Maintaining a High Vibration


By Brian Withers


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Appendix A – general statements about the truth of you

Appendix B – general statements about the truth of life






Since a high vibration is what allows you to connect with all of your dreams and desires, it is what you always want to reach for.


By deliberately reaching for a high vibration, and making it your highest priority to use every tool and method you can get your hands on to maintain that high vibration (making it your dominant vibration), you become a deliberate creator of your own reality.   It will allow your life to unfold easily and effortlessly with all that you desire.   You will experience the fulfilling and successful life that you came here for.   You will appreciate and bask in the enjoyment of the journey to each desire.


Unlike traditional living where we learn that if we want something we must use our conscious thinking mind and physical body to figure things out and go out into the world to get it, vibrational living is the exact opposite.   When we live vibrationally, we stay where we are and set our vibration to a level that will cause what we want to come to us (through nature’s law that says like energies attract – the law of attraction).   As those things come within our vicinity, we get impulses, urges and insights to act on them.   Our action is purely joy driven rather than fear driven or force driven.   Life has a very different feel to it when we work in concert with the power of the universe rather than when we work from a perspective of our brain and muscle power as the way to “get things done”.   The former is more easy and effortless, more fun and enjoyable, more sure and certain.   The latter is more effort, struggle, stress and strain, more worry, doubt, and fear, more vulnerability and insecurity.    If you want to live the former, the way to do so is to maintain a high vibration.


What you must embrace is that we came here to expand, express and enjoy, so when things happen that we don’t like that is simply part of the expansion, it causes us to ask for what we want.   For most, there probably is unawareness that this is happening because sometimes it seems we are so consumed by the unwanted circumstances that we don’t realize it is helping us to clarify what we want.    Further those requests do not fall into empty space.   They are held within us in a virtual desires holding tank.   Once the desire is submitted the universe assembles all of the elements necessary to bring it to your realization.   Then there is just one more thing for you to do to realize it, you must sustain the vibration of the level of that desire, and the vibration level of a desire is always high.   Think about it, the only reason we want something is because we believe we will feel good when we have it – feeling good is a high vibration.   So we need to match the vibration of our desire throughout our daily life in order for it to connect with us.   The challenge is this – when we look around us and observe what is, and it’s not what we want, we tend to allow that to be the source of how we feel.   Those feelings tend not to be high vibration because in the physical absence of what we want we feel things like loneliness, lack, not enoughness.   Further in the lacking of information about our vibrational truth and the laws of nature that orchestrate everything, we tend to take on fear, worry, doubt, vulnerability and insecurity because we don’t have any real trust that we can have our dreams and desires.   So you see it’s quite an easy formula, but our teachings tend to put us in a low vibration much of the time and since it does not match the vibration level of our desires, we don’t connect with them.   Now you can see why maintaining a high vibration is the key to your lives enjoyment and satisfaction.


Below is how to maintain a high vibration intentionally no matter what is going on in the moment or in your life, and therefore, living the live of expansion, expression and enjoyment that you came her for.




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Section 1 – Our Guidance System to a High Vibration



Section 2 – How to use our Guidance System



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SECTION 1 – Our Guidance System to a High Vibration


Awareness (of the specific emotional state you are in)


The first step in reaching for and holding a high vibration is to raise your awareness to always know when you are in some degree of a negative feeling place (lower vibration).   The reason this is so important is that your emotions are your guidance system, they help you to know if your thoughts are allowing your desires (what you want) to come into your life experience or not.   A negative emotion (low vibration) lets you know that you are thinking thoughts, from a perspective, that are not at the same vibrational level of what you want (high vibration) and therefore you cannot connect with it because only like vibrations are attracted to each other.   Further, if you keep thinking the thoughts that produced that negative emotion, you are going to start to attract (manifest) things you don’t want or like in one or more areas of your life.  In other words, you will start to attract and connect with circumstances that are of the equal frequency of the vibration you are choosing (your negative feelings).  A positive emotion (high vibration) lets you know that your thoughts are at the same vibrational level of what you want and therefore you are allowing what you want (or the steps to it) to show up in your physical experience; easily and effortlessly.  If you are not paying attention (aware) to what emotion you are feeling, or if you are ignoring your feelings, then you are not using your guidance system to help you choose better feeling thoughts, and therefore not allowing what you want to come into your life.  Instead, you are allowing what is going on in the outside to be the reason for the thoughts you choose, and when things are not the way you want, it means that you simply keep repeating the negative feeling thoughts (vibration) that give you more of what you don’t want.


If you are not using your emotional guidance system to help you get to the vibration that allows what you want into your life, then you are forced to use your conscious thinking mind and action to get what you want.   To illustrate, what is easier, going to a restaurant and going into the kitchen to make the meal you want, or ordering it and letting the restaurant staff do all of the work to bring it to you, in which case you simply have to eat it.   Forcing by its very nature suggests insecurity, vulnerability and uncertainty and this produces negative feeling thoughts from the stress and struggle.   Further, when negative feeling thoughts persist, it causes health ailments of all sorts due to a diminished connection between the energy body and physical body.   It’s like the connection get’s pinched off.  If a person does experience a desire through force, the negative energy will make it a challenge to hold on to it.   So the price to pay for not using your emotion guidance system is very high.


You must understand that a negative emotion is a good thing when used according to natures laws; it is part of your emotional guidance system.  It tells you that the thoughts you are thinking (no matter the reason) are either in alignment or out of alignment with what you want.   Your goal, in fact the only real important thing in your life is to be in vibrational alignment with what you want, once you are the law of attraction will bring all that is necessary for you to realize it.   You don’t have to think about what you want, you just have to be on the vibrational frequency of it and there are many topics / subjects that can produce this vibrational frequency.  When you are in alignment, everything else will take care of itself and all you have to do is act on what shows up, act on what you feel inspired to act on.


You could also look at alignment as your conscious mind thinking about a topic or subject being the same as the way your source self thinks about it.  Your source self holds a high vibration perspective about everything.  Your source self is all about good and sees only good.   It is only about joy, love, compassion, understanding, abundance, creativity, certainty, empowerment and more (for all), and it knows that is the life you came here for, the life you can live, the life that you have the power to live, and it guides you to this life through emotions.   Your source self simply does not have to contend with the faulty beliefs that you have gathered and it is those faulty beliefs that are at the root of any negative perspective.   In fact a negative feeling is an indicator of a faulty belief.   Beliefs simply are thoughts that are repeated and therefore have become habitual.   The thought would have originated in the first place from the repeated exposure to something that you accepted as true when in fact it is not.   For example if you feel in anyway inferior or not enough of something, that is completely false.   We are all unique, all have gifts and talents, and all are endowed with the same power to co create our life as we desire.


By knowing that your thoughts are out of alignment you can shift them and put them back into alignment.  If your thoughts on any matter or topic produce a vibration (feeling) that is less than the vibration (feeling) of the thing you want and / or the way your source self sees it, you will receive a negative emotion as your signal or indicator that your thoughts are out of alignment.   Your job then is simply to reach for better feeling thoughts until you are once again in a high vibration and therefore in alignment.   You may not be aware of what the thoughts are but you will always be aware of the feeling and the job then is to shift you thoughts to a better feeling place.


Nature gave us a great guidance system (emotions) to ensure that our thoughts are always supporting the manifestation of our desires, that our thoughts are always supporting us to attract and allow a fulfilling life in every way, and that our perspective is always in vibrational alignment with what we want.    In other words, if we choose thoughts that reflect scarcity, vulnerability, insecurity, lack, undeserving, not enough, not good enough, powerless, not belonging, incapable, rejection, unable, chance, disorder, chaos, struggle, overwhelm, hopeless, helpless etc. then we will have a corresponding negative emotion that does not feel good (negative).   This emotion lets us know that our thoughts are out of alignment with what we want, the perspective of our source self and essentially the truth of our being, and therefore, we need to shift our thinking to get back into alignment.  This means to shift our perspective to get to good feeling thoughts (high vibration). When we switch to thoughts of abundance, trust, certainty, security, deserving, worthy, enough, ease, joy and fun etc about anything then we have a corresponding positive emotion that does feel good.  When this happens we know that we are in alignment and on the track to manifest our desires.   Positive emotions tells us that we are at the vibrational level of what we desire, they tell us that our conscious mind thinking is in agreement with our source self.   As we achieve, and dominantly stay in thoughts that are in alignment, we are allowing what we want to come into our physical world experience and we will be inspired to act on it.


It does not matter what is going on now in your physical world, you can choose a perspective or a subject that produces positive emotions.   And know this, when you pick a topic or perspective that feels good, it will help every other topic in your life to feel good, not right away, but the good vibration will spread like the rings of water when you drop a pebble in.   As you continue to hold the high vibration it will cause all areas in your life to change to be more of what you want.   This works both ways so you always want to find a reason to feel good.    For example, you may think that a bad day at the office won’t affect your friendships or the service you get in a restaurant or the relationship with your spouse, or your health, but a low vibration in one area of your life can and will touch other parts of your life.   Once you get positive or negative momentum going, it spreads.   Again choose good feeling thoughts.


You can liken your emotions to the pain receptors in your body, they alert you to pull away from what is harmful.   Without them we would perish quickly.  Same thing with emotions, without them we could easily and freely entertain thoughts that would attract to us very unpleasant circumstances.  However, because we have negative emotions we get an opportunity to shift our thinking before anything unpleasant is attracted into our life.   Of course if we do not heed the negative emotion, it is just like ignoring the engine light on our car, things are going to get worse.   Therefore, negative emotions are a very important aspect of our being to help us keep our thoughts (perspectives) in a vibration that supports our life success, enjoyment and fulfillment.


The damage done by hanging on to negative feeling thoughts has such a negative impact on your life that I will repeat what was said previously in this section.   It is vital to the quality of your life to know that if you do not heed negative emotions, but stay on negative feeling thoughts, they will start to manifest more negative feeling thoughts, ideas and physical manifestations as the momentum picks up.   You will pay the price for holding on to negative feelings, either in your health or in your circumstances or both.  Further the more the momentum the more it takes to turn it around so you always want to turn it around as quick as possible.   Staying on a positive feeling thought is what will create the momentum that will attract to you want you want, and that is what you are after.


So always be aware in every moment what emotion(s) you are feeling.  If you are feeling positive then continue to do what you are doing as long as you can to get the most out of it, then go on to the next feeling good thought. However if you are aware that a negative feeling is coming on and you can’t seem to turn it back around to positive, continue with this document to learn how to return to a positive state.




SECTION 2 – How to use your Emotional Guidance System


STEP 1 – Identify

Take notice that you are feeling negative to some degree.  What is the negative emotion you are feeling?   Then identify the thoughts, and the perspective of those thoughts,  that you are thinking (if there are discernable thoughts in your mind).



STEP 2 – Acknowledge

Acknowledge the degree of negativity you are feeling by looking at where you are on the emotional scale.  Where ever you are on the scale it is OK and in fact it will help you to know where you stand relative to a high vibration and that is very important.   By knowing where you stand it will help you to know how much soothing you need to give to yourself to get back to a high vibration.   For example, falling down to anger takes more soothing to get back to a high vibration then if you fell down to frustration.   It is important to know this because the further you fall the more patience you need to have with yourself to allow yourself the time to get positive momentum going.   Also the more specifically negative you are the more you will have to soften that with general negativity and then move into general positivity.   For example, boredom is a much more generally negative place than depression which is very specifically low.     Hopefulness is just a short hop from boredom and more generally positive.   So by knowing where you are on the scale you know what you need to reach for and you can be kind to yourself as you reach up knowing that you are going in the right direction.   Even if you slip and go backwards, you know where you are and you know what you need to reach for.


Feeling a negative emotion is very natural and a healthy part of your being, it is part of your guidance system.   It is working perfectly fine and letting you know, by the emotion that you feel, how far off your thinking is from a high vibration, that is, how far out of (high) vibrational alignment you are.    The lower the vibration, based on the emotional scale, the greater the gap between your conscious thinking mind and the way that your source self thinks about it.   You could also say the greater the gap between where your thinking is and where it needs to be to get to the vibration of what you want.   What you want is always at a high vibration.   To say it another way, by sustaining a high vibration, it allows you to be a vibrational match to what you want and this causes it to show up in your life.    You are always reaching to close the gap between the vibration of what you want and the vibration (feeling) that you are choosing to be in.   Just know that you can’t go from low on the scale to high, you can’t jump too far at once.   That is, you can’t go from depression to joy in one step; you need to move up one step at a time.


In order to use your emotional guidance system effectively you must embrace this.  It is not helpful, and you don’t need to think . . . it’s wrong for you to have that thought or feel that negative emotion.  For example, you don’t need to think, it’s wrong for me to feel this anger, or to think that this angry thought will negatively create in an instant, or it’s some ones fault that you have this angry thought or you’re not happy with this angry thought or you don’t usually have angry thoughts or you don’t like to have angry thoughts.  That is just beating yourself up and not acknowledging that your emotional guidance system is working perfectly to help you return to your natural vibration, that is, back to a good feeling place.   It does not matter where on the emotional scale you are, where ever it is, it is OK, you just need to take charge of your focus to get to a place on the scale that is a little higher, and then a little higher until you are back to a high vibration.   Just be thankful for the emotion alerting you to shift your thoughts.  This is nature’s way to support you and keep you moving to, and realizing your dreams and desires.




STEP 3 – Settle down (induce a more neutral feeling place)

Once you have been rocked or consumed with a negative feeling, it’s as though it has you pinned down, but you can get from underneath it by just a very small shift in your focus.    Repeat It’s OK, or count to 100 and in either case breath slowly and deeply until you are feeling soothed, calming down and therefore feeling the negativity releasing.  Essentially you are pausing the negative momentum which is simply resistance to the natural flow of energy.   By filling your mind with something that you can focus on, it interferes with the resistance, reduces the negative momentum and the natural stream of positivity starts to flow.   Happiness, joy, love, peace and abundance are the natural flow and are always flowing.  The speed with which they flow depends on the resistance that we are engaged in.   If we can find a way to reduce the resistance then they will flow more freely and gain their natural momentum.   It takes persistence, determination and focus on a better feeling word or thought; just a very general thought.   This word or thought may be completely meaningless, unhelpful or without feeling to start with but if you keep it up, it will start to take root.   You can use any trigger that works for you to focus your mind towards better feeling thoughts, or less negative feeling thoughts; giving less attention to what is negative.   By doing this you will find that you stop thinking about it, stop talking about it, stop trying to figure it out, stop trying to understand it, and stop trying to justify or rationalize the topic or subject that has the negative feel to it.   And when this happens the natural flow of high vibration picks up momentum.



This simple little process will enable you more clarity in your thinking, you will be empowered to choose better feeling thoughts, which will attract better feeling thoughts etc.   You can also repeat a word like happy, fun, easy, ease, relax, soft, gentle, cozy, trust, comfortable, unfolding, I am happy, peaceful or the like until better feeling thoughts come and therefore the negative momentum slows down.   In fact you can run through the alphabet and find soothing words for each letter (as suggested by the teachings of Abraham).   You will feel if the word sooths or not.   By the time you are finished you would have spend a couple of minutes and that is enough time to allow positive momentum to start.   The more you fill your mind with something good or neutral the less space for negativity.  Know that the negativity has momentum and it needs to be soothed into the other direction.   You can’t switch from disgust to joy in one instant, but you can get back to joy one step at a time.  You do this by taking your attention off of the topic or subject that does not feel good and intentionally focus on something that feels better.   It is unlikely that you will find a positive perspective on this topic until you raise your vibration, once you do, ideas and solutions will come; new perspectives.   To investigate the matter while you are in a low vibration would be like leaving your hand in a fire while you figured out why fire burns your hand.   The longer you leave it there, the more damage, same with staying on thoughts that generate a negative emotion.




STEP 4 – Shift (to a more generally better feeling place)


In this settled down state you can now start to work your way back to a high vibration by keeping your focus on better feeling thoughts, this will keep the positive momentum building.   To attempt to get to a positive perspective on the topic or subject that you just went negative about is almost certainly going to pull you back down.   At this point, since there is still negative momentum active you must be very intentional, gentle and kind with your thoughts and words to keep building the positive momentum.    As you hold a positive feeling thought for 17 seconds, it will attract another and so on until the positive momentum becomes more dominant than the negative and eventually the negative momentum will stop all together due to lack of attention.   Being more general about the topic or going to a completely different subject all together are two good ways to allow positive momentum to build.   They allow you to keep your focus on thoughts that you can find ease with, that you can be OK with, that feel better, and that is exactly what you need at this point.   This is how you sooth yourself.


  1. a) One way to get very general is simply by running through a series of statements that help you to re-identify with the truth about who you are. This will strengthen your roots in the security and power you naturally have, re-anchor you, and really remind you that you are truly in charge of your life – completely. This can also be called getting back into alignment with your source self which means to get your conscious thinking mind to think thoughts that are in alignment with what your source self knows.   See Appendix A.


  1. b) a second way to be very general is to make general statements about yourself and life, statements that are positive and easy to accept as truth, a small reach but something that gives you a little sense of peace, a little feel good.  And for each person and from day do day, depending on what is going on, what you are feeling, different words will be soothing.   I recommend you setup a catalogue of statements that will help you to sooth yourself.    A statement today that sooths you may not tomorrow so having a bit of a buffet to pick from will be helpful.   How general you need to make your statements is something your emotions will let you know.   If you make a statement and you get some resistance, go even more general until you hit a stream of statements that give you a solid feeling of goodness.    Kind of like jumping around on rocks in a pond, you keep jumping until you land on one that is solid and not rocking or rolling.  For examples of general statements see Appendix B.


  1. c) a third way to be very general is to distract yourself with a conversation that you can focus on that does not give you resistance. Something like blue glass, feathers or butterflies. If you engage in a conversation of this nature, then you are not longer giving energy to the negative momentum, you mind is occupied with better feeling thoughts.  It’s just another way to sooth yourself an allow your vibration to rise.




STEP 5 – Realize / Accept

Now that you are feeling more grounded you can start to entertain more thoughts that will help you to further pick up positive momentum.   You can realize that this situation that lured you into negative momentum is just vibrational feedback.  It’s old news from your old vibrational (thought) pattern.   It’s the physical manifestation of a previous vibration.   So what this situation really is . .  .   it’s an opportunity to choose a new response, new good feeling thoughts about the topic or subject and get off of the same old knee jerk reaction that keeps you in the cycle of attracting the same old thing you don’t like and more of what you don’t want.   In your head you can authentically thank the situation / person because they are just your vibrational messenger, let them off of the hook, release blame.   Just realize that when someone presses your “button”, they didn’t come looking for it, you put it out there.  Pretend you have glasses on that show you the vibrational frequency of the object / person you look at, this will help you to avoid taking things personal and see that they are only bringing a vibration to you that is equal to the one you are offering.  In essence, vibrationally you have asked them to act this way towards you (and vibrationally you can ask them to act the way you want them to act, by being the vibration you want to attract).   They are not doing anything to you, they are doing something for you, they are helping you to know about your beliefs, thoughts, and the vibration you are therefore holding that is causing you to attract what you don’t like.  This really lets you detach and takes the sting out of the situation, again allowing you to settle down and take charge of your thoughts and feelings to turn them in a direction that will attract more of what you want.   By releasing people and circumstances you open up your mind space to focus on the thoughts that feel good.




STEP 6 – Opportunity / perspective


Now that you have shored up your positive momentum by grounding yourself to the reason why things happen (attraction of like vibrations), and that you are in charge of those reasons (your vibration); knowing that no one or no thing is doing anything to you, and that you can attract anything you desire, your mind will now be in a more open state to accept better feeling thoughts.   You are now in a much better place to choose a positive response rather then a negative knee jerk reaction.   Things like defensiveness, taking it personal and judgements will subside as you connect with the truth about who you are and why things happen as they do.   With momentum now more generally positive, you will find you are attracting better feeling thoughts and can intellectually entertain more positive responses to any situation.   As you move to a high vibration, it opens the door for higher vibration responses that were not available from the lower vibration place.   For example you could think in terms of how the situation could be humorous, or how you could extend empathy and understanding, you could apologize, whatever feels good and therefore appropriate to building more positive momentum.  You could also discover that there are more effective ways you could communicate to get what you want, or where you stand on topics with others, or understand differences and find mutual respect.   You could reconcile differences in priorities, in what is important or perspectives.   You could ask a question, ask someone how they are feeling or let them know how you are feeling.  You could ask them what their intention is for clarification or just clarify your interpretation of the situation to make sure what you are thinking is accurate.  The point here is to respond vs react.


Remember every topic / subject is like a tree, there are 360 degrees and this means you can have 360 different views or perspectives.   Typically our beliefs hold us to a very narrow view or perspective but with an open mind, that is in a more generally positive state, you can start to see many more views and perspectives.   As you stay in a more generally positive place, this attracts more positive energy in the form of ideas and continuing on to manifestations where little things start working out and then bigger things and the road to your desires.  This is how attraction works, it builds and builds until it manifests in your physical world according to the vibration.   So you see to use a situation or a person as a reason to go to a low vibration only pinches you off from what you want out of life.  This is why it is paramount for you to find ways to maintain a high vibration, and with this knowledge and process it will help you to do just that.


You can also start to feel gratitude for any situation because it gives you insight about your vibration, making you aware of the shift needed to attract what you want.   To put this another way, from the experience of what you do not want, it will make you more clear about what you do want, then you can focus your thoughts with more specific intention (the way you want all things to be – your story).   You can be thankful for you emotional guidance system, for negative emotions giving you indication that your thoughts are emotionally (vibrationally) out of alignment with what you want.   How awesome is that, negative emotions are truly your friend when you use them accordingly?


At this time you may want to give some thought about what topic or subject was active in your thoughts that evoked the negative energy to begin with.   It could help you identify a faulty believe, as negative feelings are always about faulty thoughts.   Thoughts that are in alignment always produce positive emotions.   If a particular topic or subject drags you down, you may want to stay away from it for a bit until you can muster up a new perspective.   That being said, if the topic is one you desire to be in your story, once you get generally positive on other subjects, you will attract ideas and solutions that will help you be more positive on that, what was before, a negative topic.   This is the way attraction works, if you can get into a high vibration for any reason, then the road to all of your desires unfolds in front of you.   Essentially, everything you desire is waiting for you, if you will just open the lane by being in a high vibration, it will come tumbling into your life easily and effortlessly.


If you cannot connect a negative feeling you had, in the moment, to any source, that is OK, it still came as a result of attraction from a negative feeling thought (from a belief) that you were holding, consciously or unconsciously.   Just carry on to sooth yourself, reaching for better and better feeling thoughts until you reach the high vibration emotions, again, the solution and path to your desires will be revealed to you.




STEP 7 – Affirm


Now in this state of acceptance for what is; in this place where you have let every one and every condition off of the hook and are not blaming anyone or anything for what is going on in your life, and you have found positive momentum in a new perspective or a different subject or topic, ask yourself, what do I want, what do I really want this situation (that started negative momentum) to be, how would this situation be different in a way that would feel good.   Then make an affirmation of the way you want it to be.


If the situation was the result of action by someone close to you then let them know how you feel and / or what you want in a very gentle and peaceful way.   Keep your focus on what you want and why.    They will either accommodate you or let you know they are not willing to accommodate you.   Both are good, you know where you stand in the moment.   Vibrationally you have already made the request to the universe for what you want so it is orchestrating it.   It is certain that you will get what you want as long as you line up with it vibrationally, you don’t necessarily know where it will come from but you will have it as long as you keep your vibration high, this will allow it to flow into (manifest in) your life.   Once again this should give you a soothing feeling that what you experience in your life is really completely up to you, you are not dependent on another for anything.    The good in your life is dependent on one thing and one thing only, your willingness to maintain the vibration of the thing you want, or to say it another way, to keep your thoughts in alignment with your source energy self, but it is essentially the same, good feeling thoughts (high vibration).


If what you have identified as wanting, feels good to think about, even in its absence, keep your focus on the good feeling of it.   If not go to a different topic, a different perspective, a different action, thought, activity or event that makes you feel good, look for and find the good.   Perhaps it would feel good to recite and identify with your story, your ideal life or some part of your ideal life.  Shake up your world, just shift to something different.   Go for walk, a drive, listen to music, through a ball to your dog, appreciate a flower, the sun, the sunset, an item you have that has served you well or adds beauty to your life.   Something you recently created or organized.  Kind feedback you got from others.  Observing evidence of manifesting what you want.  Notice kindness, unexpected good things, things or people that gave you great service, helped you.



Let the feeling guide your action / inspired action


Let the feeling of what you affirm bring the thing for you to act on that will help you to realize your desire.   Your feeling will inspire you to act, that is, when something shows up that feels good and right to you, you will want to act.


As pointed out in the introduction, using your vibration to attract what you want rather than going out to “make it happen” is much more fun and easy, however, our beliefs can offer fierce resistance to taking on this new line of thinking.   Our beliefs typically tell us that to get what we want we have to work harder, longer, smarter etc., that we should be busy doing this and doing that and did we do enough.   This can lead to guilt about taking time to be engaged in things that feel good, thinking we should be doing something to obtain our desire, or doing something more than we are doing.    The way to release that guilt is simply by embracing the truth about your power and the laws and practicing using your emotional guidance system to turn to things that are general enough to settle you down into a more positive feeling place.   From there the law of attraction will take care of bringing you more positive thoughts, ideas and manifestations.    You might think that if you are starting a new business that getting a web site going, getting business cards, sending out ads etc are more effective than taking an afternoon at the local swimming pool to do some laps, but if those first activities indicated are done under some kind of duress such as anxiety,  or driven by some kind of fear around getting customers and revenue so as to pay bills then that activity is generating low vibrations and you are out of alignment, and you will be attracting what you do not want.   There is no right or wrong, there is simply making a choice and lining up with it, that means to find positive aspects and feel good attributes about it.    When it gets down to it, everything is like an excuse or a reason to feel good.   It’s the feeling good that allows the law of attraction to bring you want you want.   If you posted an ad, took your dog for a walk, took a trip or listened to some music, one is not a more appropriate activity than the other, the only thing you need to know is which one produces the best feeling, it’s the feeling that causes the doors to open for all the good you want to come into your life, not the activity you did.   The activity is the catalyst for you and for each person it will be different so you need to find your catalyst to a good feeling.    As you embrace your power and the laws more solidly you will find that you can feel good about many things that you may currently feel guilty or wrong for taking the time to do.   As you learn and practice living vibrationally, just make the choices that give you the least resistance, and that will also cause the most allowance of what you want.


So use your imagination, see what you want to see (in your mind), make something up that feels good, pretend things are as you want them to be, act as though things are as you want them to be.   When you do this you are lining up your energy with what you want and that is what allows the manifestation of it.   Fill your mind with the feelings of why you want what you want.  Be happy without the thing, be in the feeling of why you want it, not because it is coming.   Just get into the feeling of it.  Look for satisfaction without manifestation, manifest the emotion.  What is the feeling of what I want, why do I want it.  Just focus on the feeling.    You know how you feel in the having of it, so just hold that feeling, it doesn’t cost a dime.    The only currency you need concern yourself about spending is vibrational currency, when you do, everything else will take care of itself.


One last comment, when you write down your affirmation(s) repeatedly, this takes more focus, consumes more mind space and keeps your attention on what is being written, so when you need to cause yourself to reach greater focus, write down your affirmation.



NOTES – Going general


If you find you just can’t find anything that allows you to distract yourself from negative momentum and start positive momentum here are some other things you can do.


Take a nap – sleeping means conscious thinking stops (so resistant / negative thoughts will stop).  The negative momentum will stop and when you awake you got a short window to engage some positive momentum.   Start it very general, let the law of vibration bring you more specifics.   You just got to start the momentum then it will take off on its own.


Meditate, roughly the same thing as sleeping with options to inject more positive thought feelings, and receive more positive thoughts and ideas.


Know that you can always start fresh with a new day.   You can wake up and find positive aspects about one or more parts of your life, you can imagine your story, you can write out a gratitude list, a feels good list and do it, you can acknowledge what is working, the positive aspects, notice what is good, you can reconnect with who you are, see APPENDIX A or simply run through some general statements as in APPENDIX B.  Hold yourself in that good feeling place and the law of attraction will bring to you manifestations that equal your vibration, first thoughts, then ideas, imaginations, then impulses, inspirations and physical manifestations.



If you start your day on a high vibration and you quickly turn away from the things in your day that tempt you off of your high vibration, therefore maintaining your high vibration, then all of your desires will unfold in your life, things will work out, the right people will show up, you will be in the right place at the right time.   These things will happen easily and effortlessly.   You will get great service, you will have pleasant exchanges, and every thing will be on time.



Quick Process for use as a tool


1) Be AWARE in every moment of what emotion you are feeling / what you are choosing to think about

Increase awareness to catch negative as early as possible, in the early subtle stages


IF Feeling Negative


2) IDENTIFY negative feelings thoughts, or simply that you are feeling negative


3) ACKNOWLEDGE where on the emotional scale your are


4) ALLOW yourself to feel that emotion, do not deny, and admit you there


5) PAUSE / settle down your thoughts / feelings through distraction using one or more of the following:

(you are not intending to go further in the current negative direction, with that current momentum, you are looking to start ease and flow, stop the effort.  Do this until effort stops because effort means you are still wrestling with the topic that got you in this negative momentum)

You got 17 seconds

Repeat, it’s OK, it’s alright

Breath slowly and deeply

Repeat a word like happy, fun, easy, joy or an uplifting phrase like I am happy

Find an uplifting word for each letter of the alphabet


6) SHIFT to a stream of general or unrelated thoughts (get off of the topic that took you down)

About the truth about yourself

About the truth of life

Distract yourself with a conversation that is completely off the topic (like blue glass, feathers, butterflies)

Engage your mind in something that really makes you think so intently that you are no longer thinking

about that thing that got you going negative.



This is simply vibrational feedback, let everyone and everything off of the hook including yourself

They are just your vibrational messenger, they are not independently doing anything to you

This is an opportunity for new / different response and therefore a change in frequency to cause the

attraction of something new

You can thank the person / situation if only in your head for making you aware of a vibration you are

offering and helping and for helping you to ask for what you really want, and for reminding you to

line up your vibration with what you really want.


8) OPPORTUNITY / PERSPECTIVE (to reach for a better feeling thought)

Find the humor

Find the good, see it in a different way

Extend empathy / understanding


Clarify what was said / done to confirm on the same page and understand

More effective communication to let someone know how you felt, your intention, what is important to you

More effective communication to listen to how the other felt, their intention, what is important to them

Are you willing to honor your / their importances

Show gratitude for the opportunity to get more clear about what you want and more intentional to think

about it

Be thankful for your emotional guidance system showing you the way to all you want, showing you which

thoughts lead you to what you want.

Identify the thoughts that led to this feeling then determine if there is a faulty belief you need to let go, start

a new truth based belief

Know what topics / subjects / triggers to stay away from until tune into a more positive perspective

Do something that feels good, take a walk in nature, pet your cat, take a bath, help someone out

Write out a gratitude list

Appreciate a thing of beauty, a sunset, music, something that served you well, the kindness extended to you

Notice kindness, unexpected good things, write them down and refer to them to remind you of how

powerful you are to attract

Pretend, act as though, fake it to make it


9) AFFIRM (you vibrational story – what you want)

Only if you are in a good feeling place, otherwise they will cause resistance

How would the situation that took you negative be different in a way that you would like, feel it.

If applicable you can let another know what you like and they can let you know if they will honor it or not.              You can then make you own choice about that situation but regardless, vibrationally you have already made

the request and the universe is orchestrating it.  You can use the affirmation about the situation

when it feels good to you or you can use any affirmation or reason to feel good.   To come together

with your request only requires you maintain a high vibration (see Step 8 for ideas).


10) ACTION (act on inspiration)

Act on what feels good only

If it feels good to act then you are on your path with no resistance

Even if you are acting on something that does not seem related at all to your desire, if it feels good,

stimulates good feeling thoughts, the details needed to get you to your desire will show up.   Think

about it like a funnel, you start wide but flow into a specific point.





Although these statements are who you are as human being and intended to connect you with who you are, therefore giving you a sense of comfort, certainty and ease that everything is OK, how they will feel always depends on how strong your beliefs are and where you are on the emotional scale.   One day some may be more comforting than others, where as on another day it could be different statements.    Use what ever feels good or adapt them in a way that feels good, that is what you are after, the feeling.



I am an energy being with a unique vibration giving rise to my physical presence as a human being

I have the power to choose my thoughts no matter conditions

I have the power to choose how I think about things (perspective)

I know how I think about things causes me to engage emotions, how I feel about that thing

I know my thought>feelings about a subject is my vibration on that subject

Therefore I know my vibration is my choice, I am in charge of my vibration

I know that like vibrations attract

Therefore I know whatever vibration I offer, the equal vibration will show up in my physical world

I know that like vibrations show up as circumstances, and in my exchanges with others.


I know that the more I think about a thing the more momentum it gets (negative or positive)

I know I can slow negative momentum by shifting my thoughts to something that feels better

I know that sometimes I need to think in more general terms to get a positive feeling (see next section)

I know that once I can get generally positive momentum going,  it will attract more positive

Therefore, if I am persistent in my focus I can always return to a high vibration


I know that no one or no condition is doing anything to me

I know that people and conditions connect with me at a place where our vibration matches

Therefore I am 100% responsible for what experiences come into my life


I know that the universe is unlimited intelligent manifested and unmanifested energy

I know this universal intelligent energy is an unlimited field of infinite possibilities because it will

take the form of the vibration (desire) impressed upon it

I know that desire is limited only by imagination so anything is possible

I know I can transform this energy into my desires with my vibration (intention)

Therefore I know, I am certain that I am abundant, safe and secure.  I can be, do, have what I desire


I know that in the living of life, what I don’t like causes me to think about what I do, sometimes it is so subtle or in the midst of such chaos that I don’t realize I am thinking about it

I know that in the thinking about what I do like, I am making a vibrational request to the universe to have it, again I may be unaware that I am doing so

I know that the universe orchestrates everything necessary for the fulfillment of all of my desires

I know my emotions tell me if I am in vibrational alignment with my desires

A positive emotion lets me know I am choosing a high vibration and therefore a match to what I want

A negative emotion lets me know I am choosing a low vibration and therefore not a match to what I want

I know that I must be in vibrational alignment with my desires in order for them to manifest in my life

I know that my desires are all high vibrations (because the thoughts of them feel good)

I know I can use any subject or topic that feels good is a way to be in a high vibration

Therefore all I need to do to realize my desires, is keep my self in a high vibration by using any reason, subject, topic or strategy that feels good.

My power of choice to shift my perspective or shift the topic allows me to switch to a high vibration

Therefore my emotions are always guiding me to my desires

 I know my emotions are my guidance system to help me stay in a high vibration

I know a high vibration is where all of my desires are queued up and waiting for me

I know that staying positive (high vibration) allows me to see the path to my desires

I know the path to my desires are the urges, impulses, coincidences and inspirations I receive, the things that feel good, excite me, and cause enthusiasm

I know my path is easy and effortless and always unfolding, desire after desire

I know that being in a high vibration is what allows for the easy unfolding

I know my path is not dependent on any person or conditions


I know the universe works on the law of vibration, expression and expansion

I know that it is natural for everything to work out for me

I know I have all of the faculties to allow / cause fulfillment in my physical experience

I know that the laws of the universe are setup for the success of all and all will be successful if they

know how to live in accordance with the laws

I know that my most important duty is to feel good (stay in a high vibration – then act on inspiration)

I know it is my job to request and receive; it is the universes job to orchestrate the details (the how) 






General statements – the purpose of these statements is to distract you from negative momentum by getting you to focus in a more positively general way.   The distraction that occurs in these statements is to draw your mind to thoughts that are easily acceptable, invoke the mind to find a place of ease, a place that feels truthful, empowering and therefore good; essentially providing a proverbial breath of fresh air.    Once you can achieve this place of ease for a minute or two, then the natural stream of high vibration starts to pick up and with the lack of resistance, it continues to build momentum.   As that momentum picks up, more positive thoughts come, more positive ideas, then more positive manifestations and then manifestations that lead you to your desires.   So you can see, we want to do everything possible to identify and release resistance and allow our self to feel the high vibration feelings of joy, happiness, peace, abundance etc.   This is what allows our physical experience to be what we want.   Negative momentum, depending how much speed it has picked up can be persistent so you need to be equally as persistent to focus on positive feeling thoughts.


Think of this list of statements below as a catalog, pick out the ones in a moment of negativity that resonate with you, make up your own, use whatever appeals to you, and gives you that feeling of ease and relief.    Each time you hit a negative moment it could be a different set of statements that appeal to you.


Laugh at your self, here I go again about that

I’m getting better and better at this, in fact I am pretty good at this

I am so sensitive that I am catching this in the early subtle stages

This is not the big deal that I have  been making it out to  be

Standing here I realize it is simpler

No big hairy thing is going to happen

That thought is not necessary and not productive

I’m just making stuff up

I know I can increase my awareness about how I feel

I know if I am more aware of how I am feeling I can deliberately choose good feeling thoughts more often

I know sometimes I forget that my emotions are my guidance system and I engage in negative feelings, but it’s OK, it helps me to be more aware of my feelings and think more about turning to better feeling thoughts.

I know sometimes I catch myself getting lured into conditions and circumstances that don’t feel good, but I am getting better at realizing it is just vibrational feedback and turning to better feeling thoughts.

I know I can move to a better feeling place in my mind, I’ve done it before, I have the power to choose.

It’s OK to catch myself in a negative feeling, it helps me to refocus on better feeling thoughts

It feels good to know I am always OK because I am in charge of my life through my vibration, that means I can change anything at any time.

It’s nice to look at conditions as simply vibrational feedback, its not about wrong or right, good or bad, just a match to my vibration

I don’t have to think about this thing that does not feel good right now or I could change the perspective I am holding about that topic, I have the power to do that.

It’s OK, there is nothing to do this red hot minute, things are happening, things are always unfolding, I just got to reach for some feel good thoughts.

I know its going to be OK even though I don’t know exactly how it’s going to unfold, I just trust that it is.

I know that things always get better when I turn my vibration up

I am not always at a high vibration, but I am happy and satisfied for the time I am and I getting there more and more, some days more than others

I am a constantly expanding being, so where I am right now is really good, its all unfolding.

I know that through contrast I am always asking for more and more is always available to me

Source always know what I want even if I consciously do not, therefore I have only to vibrationally tune to it.

The perfect car, house, mate, clients, business is in the process of manifesting.

I am right on track

I will let it take as long as it takes

I am on my path

I am figuring this out

It’s Ok, I know it will come when I am ready, which means my vibration is at the level of my desire – feeling good

I am a good person

I was born as a good person

Everything is unfolding for me now

I can be happy regardless of conditions, and in fact this is what will allow what I want to flow into my life

I have all the time in the world, there is no rush, life is eternal, ever expanding, always moving from physical to non physical.

I know nothing is urgent, not in the big picture, nothing to fear, nothing to lose, can’t get it wrong and never get it done.

I know everything that happens that I don’t like just helps me to get more clear on what I do, its all good.

All in good time

It feels good for me to know what I want and why, the why gives me the feeling (vibration) to attract it

I acknowledge the manifestation I have allowed in part and know the rest is unfolding

I know that everything and everyone is in the process of becoming

I know what I want is here vibrationally, I just got to tune into it

I know when I pretend to have the thing I want, I am actually tuning into it, and as a do, it get’s closer to me

I get excited wondering how the universe will bring me my desires, what experiences I will encounter on my journey

I feel like I am on the brink of something

I don’t have to see it first, just because I can’t see it does not mean it is not coming.

I know I always have 17 seconds to choose a better feeling thought to get momentum going where I want it to go.

I know if I crash and burn today, tomorrow is a new day for me to start on a high vibration.  Every day is a new opportunity to start positive momentum.

I know I can make peace with what is, accept it for what it is, yesterday’s vibration.

I know I don’t need to react to anything, just ignore it and start on a high vibration the next day.

I may not change the momentum much today, but after sleep, I know I have another shot to set my vibration

I am on my way to something that will please me even more

I can always find things that feel good, sometimes its music, sometimes its reading, activity, food, imagination etc

I know there are all kinds of touchstones, reasons, excuses for me to get into a good feeling place

I know if a topic does not feel good I can get off of it all together, I can talk about something that feels good.

I can focus on / repeat a small thought, a word and I know it will ignite positive momentum if I am persistent

I know the way to stay away from thoughts that don’t feel good is to take my thoughts to something else that does

I do like the feeling I get when I think about . . .   And that means I am attracting things that will lead me to my desires

If I have to question whether it is time to act, it’s too soon to act, the universe has more orchestrating to do for me to get the impulse.

I know if I go to generally positive feeling thoughts that the specifics will come to me on all topics

It does not matter what others think, it only matters how I feel about what I am thinking

You never know what can happen, anything can happen at anytime to put you in your dream situation

I do what I do because it feels good, not to get something from others

It’s nice that throughout the day, naturally, I will have good feeling thoughts, maybe only very briefly, but all I have to do is recognize it and milk it

I don’t know what you see, but in my world (in my mind), this is all going my way

It’s nice to know that source is with me all day, in everything I do and looking out for me, calling me to what I want through emotions.

I know what I want is vibrationally real, it is here now, the manifestation of it is certain upon my tuning into the frequency of it.

I just got to line up my conscious mind thoughts (vibration) with the vibration of what I want, I can pretend, that will put me on the frequency, I can say it feels nice when I think about . . . that will put me on the frequency as well, then manifestation is getting closer.

I know there are 360 degrees to look at something; there is always a good perspective

I don’t have to know how it’s going to unfold; my job is to allow it to unfold

It’s OK to let it unfold, to have peace where I am.

Things are getting better and better for me

Things always work out for me

I’m just going to forget about it for now

It’s going to be alright

This too shall pass

What I want will eventually come

I like the build up, the anticipation and holding off what I want so I can savor the journey

I have done a lot of good things, helped a lot of people, made a difference

Everything always works out for me

I always get what I want

It’s going to get better and I don’t care when

Do anything and everything you can to get that negative thought out of your mind by distracting yourself to something better feeling.  Distract, distract, distract, distract

Things always do get better eventually

It’s not necessary for me to think about this right now

I like when she / he reminds me of what I like, either directly (feel good) or through contrast (what I don’t like)

And if I can’t figure out how to get in a good feeling place then I will just say I will get there when I get there.  I know a high vibration is natural, I know when I take a break, just release, relax and chill out, I naturally start to feel ease and feel the high vibration momentum moving faster.  I know source is always calling me through my emotions and I am at peace with that.  I know source has all of the answers and solutions and as I get into a high vibration they will flow to me.

My work is done, I requested a desire, source knows what I want, knows everything I want

Now its time for me to claim the benefit of it by just finding a place that feels good in my mind

It’s alright, a new one, a better one is on its way, I will just enjoy this one until that one comes, I will appreciate what is and that will actually bring the new one faster.

You are not talking about what is coming, you are talking about it as now (vibrationally); that shifts everything

I don’t know what I will be doing later on but for now this is what is satisfying me most, so as long as this is satisfying me the most this is what I am going to be doing.

So far so good

So far the things I am asking I am able to achieve

I can feel that I am allowing energy to flow through me by the unfolding that I am seeing

I am an evolving being and eventually I will reach the place to where I will be able to do all of those things that at times seem not possible.   Each step prepares me for the next, that’s the journey.

If everything I wanted came all at once I would not be able to handle it so I am glad it unfolds in a way that I can

I know I am always being called to something more

Stop questioning the dips, call them clarity

Set one goal, to get to a high vibration, a good feeling place

My high vibration is ANYWHERE that I feel good, I don’t know what’s coming next, I just know it is equal to my feeling in this moment

Someone may say you don’t seem sure of what you are doing, you can say, I am only sure of one thing, getting into a high vibration, everything else is taken care of

I know when I get up in the morning I can reach for good feeling thoughts and when I do that stops me from psycho analysing everything, stops the worrying about so many things, it stops me from trying to make everything perfect in every way and in every moment, I just got into a high vibration as best I could and I let the day unfold, that is always my best day

The more I feel good the more evidence I get that it is working and that causes me to focus more on finding ways to feel good and stop thinking about things, talking about things that don’t feel good.   I am not willing to jeopardize or sacrifice the only thing I am sure of and that is when I feel good, good things happen.   I just ignore everything else

You can’t physically see what is in your vibrational request storage tank but you can feel it.

So tell your vibrational story, that is reality

I know for sure that I have the ability to focus on what feels good.

I know the power of focus

You don’t cry or fret if you are on a trip and standing in the airport waiting for the plane to take you to your destination; it’s just part of the journey.       You know that source knows where you are going, you know how it works, you just got to feel settled, it’s guaranteed.  Relax, Chill out.

The most important currency to spend is vibrational currency, I am very aware of how I am spending it

I am satisfied with my journey so far and my desire in terms of what has been shown to me, I am satisfied with the idea of it, satisfied with the feeling / emotion of it.

Things have worked out for me before

Sometimes things didn’t look like they were coming, and presto, they showed up.

This could be good for me

This is contrast (what I don’t want), it is helping me to identify what I want

This is giving me reason to know more clearly what it is I do want

I know that I can focus

I can choose anger

I can choose less anger

I can choose optimism

I can choose pessimism

I can choose joy

I know I can feel good before the evidence of my desire appears

It will feel like ease when it comes

I know I feel sure about what I want

I know it is uplifting to me

I like to bring out the best in others and for them to bring out the best in me

I just do something to break the concentration of what is bothering me, play a game, activity, read, see a funny movie

Leave the topic alone if it does not feel good, there is no bottom to the issue, just leave it

I am doing what I do for me, for my enjoyment, for the enjoyment of my expression.

I always get back up

What they think of me is none of my business

If everything you wanted were to appear, you couldn’t handle it, you wouldn’t be ready for it

Life is an ever unfolding journey and as you move into alignment with it, more of what you desire shows up  Basically your belief in what you want and acceptance of it is what puts you at the feeling (vibration) of it, as they increase more and more of it shows up.   This combined with trust and certainty and generally remaining chilled out and relaxed will let the unfolding come.

Fear is unfounded when you know everything that you want is already arranged for your receiving, you have only to raise your vibration to the frequency of what is wanted.

What do you choose to see when you look at something, what perspective are you choosing

I know my desires are like a pregnancy, the birth of them is coming

I don’t have to think about anything, just watch for the inspiration, all the details are orchestrated.

Just waiting for the compelling path to sweep beneath my feet and light up until everything fibre of my being is feeling the rightness of it.  But before that happens, got to chill out, find the feeling of love, and be less conditional

I make peace with the rightness of where I am now, it’s all about the unfolding

My attention is always on feeling the best I can right here and right now

My life is always unfolding, it’s not about getting to where I want to be because its about the unfolding.

Make a choice and line up with it

I always bounce back, I know blue glass, butterflies and feathers will allow me to bounce back to a high vibration and light up the path, deliver desires.