About Higher Vibrations

What is your vibration, how is it affecting you and what can you do about it?  Understanding your vibration is the single most important piece of information you will ever learn in your life.  It is the root cause for everything that happens in your life and it is what will allow you to take charge of your life and change anything.

Each thought we think . . . the thought is a vibration of energy and our emotions tell us what the vibration of the thought is, high or low.   This chart of emotions (Vibration Indicator Chart) helps you to know when your thought is high vibration or low.   What is interesting is that you could say something like “I feel happy or I am happy”, but if you really are not feeling that way and those are just words to attempt to cover up how you feel,  be very mindful of this, the words themselves are not the vibration, it’s how you feel as you say the words, that is the vibration.   So if you say happy sounding words but are really feeling sad as you are saying them, then the vibration you are offering is low.

Now lets add another piece to this understanding that a thought generates a vibration of energy,  you get to choose your thoughts independently from anything going on in your life or what has gone on in your life.  You do not have to choose thoughts based on what you are observing or experiencing.  For example, you could be observing something unpleasant but instead of thinking about it, you could think about (intentionally set your focus on something like)  “I love summer sunsets” and you could imagine one and be “in” the feeling of it.   You have this power, the power to choose your thought, how you feel about your thought and therefore your vibration.  As you can see, you really can be totally in charge of the vibration that you are offering, it’s just a matter learning to be intentional.

Now let’s add another piece, the law of attraction.   The law of attraction does not know anything about you at all, it only knows what vibration you are offering and it connects you with people and circumstances that match that vibration.    You can now fully understand that your vibration allows you to be totally in charge of what is happening in your life.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how this plays out in our life.   If you see a car you like and you decide to buy a new car, initially, you would feel happy and excited and imagine having that car, perhaps you see yourself driving it, feeling that experience now, feeling the emotions of that experience now, even when it’s simply in your mind.    This means you are offering a high vibration (happy, joy, satisfaction) to the law of attraction, and it will begin to connect you with the path to that car.   However, what often happens, is soon after having held in our mind, the joy of having that car,  we follow the feeling of having that car with a thought of, oh I don’t have the money, where will I get the money, what will my partner think etc. then disappointment, sadness and other emotions set in, which tells us we are now low vibe and have just cancelled or overridden the high vibration that would have connected us with that car.   The low vibration of disappointment and sadness being dominant, nullifies the high vibration that would have caused it to manifest. 

Another example, if you are having a dispute with your spouse or another and you may be feeling one or more of several emotions along the lines of blame, unsupported, frustration etc. and you may be having some intense internal conversations and perhaps images; that would mean you are offering a low vibration and even though you may be thinking you are directing those thoughts / feelings towards your spouse / partner / friend / coworker (which you are),  but what most people don’t realize is at the same time you are offering a low vibration to the law of attraction.   The law of attraction does not question your choice of vibration, nor know why you choose it, it just accepts it and then connects you with an experience that is equal to that vibration.   So all in all, a reaction or negative attitude within you for any reason is going to cause the law of attraction to connect you with unwanted experiences.   Essentially, when you react to what you attracted (which is everything), you keep offering the same energy and attracting the same thing over and over.    It makes it seem like people are out to get you and you are stuck, but it’s just the unawareness that you are offering the same energy over and over again.

Another piece to understand about our vibration is this.   Our present moment thought choices are highly influenced by our beliefs, in other words, we tend to think according to what we believe about our self and life, and since we have accepted many faulty and limiting beliefs about self and life, many of our thoughts tend to be low vibration, not a match to the high vibration of our desire.   This was demonstrated in the examples above.    We have desires and we have beliefs and when the belief does not match the vibration of the desire, if the belief is strong it prevents us from holding the present moment thoughts that allow our desires to manifest.   So unless we are very aware of this, our responses, like that in the car example,  tend to be automatic from what we believe and we can easily get into a cycle of attracting what we don’t want (or blocking the attraction of what we do want) as the result of a faulty belief.   The fact is, in the absence of knowing the truth about our self and how life is setup to be lived, we have many faulty beliefs and that alone tells us we are attracting unwanted circumstances and not knowing how to get to the high vibration level that allows us to receive our desires.

You can see now why understanding your vibrational nature and the vibraitonal nature of this universe is the most important understanding you can ever acquire.   Once you have it, then you have the knowing and know-how to take charge of your life in all ways, always, to be, do and have what you want.

So from this short overview you can start to get the idea of how you are directly responsible, and in charge of  your life experiences.   Without knowing that your thoughts are vibrations of energy and that your emotions tell you what the vibration is;  without knowing about the law of vibration and attraction;  without knowing about how beliefs affect your present moment energy offering to the law of attraction,  you would have no idea what-so-ever that a “bad” experience or any experience has anything to do with what you are doing with your thoughts.    But now you have the basic understanding of how it works and there is a bit more to the entire creative process, which explains why and how you are the creator and receiver of your reality, that you will learn here.    This should get you inquisitive and wanting to know more about understanding why things happen in your life as they do and how to take charge of your energy vibration so you can change anything in your life and connect with the life experiences you want.   You will find a great deal of information to help you learn about your energy nature here and the links to my Facebook groups and YouTube channel.   You will also find information about my 20 week Higher Vibrations Program and Higher Vibrations Mastery Learning Community.

If you want to get an idea of where your vibration is in the various areas of your life, you can complete this Vibration Indicator Questionnaire.  It will help you to quickly identify any areas of your life where there is low vibrations.   Then you can work on shifting your vibration to change what is manifesting from what you don’t like to what you do.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at b_withers@hotmail.com