what you don’t want. If there are any experiences that indicate you offered a low vibration (something you didn’t want or was not pleasant, easy, fun or enjoyable in some way) that simply means that you need to spend more time training your thoughts to ones that feel good as well as positive feeling responses to everything (giving less focus to the things you don’t like).

These items below will help you achieve peace and satisfaction and therefore prepare you for a good nights sleep and waking up with a high vibration. They are preparing you by helping you tune to what felt good / feels good and also feeling good about what any contrast caused you to ask for or reminded you what you ask for. And reminding you to continue to work on shifting your vibration to what you asked for; that is, respond with a good feeling thought to that thing you didn’t like rather than reacting negatively in the same old way which is just staying in that low vibe and attracting more of that thing you don’t like.

Since everything in your day was there because you attracted it with the vibration you had active; that is, it is equal to the vibration you activated,

  1. What did you attract that you liked? Take credit it for it, you caused it, do more of it.

a) Make a list of the good feeling things that happened in your day or the day of others, or good feeling stories you heard; good feeling things you noticed. Take credit for their attraction, they couldn’t be there unless you had a vibration that matched them. Notice what was fun and what was easy.

b)What good feeling ideas came to you, or information, imagination, a solution, an urge, hunch or inspiration.

  1. What did you attract that you didn’t like? (what did you draw to yourself in terms of circumstances and what behaviour and attitude did you draw out of others)

Did you let that thing you didn’t like tune your frequency, in other words, did you react to it with a negative feeling choice or did you tune your frequency to the vibration that is equal to what it caused you to ask for; that is, did you find a response that felt good; a good feeling perspective. If you let it tune you to a low vibration (reacted) that means you are not taking responsibility for the attraction of it and you are not taking advantage of the benefit it is offering you. Instead you are using it to attract more of what you don’t like, thus giving your power to it. If you seen it as something reminding you of what you want and shifting your focus and perspective to good feeling thoughts that equal the vibration of what you want, then you are using your power to change what you are attracting to what you want.