My Story Monitor

Knowing my story, what I want, dream and desire


With regard to this monitor, remember that your story is constantly evolving as you are an ever expanding being. You may be able to very specifically identify your story right now or simply describe it in more general terms about what feels good about it. The thing to realize is that this is a living list and as you maintain a high vibration more specifics about where you are going; what life has caused you to ask for will flow to you. You are never lost and without desire, you may not be consciously in tune with a great deal of the specifics but life has caused you to ask and your requests are waiting for you to realize them. All you have to do is keep your frequency tuned high and everything will be revealed to you. There is no race, no competition and you can’t miss your ship, or miss out on anything, it will be there when ever you line up with it, it is waiting for you. And remember the realization of one desire is the starting point for the next desire; we are all on a journey of continuous expansion so we must learn to enjoy the journey, that is what allows the desire to manifest.

Answer the following on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most true.

I have a clear or general story of what I want for my life experience in all areas; also referred to as my ideal life story. (rank each of these separately)



Family (that you grew up with)

My mate



Home / Property


Health and Wellness (physical fitness, emotional fitness, food, rest)


I have written down the description of each area of my story (as above) and attached any images or supporting material that shows what I see as my life story; what I want to attract.

My story feels real to me; believable, conceivable and achievable.

I have put pictures or other visual, audio reminders of my story in places where they serve as frequent reminders or triggers for my story.

I also have a general story about who I am and life; what I came here for. I use these to hold a high vibration in times when my ideal life story does not feel good because of its absence or any other reason.

My story is not one that I need to force but one that spontaneously comes to mind. I know why I want it, what benefits it provides me, how it serves others and how I feel about it.

When my present moment experiences are not as I want, I base my feelings on the way I “see” my life in my minds eye (what I want, my ideal life, the story I want) rather than on “what is” or I simply find thoughts that take me to the feelings (vibration) of my ideal life. It may be positive aspects about where I am. It may be a focus on what is working. It may be things I appreciate or simply feel good to think about. It may just be the acknowledgement that what is that I don’t like, is something I manifested, and is therefore temporary while I change my vibration and attract what I do want.

I can easily see my self, in the first person present tense, in my story, complete with the emotions as if I was actually doing it or remembering having done it.

I take at least 5 minutes of quiet time, at least twice each day, to hold in my imagination, the feelings of experiencing my ideal life (could be morning / evening / during the day) and to the exclusion of all other thoughts).

I take at least 10 minutes of quiet time, at least once a day, to be completely relaxed and allow my self to intuitively hear guidance related to my vibrational reality or answers to the questions I have.

Are your scores telling you that you really know and connect with your vibrational story (your dream life); that you are maintaining the vibration of it?

If your scores are low you can go to the Program Exercises by Mind Mastery Area reference at the end of the book or use your Mind Mastery tool box and go to the section Mind Mastery Area 2 – Knowing and Telling your Story (your dream or ideal life). In this section are a list of program exercises, program articles and program diagrams that will help you to increase your scores and therefore proficiency in this area of mind mastery. Select the specific exercises, articles and diagrams that will most effectively help you to increase any low scores. The more you practice the more proficient you will be and the higher your scores will be. Your scores in this area of mind mastery let you know your level of mind mastery in this area only. Remember, total mastery requires that you have high scores in all areas. To be a total mind master is to take charge of your thoughts, your feelings, your vibration and therefore what you are manifesting, regardless of conditions, circumstances, memories, experiences or anything else that may influence your thinking.