Second Edition Information

I am currently working on a second edition of my book.   The content is all the same, what I am adding is a summary at the back of the book that shows all program exercises by mind mastery category.   Mind mastery could also be called vibrational mastery or emotional mastery.  This is a significant addition in that it ties together the process of maintaining mind mastery throughout ones life, the ability to take charge of ones life.   There are a set of mind mastery monitors referred to in Week 19 of the program which are present on this web site under questionnaires.   These monitors help you to stay in tune with your proficiency in the 4 areas of mind mastery and if you find you need a boost in any area, you can go to the summary and it will help you to focus on specific exercises to build your proficiency.   I also added to each exercise in the program, which area of mind mastery it pertains to so as you go through the program you build your mastery tool box by area.   This addition to the book gives you a life long tool to be the master of your mind, your vibration and therefore you life.  If you read the following piece that will be added you will get a better idea of what is meant by mind mastery and how it is used in the book.