New Exercises

Below are the 4 new exercises added to the program in the second edition


From Week 1 – Discovering Your True Self

Exercise 6 of 6 – Setup the “Feels Good To Think About” List

Mind Mastery Area 3

This exercise is very similar to Exercise 4 of 6 in this weeks material. The only real difference here is that instead of identifying the things that you can get up and do right now that cause you to feel good, this list will contain anything the feels good to think about even when you are not in a place to literally to it. It could be something you can do tomorrow or do regularly. It can be something that you want to do but have never done. It could be something you have done previously but have not done for some time. It could be something you want to have that you don’t have now or never had. It could be something you had at one time but don’t have now. It is something that just feels good in the thinking about it. It could be eating a specific meal. It could be flying a kite. It could be imagining yourself on a beach in a warm climate. It could be thinking about a visiting with a friend. It could be thinking about walking your dog. It could be imagining yourself buying a house that you always wanted. The list is virtually limited only by your experiences and imagination. This is an extremely valuable exercise because before anything can manifest in your life, you must match the frequency of that desire. The vibration of your present moment vibration must match your the vibration of your desire so the law of vibration can connect you. Remember, only equal vibrations attract. So by finding the feeling of what you want to experience, you are allowing it to manifest into your life experience.

So go ahead, start your list and every time you are thinking about something that gives you a really nice feeling, add it to your list.


From Week 2 – Your Life Satisfaction Indicator

Exercise 5 of 5 – Choosing Empowering Perspectives

Mind Mastery Area 3

Many times we tend to look at outside world conditions, circumstances and the way people are behaving and hold them responsible for how we feel. We tend to think that what they are doing has no connection to us, and that they are either randomly or independently deciding to insert themselves in an unpleasant or unwanted way into our world. We often get lured into the appearances of things and what we are observing as though someone or something was doing something to us. When we hold this perspective, which is completely erroneous and disempowering, it tends to cause us to focus on “what is” and the “way it is” that we don’t like, and from that comes negative feeling thoughts. From the negative feeling thoughts, we attract more of what we don’t like and the cycle goes around.

Another perspective we tend to fall into is that a situation or the behavior or choices of others can affect the quality of our life in some way, like they have some control over our life experience. This too is a faulty perspective. No one is or can control anything in our life, again they are there, as they are, only because they have a vibration that is equal to one we are offering.

The bottom line is that the people and circumstances in our life are exclusively the ones we invited through our vibration. Whether they are pleasant or not, that all depends on the vibration we are putting out. What we experience is what we asked for vibrationally. If we don’t like it, we can’t effectively use our words to change it or chase it away, we need to take a look at the vibration we are sending out that brought it / them to us. Once we change that vibration to one that will attract what we want, we will invite new manifestations according to that new vibrational offering.

To help you stay away from these disempowering and faulty perspectives, which tend to be loaded with opportunities to go to negative feeling thoughts, consider a new perspective that will help you look more at what you are doing with your vibration rather than looking at what the outside circumstances and people are doing. When you do this, then you can more easily release and detach from the details of the circumstances and take them for what they are, a manifestation of your vibration. No one is doing anything to you, in fact, they are doing something for you, they are showing you a vibration that you are offering.

A new empowering perspective that you can consider is this; look at the things that happen in your day as evidence of your vibration. Rather than talking about aspects of your job that you don’t like in a negative way or talking about what people are doing that does not feel good in a negative way, you can say I received evidence today that my vibration is low. This is very empowering in that you are using circumstances to help you be aware of where your vibration is so you can shift it, rather then getting tangled up in those circumstances as a source of choosing negative feeling thoughts and attracting more of what you don’t like. This perspective helps you to stay away from blame and feeling that people and things are doing something to you. Instead of seeing them as enemies, perpetrators, antagonists, or tormentors you can see them as vibrational friends. This perspective enables you to change what is causing you to have experiences that you don’t like, and that is your vibration, not people or circumstances.

What is really happening when you get evidence that you are in a low vibration? Essentially it means that your present moment thinking is being influenced by your faulty beliefs. To explain, if you have beliefs such as people can take things from me or cause my life to be miserable, or that there is not enough to go around, or that I am responsible for others, or that I can’t have what I want, or if someone gets it first then I will be left without, then your thoughts around some subjects and topics will be faulty; meaning they will be negative feeling thoughts. The negative feeling tells you the thoughts you are thinking are faulty or out of alignment with the truth of life and your power as a creator of your reality. So when you have a thought like no one respects my space, or why am stuck in this situation, this leads to a low vibration emotion (negative). Once you hold that vibration, you attract people that fulfill that vibrational level or vibrational request. To hold a vibration is to request one like it. When a person does show up to show you the vibration you offered, and you choose to feel perhaps angry, annoyed or some low vibration emotion, rather than just detaching from the circumstance as a manifestation, you attract more. The situation is giving you the evidence that you are offering a low vibration and if you stand back and reflect you will see that it was your faulty thought that no one respects me that caused a person to show up and disrespect you. Such a thought is of course faulty because you can have all of the respect you desire if you set your vibration to the level that attracts respectful manifestations. You are in a field of all possibilities and you can have it the way you want it, you just need to tell your story the way you want it, then hold steady on the vibration of that story using any subject or topic, and side step getting lured into unwanted situations that you attracted.

When you hold your present moment conscious vibration at the level of what you want, your evidence (daily life circumstances) will reflect that vibration as life unfolds towards what you desire. When you hold your present moment conscious vibration at a level that is not what you want (the unwanted), your evidence will continue to reflect that vibration. This applies to your job, your coworkers, your family, your finances, your health, your relationships, everything. Are these aspects of your life at the satisfaction level you desire, are they improving or are they stuck or declining. This is will tell you where you are holding your vibration with respect to each of these subjects.

Another empowering perspective is to look at what happens in your life that you don’t like as an opportunity to be clearer about what you do. If you find you are experiencing disrespect, it causes you to more strongly desire respect. Respect feels much better. Now all you have to do is practice the frequency of respect in your present moments and it will be your experience.

One last perspective that can be empowering is to view negative emotions as resistance. Resistance meaning something that is keeping your vibration down. When you do this, it makes it easier for you to realize that it is you who has to let go of the resistance so your vibration can rise rather than looking for others to change as a source of your relief. As you know you have no control over others, you simply decide on what vibrational level you are going to meet them.

Other empowering words you may want to introduce into your vocabulary are soothing and relief. When you feel stressed in one way or another, these words can trigger you to take it upon yourself to shift your thinking to thoughts that feel better rather then looking for people or circumstances to change for that feel better. This keeps you in the driver seat of your vibration and what you are attracting into your life, this is true empowerment.

For the next 7 days, at the end of each day, ask yourself “What was the evidence I received today about my vibration”. “What did today’s circumstances and interactions with people tell me about my vibration”. If you had things that didn’t feel good then you received evidence that you are offering a low vibration (resistance). If you had things that did feel good then you are offering a high vibration (allowing). If you had things that were good and not good then you are offering both high and low vibrations around different topics. If you received evidence of a low vibration, really look at what you are telling yourself, what is the story you are telling yourself about that situation? What beliefs do you hold that make you feel less than the powerful abundant being that you are? Where you find faulty beliefs and a story that is not what you want, change them. Let the circumstances help you to be clearer about what you want. You will get more information and practice about identifying and changing beliefs and your story in the coming weeks. You can use this information to help with those exercises.

Also, from your work so far in the program you would have started to collect tools to help you find relief and soothing thoughts when negative feelings are brewing. If these tools haven’t provided soothing and relief from negative feeling thoughts for any circumstances you have identified in this exercise, keep a list and as you collect more tools and strategies, identify which ones are most effective for giving you relief for those circumstances. As you sooth the situations you don’t like you will find your vibration rises and you actually stop attracting those situations.


From Week 4 – A New Declaration, Setting Your Direction

Exercise 4 of 5 – Making Choices

Mind Mastery Area 3

When you are faced with choices and options, which you are virtually every day, how do you decide which one is best for you? Which one will get you the best result? Regardless of how big or small the decision is, what do you use as your guide for how you make your decisions? Do you use words like should, must, appropriate, obligated, got to, duty, have to, need to, supposed to, right, wrong? If you do you are almost certainly excluding or ignoring what you want, that would feel good to you, when you make a decision to do or not do something. When you use these types of words it indicates that you are making your decisions based on fitting into the outside world or appeasing conditions in the outside world. What does it mean to fit in or appease, it means factoring in what others think, living up to expectations of others or situations, being accepted, pleasing others, seeking approval of others, making yourself responsible for others or situations.

By now you know that every one has the ability to be the intentional creator of their own reality, manifest what they want, and that everyone is unique and on their own unique journey and therefore responsible for the quality of their life. So your job is to determine which option feels the best to you for you. Even if there is not one option that right now is your ideal option, you can pick the one that is easiest to feel good about now, the one that produces the least resistance (negative feelings). When you do this you are setting yourself up to match the vibration of what you want, you are closing the gap between the vibration of your desire and the vibration of your present moment. Of course as you close the gap “things” start to happen to bring that desire into your experience. To be completely frank, when you make a choice, the options themselves have nothing to do with your success; there is no right or wrong choice. Just pick one and line up with it, that means identify what is good about it and keep you focus on what feels good about that choice. When you are feeling good, you are at the vibration level of everything you want and again, you will find that “things” happen and people show up that enable you to realize the things you want. All of the details that connect you with your desires are taken care of, you just have to maintain a high vibration so that you can connect with these details. This is the law of attraction and vibration at work. This is why it is so important to do the exercises and organize your mind mastery tool box as you go through the program. By doing this you will have many ways and strategies to hold yourself steady at the vibration that allows everything you want to flow into your life.

For the next 7 days, at the end of each day or during the day, track how many times you used the words, need to, should etc. This will help you raise your awareness that you are making choices to resolve to conditions outside of yourself rather than honoring how you feel within yourself. This of course alerts you to how much time you are spending in a low vibration; making decisions where you are not finding the feel good means you will be in a low vibration. That being said, this exercise will help you to more consciously make choices that are the easiest to line up with and therefore have the least resistance. This is critical to helping you maintain a high vibration.

As you catch yourself using these conditional words, switch to the statement, I choose to . . . (fill in the blank) because . . . (fill in the blank). At first you may still allow your beliefs and the outside world conditions to influence your choices but at least you know you are taking the choice with the least resistance. It’s a conscious and deliberate choice to give yourself the best opportunity to find feel good and therefore maintain a high vibration. As you practice more and more what you learn in this program you will find you are freer to make choices that you really want to make with little resistance from considering conditions or what others think, and therefore more dominantly hold a high vibration.

Additionally, sometimes there are many things going in in life and can make it seem complicated to find the choices that will help you reduce resistance. If this is the case then list all of the conditions going on your life where there is some resistance or a combination of feel good and resistance. Make a column to the right and score each item on a scale of 1 to 10 as to how much resistance that item is causing. Once you identify the highest resistance items, look at what other choices you could make that would reduce that number. Each bit of resistance you reduce brings your vibration up and gets you closer to things you want to manifest.

This exercise will also help you with the next exercise where you really want to choose exclusively what feels good to you regardless of current conditions that you don’t like.


From Week 17 – Nurturing Your Seeds – Nurturing Your Desires

Exercise 2 of 2 – It’s a new day

Mind Mastery Area 3

Upon waking up, you have a window of opportunity each day to start positive momentum. No matter what happened yesterday, last week or 20 years ago. This is a new day that can start with completely fresh thoughts that are independent of anything that has gone on, is going on or you think might go on. You can let you mind soar, free of beliefs, issues or anything that can start you in a low vibration. To help train your mind to start fresh and focus on what feels good, put a blank piece of paper where you can easily see it when you wake up. You may want to leave it blank or you may want to write a few things that will trigger your thinking in a good place. You could write any of the following or come up with your own statements to trigger the start of positive momentum.

It’s a new day and I am starting fresh new positive feeling thoughts now.

Time to meditate

In my world (go read your in my world sheet)

Wouldn’t it feel nice to / if . . .

Remember, once you get the momentum going, the law of attraction will keep sending you equal vibrations first in the form of thoughts, then ideas, answers, hunches and on to manifestations that take you on a wonderful journey to your desires. When you are feeling good, and when good feeling thoughts are in your mind and good feeling circumstances are showing up, you are moving on the path to your desire.

As you practice starting your day with intentional good feeling thoughts and you do what is in exercise 1 of this week which is to be aware of negative feeling thoughts in your day and turn them back to positive, you are really going to see the power of the universe to deliver everything you want in an easy and enjoyable journey. You may well think you are magic or someone is following you around setting up all of these things for you. You may take you a little time to believe life can be that easy.