Actions Monitor


Knowing when and how to act to realize your desires

Acting in the world of vibration is very different than action in an exclusively physical world. Rather then deciding to act, as we have accepted to make things happen, from a vibrational perspective we only act when we are called to act. This call is based on our vibration being at the level of our desire which causes us to connect with what source has setup in terms of moving us to our desire. When we act in this way it will come in the form of inspired action, an urge, a hunch, something that makes us feel we have to do that thing, it is the right thing at that time, it feels good.

Answer the following on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most true.

I act as though I am and in the ways I envision my self to be

I break through my fears by taking small steps that build my confidence and demonstrate that I can be, do and have what I desire.

I give my self permission to do things that feel good knowing it is that good feeling state of mind that makes my vibration equal to the vibration of what I want. This allows it to show up in my life.

I act based on what feels best rather than on approval of others, what I “should” do, or a negative voice in my head.

I set goals because they feel good, not because I have to. I realize it is not the setting of the goal that makes it happen, it’s the good feeling I get from setting goals that puts my vibration at the level of my desires and therefore supports the manifestation of them.

I realize the only good reason to do anything is because it feels good (as long as no harm to myself and others and does not impose my desires on others).

I set priorities for my day, week, month, and year that are in harmony with what feels good, and I stick with them

I tell people about the good things I am thinking about them.

I help others where and when I can, I reach out in soothing and empowering ways.

I act on opportunities that are in harmony with my desires as long as it feels good to do so and feels like inspired action.

I act on opportunities that feel good knowing that feeling is the vibration that connects me with my desires; it is what puts me in the receiving mode.

I respond with an action of high vibration versus react with one of a low vibration

I have my things organized in such a way that feels good to me

I know that I don’t have to be courageous because I know if I do things that feel good, my high vibration will allow what I desire to show up in my life experience easily and effortlessly, it is certain.

I know that everything I need to act upon to get me to my desire will show up because of the law of vibration; therefore my actions are inspired actions rather than forced actions; it is a matter of wanting to act rather then feeling I have to act.

Are your scores telling you that you know how and when to act in your daily life, that is, act on desire to act, the feeling to act?

If your scores are low you can go to the Program Exercises by Mind Mastery Area reference at the end of the book or consult your Mind Mastery tool box and go to the section Mind Mastery Area 4 – Actions in a Universe of Vibration. In this section are a list of program exercises, program articles and program diagrams that will help you to increase your scores and therefore proficiency in this area of mind mastery. Select the specific exercises, articles and diagrams that will most effectively help you to increase any low scores. The more you practice the more proficient you will be and the higher your scores will be. Your scores in this area of mind mastery let you know your level of mind mastery in this area only. Remember, total mastery requires that you have high scores in all areas. To be a total mind master is to take charge of your thoughts, your feelings, your vibration and therefore what you are manifesting, regardless of conditions, circumstances, memories, experiences or anything else that could influence your thinking.