Why Everything is OK

By Brian Withers


It is a reasonable argument, when we look at life purely from a circumstantial and physical point of view, that everything is not OK. We are all too familiar with the daily traumas, disturbances, dissatisfactions, pain, discomforts, and high stress levels in our life and the life of so many others. As long as we are sold on the concept that what happens in physical life is strictly the cause of other things that happen in physical life, then it is reasonable for anyone to say that life is not OK.

Also, when we live on the basis that life is strictly a physical experience, then we must accept that resources are limited. If we do accept that, then consequently, we develop a scarcity mentality which brings on competition.  This causes life to be a journey of survival and fear; fear of not enough, fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of being alone, fear of not having enough to look after ourselves. Where ever there is fear in any of its faces (envy, worry, insecurity, helplessness, guilt, doubt etc), everything is not OK.  If the only choice we have is to base our beliefs, choices, thoughts, and feelings on the appearances and conditions of physical life, then it is reasonable for anyone to say that everything is not OK.   Living life as a strictly physical experience is what allows fear to exist.  In this way fear is like mold in that mold can only grow in certain conditions.   The condition that fear grows in is where there is a lack of knowledge of who we really are as a human being and the universal laws that govern life.   In this condition we are without the effective use of our innate tools to navigate life and without the knowing of the tremendous support we have from the universe for our success and a fulfilling life.   Without this knowledge we are unable to let go and let our life unfold in accordance with our true nature, we are disempowered to let it unfold with fun and ease.

If we expand our understanding of life from one rooted in a physical “touch” world to one rooted in an “invisible” vibrational universe then we quickly realize that the truth of physical life is that it is a manifestation of energy. Further investigation will show that everything physical operates within the universal law of vibration. This law tells us that every thing is a vibration of energy (including our feelings) and that like energies attract. Additionally, as human beings, we have the innate power to set our vibration. Once we realize this, then we can start to see things very differently. Rather than seeing things and people as doing something to us, or that we are not in control, or that we are subject to the work of some random and unknown force, we can see life on a very cause and effect basis, where vibration is cause and circumstance is effect. Further, once we realize that we are in charge of our vibration, we also know that we are in charge of our life experience because the cause of our life is from what is going on inside of us, our vibration, rather than what is going on outside of us, our circumstances.

So, in knowing that the law of cause and effect (the law of vibration) is in perfect working order, everything starts to look OK for two reasons 1) our vibration is really quite easy to change (with practice) and 2) we are in charge of our energy vibration. Essentially that means that to take charge of our life we only need to learn how to use our natural faculties and abilities to set our vibration to a frequency that will attract what we want. Once we get all of this in order, we know that if physical life is not the way we like, it is because of a frequency we set. We also know that to change it, we simply only need to change our vibration to one that will attract what we do want. That is why everything is OK.  You are either enjoying what you have attracted or you are experiencing what you don’t like which helps you know what you do.   By knowing what you like and shifting your vibration to high (feelings), you attract what you do like. So you are either in the party of life or getting guidance on how to get there, what more could you ask for. This is why everything is as it should be (in accordance with your vibration) and everything is OK. For further understanding of how our emotions are our guidance system, see my article “Using your emotional guidance system” on this site.

In order to really have this concept of everything being OK sink in, it is paramount that we understand the truth about who we are at source; not the physical body we see in the mirror, not our name, or our job, or where we live or anything else associated to the physical world.  Our true nature is very different than what we were taught about who we are. Once you embrace this, you will see life in a completely different way and you will know why everything is OK.

To understand who you really are as a complete human being you can review my article on this website called “The Missing Pieces”.


Moving from who we think we are to who we really are

The only thing that gets in the way of living the fullness of life that nature intended, is that our subconscious mind has been, unbeknownst to us as children, trained to believe that we are vulnerable, subject to conditions and limited.  As we grow up, we continue to believe and accept that this is true when in fact there is no truth what so ever in it.  For this reason, we carry on throughout life making decisions on the basis that we are vulnerable, subject to conditions and limited.    To move from who we have accepted we are to who we really are is a simple matter of learning the truth, embracing the truth, practicing the truth.   This will turn our thinking in the direction of unlimited possibilities, unlimited power, unlimited everything.  The possibility of loving relationships, the possibility of health, the possibility of material riches, the possibility of true freedom from unhealthy stress, the possibility of fulfilling days etc. This will turn on our dreaming, our intuition and our positive imagination as we relax and become more confident and objective about what happens in our day. This will slow the negative momentum and create positive momentum simply because we are giving less attention to the negative and more to the positive.   With the shift in vibration, we will start to see our life experience shift to one that we came here to live.  Our life is setup to unfold just as simply and beautifully as a rose. To know the truth, it will set us free to live as our true and powerful self; a life without limits.

Now that you have some insight into whom you really are and your relationship to the universe, I suspect you can start to see why it is reasonable to say that everything is OK.