Action and Attraction

As you can see from the diagram below, when you focus your thinking on your dreams and desires, or anything that brings on the feelings equal to your desires, you are a vibrational match to what you want.    That vibration then causes 2 things  1) it allows you to get the inspiration to act in ways to achieve your dreams and desires and 2) it sends a vibration to the law of attraction which then starts attracting the desire to you.   So as you are acting towards your dream, it is moving towards you.   What is important about acting towards your desire is that each act gets your more excited about the prospect of your dream which sends more high vibrations and keeps the attraction process moving and building momentum.   If you pay attention, you will find “little things” happening that just show up to connect you with your desire.   That is you connecting with the path that your source self has setup for you to realize your desire.  But you can only get those connections if you are in a high vibration, because they are high vibration (feel good) circumstances.  In time, as shown in the diagram, your actions will meet your attraction and you will have your desire.    If it’s a true to heart desire, the actions you perform will not seem like work because you are internally motivated to achieve it.  It has value to you, it feeds what excites you and your excitement and anticipation make it seem like play. Once you experience your desire because you maintained that high vibration state, those continued high vibration feelings become the fuel for the next attraction and so on.   Do you see how living in the world of attraction is so much easier and effortless than doing everything by force without leveraging the law of attraction.

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