Self-image and your vibration

If you want your life to change it starts with your self-image.

The prime cause for how your life is playing out is in the hidden self image that you have of yourself. I say hidden because it is in your subconscious mind, which I will talk about in this article. Your self image highly influences your thought choices, and therefore your thought energy; and that is your vibration that you are offering to the law of attraction which returns like energy to you. To restore your natural self image, which is one of value, success, powerfully in charge of your life to receive all that is wanted, you will have to gain a full understanding of the wholeness of who you are and how it is that the elements of this universe fully serve and support you at all times to have what is wanted. Your success in any undertaking will never be greater than the image you have for yourself. Your self image is your view of the person you are so you can see quickly that unless you know the accurate knowledge about the wholeness of who you are, you have taken on an image that is somewhat less than that. The significance of this is that self image determines what you believe that you are able to accomplish. Your self-image was unknowingly formed in your growing years from experiences, what you considered successes and failures, what you considered humiliations and triumphs, what you were told about your self and your place in life. And this self-image was recorded in your subconscious mind. You cannot get at it directly but you can tell what it is as I will indicate in this article. What is important to realize is that from the self-image you establish it determines your self worth and value. And again this is very important because if you don’t have a strong sense of self worth; not feeling worthy, then your life will reflect that energy. The image you have of yourself will determine how you interpret your interactions with others and how you react / respond, it impacts everything you do and how it turns out because the vibration related to the self-image is the attractive energy.

As I mentioned, you can know what kind of self-image you have, it’s not hard to do, just look at the various aspects of your life and how they are playing out, your relationships, your finances, your work or business. Take a look at your own personal appearance, are you feeling satisfied, at peace, comfortable, or trying to doctor it up so to ‘look good’. The results you see in these areas of your life, they are the manifestation or outer expression of that self image. This is very good news because what it tells you is that as you begin to restore your natural self-image, then your outer world must change to match it. This is a law of the universe because you as feel good about yourself, like yourself, know your value, that is high vibration, no resistance, and in that place, things work out for you naturally, as all desires flow effortlessly to you.

One of the great misunderstandings that many people have is that they can change their life by trying to change the circumstances. People are attempting to change their finances, their job, their business, their health, their various relationships without changing their self image, in other words they are trying to change what they are observing as their physical world without changing the image they have within themselves, not realizing that what they are observing is the manifestation of the image they have inside. People work hard, are kind, giving and wonder why they are not getting ahead in life, it’s because of that ball and chain that low self-image is and they are unknowingly carrying it around, sending that low vibration energy out ahead of them sabotaging and undermining all of their physical efforts. You can see why people think that life is something happening randomly or by luck and chance, and that we don’t really have control of it, but it’s just a matter of understanding what is behind what is happening in our life, it’s this image inside of us. For a person to try and change what is going on in their outside world without changing what is going on in their inside world would be as fruitless as trying to change the reflection in a mirror without changing ones physical appearance. It’s never going to happen, but that is what so many people are attempting to do, they are trying to change their outside world without changing what is going on in the inside.

What is very exciting and empowering to know is that you can change your self-image, you can restore it to its natural state and nobody can stop you. Your success in restoring your natural self-image is all up to you and it has only to do with your determination and commitment to yourself to do it. You do of course need the knowledge that allows you to reconnect with natural high vibration self-image. This of course was a big reason for my new book, The Book of Life.

We see people often blaming circumstances for the state of their life but the people that really get on in this world are the people who get up and realize they are responsible for the circumstances in their life and that it is their self-image at the root of what is manifesting as the circumstances. These people know that if they want something to change ‘out there’, they must change what is going on ‘in here’, and so they take charge of their time and dedicate a portion to learning how to restore their natural self-image such that they are offering high vibration energy because they are feeling good about themselves, and they are feeling good about life, learning why they are so good and why life is so good for them. From this place they can process all daily life matters in ways that feel good. There is no resistance in ones energy at this place and then natural high vibration life is the experience.

Does your self-image need some cleaning up? Do you know how to do it? Are you willing to dedicate the time each day to do it? If you want your daily life to change in any way, this is the road.