The Truth About You

By Brian Withers

Here is what you want to affirm and acknowledge as the truth about your self each morning until it becomes what you know, a belief, what you base your self image and worth on and your ability to independently manifest the life you desire.

In order to go into your day feeling empowered, meaning that you are operating with the knowing and certainty that your day and your life can be as you want it to be in all aspects from relationships, to career, to finances, to wellness, etc., you must connect with the essence of who you really are. In order to have the confidence and commitment to change or experience anything in your life regardless of what is going on now, you must connect with the essence of who you are. So here it is, the missing information, the truth about who you are that you never got in school and probably, unless you went looking, never got it anywhere. This is what you knew coming into this physical body and it is what the larger part of you always knows right this very second.

Without accepting this it will be virtually impossible for you to take charge of your life and live the fulfilling life you desire, with accepting this nothing can stop you from taking charge of your life and realizing all of your desires.

  • First and foremost, more than skin and bones, I am non-physical eternal pure positive energy
  • I know that my physical self is a manifested extension of my eternal non-physical self, Source Energy
  • I, as Source Energy,  manifested this physical self for a fun, joyful, expanding, expressive, prosperous and fulfilling experiences in all ways
  • I know I came here for the variety of experiences, and that the variety would help me to know what I prefer from what I don’t like.
  • I know it it is OK to have something happen that I don’t like because it helps me to be clear about what I prefer and I know I can attract it as follows
    • when I identify what I want the non-physical part of me makes it vibrationally available immediately including the path to it, it is cued up for me to receive
    • I then only have to match the vibration of it in my conscious mind (dominantly) which causes it to manifest in my life. I have the power to focus on high vibration (good feeling) thoughts throughout the day. They could be thoughts about what I prefer or any thoughts that feel good such as things I have to appreciate and be grateful for.   I can focus on what’s working and anything think / do the things that feel good to me, I can reconnect with why life is setup to work out for me, knowing even when it looks like it’s not, that is the seed for my new desire to be created.   I just got to match the frequency that matches what I want and I can use any thoughts / actions that feel good to be there
  • I know this variety of experiences is the natural order of the universe, it is what supports expansion of more of everything, improved conditions, more of what I want, and it supports the evolution of a more fulfilling life for all.
  • I am naturally intelligent, creative, loving, healthy, abundant, worthy and deserving
  • I have natural gifts and talents and passions to express them
  • I know that if my life experience is not one of abundance, ease, peace, joy and fulfillment it is only because I continue to focus on the experience that I don’t like, rather than focusing on the experience that it caused me to ask for, the one I do like.
  • I know that what I prefer is a high vibration energy frequency because when I think about what I prefer it feels like fun, joy, ease, excitement etc. and they are all high vibrations
  • My focused thought activates a vibration of energy (a frequency) within me and I know the frequency by the emotion I feel
  • I know I am activating a vibration in every moment
  • The law of attraction uses the vibration I choose, to connect me with equal vibrations
  • A high vibration (good feeling thoughts) connects me with all of the details (circumstances) setup by the non-physical part of me to realize my desire
  • The path that brings my desires to me is one of joy, ease and effortlessness (high vibe), this is where all the surprises and delights of life are, the desire is guaranteed, so enjoying the journey is what we are after
  • My actions are inspired, it is easy to know when to act
  • My actions are about taking delivery for what I prefer, life is easy, life is supposed to be easy
  • I only have to focus on what feels good and taking delivery, the how, who, when and where is all figured out by the larger part of me
  • I am the creator of my reality by virtue of my automatic desires from my life experiences, which the larger part of me creates instantly (vibrationally).
  • I am the receiver of my reality by virtue of my ability to choose high vibration thoughts, the law of attraction and my inspired action
  • I am naturally an expanding being, always wanting to be more, do more and have more, this is the natural way of life
  • I know this physical body extension I call me,  would only be for a limited amount of time, then I would release the body and be in my singular form as Source energy.
  • I know as non-physical energy I can extend out into physical life eternally
  • Life is supposed to be good for me, things are supposed to work out for me
  • I can’t be wrong,  I am always simply becoming aware of what I prefer and allowing it to manifest in my life.    What people call being wrong is a misunderstanding, that situation is natural and needed for the creation of new desires, we are all perfect as we are.
  • I can’t get everything done because life is an eternal journey of expansion, so again I savor the journey to the realization of the next desire
  • My emotions are to guide my thoughts to a high vibration (good feeling thoughts),  in this way, emotions are my vibration guidance system
  • Negative emotions tell me my thought is invalid, inaccurate, limiting or faulty in some way and vibrationally out of alignment with who I am, why I came here, how life is setup to work out for me, the view of my inner being,  and what I want
  • Positive emotions tell me my thought is valid, accurate, and vibrationally in alignment with who I am, why I came here, how life is setup to be lived, the view of my inner being and what I want, and it is on the way