50 Plus ways to stay in a high vibration

Tips and Tools to maintain a High vibration when things going on around you are not.

By now you realize that keeping your vibration high is what attracts what you want and when its low you attract what you don’t want. Therefore, this information is specifically focused to help you maintain that high vibration state or recapture it when perhaps you have an off day.

There is really only one master question that you ever need to ask yourself whenever things may not be going so well or you are not getting what you want, and that is “What is my emotional state, where is my focus and attention?” In other words, “What is my vibration, what energy am I activating?” The more willing you are to be totally frank about owning your vibration, the greater the opportunity is for you to really turn it around. This is what needs to happen for you to take charge of your life and get the results you want. From this one master question, all other questions will emerge. The next question is – Why is my vibration there? That will make you aware of exactly what you are thinking and feeling along with any images or dialogues you are having within yourself. You can ask yourself; what do I believe that is supporting this state of mind that I am in? What am I afraid of? Once you do that it will start to really bring things to the surface. Perhaps you are feeling lost, lonely, vulnerable, insecure, angry or unimportant. Maybe you are feeling like you didn’t live up to your expectations or someone’s expectations. Maybe you are feeling someone is being mean / unfair to you. Maybe feeling what’s the use, depressed or no will.

If your vibration is low, there is a remedy. For every cause for the low vibration there is a cure. The cause will always be rooted in the faulty programming and conditioning around fear, limitation, lack and not being good enough or worthy. The cure will always be rooted in the understanding and acceptance of the truth of abundance, the truth of you, and the law of expression, increase and vibration. After you figure out the Why, then you ask the next question. What is this low vibration getting me? Based on the previous information you will know it’s not getting you anything that you really want more of and so you can ask – What can I do to change that vibration? Then you start looking for the answer in one of the ways in the information below to move to a high vibration. There are many ways, so pick the ones that really resonate with you and carry them around with you to consult if needed. When you are in the process of learning to maintain a high vibration I can almost guarantee you will need some help. Until you work this muscle of choosing a new positive response in the middle of seemingly or all out negative circumstances, and get it in shape; it will take a great deal of tools, support and sheer mental will to turn away from that thing that is ever so tempting to participate in; whether it is coming through your 5 senses or your self talk. You will want all of the help you can get.

Below are mental tools for you to use to pull yourself up into a high vibration no matter what is going on around you. Remember, to get the use out of these tools, the first thing you must do before reacting or participating in internal negative dialogue is to STOP and THINK. This will allow you to consciously choose something positive. If you are reacting to something on the outside or engaged in some negative thoughts/feelings on the inside, it will most certainly be from the bank of faulty and erroneous beliefs you have. To indulge in them will only keep you in that cycle of ups and downs so put your foot down and set your determination and mental will to choose thoughts>feelings of a high vibration nature and get your life back to feel good.

Here are the tools.

1) Ask your self a reverse question

So often when things happen that we don’t like or don’t feel good about in some way, we ask our selves a negative question such as: Why do I always get passed up for the promotion or why can I never find a parking spot, or why do I always (fill in the blank). Instead of asking that question, turn it around and ask. Why do I always get the promotion? Why do I always get the parking spot? Why do people always treat me with respect? Why do I always get so quickly through line ups? Why do I always get great service? Why do people always respect my time? Or why do I always get (fill in the blank)? It may feel weird at first but it will shock your mind from negative to positive. You may be surprised how it can change your vibration. Remember the law of attraction only knows what you impress with your thought-feeling-image; it has no idea about what is going on with your 5 senses unless you tell it (by choosing those thought-feeling-images).

2) Consider what may be going on for the other person – Put yourself in their shoes, stop and think of how you can give and be understanding instead of expecting the world to revolve around your needs, your perspective and your point of view. Compassion is a much higher vibration than taking things personally. Besides what shows up is what you vibrationally asked for so don’t shoot the messenger, learn about your vibration from them.

Maybe the best illustration of this is a piece from Stephen Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He writes about a father who gets on a subway with kids on a Sunday morning when many people ride the subway for a sense of enjoyment and peace as it lacks the normal hustle and bustle of the work week. The kids are seemingly unruly and disrupting every ones peace to the point where one person pipes up and asks the father to get control of his kids. The father replied that he was unaware of their behaviour; they just came from the hospital where his wife and the kid’s mother died!

3) Look for the opportunity, look for what is good. Stand back from your reaction, stand back from what looks bad, look at it from a different angle, what good can you see. How is it helping you in some way, what is it telling you. Ask questions, what good is there in this. If it is a little bad, then there must be a little good. If there is a lot bad, there must be a lot good. Any situation you don’t like is always helping you to be clearer about what you want.

4) Look at your life as a movie and that you are writing the script, which is actually the truth. Your vibration is your script and everyone and everything is doing exactly what you have put in the script. Send them love for doing such a great job. It is all wonderful because it is telling you something about yourself that you can now address; now you know where you need to make changes. Remember you can’t ask them to change you have to change your vibration to get them to change.

5) Record a new movie. See the image of what you don’t like in your minds eye, then like a film strip move it off to the left and bring in another film frame with the way you want it to be, complete with thought-feeling-emotion. Play the movie over and over until your vibration has settled in the new higher state.

6) Reach out and help. To the extent that your physical and emotional health provide, find a person who is down and help them. I don’t mean dedicate your life; I am talking about an act of kindness that can leave a person knowing that you care. You may make a seemingly big difference or a little, or in fact it may not look like you have made any difference at all, but you did. The very act and intention to help another causes a tremendous shift in your vibration and you will have helped yourself and world around you because our vibration not only impacts us but the collective vibration impacts our community.

7) Project your head onto the shoulders of those that are in your life because at the vibration level, they really are the vibrational representation of something in you. It helps you to see everyone as your friend, everyone helping you to a higher place, just like you would do for yourself and others.

8) Make the most of your time and live without regrets by doing what you want versus waiting until the time is right. Tell people the nice things you think about them, call someone you have not talked to for a while, reach out. You don’t know when life will change and who will be in and out of your life.

9) If you had a Genie, what three wishes would you ask for, know that the law of vibration is your Genie but this one has unlimited wishes.

10) Look at what people are doing that you would like to be doing and picture yourself doing it. If you have not already included that in your dream book, do so.

11) Write down all of the things you have to be grateful for. Look at the conditions that some live in and realize how great your life is. Look at what nature provides you.

12) Write down things that make you feel happy or a happy experience.

13) Write down all of the abundance you can see in your life. It does not have to be something of yours, it can be the stars in the sky, the pine needles on a tree. Acknowledge the abundance around you and you will attract more.

14) Sit down and visualize your dream life knowing that whatever you impress on your subconscious mind you will attract into your life, keep your mind in the present moment. No matter what you are thinking about, whether you cast your mind into the past or future or you use your imagined reality, to your subconscious it is now and it is what the law of vibration uses to attract.

15) If you are in a situation you don’t like, write down what you do like. For example if you are stuck in traffic, write I always flow easily through traffic (and feel it). Your subconscious mind will accept that and start attracting that experience to you.

16) Ask questions, make statements and combine them

Questions – How can I (fill in the blank)? What would it take for me to (fill in the blank)? What if (fill in the blank)? What’s it going to take to (fill in the blank)

Statements – “I’ve had it, Show me the way to (fill in the blank)?

17) If you are not getting what you want, start giving it. When you give you are in a vibration that you have and the universe responds by giving you more.

18) What you are experiencing now is your thought-emotion vibration from the past. Start a new cycle by making a new impression rather than buying into the current situation.

19) Set a little goal and go do it, hold yourself to it and it will give you the sense of accomplishment. Do your best and this will raise your confidence, your belief in your self and therefore your vibration.

20) Breath slowly and deeply for 5 minutes.

21) Get exercise

22) Make up a song

Take a song you know and change the words to something that will raise your vibration by getting you into association with abundance for example. It will also probably make you laugh which is really good medicine for getting you into a high vibration. If you want to impress upon your subconscious mind that you are prosperous, here is a little song. The melody is to the song Glory Glory Hallelujah.

I accept prosperity as my divine right

I have it every day

And I have it every night

I accept prosperity as my divine right

I accept prosperity now

La la la

Glory, glory I got moola

Glory, glory I got moola

Glory, glory I got moola

It’s the truth for ever more.

The melody and words together can be quite powerful in changing your emotional state, and thus the vibration you are offering (the energy you are activating) to the the law of attraction.

23) Find something or someone that makes you laugh; a movie, a book etc.

24) Everything that has happened, is happening and is going to happen is getting you to where you need to go. Accept what is, detach and listen for the message. Put your focus and attention on what you want.

25) If what you are experiencing with your 5 senses is more than you can take in terms of being captured to a low vibration, stick your head in the proverbial sand and play the movie of your choice to bring you back up.

26) Create attraction statements (otherwise know as intention statements, desire statements, affirmations etc.). Write them out several times. Hang them on the mirror or somewhere you can see them. Feel them.

27) You are programmed from nature for expression, expansion, abundance, love and increase, get excited for what is coming. You have a purpose along with gifts and talents. Life has caused you to ask for what you want and the larger part of you has set it up. Now trust that, get into a high vibration and allow it to unfold. Don’t make it happen, let it happen.

28) Test your beliefs, release all of the faulty ones, the ones that do no line up with the truth about you and life as you seen in the article “The Missing Pieces”.

29) Find a meditation that you like, either silent, with music or something that resonates and just let go. Release all resistance

30) Do Yoga

31) Put your foot down – draw that line in the sand. Make a boundary and hold it.

32) Stop talking about your troubles, Start talking about your dreams. No matter if the bombs are falling, keep talking about your dreams.

33) Return positives, side step negatives

34) When you see the good in what others have and do you attract it to yourself, feel good for them, know you can attract what you want as they have.

35) Stop talking about the short comings of others, start talking about their becoming

36) Surround yourself with high vibrations, music, thoughts, what you read, eat, wear etc.

37) If the plan for the day goes astray, go to Plan B. Re-adjust your schedule, take a walk, do something to get out of where you don’t want to be.

38) Put little things in key places to remind you to keep your vibration high; a note on the bathroom mirror, something hanging from your review mirror in your car.

39) Use little mental triggers when you feel in a situation where you are getting resistance of some sort. This helps you stand back, detach and get a little think space. “May I ask Why”, “Is that so”, “Is that a Fact”, “oh well” “I apologize from the bottom of my heart”, “That’s good”, “it just is”.

40) Read a book or any material that brings you back into your power. Study every day about your personal power, ignorance to the laws chain us to fear, knowledge frees us. There is so much of the old paradigm thinking and results around us that we need to have a daily dose of awareness, knowledge and practise. It really is a muscle and to not use it will make it weak and we all know how effective a weak muscle is.

45) Set up a catch phrase that no matter what the challenging situation is that you are in, it comes to your mind. Something like, “I am so grateful and thankful for (fill in the blank)”. “Life get’s better and better every day”. “I am perfect just as I am”. “What is the opportunity in this”? “How can this help me”? “I love my peaceful life”?

It may be a word as well that leads you down a path of a higher vibration. For example repeat the word peace or love or fun or joy etc.

46) Think of any person in your day that may have come to you with a low vibration of some sort. Be still and quiet, picture them and say May you be happy, healthy, have peace and live with ease. Now explain to yourself why you would want to do that? You can also do this for yourself if your self talk is in a low vibration.

47) Keep your mind on your dreams just as a mother hen sits on her egg to make them hatch, your visions need the same love and attention for them to hatch. Know that every time you allow a distraction from your purpose, dreams, desires, and what generally feels good, you extend the time for them to hatch. Also if you falter in your trust and gratitude you are setting up for delays. Hold strongly to what feels good using your faculty of mental will.

48) Think of attraction like this. Let’s say you went on line to order a book. You pick it out, you setup the order and that starts the process in motion to have that book delivered to you. You know it is only a matter of time before it gets through the process and delivered to your door. You trust the process and fully expect the delivery. This is pretty much the way you need to treat the law of attraction. You need to trust its delivery with the same level of trust you have for the book to arrive. If you have doubt about what is in your “mind order” or reduce your attention and intention . . . if we compare that to the book delivery; that would be like the delivery truck getting caught in road construction, running into a storm or having a mechanical breakdown. That book is not going to be delivered unless you hold your vibration equal to the desire for it.

49) No matter what is going on in your life, how down you feel just make the choice to put one foot in front of the other. That could be asking yourself a question, it could be reading something, going out for a walk. Doing something that has the potential to help you think differently, take on a new perspective is better than doing nothing. Read this list and consult your toolbox from the Higher Vibrations program. Check out the process to turn negative into positive in the article “Your Emotional Guidance System” on this website.

50) If something happens that looks like you failed or not what you have been focusing on, know that what you want . . . your source is holding steady on the vibration of it. You can’t miss it, it will be there until you realize it by lining up your energy with it, that is, matching your present moment vibration with the vibration of what you desire.

You must realize that this thing that happened, it just means you have not raised your vibration to what you want and you are manifesting something less because your vibration is low. Just adjust your vibration and let it in, it’s waiting and will wait for you until you realize it.

51) Your usually never as bad off as you think. To prove this just look around you, look around the world and people that have so much less. The fact that your reading this tells you that you have so much more because many in the world do not even have access to it to even start helping themselves. Use this perspective to see how much you have and this will start that mind set of “I have”, and get you feeling gratitude and thankfulness. It will be like putting helium in your balloon, watch as it rises, just like your vibration.

52) Think like you have a million dollars and then let your imagination loose to identify your dreams and desires.

53) Identify if you are feeling afraid and identify what you are afraid of. Now identify with the truth of abundance, the truth of you, and the law of expression, increase and vibration. You simply are programmed for success, it is a certainty and fear cannot live in the truth.

54) Ask yourself, “How can I possibly fail”? When you remind yourself of the truths and laws, you will know that you can’t fail, you may not yet have lined up your energy with what you want, but your circumstances are telling you that and telling you to adjust your vibration. That’s it, that is all it ever is for not having what you want.

55) Remember you are not in the world, the world is in you. “The” economy is not good or bad, it’s “your” economy that is good or bad. “People” are not kind or rude, it’s the “people” in your world that are kind or rude. What is going on in “your” world? No one is doing anything to you; they are doing something for you. What they are doing is telling you about your vibration, get the message, make the change, and get the life you want.

56) If a negative feeling thought comes, listen to it, then turn it around by writing what the truth is 5 times.

57) Hug someone

58) Do some activity that gets you dancing, jumping, moving

59) Find something of beauty