Your Emotional Guidance System

Your Sixth Sense

By Brian Withers


This article will explain why emotions are your guidance system to a fulfilling life and how to use this emotional guidance system. You will see why your emotions are really your sixth sense to help you move closer to what you want and further away from what you do not.

There are two sections to this article. The first section contains information about how our emotions are actually a guidance system to help us navigate life and therefore empower us to connect with the fulfilling experiences we came here for. The second section is a step by step process on exactly how to use your emotions as a guidance system. Once you have read through Section 1 you can refer to it as needed; however, section two is something you can use on a daily basis to train yourself to use your Emotional Guidance System effectively. Your emotions are what really allows you to be aware if your vibration is a match to what you want or a match to what you do not want. So if you want to take charge of the quality of your life experience you will have to learn how to use your emotions to guide your vibration.

Section 1 – Our Emotional Guidance System

Our traditional use of emotions

You probably have not thought about your emotions as a guidance system but simply as things you feel with regard to what is happening in your life. Although you probably have not thought about emotions as a guidance system, to some degree you have used them in this way. You tend to do things that make you feel good and stay away from things that make you feel not so good. The trouble is that we are not consistent with using our emotions as a guidance system; we don’t really practice using our emotions effectively in all areas of our life and in our everyday decision making process.

With all due respect, we tend to be somewhat sloppy with them because we do not realize they are the frequencies that cause the circumstances that are attracted into our life experience. For example, if someone says or behaves in a way that is unpleasant, we may be quick to choose thoughts that have us judging them as disrespectful, uncaring and the like. This then leads to the selection of an emotion such as anger, frustration or many of the other negative emotions. If we believe that something we want is out of reach it may leave us feeling the emotions of hopeless or depressed. If we believe that others are more successful, intelligent, capable then we may feel the emotions of unworthy, worthless. If we observe people having things we wish we had we may feel the emotions of envy or jealousy. If we feel we are experiencing to much responsibility we my feel the emotion of overwhelm. If we want to go after a goal but think it will risk our financial security, we may feel fear, discouragement, vulnerability, or insecurity. If we believe a friend is avoiding us we may feel rejection. We may stay in a relationship that does not feel good because of the fear that some aspect of our security will be jeopardized in some way or fear we will be alone. We may feel that our decisions are responsible for another person’s happiness and as a result could feel the emotions of guilt or sadness or resentment if we please another at the cost of our dissatisfaction.

We don’t realize that the emotions we choose (and every one we feel is a choice) are not free, they come with a frequency and that frequency causes a like frequency to be attracted to us. That frequency that is attracted to us will show up as a circumstance in our life. Low vibration frequencies attract low vibration circumstances.

For the most part we don’t think of our emotions as something we choose but something that choose us. We look at the world around us, we look at conditions, we look at circumstances, we look at what people are doing and saying, and what they are not doing and saying, we look at our performance and we allow all of these things to determine our feelings. We don’t realize that when we do this we are giving away our power to direct the quality of our life. We are allowing those external things to use our power to attract our life experience. It would be like going into a restaurant and letting someone else order your meal, one that you didn’t really like. It would be like sitting in the driver seat of your car, but letting the passenger do the steering.

Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s to good to be true”. That is complete proof that we have been conditioned to believe in lack and limitation, that we are without the knowledge of who we really are and what our relationship to the universe it. It is proof that we are without the knowledge of the enormous power we carry around within us day in and day out. We are giants of love, of creativity of kindness of abundance of all good things and with all of the abilities to live a fulfilling life and help each other to do the same but we have been (unknowingly) taught to live so small, so powerless. As we wake up to who we really are we will realize that nothing is too good to be true, that we can expect and manifest the best of everything as our natural birthright. As we come to know this truth we will turn this statement around to say “it’s to bad to be true”!, because badness has no natural place in this universe of love, abundance and unlimited creativity.

We grow up accepting that how we feel is the result of what is going on around us and so we allow conditions, situations and circumstances to do just that. We focus on what people are doing and saying, we focus on what’s going on in the community, the economy, news items or what that voice in our head is saying. We often blame or hold the outside world responsible for how we feel, or hold off feeling good until certain conditions come to be. For the most part, we base our feelings on what is, on appearances and we seek outside world means or changing outside world conditions as a way of getting to a place of feeling good, for example, I will feel good when he / she / they / it . . . (fill in the blank).

In summary, we allow our feelings to be the product of the world around us and we look to the outside world to find ways to help us change our feelings. Not only have we not learned how to use our emotions as a guidance system, we have learned how to use them for self sabotage and self destruction and we have learned how to give our power of feelings away to the world outside of us. We have learned to let fear rule much of our life, and cause our perspective of so many things to come from a place of lack. This erroneous way of processing emotions must change if we are to take charge of our life. We must shift to a mind set where we deliberately choose our feelings based on the truth of who we are and the laws that govern all of the universe. The time has come to take back our power through understanding that we are a vibrational being, and by practicing, and mastering our abilities that allow us to direct our vibration. Then, and only then, can we live the life of fulfillment that we came here for.

A new perspective on emotions – the dawn of discovering our emotional guidance system

As we have seen, our traditional use of emotions has not helped us to improve the quality of our life and in fact keeps us experiencing the things we don’t like and the things that do not feel good. We simply have not connected with the fact that the feelings we choose cause the circumstances that we experience in our physical life. We do not realize that spending time in negative emotions causes the following: 1) causes the people in our life to behave in unwanted ways towards us, 2) we encounter unwanted circumstances, and 3) it is why we need to spend time in the Dr.’s office to address health matters. We just have not put together the high cost to our life for allowing outside world conditions (“what is”) to be responsible for our emotional state of mind. What this tells us is that we critically need to understand the power of emotions and learn how to choose them effectively, and then practice it. Thankfully, this information is now available, and what it tells us is that our emotions are not just things we feel but things we can intentionally choose for the purpose of setting our vibration. My program called Higher Vibrations for Health, Happiness and Harmony not only gives you this information, but shows you how to apply it in your every day life. Once we start deliberately setting our vibration, through our intentional choice of feelings, no matter what is going on around us, we start causing the attraction of what we want. This is in stark contrast to attracting our life experiences due to allowing the conditions and appearances of life around us to dictate our feelings.

We do not have to let our feelings be the product of our circumstances because we have innate faculties that allow us to choose our feelings in every present moment. No matter what is going on in our physical life we can turn to a thought> feeling of our choice. When we do this we become the master of our mind, our vibration, and therefore our life experiences.

The more that we understand we are in charge of what we feel, and that feelings are vibrations, the more we will realize that nothing does happen or can happen in our physical reality that we did not authorize by way of our feelings. What precedes any physical reality is the generation of a vibration that supports that physical reality. All physical reality is, is energy at a unique vibration. What gives energy its unique vibration in terms of what appears in our life, is our feelings.

Our feelings are a choice because they are the result of how we choose to think about a specific subject. In other words, a feeling is the combination of a chosen thought(s) about a subject along with a positive or negative emotional perspective. For example, if I think about my car, which gives me thoughts of how reliable and comfortable it is, that would give me a positive feeling of happiness about my car. On the other hand, another person, when thinking about their car may have thoughts about it breaking down, and the high cost of maintenance, so their feeling when thinking about their car is disappointment. As you can see, it’s not what we think about alone that causes the feeling, its how we think about a thing that combines an emotion with that thing. The thought together with the emotion creates the feeling. The feeling then creates a unique frequency. The repetition and sustaining of that feeling along with the depth of the emotional charge determines how dominant that frequency will be. The more dominant the frequency the quicker the manifestation of that frequency. In other worlds, the quicker you will attract other “things” that have an equivalent frequency into your life. In the example of the car, one person would continue to have a pleasant experience with cars where the other would not. The only difference is the vibration they are offering with regard to a car. If the person who relates disappointment to the thought of a car would change their perspective to what good a car could bring to their life and practiced the feeling of that, once it became the dominant frequency, their experience with a car would change to match the frequency. Even if their car was presently breaking down and causing high maintenance costs, that would all change if they did not allow those circumstances to get their attention and instead continue to offer a new vibration of what they want.

The new perspective with regard to emotions is that they are not just something that we feel, they tell us if we are thinking thoughts that are in alignment with what we want or not and with the attributes of our true self. In this way we always know if we are on course or off course. A positive emotion tells we are on course, a negative tells us that our perspective is off. Without the feedback of emotions we would have no idea if our choices were taking us in our desired direction or not and if we were off course we could easily be on a path to our demise very quickly. So emotions are as essential to a human being in terms of being empowered to move towards what is wanted as a compass is to an explorer who is seeking a destination in uncharted territory. This is why emotions can be viewed as our sixth sense. Just as our 5 senses guide us to what feels good and away from what does not, emotions do the same thing in the non physical world as they guide us to good feeling thoughts and away from not so good feeling thoughts.

You can think of emotions like our pain sensors to our hand. Our pain sensors help us to realize when it is time to pull away from something that could harm us. Conversely, when we are having no physical pain sensation, we know that what we are doing is not going to harm our body. Emotions are the same, if we are feeling good then we are on a path that will lead to enjoyable experiences but when we are feeling negatively, we know that it is time to pull away from the thought perspective we are harbouring before we start attracting things we don’t like. This is why our emotions can be called a guidance system and again our sixth. They help us to navigate our thoughts to a high vibration and therefore remain in alignment with our true self and in alignment with the frequency of what we really want. When we remain in a high vibration, things, people and circumstances just show up in our life that allow our desires to unfold easily and effortlessly. By using our emotions as a guidance system, we can live the life of fulfillment and service that we came here for.

When we experience body or mental health ailments, this is a function of our emotional guidance system. A breakdown in our wellness is a heightened sign that we have been harbouring thoughts that are out of alignment with our source and therefore leading to negative feelings. Negative feelings cause low vibrations and this causes us resistance energy that interferes with our natural frequency. The energy interference is what is at the root of the health matter but without knowing this; we tend to either ignore it, thinking it will get better, or seek some outside world relief. But unless they are some how a catalyst to a shift in vibration, they will only be temporary relief at best.

What makes your emotions even a more vital as a guidance system is that, as a human we have free will. You are free to decide what you want to think about, how you will think about it, how you will spend your time, how you will interact with others and every thing about your day and life. You can literally choose any path you like, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice. As Steven Covey says in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, you can choose to step in front of a train, but you don’t get to choose the outcome of that train hitting you. So although we have free will, we must use it very wisely. That means to use it in conjunction with our natural interests, urges, tendencies and passions. But we really can’t do that because we have not been taught the truth about who we are and life. Think about using any sophisticated piece of machinery without training and instructions, you are just very unlikely to get the best results due to improper use, and we as humans are a sophisticated machine without emotional training and instruction. For this reason our choices tend to be made on faulty and limited information which invariably has us ignoring what our emotions are telling us. The result of this is that we tend to stray further and further away from our true self and natural path, doing what we think we are “supposed” to do rather than following a course based on the feedback from our feelings.

The fact is that nature will not allow us to be off track because when we are out of vibrational balance, it interferes with the balance and harmony in the entire universe. Think of humanity as a symphony orchestra where every one needs to do their part to get the beautiful music. This concept illustrates the fundamental impulse of the universe for expression, expansion and evolution. As you can see throughout history, without such a correction mechanism we probably would have been extinct a very long time ago. The thing is if we get too far off of our natural path and persist in staying off path, the body will go away and we will return instantly to our source energy self. The universe is setup in a way that if we insist on bucking our natural unfolding by getting hung up in negativity about the way things are we essentially are hitting the reset button on our self as we move from physical to non-physical.

Typically, we do realize that feeling down does not feel good and we try different ways to get out of it for that reason, sometimes successful, sometimes, not so much, but regardless, typically we don’t understand that staying in a negative feeling causes us to invite unwanted circumstances into our life and our body. We also tend to believe that our feelings are caused by what is going on around us, but the truth is, what is going on around us is there because we attracted it with our feelings. The cause of what happens in your life is directly related to how you feel. The feelings cause the circumstances, but we grow up believing that it is the circumstances that cause the feelings.

How our emotional guidance system works

To put it simply, our emotions can be called a guidance system because they tell us if what we are thinking is in alignment with what we desire and the truth about who we really are. What does it mean for our thoughts to be in alignment, it means that they are generating the emotional frequencies that are equal to what we desire; this is what allows those desires to flow into our life. So when we think thoughts that produce negative feelings, we can be assured that we are attracting something we do not like. To put it another way, we can be assured that we are not allowing what we desire to show up in our life. When we think thoughts that produce positive feelings, the positive feeling tell us that our thinking is producing an emotional frequency that will attract our desire.

To really use our emotional guidance system, we have to know about our innate mental faculties and how to use them effectively. In short, they consist of our power to choose our thoughts, and our mental will to sustain our choice of thought. Further, when using our power to choose a thought we can choose that thought from physical circumstances or from our imagination. Our imagination is a power faculty that let’s us generate a new physical reality when the one that is happening is not to our liking. Another faculty is perspective. This allows us to decide how we will think about the things that we have chosen to think about, that is, a positive emotional aspect or negative. Once we join an emotion to a subject we then have a feeling. Whichever thought>feelings we practice (repeat), they become our dominant vibration and the ones that will cause what is attracted into our life experience most of the time. Negative feelings will prevent our desires from finding us (different frequency) and positive feelings will support our desires to find us (same frequency).

At this point I highly suggest that you read my article “Why Every Thing is OK” to get the information about who you really are as a human being and the power you have. This will strongly support you in using your mental faculties effectively by connecting you to the truth of your power and your relationship to the universe; basically that it has your back. The remainder of this article is written with the understanding that you have familiarized your self with the contents of that article.

To help with the understanding of how our emotional guidance system works, think about the oil light on your cars instrument panel. When this light comes on, it is telling you that you need to take immediate action or you will be having serious engine trouble. If you do not know that is what it means you will ignore it and keep driving until your cars engine literally seizes up. That is a high cost of not understanding the warning system. Further, you may find the light annoying and put a piece of tape over it so you don’t have to look at it (which is essentially what outside remedies do if treated as solutions versus temporary aids). The end result will be the same as ignoring it. This light is signalling the driver to take action and if the driver does so then there is no issue, the light has done it’s job to help the car remain in good working order. The same thing can be said about a negative emotion. It’s only bad if not used to shift our thinking to that which agrees with the truth about who we are and the frequency of our desires. If you do use it to shift your thinking accordingly this is when you allow your desires to effortlessly show up in your life.

Here is another analogy to help understand how our emotional guidance system works.

As was stated, a negative emotion is a helpful thing if we use it accordingly, but if we allow our self to hang on to it or get tangled up with it then we are misusing it and causing our self discomfort in our life. When we hang on to it we are using it to attract experiences we do not like and the very things we don’t want in our life. To illustrate this point, if you grabbed a live electrical wire with your hand, would you continue to hold on and get the shock or would you let go? Your natural sensory system causes you to let go to preserve your physical body. Our emotional guidance system does the same thing for our emotional life and therefore, is meant to help us increase the quality of our life experience. Think of the negative feeling like the shock you would get from the live wire, just let it go and turn to something that feels better. That’s what it is telling you, that you have your thinking in a faulty place and need to change it to something that causes you to feel good. To be fair, there is a reason that we do not typically let go of the negative emotion even though it is hurting us to hold on to it. The reason is that we have been vigorously convinced to work with circumstances as reality, when in fact, they are nothing more than a movie on a screen or shadow on a wall. Reality is in our vibration; that is, it is the movie projector. Unfortunately, it has become “normal” for us to engage our emotions in what is happening around us, the appearance of things. This is just a completely invalid use of our emotions. When we do this, we are using them in a way that causes us to continue to experience what we don’t like. It is time to stop doing that, it’s ineffective and it is causing us a lot of grief in our life and actually causing us to sent out low vibrations that are affecting the lives of others as well.

Because it is so critical to the quality of your life to understand the damage of holding on to negative emotions, I will add one further analogy that hits this point home. Consider the following scenario: Imagine a car with a rope tied to the back end. Now imagine you grabbing that rope and holding on. Now imagine that car taking off and instead of letting go, you continue to hold on and the car drags you across the surface doing significant damage to your body. Holding on to negative emotions is akin to hanging on to the rope except we don’t see the direct correlation with holding on to negative emotions in terms of the damage it does to our life. We don’t realize the choice of negative emotion is why life experiences show up that tend to drag us through some pretty painful and dissatisfying times. The next time you feel a negative emotion, just picture yourself being dragged behind a car, that should give you some motivation to let go.

Holding on to negative energy does to our life what holding on to the live electrical wire or holding on to the rope behind the car does to our body. Why would we do that? What’s even stranger is that continuing to hold on to the wire or the rope is like learning to live with the pain when all we have to do is let go. Why don’t we let go? We don’t let go because we have a fear that is causing us even more pain, the pain of insecurity or guilt for example. Of course those are not valid reasons because fear based feelings are always based on faulty beliefs and lacking the truth of who we are.

When we do not let go of the negative emotion(s), not only do we attract unwanted circumstances and encounters into our life but our body or mental health eventually starts to break down. Because we don’t understand the correlation we resort to taking prescription drugs or using surgery or other external therapies to numb the pain, but all we have to do is let go of the negative emotions. Imagine how strange it would be to you if someone was getting shocked from a holding onto a live wire and instead of letting go to get relief from the pain, they asked you to give them a pain killer or cut out their pain receptors. Would that not seem bizarre to you when all they need to do is let go of the wire. Well it is equally bizarre that we hold on to negative emotions, it is really the same exact concept. Just watch two people get into an argument or disagreement and watch them endure negative emotions and even walk away and hold on to them. They are really holding on to that live electrical wire or holding on to the rope behind the car. Unfortunately, they don’t make the connection between the feelings they hold and how that attracts their life experience. They don’t realize they are setting themselves up for more of the same pain.

When we embrace physical life as simply a manifestation of vibrational life, then we will use our emotions to help us turn in the direction of desires and dreams rather than a means to cause our self destruction. Further we will realize that wellness is a result of maintaining alignment through turning away from negative feeling thoughts and towards positive feeling thoughts. I am not saying that external methods to help the body are not useful, if we get to such a place of imbalance, these agents can be very good to buy us the time we need to shift our vibration, but they should only ever be viewed as temporary helpers not solutions. A solution can only come from addressing the root cause and that is always our vibration. Our vibration will only be high when we are following our natural path because that is the only time we will feel satisfied. Following your natural path does not necessarily mean you are doing the thing you want in this moment, but it means that you are moving in that direction. The feeling that you are moving in that direction is a now feeling and that high vibration will cause you to be in alignment vibrationally even before the thing you want physically manifests. It really is about the feeling, more than the physical manifestation of the thing that keeps you in alignment.

Natures intended use of a negative emotion.

Let’s take a closer look at how exactly a negative emotion can help us to get back into alignment and on our natural path. When you are in a situation where you have a negative feeling, there are two things to be aware of 1) that you have a vibration that attracted the situation and 2) that the negative feeling came as the result of a thought about that situation, and that thought is out of alignment with your source self. Further, that thought was most likely influenced by a faulty belief (which is simply the momentum of that thought repeated and stored in the subconscious mind). When you practice looking at your life in this way, you will be much more free to look at a situation that does not feel good and find a way to make it good rather than taking it personally, being hurt or going to fight or flight. All of those latter reactions of course cause you to attract more of what you don’t like where as looking at things through a vibrational point of view let’s you detach, accept, be non-judgmental and non-defensive. This gives you the freedom to shift your thinking, feeling and vibration to one that is more in alignment with who you are at source and that means you are moving to a vibration that will give you more of what you want in your life. So when you are in a situation and you notice it does not feel good, it simply means that a faulty belief is influencing your thinking perspective which turns on the negative emotion, nothing more, nothing less. The secret is to take ownership of your feelings, acknowledge the negative emotion, look at the thinking that is supporting it and then immediately take the steps to get off of that thinking and generate a positive emotion.

A negative feeling can also be a great opportunity to define more clearly what you do want in your life experience. In other words, if the situation is one you don’t like, how would it be different so that you would like it. Knowing what you want in your life experience is paramount to attracting it. Remember, what you focus on expands in your life. The greater the definition about your desire and the deeper your feeling of it, the more you will experience exactly what you want. How do you shift from a negative feeling to a positive feeling is laid out in detail in the following section. By switching to a positive feeling, you are establishing a new positive belief. If you do this each time a negative feeling happens, you will be adding momentum to the new belief and it will eventually be more dominant than the old belief. Once you establish the new positive dominant belief it will take over as what influences your thinking and therefore your vibration, and therefore what you attract into your life experience.

In shifting from a negative to a positive feeling, the objective is to create positive momentum that will support the attraction of your desires. Essentially, the shift from negative to positive will raise your vibration and once you reach the frequency of your desires they will start to unfold in your life. To build positive vibration momentum that supersedes an existing negative feeling, it takes commitment, patience and repetition. It is critical that you understand this concept of momentum because if you do not, you can easily think nothing is changing with your efforts and quit the work to create the new belief. It’s like throwing a bucket of water on a big fire, sometimes it takes a lot of buckets to put it out and that is the same with displacing negative momentum with positive momentum. It’s also of great value to realize that the the time to practice the thoughts that allow your vibration to rise are at bedtime and when you awake. This way you get the day started with positive momentum. The more you practice this, the less resistance (unwanted) circumstances show up in your day. When you combine this with the process below to turn away from negative reactions and triggers, then your positive momentum can really build.

As you get more and more of your beliefs to be in alignment with the way your source self sees things, you will find that your vibration rises and you will attract into your life those things that are equal to that higher frequency. Your days will start to flow more easily and your desires will start showing up. Most people know what they want, they just don’t know how to release the resistance (negative emotions) that keeps them away from it. To live the life of fulfillment that you have asked for from your life experiences, and are now vibrationally available to you, you must absolutely learn how to release resistance. To put it another way, learn to feel good all day long by engaging with things that feel good; thoughts, observations, actions. To enable yourself to get to a place that feels good, you will need the confidence of knowing who you really are and the truth about life. Making feeling good your top priority is actually your greatest responsibility as a human being. This is what raises your vibration and the collective vibration. You can do no greater service to human kind (and yourself) then to raise your vibration. You can do no more disservice to mankind (and yourself) than to lower your vibration. Many who do not understand that they are a vibrational being may see you as selfish as you tend to your own state of feeling good. For this reason, you must embrace what is in this article so you can rise above any comments or attitudes that you encounter, knowing that those people do not realize you are actually helping them. You are helping them in the greatest way possible for one human to help another. You also need to realize that if you choose a feeling of guilt for doing what feels good to you, others show up to let you know that feeling of guilt is not in alignment with truth. They may do this in a way that is not so pleasant but it is up to you to get the message and make a shift in your vibration. Find a way to be OK with making yourself feel good. You will find this in Section 2 of this article.

Here is an illustration to help you understand this shifting process of getting back into alignment once your emotional guidance system has alerted you that you need to do so. Let’s say you have a room in your house that has been piled up with all kinds of things and completely disorganized and virtually unusable. Let’s say you want to change it so it is pleasantly usable. Before you get it specifically how you want it to be, first you must start with how it specifically is. So the first step is to clean it out, rather than starting to set it up the way you want it. Basically what you are doing is going from a specific place you don’t like to a neutral place. Neutral is not specifically anything, it is a general open room, not what you want, but not the mess that it was in either. But now it starts to feel better, you can see how you can make something out of it, you can start making it look the way you like and in a fairly short time you get it specifically how you like it. You see, you didn’t go, in one step, from unpleasant room to pleasant room. You didn’t go from how it was specifically what you didn’t like to specifically what you do like, you had to go through neutral, and a few steps. This is how we move from a negative state of mind to a positive. We ease our self into a neutral place and that sets us up to go to a more specifically positive place. If we are just a little negative then the process is faster than if we are a lot negative. Just like the room, if it is just a little messy it is much quicker to change than if it is a lot messy. See the diagram on my website called “Moving from Negative to Positive Vibration” at . It illustrates this change process from negative to positive thinking and feeling. You can see another diagram called “Effect of Emotions” on my website at . This also shows that to move to a high vibration from a low vibration, we need to step up through the scale of emotions from where we are to a higher vibrating emotion and so on until we are back to a high vibration. It also shows you the effect on your life when you are dominantly in a low vibration versus high. This makes it clear as to why you would want to be very diligent to maintain a high vibration.


Section 2 – How to use your Emotional Guidance System

Now that we know our emotions are a guidance system and it is working perfectly OK to help us stay in alignment with our true self, how is it that we effectively and practically use this system in our daily life. Let’s say you find yourself in a negative emotion that has got you hooked, and / or it feels like it has you pinned down, and / or it is influencing you to have negative conversations in your head or with others, and / or imagining negative things in your mind, and / or affecting your actions. Getting into a negative spin or funk is like falling off of the first floor to the ground. Just like you can’t jump from the ground to the first floor, you can’t get really happy from a negative place in one thought. It takes a process of stepping up through the scale of emotions. To get back up, you have to take the steps one at a time. Below is the summary of steps to help you shift out of that negative feeling and into a positive and therefore regain self alignment and a high vibration.

Summary of using your Emotional Guidance System and getting into Alignment with Your Source Self

If you use your emotional guidance system effectively you will catch yourself going into a negative mood or thoughts and you will quickly turn it around to positive much easier than if you allow yourself to dwell on negativity. The reason is, as the minutes pass and you hold on to negative thoughts, the law of attraction will bring more thoughts to match them and you will gain momentum, so it’s easier to turn it around before momentum starts. Kind of like a train barrelling down the tracks, it has to get slowed down and stopped before being turned around. That takes a lot more time and energy than if you had of turned the train around before it got going with any momentum. Unfortunately, most people, because they are unaware of the link between negative emotions and the circumstances in their life, they tend to stay in them and get that momentum going. Once it’s going then it takes more of a process to turn it around. Below is the process that can help you to turn negative momentum around if you missed the opportunity to catch it in the very early stages where it only takes a quick choice to turn it around.

If you compare the process (steps) below to the illustration of reorganizing a room earlier in this article, you will see that you are moving your mind slowly from a specific negative place into a general place that is less negative, then to a general place that is positive at which time you are ready for a specifically positive place. It’s all about resetting to the basic truth about your being and then working up again, like walking up the stairs to get back to the first floor after falling off. By practicing resetting your thoughts to the basic truth about who you are, you are practicing focusing on better feeling thoughts. Better feeling thoughts will attract more better feeling thoughts and this positive momentum is what causes you to move to a high vibration. It’s like climbing up those stairs and it allows you to get more specifically positive as you carry on the positive momentum. Further, each time you turn away from negative feeling thoughts, your lack of attention to them slows down the negative momentum. In other words, the vibration associated to the negative thought is weakening with the reduced attention to it. It’s like taking the charge out of a battery, a dead battery has no power. The weaker the vibration of a thought, the less power it has to attract. And the only real way of taking attention away from a negative feeling thought is to put all of your attention on the new positive feeling thoughts.

As you repetitively turn to and pay more attention to a new positive feeling thought, you create a new positive belief with momentum. Once this momentum becomes dominant it will be what influences your vibration and therefore what the law of vibration uses to attract your life experiences. So rather than being in a self perpetuating cycle of negative feeling thoughts that cause negative circumstances that influence more negative feeling thoughts etc., you move to a perpetuating cycle of positive feeling thoughts that cause positive circumstances that influence more positive feeling thoughts. When you practice this process every time a negative feeling comes, eventually those negative feelings will simply stop happening. In a case of extreme negative feeling thoughts that generate anxiety or depression for example, it may require that you engage other temporary means to get enough of a reset to do the work outlined here. That could mean getting some sleep, meditating, or using medicinal assistance, but just something that will interrupt that negative momentum long enough for you to get it turned around to something positive; something that allows you to hook on to a stream of thoughts that feel good.

Essentially, what this process is helping you with is strategic distraction away from negative feeling thoughts through focus on positive feeling thoughts. Mastering the mind is no different than mastering anything. If you watch a pro, what makes them so is that they have practiced methods, skills, and strategies that enable them to perform as they do. Every human being needs to be a pro at mind mastery otherwise our performance will not get us the life experiences we desire. If you look around the world and watch the way people react to things in their life, there are not many who have mastered their mind. Even those who are a pro at a certain area of life may not be a pro in other areas of their life. It really takes a full understanding of who you are as a human being to intentionally attract the life you desire. This means understanding your innate faculties to take charge of your mind and how to master them. Here are the summary steps for mastering the use of your mind and therefore your vibration in two different scenarios.

Scenario 1 – To move from a negative feeling to a positive when something is going on in your life that you do not like and therefore does not feel good.

1) be aware that you are in a negative feeling

2) ease yourself away from the negative feeling

3) ease yourself into a more neutral, feel better state of mind

4) realize the vibrational value of the situation

5) identify what you don’t like about it as a way to clarify what you want to see happen in this situation or area of your life

6) practice sustaining high vibration thoughts about the situation or in general (morning and night)

Scenario 2 – Use these response options when in an exchange with another to avoid taking things personally and generally going to a negative emotion(s)

1) Gratitude

2) Apologize

3) Compassion and Empathy

4) Perspective

5) Validation

6) Humor

At first these steps may be a bit mechanical and take a bit of time, but like learning anything, once you get good at them, it will literally take seconds and be very automatic to go from negative to more positive, so you must be patient with yourself to train your brain in this way of thinking.

What you are aiming for is to be feeling good in every moment, or when you find you are getting away from feeling good, drop the thought that is taking you away and engage another one that will move you back towards feeling good as quick as possible. It is the most effective way to help yourself and others because when you are feeling good, you are in a high vibration, and when you sustain that high vibration, that is when circumstances start to show you the way to your desires, things line up, situations spontaneously occur to deliver what you have identified as wanting in your life. You will be in alignment and good things will naturally happen to make your life fulfilling in every way. This is what your emotional guidance system does for you, it guides you to alignment with your true self and your desires.


Details of Using Your Emotional Guidance System – bringing yourself back into alignment with source and desires

Scenario 1 – To move from a negative feeling to a positive when something is going on in your life that you do not like and therefore does not feel good.

1) Awareness

Once you catch yourself starting to fall into a negative feeling, resist the urge to go along with it and go to the next step. Condition your self to see a negative feeling as a warning light to being out of alignment, nothing more or nothing less. Being out of alignment meaning that you are thinking a thought that is not congruent with the qualities and essence of your true self. Your true self only sees things in terms of abundance, love, creativity, peace, worthiness etc. It knows that you have the power and access to transform energy into matter. It knows that you have unlimited access to energy. It knows that you have natural gifts and talents and natural creative ideas and the ability to express them. It knows you have the capacity for empathy, compassion, support, serving etc. It knows you can have what you want, when you want. And it knows everyone else has these qualities. So it will not join you in any thoughts that are less then these truths. Forget about allowing the circumstances you are in to take you to thoughts that are lesser than you are, forget about allowing any one from taking you to thoughts that are lesser than who you are. Just know that your negative feelings are the warning lights to tell you that you are thinking lesser thoughts and all you need to do is go positive, using this process, to turn off the alarm.

2) Ease yourself away from the negative feeling thought

Put the negative feeling thought on pause because you know that there are lots of places you can take your mind besides the knee jerk reaction full of negativity. That negative feeling can seem so easy to go to, but its only one of many options, and the one that will cause you to attract more of what you don’t like. You may not necessarily know in this moment where you are going to take your thoughts to change the feeling, but you will come to know that as you start to settle down, start to think a thought that is just a little better, it will attract another thought that will join it and you will get positive momentum going. This is the way the law of vibration works. If you hold a thought about the truth of who you are and your relationship to the universe, it will be joined by another and another. You can embrace a talk sequence like the following for example to get better feeling momentum going in a less negative to more positive direction. Pick out any statements that resonate with you and / or add your own. Build your own list so that when the time comes where you have fallen into a negative emotion with momentum, you can pick yourself up and start moving in a positive direction.

I just need to stop and breath and remember who I am

I know that I am a vibrational being

I know energy is limitless and that I can transform it into anything I desire

I know what’s happening is just about my vibration and I can change my vibration

I know the universe has my back

I know I came here for fun and adventure and the universe is constantly supporting me

I know I can think

I know I can choose my thoughts

I know what I am feeling is because of what I am thinking

I know I don’t have to keep thinking this thought

I know there is more than one way to think of this situation

I know there are endless perceptions about a situation

I know that I can think of something entirely different

I know I can select a different thought, something just a little better, not a big jump, just a tiny bit better

I know if I do select a thought that is a tiny bit better, it will attract another thought that is a little better

I know if I keep doing this I will feel better bit by bit

I know the function of my mental will is to enable me to hold a thought I choose, it is a power within me

I know if I have not practiced it, it may be weak, but the more I practice it the stronger it gets

I know a negative feeling it like falling down and I just need to walk up the steps one at a time with each one feeling better

I know a negative feeling is simply the result of a faulty thought (thought out of alignment)

I know when I think thoughts of truth (alignment with source self) I start to feel better

I know that I just got to chill out and relax

I know that everything works out and will be ok

I know that everything is unfolding as it should, I don’t have to force anything

I know that everything is alright

It is what it is and I am what I am

I know if I accept what is, it allows me to think of something different

I know that I don’t need anything from anyone, I can manifest everything I need

I know it is an opportunity for me to be more clear about what I want

I know that what I don’t like causes me to place my desires in my subconscious

I know the universe orchestrates everything for me to connect with my desire

I know all I have to do to receive is to be in a state of allowing

I know that the state of allowing is simply a high vibration

This is really not that big of a deal in the big picture

I know what I don’t like helps me to know what I do like

I know that even though something does not feel good, it is an opportunity to get more clear about what I do want

I know I am doing the best I can

I am going to lighten up and give myself a break

I am going to give everyone else a break because they are just telling me about my vibration

I know the further I bounce down, the further I will bounce up so I am OK

I know this is an abundant universe

I know that whatever I want can flow to me

I believe that the law of vibration is consistent

It’s always a win/win situation, either I get what I want or I get more clarification to get it

I don’t have to think specifically about this now

I can do this later

I can focus on my breathing

I could count

I could listen to a sound around me

I could gaze into the vastness of the sky

I can do anything that feels good, that’s all I have to do, use any thing I can as a reason or excuse to feel good

You can make up what ever self talk phrases that will allow you to remain in pause mode. You can also refer to my website called “Why Everything is OK” to get more ideas to identify with your true self.

3) Ease yourself into neutral

At this point you should feel that the edge has come off of the negativity and you have a little space to start thinking more clearly and objectively. This will allow you to turn your attention to means that will put you in at least neutral but could start you feeling more calm, settled and peaceful and starting to feel positive. Below are some ideas to induce this calm, soothing and relaxing state. Regardless of the method you choose, the purpose of it is to feel yourself being soothed into a more feel good place. Essentially what each of these things are doing is creating a distraction from negative emotions and in the absence of negative emotions, there is no resistance to your natural vibration and alignment. To say this another way, any excuse you can find to feel good will allow alignment because feel good is a high vibration and high vibration is alignment. You will find high vibration thoughts introduce more spontaneous good thoughts, inspirations, and ideas. As you get momentum going the feel good increases.

Take slow deep breaths for a few minutes, paying attention to your breathing

Count down slowly from 10 to 1, as many times as needed

Go to a peaceful place / scenery in your imagination

Pretend it’s a great day, what does a great day look like (Fake it till you make it)

Put on some music that you find soothing and relaxing

Feel your self lying down, sinking into a warm, soft comfortable surface

Feel bright, white, pure, warm, loving energy streaming through your body

Go for a walk or do some physical activity that feels good

Repeat a word, several words, a phrase or a string of phrases that settles you

Setup a stream of short thoughts similar to Part 2) that carry you to better and better thoughts

Think of a happy experience you had or can imagine

Make a list of things to appreciate or be thankful for


Read, watch, or listen to something inspiring

Take yourself out of the situation as gracefully as you can

Do a thing that lights you up, a hobby, your job, a concert, travel, an activity

If you have completed or are working on my program there will be several tools in there that you can use as well

It would be most effective to establish one or two methods that are absolute anchors to ground you. Do this when you are in a good vibration because when you get rocked it may be a challenge to grab the idea to slow yourself down. The trick is to get out of the negative energy as quickly as possible. Think of it like this, if a fire flares up near where you are standing, it’s not bad that you are feeling the heat; your sense of touch is telling you to move, and the faster you do the better result you will get. Your sense of touch is physically protecting you. Same thing with your emotional life, when a situation comes where you feel negative, your emotional guidance system is telling you to get away from those thoughts as quick as you can. It is protecting you from the manifestation of that negative energy by alerting you to shift your vibration in a way that gets you back in alignment with your source self. That does not mean to run away from the situation, it means to detach from the negative emotions and shift your focus to something that gets you feeling good. Strangely enough, when it is our physical body at peril we are very quick to act and get away from the threatening factor. But yet when we have emotional pain, we seem to wallow around in it, try to change it, figure it out etc. This wallowing would be like standing still while the flames were burning us! Would we stand there and figure out why the fire was hurting us or stand there to see if we could change it! We are not supposed to wallow; we are supposed to use the negative emotion to help shift our focus and get out of it. That is what our emotions are telling us, that is how they help us, that is why they are our guidance system.

4) Realize the vibrational value of the situation

Once you are in a calm state and have your vibration more in line with the vibration of source, you are out of reaction mode. Now you can think clearly and objectively about the situation in terms of what you were feeling and what was the faulty thought and therefore belief behind that negative feeling. A negative feeling is the indication of a faulty thought and belief because your natural state at source is only about positive, about high vibration. Once you identify the thought and belief, you can put it against the laws and attributes of your source self and see that it is faulty, that it is not congruent. You can then replace the thought with something that is based on the truth of who you are. Just remember that this situation that produced the negative emotion is nothing more than the feedback of some vibration within you. That means you have a tremendous opportunity to identify what that vibration is and you can start working on creating a new vibration that will cause you to attract what you want and stop attracting this thing that just happened, that you don’t want.

You must look at every situation in life as the result of what your vibration attracted to you. Once you do, it will allow you to detach from circumstances and not take things personally. When you stop taking things personally you will look at what needs to change in you not others. With the knowledge that a change in your vibration will change your life circumstances, and knowing that you are in charge of your vibration, you can see that if you use your emotions as a guidance system, you are the master of what happens in your days and your destiny.

The cause and effect of what happens in your life is really as simple of a concept as what happens when you order a meal at a restaurant. You place your order, the request is taken to the kitchen and presto some minutes later it shows up. The beliefs you have are constantly influencing your thinking which are constantly putting out an order to the universe (in the form of a vibration) and the law of vibration brings it back to you, just like the waiter brings back your meal. Seeing the situation in this way will really help you to keep yourself calm because you will realize that you are totally in charge of your life experience. Things that show up in your life are not random and without order, it had a cause, one that you are in charge of through your vibration.

An interesting and perhaps helpful way to look at the people in your life is to see them as actors in your script of life because in fact, they are showing up to act out the vibrational script you sent out to them. They are showing you the vibrational script you are writing. You can’t hold them responsible for bringing what you asked for no more than you can hold a waiter responsible for bringing the meal that you ordered. If you want what the people in your life are bringing you to be different, shift your vibration, that is, write them a new script.

5) What do you want

Take some time to write down what you didn’t like about the situation and use it to help you identify what you would like the situation to be. The more you can describe it the more you will attract exactly what you want. I would highly recommend you setup a book with your ideal life and break it down. My ideal relationship, job, day, fitness, rest etc. Every time you hit a negative feeling about something use it to help you get more clear on some ideal aspect of your life. This will give you a tremendous anchor, a vision and that will contribute greatly to what you attract.

6) Focus your attention

Now that you have cleared the negative energy and have a clear picture of what you want, all you have to do is allow that picture and other feel good thoughts and feelings to consume your mind. When you do that, it is when the magic of life happens, things start to show up “out of the blue”, because you are on the frequency with your desires and everything on that frequency will simply show up in your life. You are in alignment with source and abundance of everything can flow into your life because abundance is natural. Be aware though that depending on how many negative beliefs you have and how much momentum they have, and your commitment and persistence to turn away from negative feelings and replace them with positive feelings . . . these are the factors that will determine how quickly you get results. If you are dedicated to changing your vibration, you will change your life proportionate to the change in vibration, its a law.


Scenario 2 – Use these response options when in an exchange with another to avoid taking things personally and generally going to a negative emotion(s)


Option 1 – Gratitude

Look at every situation with gratitude because in fact it is giving you something. It is giving you insight as to what you are offering for a vibration. That is all it is, the manifestation of your vibration, it is not doing anything to you but doing something for you. So gratitude can be very easy to go to and allow you to give a positive response to anyone as follows:

Thanks for making me aware of that,

Thanks for your input,

Thanks for your point of view,

Thanks for your insight.

Thanks for the information

Thanks for your opinion

Thanks for sharing your perspective

When you take a stance of gratitude, that is a very different place from taking things personally, which causes you to feel hurt, angry or beat yourself up and go to either fight or flight mode. This simply gives you more of what you don’t want. Gratitude allows you to live from the standpoint of your vibrational self. It helps you to detach, accept, be non judgmental and non defensive, and see the situation as an opportunity to increase your vibrational alignment within yourself . From this place of acceptance you are free to choose your vibration independent of circumstances and old faulty beliefs, this is true freedom. Reacting to circumstances is to ignore that you are a vibrational being and a powerful co-creator of your life. It means you are attaching your value to the views of others and your well being to the state of world conditions. These of course are not true, conditions and circumstances are only to help you understand the level of vibrational alignment you are at within yourself, that is, the level that you are exercising your power to consciously choose thoughts that are in alignment with the vibration of your source energy self.

In terms of acceptance you could do a small exercise of listing the things in your life that you are not OK with and have not found acceptance with. This will give you an idea of how much of your focus is spent on low vibration emotions and consequently what you are attracting to yourself. Hopefully this article has helped you to understand why acceptance is so important and how you can achieve it. The greater your acceptance of what is, the more space you have in your mind to focus your thoughts on what feels good and what you truly want for your life.


Option 2 – Apologize

If appropriate, apologize. This diffuses the negative emotions in the situation. People tend to lose their fight when there is no one to fight with or they feel validated, or recognized. You can even apologize if it is clear that you had nothing to do with the predicament of the other – it’s just a gentle way to help that person to feel soothed because that is ultimately what they are looking for. Their striking out or ill mood is simply a symptom of a low vibration within them. In time, if you help them in this way they will be more at ease and peace to be OK and accepting of who they are and how they perform and they will sooth themselves. Eventually they will achieve that inner peace and be OK and accepting of things as they are, with who they are and realize they need not have negative reactions or expressions, but simply shift their vibration to attract a new result. In other words, they will go inside for a solution to their life circumstance rather than going to others on the outside.


Option 3 – Compassion and Empathy

If appropriate, ask if you can help, compassion and empathy are very high vibrations and can diffuse the negative emotions, for example,

Is there anything I can do to help you with that?

I didn’t realize that?

I can understand why you would feel that way?

Can you help me to understand why you feel that way?


Option 4 – Perspective

If appropriate, ask a question that shows you have concern for the other, for example,

How does this make you feel?

What if . . . how would that make you feel?

What does that tell you?

Why do you think that?

What else could that mean?

Why do you believe that?

What can you do about that?

What makes you feel that way?

I don’t know, you may be right

Is that what you see?

Did you realize that you . . .

I am OK with that

Are you OK with that?

This can add a new perspective to the situation and change negative energy to positive.


Option 5 – Validation

Make a statement like

I can appreciate that

I can understand why you would feel that way

Validate their feelings to diffuse the situation. This could lead you into asking other questions like in option 4.


Option 6 – Humor

If appropriate, see if you can inject humor into the situation. If you can find a way to take the seriousness out of the situation, you will find it is much easier to release negative energy by finding good, finding ease, finding that things are not so bad, and that there is something to appreciate and be thankful for. That looking at the situation through humor reduces its seriousness and takes you to a higher view where there are no big troubles, just big opportunities to find good. Practice not taking yourself seriously and that will diffuse your temptation to take things personally. Play along with what comes at you and in a state of defencelessness it tends to let the air out of any negativity brewing.

To wrap up this article, your emotional guidance system is a tremendous tool that nature has bestowed upon you, as well as your other faculties of mind. They help you align with your source self and your desires, and therefore live the life of fulfillment that you came here for. You can now intentionally and deliberately take charge of your life. You no longer have to remain in a cycle of negative feelings and negative circumstances. Rather then getting emotionally involved in what you don’t like and therefore causing more of it, you can use negative emotions to move you to the life you desire. Releasing negative emotions simply stops you from directing focus from what you don’t want and gives you back that mind space to direct your focus to what you do. When you replace that negative energy with positive, you are clearing the way, or you could say that you are removing the resistance for your desires to land in your life.