Script Writing Step 3

Script writing to release resistance and live our natural high vibration life

Step 3 – Acknowledge your freedom from resistance

Feel the power in understanding the working of your energy, that everything is working out for you perfectly, and realizing your desires are created and ready to be received

Step 3 is simply taking a few minutes to bask in the feeling of being at peace with what is happening in your life, knowing that all is well, because of your understanding of what really is happening vibrationally. You can say things like “nothing has gone wrong here, nothing ever goes wrong, everything is working perfectly, my thought guidance system (emotions) is working perfectly, the law of attraction is working perfectly to connect with me what matches my exact vibration, my Inner Being is working perfectly to acknowledge what I prefer from my unwanted experience and creating it along with a really nice path. This is the creative process, this is how it works, this is how it is setup to work and it allows me to have everything I want, and now that I am understanding how it all works I am more and more offering the vibration that allows me to receive all of the details for me to realize my desires. Life is good, all is well, life is setup to work out for me to be fulfilled continuously.” “I am perfect as I am, there is nothing to improve or fix, I am naturally powerful, creative intelligence with unique gifts and talents and passion to express them and I know this is true of everyone. So I am going to be nice to myself and understanding of others, I am understanding that we are all on a path to restoring to our natural high vibration self, returning to our natural state of high vibration, well being and true power”

Your mind is now clear for step 4 where you focus your vibration to the vibration of what you want. This is want allows you to receive the path to all things you want to manifest.