Training Your Vibration

By Brian Withers


Why would you want to train your vibration? Because you are an energy being and it is your vibration that is the cause of what is attracted into your life experience, the wanted and the unwanted. Remember, like energies attract, so the higher your vibration, and the more time you spend in a high vibration, the more satisfying your life experience is. Conversely, the lower your vibration, and the more time you spend in a low vibration, the more dissatisfying your life experience is in one or more areas of your life. For this reason you would want to be in a high vibration as much as possible, but the fact is, most people are unaware of just how much time they spend in a low vibration. For example when you react negatively, that is a low vibration. When you blame, feel fear, worry or doubt you are in a low vibration. When you feel guilty, overwhelmed, frustrated or annoyed, you are in a low vibration. There are many other negative emotions that tell us we are in a low vibration.

Why do we so easily go to a low vibration about the things in our life and in our day; because in roughly the first 10 years of our life we were (unknowingly) handed some very invalid and faulty information about our self and life and this caused us to think many low vibration thoughts. In essence we trained our self to think low vibration thoughts by practicing faulty thinking, and that just became a habit; our habit of thinking. The following are the faulty beliefs, and therefore thinking we took on as the result of the absence of the truth about who we are and what life is truly all about. This is why we don’t allow the things we desire to manifest in our life.

  1. we accepted that the source of how we thought and felt was from what was going on around us. We had no understanding or gave no consideration to the fact that how we thought and felt affected our vibration and therefore what we attracted to ourselves. We simply did not learn that what was going on in our life was directly related to the vibration we offered, and that if we wanted to change what was happening we would have to offer a new vibration. We just didn’t get that information.
  1. If we did find that a negative reaction got us what we wanted, or if people gave in to us when we were demanding or negative in some way then we most likely developed a belief that negativity is an effective way to get something. But although it may get us something in the moment, it comes with the high price of that negative energy coming back to us in one form or another.
  1. Without the knowledge that it is our vibration that causes what happens in our life, we of course resorted to believing that it was our words and actions that were the cause of what happened in our life and it was our words and actions that we needed to use if we wanted to make things happen; that we needed to figure things out and then make it happen. But this was and is confusing because we know that our words and actions don’t always get us what we want, there is not a complete guarantee that they will. We know that we can’t really control others and make them do what we want, certainly not agreeably. We know that we can’t control out side world conditions in a way that guarantees us what we want so there is no way that we can escape feeling negative energy like worry, fear, doubt, vulnerability and insecurity.
  1. Other reasons we go to negative feelings are because we think it is our job to please others which is clearly another invalid belief because everyone has the power to please themselves, attract the life they want. But without knowing this we can cause our self feelings such as guilt, anger, frustration, annoyance etc., more low vibration. We can also catch our self at times thinking others are supposed to please us which causes negative emotion when they do not. We also sometimes think we must win the favor of others or be seen as an abiding, appropriate or adequate person. All very faulty notions because we need no one to manifest the life we desire and they have nothing we need to achieve our desires. In fact they are all the manifestations of our vibration, nothing more or nothing less.

As you can see there are many reasons why we have been so easily going to a low vibration about the things in our day and spending large amounts of time there, but now that we do know how it impacts our day and our life, and that we can do something about it . . . this is why we would want to train our vibration intentionally to a high level.

So with the knowledge that

  1. your vibration is the cause for all of your life experiences,
  2. your vibration attracts circumstances that equal it
  3. you are in charge of your vibration, and
  4. negative emotions are low vibrations (negative energy) causing negative circumstances
  5. positive emotions are high vibrations (positive energy) causing positive circumstances

you may be feeling a bit of shock to realize that all of those things in your life that are not the way you want are all of your creations (albeit unknowingly). You may be thinking, wow, I’ve not been very mindful of my thinking, feeling and therefore the vibration I am offering. I really got to smarten up and take charge of what I am thinking about and how I am thinking about it. You might be thinking it would have been really nice if someone had let me know about this much earlier in life. The thing is, there is no point in going to a low vibration because you didn’t know, now you know, so now you can start to do something about it.

Now that you do understand that you are a vibrational being and responsible for your vibration, and therefore the quality of your life experiences, you will really want to be very keen on learning the complete truth about who you are, your power, and the support you have from the universe to live the life you desire. You can learn about this in my article called the Missing Pieces on this website. You will also want to be very keen to learn how to train your thinking to allow your vibration to rise to its naturally high level. Once you do that, that is when you will start to see all of the things you desire unfold in your day and your life. You will see life gets easier and more enjoyable. Training your mind to a high vibration is the only effective and reliable way to change any of your dissatisfactions into satisfying experiences and get more of what you do like.

So what does it take to train our vibration, how do we do it? Training your vibration is like training for anything. You practice a behaviour and / or process until you achieve the result you want and then repeat it until it becomes a habit. Once it is a habit it will be virtually automatic. For example, if you are learning to play a musical instrument and practice it until you achieve the level of play you desire, and then repeat it, it will become a habit and you will not have to think so much about it, your actions to produce that level of play will be automatic. That is, your fingers, your timing, all aspects of playing will be done without really thinking about it. In terms of training our vibration, what we are learning to do is choose thoughts intentionally, regardless of circumstances, such that they produce positive feelings. We are learning to deliberately fill our mind at all times with thoughts that feel good; that is a high vibration. Choosing thoughts intentionally for their vibrational value is what thinking is, otherwise we are just engaging mental activity based on what is going on around us or popping into our head and the vibration we generate will be directly related to those items. That is unguided and unchecked vibration and therefore will produce a manifestation that equals its emotional impact on us. If we let observations, self talk or experiences get our attention in a negative way is it very predictable what we will manifest, more negative observations, self talk and experiences. This is the same as learning music, if we do not intentionally place our fingers and apply ourselves to the instrument the music will not sound like what we desire and we will not develop the habit that will produce the results we want.

The process to train our thinking for a high vibration is that when we are in a good feeling place, we practice thinking about the things that leave us feeling good. This builds momentum and the law of attraction returns to us equal thoughts, then ideas, then imaginations, then solutions, then full blown manifestations. So it makes a great deal of sense to end your day going to sleep in a high vibration, then getting up in the morning and carrying on that momentum such that as you start into your day, you are in a vibration momentum that just matches you up with all things that are high vibration. Those things of course will be the many details that lead you, in a fun, enjoyable and exciting way to the realization of your desires. In fact your days will be so filled with joy that you will be in no rush to get to the desire, you know its coming so you will want to savor the journey.

What is paramount to you really being serious about practicing intentional good feeling thoughts is understanding and embracing the truth about who you are, the truth about life, why you came here and the support you have for a fulfilling life. Only when you are convinced that thoughts turn to things will get serious about training your habits of thought. As mentioned previously, you can get the full information with regard to these understandings in my article called “The Missing Pieces” on this website.

So in terms of practicing a high vibration to start your day, below are some strategies you can use. It would also be valuable to use them before bed as well to enter sleep in a high vibration, picking up that high vibration and the exercises in the morning to build on that positive momentum right away. You don’t have to do all exercises every day, just do enough of any of them to really get yourself feeling good so that you are approaching your day (and sleep) with ease, eagerness, enthusiasm, feeling relaxed, and a general expectation of good. About 15 minutes should be enough but it won’t hurt to take more time if you feel good about more time. Remember you don’t know what the path is that the larger part of yourself has setup for you to realize your desires, you just know it has setup the path. Once you are in a high vibration, the law of attraction will connect you will those details of that path. So just be easy in your thoughts and know the day is waiting to surprise and delight you, taking you to all of your desires in a fun and enjoyable way.

Intentionally start your day with positive momentum to intentionally set yourself up for an easy, enjoyable, fun, exciting, peaceful, rewarding, satisfying, flowing day OR risk having your day start with negative momentum where the law of attraction will connect you with what matches that negative momentum. You will start either positive or negative momentum, you get to choose and therefore you get to choose the quality of your day.

Here are the exercises you can practice to train your thinking to a high vibration and start your day with positive energy momentum. For many of the exercises even if you talk on a specific feel good stream of thoughts on that exercise for one minute gets momentum going. So work on holding your thoughts on something that feels good to think about and talk about for at least one minute and extend it if it keeps going or switch to another topic in that exercise or another exercise. Keep the positive momentum going for at least 10 minutes, 15 would be great. As you practice this each morning it will get easier to keep it going and you may find you have to actually stop and get on with your day (which now will be prepaved in terms of you having requested to the law of attraction to connect you with the high vibe experiences).

Remember this, your job is not to make more money, not to get more education, not to win the favor of others, not to get in shape, not to change your diet, not seek anything. You job is to allow yourself a high vibration and then follow the path that comes to you. It will provide you with all of the money, education, wellness, relationships, jobs and anything else you desire or are necessary for you to reach your desire.

In each of the exercises you can use writing to record your good feeling thoughts which can really be helpful to refer to when you find yourself in a down moment. When you are down, the law of attraction brings you more thoughts of that down energy so it is not so clear to connect with the good feeling thoughts. By looking at your lists that you will collect from these exercises you can give yourself a jump start to more positive feeling thoughts and turn your energy from down to up. That is what this is all about, keeping that energy up using every tool, strategy and method you can get your hands on. You can also review these lists to help you get started on positive momentum in the morning or reconnect you with it before going to sleep. You can also rewrite a list because writing causes you to be more focused and engaged with the thoughts. When you rewrite or review it can also cause you to clarify your lists and add new entries. Once you get positive momentum going, it always expands and introduces more of the same types of thoughts.

Engage your mind in one or more of the following

  1. The Positive Aspects about the various areas of your life that feel good to think about; the things that are working, or things that working out for you. This is will give you peace with where you are.
  1. The things that generally feel good to think about. Any subjects, topics or things that you had experienced, are experiencing, or envision experiencing that feel good in the thought of them. Include anything that causes you to feel joy, peace, fun, happy, excited, eager, enthusiastic. To augment this you can create a visual of these things. It could be a vision board, a slide show on a computer, a photo album, a scrap book. What ever captures you in a positive way and gives you the feeling of that experience.
  1. The story you want to be your life, in the various areas of your life. Create a visual. It could be a vision board, a slide show on a computer, a photo album, a scrap book. What ever captures you in a positive way and gives you the feeling of that experience.
  1. Things or experiences that you appreciate and are grateful for. Why does it feel good to have those things and experiences. It does not matter the size or monetary value or really anything except that it gives you the feeling of gratitude and appreciation which are both high vibration. The frequency of gratitude and appreciation are high frequencies no matter the reason that evokes them.
  1. Your good qualities. Not how you think the world sees you but things you like about yourself. What makes you feel good to be you, what is it about you that serves you in serving your desires and expressing yourself. When you do this you will always directly or indirectly be a benefit and / or brings joy to others.
  1. Setup a high vibration words list, words that cause you to feel satisfaction, comfort, ease, relief, joy, empowered. You can setup each letter in the alphabet and pick a few letters on any given day and add words to them. Use these words in your daily life and refrain from words that bring your energy down, you want your energy up and these words will help. You can even steer others to these words in your conversations and help them to bring themselves up. Write about how the word makes you feel.
  1. A list of general truthful statements that give you relief and ease about life or about the various aspects of your life. Things that feel true and have no resistance.
  1. Look at your life where you want to make a choice, list the positive and negative aspects about each and then decide which one will be easiest to stay focused on the positive aspects. Make that your choice. You are not looking for the right decision, you are looking at what makes it easiest for you to feel good and therefore keeping your vibration high. Once you do that everything works out anyway. You have already asked and its already done. You are not really deciding on any outcomes, you are just deciding to allow your vibration to rise so that you can connect with what you have already asked for and is cued up for you to receive.
  1. What makes you laugh; people, movies , friends and circumstances that you find funny. Have a good laugh. Humor is an instant high vibration, it is totally absent of resistance.
  1. Wouldn’t it be nice / fun / interesting / neat / cool / awesome” to . . . and fill in the blank. You could also flip the statement to say It would be nice / fun etc . . . What do you want to experience or see happen. Talk lightly and lovingly about it. Start at a place that has no resistance and build up the story as you see what you talk about comes.
  1. Turn your attention exclusively to the things that matter to you and in the way they matter to you. Feel the joy of them.
  1. What are things you do or think about doing that feel like fun? Bask in those thoughts.
  1. Hold some object or subject of attention that causes you to ooze the feeling of love and appreciation. Milk it.
  1. I wonder . . . (or I was wondering)“ “In my world . . .”, “I’ve decided . . . “ or “What things do I see working out for me . . .” and add something that gives you delight.
  1. What feels satisfying . . . “ to do, to think about, to look at, to hear, to smell, to feel. What are those things that feel most satisfying?
  1. Things that you find interesting and feel the enthusiasm for them. Run with thoughts in your mind.
  1. Things that please you. Feel the joy of them.
  1. What are you ready for that gets you excited? Put yourself in that picture, feel it.
  1. How can you help someone in some way that is simple but very meaningful to them. Seeing their appreciation will put you in a place of great reward.
  1. Things in your life that are not the way you want them to be and Say thank you to everything and everyone no matter what. This will help you to shift your perspective from being done wrong by, attacked, mistreated etc. to receiving a helpful indicator that lets you know you need to shift your vibration. It will shift you from being defensive and taking things personally, blaming, judging etc to gratitude. This is a huge vibrational shift and a very necessary experience to move away from low vibration thinking. All your other work here could be compromised if you will not find this new perspective related to the things that happen that you do not like. This is where you get to take responsibility for responding positively rather than reacting negatively.
  1. I like knowing . . . what are some things you know for sure that give you comfort, ease and relief.
  1. Acts of kindness and or thoughtfulness. Things you’ve done, had done to you or you have seen. The thought of people caring about people is just a very warm and comforting feeling.
  1. A stream of statements that give you peace with where you are and why everything is OK as it is. This could be in specific areas of your life or in general. Play the OK game. State what is going on that you don’t like or conditions or circumstances and say that’s OK. That is what releases resistance. See the article called Why Everything is OK on my website if you need help to know what everything is indeed OK, and to formulate your own stream of statements.
  1. Ask yourself, is it possible to / that . . . (talk about what you want and why it is possible from the perspective of energy, you as an energy being, an the law of attraction, expansion and expression).
  1. Ask questions about something going on in your life that you would like to have different. If you want more time you could say How can I get more time? You may ask How can I feel better about this situation? What would it take for this to work out for me? What would it look like if it were working out for me? What is the benefit of this? Could something good come out of this? The question puts you more in the energy of what you want because it influences you to think about the possibility of something more to your liking, or to think about how it would feel if it was the way you like it.
  1. Make a statement like Show me how I can get more time and be gentle as though you were talking with someone who you were certain had the answer. Show me how I can get a better job experience. Show me how I can feel better about my financial situation. When you know that what you want is waiting for you, when you know this is true, and you know the law of attraction connects you with the things you want when you match the vibration of them, then you have an expectation that something will show up to connect you with that experience. The feeling of knowing and expectation is the exact high vibration that will cause you to connect with what you want.
  1. Meditate (guided if negative momentum active).
  1. I want to experience . . . because . . . or I want it because (what do you want and why does it feel good to want it). This can be just miscellaneous things or could be in specific areas of your life.
  1. I like the contrast because . . .
  1. Accept what is that you don’t like. It is what it is. Detach from it, say thanks. This just means you are not going to pay attention to it, that thing you manifested that you didn’t like. That is the only way to prevent attracting more of it and freeing your mind to focus on what you do want. It’s not about putting up with it, it’s realizing it is a temporary condition and if you push up against it rather that accept it is as what is then you get more.
  1. It will be fun to see how . . . plays out
  1. I like it when . . . think about this in terms of areas of your life or in general. It will point your mind to what you want and put you in the feeling of it.
  1. Think of something that you have accomplished, a vision, a dream, a desire. What did you do after you had that in hand so to speak. Did you say that’s it, I’m done. No, you wanted to expand on it, use it in a new way, let it spring board you into something more. So realize we are constantly on the journey. Think about where you are and ask yourself Now What? In other words, where am I going to go from here, what can I see, what does this situation inspire me to think about. Realize, I manifested this, what would I like to manifest next.
  1. It is my intention or I intend . . . (for my day, my business, my relationship, my drive to work, my phone call with . . . think about it intentionally. General or specific). You want to see it going well, leading into it (prepaving it) with a positive attitude, positive perspective and positive expectation. Talk about words like ease, sure, cooperate, surprise and delight
  1. Allow yourself to be silly, make up silly stories or if a silly thought comes, go with it, build the silly story if it makes you laugh and release resistance. How about a duck wearing shoes, how about having a conversation with a tree!
  2. Remember that life is a field of all possibilities, think about the things that are cued up for you and how source energy will surprise and delight you in the realization of them.
  1. Think about things that are not the way you want them to be, then think but if it was this way I would feel . . .
  1. Realize that where you are is where you, with your vibration, choose to be. Always acknowledge you have a choice about where you are. You don’t have to be where you are, not permanently. And although you may not change it this red hot minute, anything is changeable with a shift in vibration. You can take yourself to a new place in your mind, with your vibration and your body will follow if you are faithful to your vibration. Always acknowledge, I am free to choose, I am free to have the life I desire. So if you find that you have manifested a place that you don’t want to be, use it to help you identify where you do want to be. Now use your focus to remain at the vibration of that new place, and you can do that without thinking about the new place at all. You just need the vibration of it. Other tools in this list will help you with this.
  1. Something of beauty. Something that touches you in a way that really captures you.
  1. Who said you got to tell it like it is? Telling it like it is, that does not feel good, will give you more of that same old story. Picture yourself talking with others and talking only about the things that feel good. If someone brings up a topic that is low vibe, shift the conversation or say something like I know that may not be good, but you know there is a way to change that. Or say what is good about that, or what does that make you want and how does that feel. Constantly reach to tell only the stories you want to live and influence others to do the same.
  1. Do an experiment to show yourself that you are the creator of your reality. Set an intention that is meaningful but so simple that you have no worry, fear or doubt about it happening or not. This eliminates resistance and let’s the feel good, high vibration on the matter hook you up with it. As an example you could talk about red cars, butterflies, flowers, music or anything that you have a good feeling about. As you see that you are causing it to come into your life you can make bigger requests with confidence.
  1. Pick a random topic that you can talk about at length and with joy. It maybe birds, trees, cars, travelling, hiking, really anything. If it touches you in a nice feeling way, it is another path to a high vibration which is the path to everything you want. You are looking to distract yourself from any negativity and therefore release resistance. Release, release, release, that is the name of the game. Then your vibration will rise.
  1. What if . . . fill in this statement about some aspect of your life in a way that puts a positive feel good spin on what could happen to make your day pleasant, as well as surprise and delight you in a pleasant way or help you to realize your desires.
  1. Talk about what you value and why you value them. This connects you with things, experiences that feel good.
  1. I can see myself in / doing . . . (fill in the blank). Or you could use the statement I would like to see . . . This is another way to put yourself in a picture that gives you pleasure. It helps you to identify with what you want, what feels good to you. It helps you to evoke the high vibration feelings that go with it like joy, excitement, interesting, happiness, etc.
  1. Look at situation or a person where you have a negative feeling attitude, belief or perspective and write a stream of statements to create a new positive feeling perspective, attitude or belief about that situation or person. This will change the vibration and change the experience to something more in line with what you want; something more pleasant and satisfying. This is another one of those exercises that has particular importance because if you don’t find a new positive feeling way to look at things in your day, they will continue to evoke negative energy in you and you will not shift your vibration, thus reattracting the same old experiences.
  1. Collect short poster images with positive and empowering messages. The internet has endless images on topics of our vibrational nature that quickly connect us with how much power we have to create our own reality. This connection really gives us confidence and determination to practice high vibration thinking.
  2. Think from this perspective, my supervisor is my source energy. Source knows what I want and how I can get it. So how do I get my work instructions (my action) from source. I just got to get to a high vibe.
  1. What is comforting to think about.
  1. What a fun experience . . . . could be
  1. I am looking forward to . . .
  1. Make this statement. I want the law of attraction to connect me with . . . or the question What do I want the law of attraction to connect me with? Now realize that you must rise to the vibration of that thing; put yourself in the feeling of experiencing that thing.
  1. Identify with the 4 step creative process

* Life causes you to ask for what you want (by experiencing what you don’t like)

* Once you ask, the larger part of you immediately makes it a vibrational reality

* The larger part of you orchestrates all of the details to get you to it

* By choosing a high vibration (feeling good) you receive, via the law of attraction, the details and inspiration to act that connect you with the

experience you want

  1. Since putting yourself in a high vibration is what causes all good things to come into your life, finding ways to feel good is what you are after. Write and embrace this emphatically, today, no matter where I go, no matter what I am doing, or who I am doing it with it, it is my dominant intention to find what feels good. I trust that the larger part of me knows what I want and how to get it to me and me to it. I trust that the law of attraction will connect me with these details that the larger part of me has setup and that these details are pleasant and easy. I therefore know that I simply need to act on inspiration to experience the fun, easy and joyous journey to what I want, which is certain.

The more you do these things, the more you will start your day in a high vibration and the more the law of attraction will bring to you what equals this vibration. That means fewer circumstances that are of an unwanted nature and much more that are of a wanted nature. Further you will be more resilient in terms of not falling prey to any trigger or circumstances that could get your attention in a negative way.

As you start to practice, be aware that we all have accumulated faulty beliefs which means we still have active vibrations related to these faulty beliefs. This means you can expect to find circumstances in your day that are equal to that active momentum. So as you are training your vibration in the evening and morning as indicated, and you can do those exercises in the day as deem useful, you will continue to be confronted in your day with circumstances and self talk that can trigger a negative reaction which will bring your vibration down. To counter this, there are 2 processes on this website that will allow you to diffuse the negativity and return to positive feeling thoughts. One is called “Your Emotional Guidance System” and the other is called “Maintaining a High Vibration”.

By practicing a high vibration and having a way to turn away from negative feeling thoughts, you can really train your vibration to remain high and then you can experience a constantly fulfilling journey of all the things you desire.