Learning Community

This document will give you information about 1) why I have setup a new learning community to achieve vibrational mastery (which is thought mastery and what allows you to receive your dreams and desires), 2) details about the community and 3) how to join if you believe it would be of value to you.

This post is a bit lengthy to give clarity to exactly why I believe a new approach is needed for the return to our natural power to independently change anything in our life and have the satisfying interactions, abundance, health, and the experiences we want continuously, regardless of any existing conditions or circumstances. This is what we came for, a continuously fulfilling life.

The reason for starting the new community is a long term vision of mine and comes from the following questions I have had many years ago, why is it taking people all over the world so long to take back their natural power and have the life they want? Why is it taking so long to understand when life is not the way we want and how to change it? Why is taking so long to reconnect with our true energy nature, and how life really works, and lastly, what will speed that up? We have known about energy and vibration for quite a few years now and yet the uptake , although growing, the effective uptake to change ones life, have the life we want, slower. In the following paragraphs I will outline the reasons for the slow pace to live life by our energy nature, and this will make it clear as to why now is the time to take an education approach to learning about our energy nature and how life really works, and how to life according to our energy nature.

I believe with effective “energy” education everyone will be able to get to the point that no matter what is going on in their life, they will know why, and how to shift their energy to change it from what it is, to what they want, independently.

So the community has 2 main purposes, 1) to help people get the whole picture of their energy nature and the way life works so they can take charge of their energy vibration, and therefore their life, to have it as they want it to be, independently, and 2) provide support and community to those going through the learning process as well as support for those who have worked through it by helping them to apply what they have learned to their daily life.

Let’s get into the reason why this has been taking so long and the remedy.

Over 30 years ago I started on this journey of self and life discovery, it took me about 20 years to piece it all together because I couldn’t find one source that gave me the whole picture. I remember saying to myself many times, why were there so many offerings, and why were so many people saying so many different things about the same topic of energy vibration / attraction / manifestation, surely there had to be one truth that applied to us all equally. Thankfully I did get to the one truth about how the universe works and it is explained by the creative process Ask>Create>Allow>Manifest>Receive. In understanding this, it also helped me understand why there were so many teachings to having the life we want manifest. In getting to know the creative process I realized that the only piece of the cycle of Ask>Create>Allow>Manifest>Receive that we really have to pay attention to is the allow piece. Allow simply means to release resistance or stop choosing negative feeling thoughts, and they are all a choice. When we do so, what we desire automatically manifests, we don’t have to do anything to make it manifest, we just have to not introduce negative energy so it can. All of the things people were teaching boiled down to releasing resistance but many of them didn’t understand that and actually thought that their technique was the Asking. You can see the confusion because if we think the technique is the Asking, that introduces all kinds of variables. Are we asking correctly, are we asking often enough, are we asking at the right time of day etc., and really there is no answer to those questions, so then we have resistance which is why so many teachings and techniques didn’t work or perhaps for the few that it actually caused them to release resistance.

Another misunderstanding I found is that many people think they are asking the law of attraction for what they want but that is not accurate either, as the asking is picked up by our Source self, and not with words, simply by the dissatisfaction / wanting we feel from an experience, it’s that automatic. So there has been, and still is, a great deal of misunderstanding of how our energy works for us to receive (not get) what we want.

Some other key things I realized along my journey, which contributed to my long term vision of the need for world wide education about our true energy nature, and the creative process were the following:

1) people got wind of the law of attraction and they wanted to “put it to work” to manifest what they wanted. That line of thinking in and of itself is inaccurate and so is not going to be helpful. Years later, many many are still foiled as they have not got the law of attraction to change their life much at all even after many books, videos, audios, seminars, workshops and you name it. And that is because there is much more to being the creator of your reality than the law of attraction which is simply a part of the creative process, and quite frankly, not even one we need to pay any attention to.

2) there was not an education program that I could find for learning about the creative process and exactly how it is that we direct our energy in each moment of the day regardless of what is going on, in our mind or around us. One thing for sure that became obvious was that there is more to learning about our energy nature than what we can pick up in a week or even a month with a book, audio, video, workshop etc.

3) what makes learning the knowledge of life such a challenge is a few things a) people wanting instant gratification, not wanting to take the time to study, learn and practice, just get the latest greatest law of attraction technique. That is why the book The Secret sold so well, but how many people actually changed their life from it. If it had the magic formula, well we would all be using it, but that was not the case and many more books have been written since then on this topic and still people look for the answer. Think of it like this, if you want to learn to build bridges you go to Engineering School for X years, if you try to fast track it and start building bridges with ¼ of the knowledge and some of that inaccurate, you can imagine how good those bridges are going to be. They fall down, just like our life tends to fall down when we attempt to apply our energy vibration but do not fully and thoroughly understand it, or don’t know about it at all. This process to relearn how to think in our natural high vibration state is really like building a muscle, it gets stronger over time as we train it. Our thought muscle is simply weak because we were never given the education that keeps it strong.

If you want to know how weak our thought muscle is, just watch how many times in the run of day you see people react negatively, a trained, strong thought muscle never reacts negatively, ever, no matter the circumstances b) we have so many limiting and faulty beliefs from traditional teachings and now more around energy and vibration that the confusion is just making it such a slow long process as people try to figure out how it really works. Traditional teachings even spill over into the energy world, like when someone says I am going to manifest, meaning I am going to do / think something that is going to cause that thing I want to manifest, that is not accurate at all, but our action oriented beliefs have us applying our energy in the same way as our action. We don’t manifest, the law of attraction takes care of that, our job is to supply the vibration so it can manifest, that is a huge difference. So there is lots of confusion going on about how energy really works and getting to the real knowledge to learn it . . . there is just a lot of confusion. With no consistency in teachings, a great deal of faulty beliefs, and instant gratification, you can see the thought muscle is not receiving the kind of training needed to make it strong.

4) the prices being charged by many into the thousands of dollars to purchase their energy / vibration products or attend their seminars / workshops was / is out of range for so many who really wanted to learn and on top of that, quite frankly, many I looked into on my journey, they were not even complete, so again we nave inconsistency, confusion and lack of access which has slowed the uptake about learning our true energy nature and the energy nature of the universe.

So it’s pretty clear what has to happen here. We need a complete education if we are to return to our natural high vibration state and live as we intended to live when we came here. Imagine buying a very expensive piece of equipment and not given any training and no operations manuals. It’s not going to go well. We are very powerful beings, but yet we did not receive the guidance on how to be our powerful self.

All of these things inspired a vision in me some years ago (which I have been stepping towards year by year) – Education that is Accurate, Complete, Consistent, Highly Accessible, Supported, Cost Effective about the Knowledge of self and life. It is simply time that we learn who we really are and how life works and take charge of our life to have it the way we want it to be, that’s what we came for and we all have of the power, faculties and support to do it from within.

I believe this group has been effective in helping people reach a more solid understanding and application of their energy nature as related to the creative process and I believe it is now time to take the next step towards a complete educational community offering that enables a person to be in complete charge of their life happenings each and every day. It’s basically time to get the complete education that would have been great to have when we were children but it’s never too late and besides we do want to see this move into schools so children can learn from the start who they are and how life works. The new group is called Higher Vibrations Mastery, a learning community to restore your natural high vibration thinking and therefore restore your natural state of health, happiness, harmony, and abundance, in all areas of your life.

There is no one on this planet any more privileged or smarter than the next, we are all pure positive energy beings, creative intelligence, unlimited access to unlimited abundance with unique gifts and talents and we came here to use them with passion. As I say in my book, in the painting of humanity, we are each a stroke on that painting and it is not at it’s brightest until each one of us are at our brightest, so it bequeaths us to return to align with our pure positive energy self and influence others to the same. I also say about this community as I say about my book, if you do what is in it, it means your thinking will change, and if your thinking changes, your vibration will change and if your vibration changes your life has to change, it is a law of the universe.

I will be spending the greatest amount of my time in the new learning community to provide support for those working their way through the 3 learning sections of the Higher Vibrations Mastery Learning Community. I also want to support those who have gone through the units and want guidance on applying what has been learned. It would be logical at some point where a person just realizes I can fly on my own now and then use all that has been learned to have the great life desired and influence others to return home to their true self as well. This is an exciting time to be on planet earth as it is getting brighter and brighter, faster and faster. Be the light you are, live the life you came to live.

I invite you to have a look at this link http://highervibrationsnow.com/?page_id=2566, which will tell you about the community and you can decide if it is for you. I also suggest that you let others know that there is an education process where they can learn all about their energy nature, how life really works and to be the intentional creator of their life experience as they came to be. They can be, do and have what they want, they have the power, we all do, we just need to learn to use, and then use it.