Getting the Life You Want – Deliberate Creation

By Brian Withers


We are the creator of our reality and the 5 pieces of the creative process can be found in the document called “The Missing Pieces” on this website. They are also described in my Youtube series called Getting the Life you Want – Deliberate Creation 101.

Essentially, of the 5 pieces there is just one that we need to pay attention to and that is our personal energy vibration, the rest happens automatically. That being said, knowing about all pieces of the creative process is very essential because it gives you the understanding and knowing of why it is, and how it is that you are the creator of your life experience. This gives you tremendous confidence and certainty to have the life you want, and this actually contributes to your personal energy in a very positive way. When you feel a sense of certainty, expectation and confidence, you feel things like excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness and all of this is high vibration energy. High vibration energy is exactly what is required for you to attract what you want.

So when you have this information and see how it all works together, it really makes you want to learn how to direct your energy intentionally so as to cause the attraction of what you want, rather than what you do not.

What you have to realize is this. Your life is the way it is because of the energy you have been offering and the only way it is going to change is if you start offering different energy. This means while you are experiencing conditions, circumstances and exchanges you don’t like, you have to find a way to feel good regardless, hold your vibration high. This is entirely possible and must be done if you are to change your life.

There are 9 basic strategies a person can apply in their day to hold their energy vibration at a dominantly high level. This will cause what they want to happen rather than what is not wanted. In other words it allows a person to hold their vibration in a place that matches what is wanted regardless of circumstances. Here are the strategies:

  • Starting the day or boosting the day with positive energy momentum
  • Identifying the positive aspects and what is working in your present circumstances
  • Talking only about what you want
  • Knowing and accepting the general truth about who you are and how life is meant to be lived
  • Accepting everything that is happening in your life as what you have attracted with the energy vibration you have been emitting or offering to the law of attraction. Realizing it is temporary, changeable and simply reminding you of what you want and to focus on it or something at the vibration level of it (so it will manifest in your life)
  • New perspective on a troubling matter. A new way to talk about it that feels better. That would encompass a perspective that was in line with the truth of abundance and that you have the power to be, do and have what you want. Also that everyone is on their journey and you are rendezvousing with them in accordance with your vibration, where it matches theirs or the circumstances
  • Be willing to disengage from any situation where it does not feel good. In some cases that may mean taking distance from it and other cases it may mean emotionally distancing from it, while you are still there in body.
  • Realizing that it is your job to please you so you stay in a good feeling place. Understanding that everyone else has the ability to do this as well and it is their job to do for themselves, not hold others responsible for it.
  • Knowing how to talk in more general terms about situations that are not as you want so as to bring comfort, ease and soothing.

To help understand and apply each of these 9 strategies, consult the following documents on this website

Starting the Day with Positive Energy Momentum (this document calls on the following documents)

  • The Truth About You
  • Training your Vibration
  • Your Emotional Guidance System
  • Maintaining a High Vibration

At the end of each day you can ask yourself a few simple questions to see how effective you are at directing your energy to get what you want.

Did I react in the same old negative way to the same old things? If yes then you need to do more work on using these strategies to 1) find a new positive response and 2) attract what you do want instead of the same old what you don’t want.

What did I attract into my life today? Did I like it? Yes, then keep putting out the energy that brought it. No, then do more work on using these strategies.