Fear Versus Faith (Trust)

By Brian Withers

Updated September 2017

When I think about this topic I always get this visual of 2 people floating down a river. One person simply has no knowledge of what lies ahead while the other is very confident. The person with confidence simply allows the currents to take them and they gently flow along ever so easily, trusting the journey and trusting where the river is taking them. The other person however is grasping for every rock and branch they can get their hands on in fear of what may be around the next corner, is it a waterfall. The current is so strong that it pry’s them away from the thing they are so tightly gripped to only to have them grab the next. If only they realized the river wanted to take them on the most gentlest of journeys to the land of plenty.

So many times there are things we really want to do with our life, experience in our life, or simply change something that may not feel good to something that does, but we don’t do it. Why? Why would we do without things that would bring us pleasure, make us feel good? Why do we put up with things we do not like? What is it that stops us from going after and acting on the thing we want? You can almost bet that somewhere, somehow there is fear behind it, fear of not good enough, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of success, fear of what will they think of me, fear of being alone etc. Where does this fear come from?

Fear can be subtle or so gripping that it can immobilize and virtually paralyze us from acting or pursuing our dreams and desires or for that matter even contemplating small changes. And if we do start to act and pursue those things we want, the fear can intensify so much that it has us running back to a place where the intensity diminishes, which is usually the place that we feel somewhat comfortable and secure but don’t really like.

I believe that if we understood fear; I mean really pulled it apart, see what it is made of, it would enable us to see how we could move through it and make a huge positive difference in our life. It is virtually certain that during our growing up years, we have accepted beliefs based in fear, and these beliefs impact our life in a negative way. This makes the time to explore fear and dispel it very worth our while. If you do not understand what fear is, why it has such power, and how to rechannel that fear energy into a more productive state of mind, it will most likely keep you from moving forward and if you do, it will drive you back. I am not saying you won’t ever have fear, what I am saying is that when you understand it then you can still move forward in spite of it. Just imagine if you could find an effective way to keep going through the fear to get to the place you want; have the experience you want. Would you want to know how to do that? What would you be willing to do to achieve that?

In this article we will explore the following:

What is Fear

What are the Effects of Fear

Why Fear Makes no Sense

Why we Engage in Fear

How to Diffuse Fear

How to Move Past Fear

Supporting examples and Information

What is Fear?

Fear is basically expecting, or highly concerned that, from our action or inaction; something unpleasant or unwanted is going to happen to us. This causes us to feel somewhat helpless, insecure and / or vulnerable and essentially immobilized to act on something or to stop doing what we are doing. In other words, we don’t want to change “what is” because of what “may” happen to us. It’s like we are already defeated before we endeavour to change. We believe, that in making a change, there is little hope to escape what we fear happening and so we simply stay where we are and put up with the discomfort, discord or dissatisfaction. For this reason fear is simply a very disempowering force, shutting down our creativity and our desire to take action. Fear basically paralyzes us from living the life we want to live.

Like the word failure, fear just leaves us . . . well down, not inspired. With regard to failure, I like the phrase “we didn’t fail; we produced a result that we didn’t like”. Now that perspective inspires us to look at our performance, something we have power over and can change. Perhaps the word fear could be like this.

What are the Effects of Fear?

Simply put, fear gets in the way of us following our heart. It has us ignoring or minimizing our dreams and desires. An example is maybe you want to start a new business, but you are afraid of (fill in the blank), maybe you want to start a new relationship but you are afraid of (fill in the blank), maybe you want to go on a trip but you are afraid of (fill in the blank). So instead of living a life that we truly enjoy (high vibration), we live to secure our life (low vibration), keep it safe, hold on to what we have because we may not get it back. We want to make sure we “get” our piece of the pie. Seeking security is a low vibration because in reality you are acting out of the fear of lack and limitation. Therefore, and seemingly ironically, in seeking security you attract the very experiences you seek to avoid – being without. Fear of course has us with the thought that settling and being secure beats the heck out of following your heart and risking something or everything. The notion of risk of course is one of those erroneous beliefs because risk cannot exist in a universe of infinite supply and the law of vibration to get access to it – it just can’t happen. The science of cause and effect is at the root of everything, with your vibration being cause and the experience as effect. Risk can only exist when we don’t know how to intentionally use the laws of nature. You are in the driver seat 100% of the time but you probably don’t realize it because you probably don’t associate what happens in your life with the vibrational frequencies you are offering. What we learn is to look at what happens in our life as factors of luck and chance. When we don’t get what we want we wonder why, we wonder what causes life to happen, and because we don’t know, we feel very much out of control of our life. In this state of seemingly being out of control with some unknown force at work, this is where fear shows up as uncertainty, insecurity, and vulnerability. The silent question runs through our mind “Am I going to be OK, will I be able to look after myself, will I have what I need? Can I get to experience the things I enjoy? Fear really takes the power out of your hands and makes it seem like you are a passenger of life but again that is simply false, you are the driver.

In a world believed to have limited supply, we constantly seek security in a big way. Without the trust in our selves to really know that we can replace revenues from that lost customer, without the trust that we can find a suitable mate, or pay the rent or get into the education program, or get the dream job or address our health, we live in fear of what not “getting” these things means to our life. These situations can really rock our world, leaving us very insecure even to the point of affecting our health. So what do we do to get that feeling of security? We hold on to what we got for dear life because if it’s gone we may never get it back – more fear. We compete like modern day gladiators in a ring for the business, the job, the person, the house, you name it – if they get it I won’t – more fear. The paradox is that the vibration of fear brings more circumstances into your life to reinforce the fear. It’s a self perpetuating loop but it can be broken as we will see.

Fear has us looking for the worst and expecting the worst with regard to the experiences in our life. It tends to have us looking at the down side with a feeling of hopelessness or helplessness “how am I going to deal with this?” That’s a question that says you either don’t feel you have any power to get a good result or that you have no trust in your ability to get a good result. Fear tends to have us pushing our “troubles” to the back of our mind in hopes of forgetting about them because we simply don’t have an effective way to deal with them. We don’t want to confront them because we fear the outcome. That of course keeps us in a low vibration because the truth is we really can’t hide it, it continues to make a vibrationally active within us no matter how much we may consciously want to deny it.

Why Fear Makes No Sense

There are essentially 3 pieces of information that completely deflate fear.

1) That we live in a universe with unlimited supply for all and all have free access to it, no one can possibly be left without

2) The law of vibration as follows: (natural law of cause and effect)

– We all have the ability to choose our vibration in the various areas of our life

– We set our vibration by the thought>feeling we choose

– We have the power to choose thought>feelings independently of circumstances

– The experiences we have in our life are equal to the vibrations we have chosen

3) That we come to this planet as a unique being and have a unique purpose with gifts and talents. These things are naturally seeking expression through us to live a life of health, happiness, abundance and harmony with all others. We are like a flower; we have a natural unfolding and a natural purpose for that unfolding. And just like that flower serves a purpose in nature; our purpose is to serve others. In this service and self expression, we open the doors of abundance and everybody wins. Every human has a part in the service of humanity, we inherently are meant to serve each other, and only if each of us allow our unfolding and help others to unfold will this symphony of life work for the good of all. No one else can deliver on your purpose, you are unique. No one can take your place and further more, without you living your purpose, there are people missing out on the service you are here to provide. To say that another way, without you playing your part in the symphony of life, the music is incomplete. Everyone is waiting for you, cheering for you to play your part. We need each other. We need to help each other to play our part in the symphony.

Since we are in charge of what we think, and what emotions we associate with those thoughts and what images we associate with those emotions (our vibration), our life is simply the result of our choices. Reread that last sentence, it is one of the most powerful concepts to understand in order for you to take charge of your life. What a wonderful power nature has endowed us with. We get to decide what is attracted to us. Our choices (no matter what they are based on) cause us to offer a vibration and the law of attraction matches us up with experiences that are equal to that vibration. Life does not happen by luck or chance; it is a scientific, certain, and known process of cause and effect. Vibration is cause and experience is effect.

Since fear comes from uncertainly, that is, the unknown and the feeling of insecurity that goes with it; in accordance with the law of vibration, fear cannot exist. The very essence of the law of vibration is certainty. For a given cause (your vibration) you will absolutely and precisely get an equal effect. Fear and the law of vibration are mutually exclusive. This brings us to the conclusion that if we can get to a point of understanding and accepting in the working of the law of vibration, it is very easy to operate our life with faith, trust, and confidence. We would know with great certainty that if we want to move our life to a different experience, we simply need to shift our vibration. Since we have the power of choice, we can independently shift our vibration. This means that no matter what is going on around us, we can choose any vibration we want, knowing that it will attract the exact equal vibration. To be clear, what you are experiencing in your life that you don’t like is there because of your vibration. By using your power of independent choice, you can change your vibration, and change the experience that you are attracting to one that you prefer. Fear exists simply and only because of the unknowing of the truth of natures laws and our innate faculties to use them.

Why we engage in fear

If we learned from the beginning how to use the power of our mind to intentionally set our vibration, and were educated on the fact that we live in an abundant universe that we all have access to, as well as the laws of vibration, expression and increase. I probably would not be writing this article. However, unfortunately this knowledge and practice is not part of our educational systems or teachings in any way. Instead we are taught that our world has limited supply and that we are subject to that which goes on around us; that even though we can chose, ultimately the results in our life are highly determined by our environment or “something out there”. We are filled with erroneous beliefs that severely affect our view of how the world works and our view of our self, leaving many with a damaged self image. On our planet, perhaps the largest dis-ease and the single biggest issue underlying the collective (low) vibration is the damage that is done to our self worth and image as we grow up. You see our subconscious mind will never ever let us experience anything greater than what we have impressed on it as our worth and image. We really don’t know exactly what the impression looks like, but if you take a look at the results of your life; you will get a pretty accurate idea, that is, how do people treat you, what is the level of satisfaction in your relationships, in your finances, in your job, your health. These things are all indicators of your level of self worth as well as an indication of the extent of faulty beliefs you have accepted.

Where ever you have limited supply and people wanting to control it, you will have a scarcity mentality, you will have competition at the price of humanity, you will have greed, envy, jealousy and more and you will have fear. Where ever you have doubt about your ability to get the results you want you will have, insecurity, uncertainty, the unknown, and you will have fear.

A big part of the reason that fear exists is because of this; we don’t understand (or believe) that it is the vibration that we choose that causes what we experience. And we don’t understand that it is the way we use our faculties of mind that affect our vibration. We think, in our conscious mind world, that working hard, being kind, doing things “right” etc., is what we need to do to get what we want. We believe that we will be rewarded by our hard work and good deeds. Meanwhile the law of attraction is methodically working 24/7 to make sure you “get” experiences in accordance with your vibration (beliefs). So, not only do we not get what we consciously want much of time, we may get the opposite, something less and this just leaves us shaking our head and feeling like giving up; what’s the use; a feeling of powerlessness.

With out the knowledge of the law of vibration, we start thinking there is a force working against us or perhaps a force that is not overly concerned about what we get and not paying much attention to us. One way or another we feel subject to what is going on around us, and that we are in this life alone to get whatever we can get our hands on. Some may even start to pray to this “mystical force” thinking it will respond. Here is the kicker, in praying, depending how a person does it, they could actually be successful in offering a new vibration and therefore get a new result. Then the belief arises that this force is listening but still we are weary, will it listen all of the time or is it subjective – more uncertainty and fear. If I ask for too much or not in the right way will it bring wrath down upon me? What is the secret we ask, how do I pray, what do I have to sacrifice, how do I talk to this force to get it to give me what I want? It reminds me of the Wizard of OZ, the main characters are convinced that they must conform to the great and powerful OZ to win the favour of his power, but as we all seen in the end, it is what a person holds inside that really dictates the life they live – a powerful message. Listen to this very carefully; there is no great and powerful wizard, nor is there a man with a staff and a beard, or a woman with a wand that is deciding on whose wish to grant next, there is simply your vibration and you are in charge of it. You just have to learn how to operate it. If you want to call it OZ go ahead, if you want to call it God or the tooth fairy, or a Genie go ahead. All that matters is for you to know that you are offering a vibration with every choice you make and it will deliver back to you an exact experience that matches that vibration. Just take a look at your life and you will understand very quickly about the vibration you are holding.

Is it any wonder we live with insecurity, vulnerability, and fear? Is it any wonder that we compete and hoard and have the feeling that there is never enough? I mean really, when living exclusively from the conscious mind how can you feel that you are not hung out to dry; every person for themselves. We are beings of tremendous power but taught to be powerless and so we use what ever means we can, out of quiet desperation to keep ourselves safe. How can we ever be trusting and believe with any certainty or guarantee that we can get what we want? It makes perfect sense that we would feel stuck at times with no real confidence to get moving again. We literally attract to ourselves all the things we do not like because that is what we have practiced; spending our attention and focus on what we don’t like, on what we fear. We do not realize that to focus on what we don’t want and like simply creates a vibrational offering that keeps us in the cycle of getting more of it, day after day. It is our lack of knowledge that gives fear such power; it is this lack of knowledge that allows fear to exist at all. We simply do not associate what is happening in our life with what is happening in our vibration. If you really looked at the law of attraction process you would see that fear works as scientifically as faith does. When you put out a vibration of fear you get back its equivalent, same thing with faith. Because of the lack of understanding of this law, people get confused with why life happens as it does. What you want has nothing to do with what you get unless you make your wants your dominant vibration (and there is a way to do that). This is very confusing to people because they are thinking, I want X but I keep getting Y. You get Y because that is the dominant vibration your are offering, and that is what determines your experience.

What really solidifies this state of fear is when we make it a habit. This happens when we repeat the same fear response over and over. The repetition is what gives momentum to the belief and makes it increasingly dominant. This vibration pattern actually wires that response into the brain and it makes it even easier to fall into the same old reaction, but we have mental will and choice and we can over come any pattern and replace it with a new one. When we develop habitual thinking, it’s almost like we stop thinking and just have an automatic reaction. But believe it or not, there is a choice made before we respond. Through awareness, will and choice, that fear response can be changed; it simply takes repetition of a new response. Once we realize that it is our self that allows what goes on around us to take us to fear and thus a low vibration, we can choose a more empowering response.

The habit of looking at things from the perspective of fear always has us expecting the worst and when we start to choose a new response based on truth, we will notice that the old habit of fear will want to take over, it will intensify. It is almost although our thoughts are thinking us, but they are not, we are always in charge of what thought is selected. When the fear thoughts are strong, what we are experiencing is the momentum of the fear based belief, it’s like being caught in a current but we do not have to go along with it. In the moment you feel the fear, that is an opportunity to break the cycle and create a new pattern. Ultimately as you strengthen your understanding of who you are, your power and the laws that govern the universe, you will give yourself a running start to respond to any situation with confidence rather than react with fear.

There simply is no such thing as luck or chance; everything that happens is a matter of awareness, choice, mental will and imagination. Those are the tools to replace fear with faith, trust and confidence. Once you repeatedly break the cycle of fear with trust and faith you then replace the fear habit with the faith habit and instead of expecting the worst, you will expect the best, you will see the good and trust that good will come. That is really all there is to it, acquire the knowledge of the truth of abundance, the truth of you, the truth of the law of vibration, expression and increase and that will support you in creating a new habit of faith.

The habit of fear has us looking at a situation in the same old way time after time and reacting and doing things in the same old way. For example, we get into a situation and are often sensitive to take it personally because we see it as some how a threat to us, an attack on us or to something in our world. That is the fear habit. So often we go straight to worry, anger, panic, oh my goodness, what I am going to do, how dare they, and so on. Then depending on the situation we start thinking about how do I defend our self, secure our position, make sure we are not seen as having done anything wrong etc. It’s a self-sabotaging pattern of thinking. But as I said, it was a pattern that was developed and it is one that can be displaced.

How to diffuse fear

I am sure you have heard the statement, The truth will set you free. What truth sets you free from, is ignorance. Once you have the knowledge of abundance and the law of vibration, you are on the road to freedom. Knowledge alone will not set you free; you must apply the knowledge for freedom. As with anything we learn there is knowledge and experience. Knowing about the law of vibration and living it “intentionally” are two different things. To use it effectively you really need to understand its mechanics and then make those mechanics a part of your everyday life.

Thankfully, the natural laws such as the law of vibration are coming back into our awareness and they will once again help us to live with belief and trust in our selves to direct our lives. Learning to use the law of vibration intentionally is like learning anything else; it takes commitment and time. Until you have displaced all of your fear based beliefs with new more dominant beliefs based in truth, you still may be wrestling with fear and experiencing results you do not like. So let’s look at what we can do to help our selves move to this place of taking charge of the quality of our life. That no matter what the current circumstances are, we know that we have the power to make our life experience whatever we would like it to be. Let’s see how we can use fear to help us move to this new place of empowerment.

When I find a word that leaves me with a feeling that I can’t go anywhere, I usually find some way to alter it so I get a feeling that I can. I thought, how can I find a different angle on the word fear that would help people to diffuse it? To reframe it such that we feel empowered and operating at a high vibration with possibilities versus immobilized and operating in a low vibration with no possibilities? What if instead of just saying “I am afraid” (or feeling the fear), we add, “I don’t believe I have the power or trust myself to get the guaranteed result I want in this situation”. The new statement looks like this, “I am afraid because I don’t believe I have the power or trust myself to get the guaranteed result I want in this situation”. This is a very empowering statement for two reasons:

  1. It acknowledges how we feel, and we can’t move forward unless we are honest with our self about where we are. This helps us get into motion in a new direction. As I have indicated, as we are learning to use our vibration intentionally we will still have moments of fear. By acknowledging the fear it will motivate us to keep practicing to be more intentional with our vibration; to make it a habit,
  2. it identifies the specific reason for the fear which helps us to know what we can do to move past it.

How to move past fear

With our statement in the last section we have identified why we feel the fear, now we have leverage and actions that we can take to move past it. Here is the statement again applied to a real life situation. This statement is expanded to really get to the core of the reason for the fear. “I put up with my job, I don’t like it and it does not suit me, but I won’t leave it because I am afraid”. “I am afraid because I don’t believe there is anything I can do to guarantee or be certain that I can get another one that I like better and pays as much or more”. “If I don’t have a job I can’t pay my bills, I will lose my car, my apartment etc.” It’s that thought of not being able to look after our needs, our family’s needs or perhaps the humiliation of failure that leaves us with the feeling of fear. But when we add the piece that says “I don’t believe there is anything I can do to guarantee or be certain . . .” We are saying we don’t have the power or trust in our ability to be able to . . . Adding this piece opens the door to challenge and question what you believe about your power and why is it that you don’t trust yourself. Those questions then lead you to consider, ponder, and investigate just exactly what is your power and ability to achieve what you want. What you will find if you persist is that the universe is abundant and you have free access to it. You will also discover that you can freely use the law of attraction intentionally.

After you acquire the knowledge and start applying it, you then start to believe that you do have the power and ability to get another job, one of your liking. Trust and faith start to replace fear. Again, you can see how the truth can set you free. You felt trapped in your job on the basis of your beliefs, which are that you can’t get another one or another one that is much better than the one you have. This belief is based on faulty information of scarcity, limited supply, lack of opportunity, being subject to your surroundings and lack of personal power to create a result you desire. Now that you know the truth is abundance and have developed the ability to intentionally attract what you want, there is no more reason to be afraid of losing your job. You can surely get another one of much more suitability and continue to pay your bills, keep your car and everything else. To be clear, I am not saying you are going to wake up the next morning and have the qualifications of an astronaut when your current qualifications are for some other vocation, but when you use the law of vibration properly all that you need will come to you to put you in the desired image, be that education, money, books, any serendipitous happenings. It is in our inherent nature to be a success and have unlimited access to an unlimited supply. It is our birthright. Knowledge of the truth of our power and trusting it works is the cure for fear. You start to realize that having trust and faith for a thing to happen, has the same power as something you fear happening. It then becomes a choice of which one you pick. With the new knowledge you now have a solid reason to pick trust and faith. You only picked fear before because you thought it was the only choice you had. Not true, there is that other wonderful choice you can make that you were not made aware of.

As you overcome fear time after time, you will create a new habit of trust and faith where when you are faced with something, you simply employ your innate faculties to manifest your life, knowing that anything is possible. Even if you can’t find someone who has done it before, or it does not appear the resources are available etc., with your faith and understanding of abundance and attraction you will automatically think possibility instead of defeat; the best versus the worst. Sooner or later you stop considering what’s bad and automatically see what’s good and then get the good out of it. Your auto response will be one of expecting good to come of anything.

Now that we have broken down fear, let’s see how we can apply this information to every day life using an analogy. The more you understand how to turn fear into faith the more successful you will be with changing things in your life. As you go through this analogy, pick something in your life that perhaps you are afraid of or have some fear around. I have picked a subject for this analogy, but you can plug in any situation.

Let’s say a person accidentally falls into water over their head and they have no real knowledge about swimming or water safety. The result is that they almost drown before being pulled out. Now they are afraid of water. Going into water = drowning. However, in actuality, the real reason they are afraid of water is not really because they almost drown but because they don’t know how to be in the water without drowning, they are ignorant of the knowledge of swimming and the experience to do so. At this point all they know is that to go into water over their head = drowning. There is also another way a person may have become afraid of water other than the direct experience. Consider that people who can’t swim (and are afraid of water) tell this person it’s dangerous and to stay away or they will drown. Same result for the same reason, they are not going near water because they don’t know how to be around it without drowning and water = drowning. Here is the root of fear, a bad experience due to lack of knowledge or a source providing faulty information; both leading to a faulty belief.

This person, as we know, has all of the capability of swimming but now they stay away from water because of a “bad” experience and / or faulty and lacking information. They loose out on all of the fun and value of being in the water, of doing something they are completely capable of doing. If this person continues to accept that belief they will simply remain stuck in the fear of water for their whole life, a virtual prisoner of their own mind.

To start to be free from this fear, this person can simply plug in the statement. “I am afraid of water because I don’t believe I have the ability or trust myself (know how) to stay afloat in water over my head”. The statement could also look like this “I am afraid of water because if I fall in I will go below the surface and drown, I don’t know of anything I can do to be in the water and stay afloat such that I can breath”. Staying afloat in water over my head while breathing is the guarantee I am looking for, the certainty I must have to go into the water.

This statement is so helpful because it points to the reason that we are afraid. The reason is because of our belief in our inability to maintain self preservation in the water. As we know, this is an erroneous belief but as long as it is accepted, that person is not going to get to enjoy going into the water. The statement gets your attention in terms of first questioning that belief; could I find the ability in myself? Could I do something to trust myself? This then inspires you to challenge that belief because 1) you know you are capable of absorbing new knowledge; that is, absorbing something that you were not previously aware of and 2) given effective instruction you could develop the ability 3) doing it repeatedly would develop a habit of complete trust in yourself in the water. The thought of water would become associated with fun versus fear. Something that petrified you could be turned into something you run at with open arms.

I want to reinforce here that acquiring the knowledge of swimming is not enough. If I don’t practice, I will remain afraid, if I practice here and there, I will remain afraid, if I practice a little then give it up for a while, I will still be afraid. You must stick with the practice until you get to the point where when you see water you have the confidence to see fun, you see yourself in charge, not in fear. Keep in mind that you are not only learning something new, you are replacing an old habit with a new one and until it is completely replaced, the old one can sabotage you and take you back to the beginning. You need to rewire your brain to water = fun. The only way is to become so confident at swimming that it only represents fun. The only way to get to that level of confidence is by practicing, by applying what you know to be true. With the knowledge and the practice, ignorance goes away and takes fear with it. Fear gets replaced with belief, faith and trust. This same process of learning to swim applies to learning to accept the truth of abundance and using the law of vibration intentionally.

Be aware though that this process of learning does not happen over night. It takes time to grasp the knowledge and time to build confidence. After the person gets in the water they may want to go back and consult some education or a coach to make sure they are doing things correctly or if something isn’t working for them to see why; this builds confidence. Its all about baby steps, swim 5 feet, then 10 etc until they swim across the lake, but they won’t be jumping in on day one and swimming across that lake. How quickly they get to that point depends on how dedicated they are to applying the knowledge and applying it until it becomes the new habit. As fear diminishes and trust increases, the swimmer will take on larger challenges and deal with them using the exact same process; that is, more knowledge, more applying the knowledge, more confidence and trust. Knowledge is such an important first step, it gives us the fact that we do have the abilities which then supports our motivation to use that knowledge to practice and build our confidence. Who would not trade fear for faith if they knew it was possible.

Do you see how this whole scenario is just like what happens in our life from lacking the knowledge and experience with using the law of attraction intentionally? We have a bad life experience due to lack of or faulty information causing us to be afraid of life or some aspect of it, or we have faulty beliefs which cause us to be afraid of life or some aspect of it. The process of gaining knowledge and experience to operate with the truth of abundance and the intentional use of the law of vibration is the same as learning to swim or anything else. When we do the process we get the same results, instead of fearing things in life we will jump in head first.

You can apply the principles of this analogy to virtually any situation. Are you afraid of spending your life alone, does that fear have you making choices that are not in your best interest? Are you afraid to pursue your dream, to change your career? Are you afraid you will not get the health care you need? What are you afraid of? Just use the statement as a starting point and then start asking questions and challenging any beliefs that come up. Essentially what you will discover when you start challenging your fears is that there is something lacking in your knowledge about your abilities. You will see that your fears, when put up against the real truths of life, have no basis. It is just a matter then of dedicating yourself to the process of learning and applying the truth.

I can virtually guarantee that when you embark on this process to move from fear to faith and trust that you will need help from different sources – books, friends, and perhaps a coach etc. Learning to use your mind in a new way is not something you just acknowledge and start doing; it’s an education needing encouragement and support. If you were to journal your responses and self talk every day you would see how much content is low vibration. There is a real awareness that happens once you start paying attention and writing. Even after reading this, it will not stick unless you commit to a program of some sort where you monitor yourself and make small forward steps every day.

So rather than getting immobilized with fear about what will happen to us, that we will be left alone, we won’t have enough money, we will get stuck in a crappy job, or no job at all, we – you name it. We can do as the person who learned to swim, acquire the knowledge and put our abilities into practise. And remember, like the swimmer we need to gain confidence with little steps. In moving from fear to faith we must be careful not to take too big of a step because what happens is the same thing that would happen to the swimmer if they attempted to swim across the lake first time in the water, they would sink. You will sink as well if you take too big a step and you will give up the whole process, thinking it does not work, not realizing it does work if you stick with it. We most likely will fall from time to time and slip back to old habits but then we go at it again, pushing a little further. And the process of falling and going back at it again can happen many times. Each time we get a little further, we see that we are in charge of our vibration and that it indeed is the cause of what happens in our life. Eventually if we stick with it, we realize our full power and we simply use that vibration with great knowledge to live a life of fulfillment rather than using it out of fear to attract a life of lack and limitation.

The trouble for many is that when results don’t come quick enough, they don’t trust it is working, and so they give up and they get back into the same old shoes, living in fear, using their power to attract out of lack of knowledge and getting more of what they don’t want. Here is another piece of knowledge, more truth. There is no quick fix; it simply takes time to learn how to use your mind to increase your vibration consistently day after day. That is another challenge in our world, everyone wants the quick fix and if they don’t get it they move on to the next thing. You can look your whole life but if you want to master your life, you will have to put in the time to become a master and you will have to be willing to fall down and get up and stick with it, practice it. You will have to be willing to let go of the old and accept the new. This will build trust in your power to take charge of your life; just like the swimmer who for the first time let go of the side of the pool, the very first light of trust. And from there the trust builds. Just like when you were a baby learning to walk, you fell down and then you got up countless times but you were sticking with it until you got it. You had uninhibited trust in your ability to learn to walk and you did. It is now time to learn a new walk. The walk of faith, trust and belief in your ability to attract what you want.

This topic of fear versus faith is so vital to your success I am going to give you a few more thoughts and one more analogy.

Here is a visual exercise to demonstrate what happens when you choose a thought. Is there something that has happened to you and it brings fear when you think about it, or is there something that has not happened but you have a fear of it happening. Stop and think. What is really going on in your mind? You are having thoughts about it, which lead you to certain emotions about it, which may lead you to some images or dialogues. Finally you have an incredible expectation of it; you may even get anxiety over it which just fuels it even more. Then it happens or happens again. This is using the law of vibration for what you don’t want. You could just as easily use this exact same process for something you do want. With this in mind, let me rephrase the first sentence of this paragraph. Is there something that has happened that brings you great pleasure when you think about it, or is there something that has not happened but you have excitement about it happening? You must grasp this concept, both faith and fear you cannot see, they are kind of opposite vibrations of energy, both you hold in your conscious mind with intention and expectation, both are invisible energy. If you break this down, the thing you fear or have faith in becomes the subject of your attention; you are setting your focus. When you add an intention for this subject, you then are transforming energy into the form of that subject. For this reason it is vital for you to understand that whatever you set your attention on and then set an intention of, you will attract. The law of attraction does not ask why you picked that vibration it just carries out its job of matching you to an equal frequency. The only reason you go to fear is 1) you lack the belief in the truth of abundance and 2) you lack the knowledge and belief in law of vibration. For these reasons you have a fear thinking pattern, a habit of choosing a fearful outcome, expecting the worst; that is our conditioning, our faulty programming. Our vibration always follows the habit unless we consciously break the cycle and inject a new vibration. With respect to how habits work. Here is a perfect example.

I play guitar. When I play a G chord I use my middle, ring and pinky fingers. Others use their index, middle and ring fingers. If someone asked me to play a song and use the later fingers I mentioned to play a G chord, I could not effectively do it. I would have to stop and place my fingers. That of course would interrupt the song and I would just go back to “my” way. The “natural” way for me to play G is the way I learned, my fingers just do the drill without thought, and it’s a habit. I could however, retrain my fingers if I believed the work would result in a new habit that would benefit me. This is the way it is with life. We have habits of thinking, like fingers have habits of playing chords. If the finger arrangement caused us to be an ineffective player and not enjoy playing then we would have to change the habit to get the enjoyment. If our fear thinking habits cause us to live life ineffectively (because of the effect on our vibration) and experience dissatisfaction, it is up to us to change those thinking habits. Are we willing to interrupt our life in a way to learn new thinking habits, is the dissatisfaction we have bad enough to motivate us to do the process?

The simple truth is we were not educated on the full and complete spectrum of using the mind properly. We have a very limited knowledge of it but it is all we know and so we believe we are using it correctly. Now that you have read this, the question is, do you want to continue to use it against yourself (from the perspective of fear) or do you want to learn to use it for your greater good and the good of all? If you do decide to take on the learning process to use your mind effectively, it takes great patience and commitment. Are you willing to interrupt what you have accepted as your normal flow of life to make the change? Are you willing to feel a little less effective before you become more effective? That is, are you willing to stop and think about everything, think about your choices until you develop the new response habit of high vibration? It seems many do not have the patience for this process as we see time and again, people taking their life to the brink before they soften up to changes. Instead we keep looking for a quick way to get the high vibration life without going through the process of “being” in a high vibration. Can a farmer plant his field then leave it alone until the harvest and expect to get something worthwhile? Can a person enter a course, not do the work and expect to get the understanding and be able to apply this skill? Can you go from grade 1 to grade 12 and be able to do the work? There is no magic that I know of that allows you to skip the learning process but get the skill. So rather than take the time to learn and apply the knowledge of using our mind for empowerment, we stay stuck in our current improper use of our mind as we keep trying the quick fix, or find ways to cheat the process; many have found out the hard way it does not work.

Learning the fear habit of thinking is very damaging to our life and it makes it a very big challenge to learn the faith and trust habit of thinking. This is why it is so vitally important that we do as much as we can to teach our children the faith and trust habit of thinking from the start. Their life will be so much richer. If I was learning guitar from scratch it actually would be quite easy to form the habit of using either set of three fingers, but since my fingers have a habit, they just want to do what they are trained to do; they want to behave in a certain way. Given enough time and attention I could change the habit. In this case it’s not worth it to me, in the case of using my mind properly, it’s worth the quality of my life to learn the trust and faith thinking habit. As is said, the truth will set you free (free from the ignorance created by the erroneous programming)? Your life is really a set of habits, are you willing to do what it takes to change them?

Some last thoughts and other considerations

You know, there was a man about 2000 years ago that knew his association with energy and was very effective in using it, he wanted others to learn from him but as it turned out he apparently was before his time. It made some people in power of the day very uncomfortable as it had them feeling weak and vulnerable. They wanted to live by their force and keep people ignorant and enslaved and therefore under their control. This man wanted people to learn of their power, express their gifts and be free. In that power, there would be love, peace and abundance for all. He left this planet before he could significantly spread the knowledge but he did plant the seeds for us to learn from his great lessons. This is now a job for all of us, we all must shed light on our brothers and sisters at every opportunity. The best way to do that is to shine our light as bright as possible and we do that through our vibration.

In the program the Secret Science of Getting Rich, they say the difference between successful people and non successful people is that successful people make thinking high vibration a habit. They don’t like the chore of making it a habit but they do it, and once they do they don’t have to think about it anymore and this is what has the doors to a fulfilled life open up. Those who do not create the habit find themselves unfulfilled in different ways. So it would seem we simply need to gain the knowledge, understand how it works and apply it until we create the habit. Stick with it until it sticks with us.

When I think about this topic I always get this visual of 2 people floating down a river. One person simply has no knowledge of what lies ahead while the other is very confident. The person with confidence simply allows the currents to take them and they gently flow along ever so easily, trusting the journey and trusting where the river is taking them. The other person however is grasping for every rock and branch they can get their hands on in fear of what may be around the next corner, is it a waterfall. The current is so strong that it pry’s them away from the thing they are so tightly gripped to only to have them grab the next. If only they realized the river wanted to take them on the most gentlest of journeys to the land of plenty.