Trust, the cornerstone of a high vibration

by Brian Withers

In order to sustain a dominant high vibration, which is what it takes to allow your desires to manifest, you must have trust, confidence, and knowing. To have these things you need the truth, and I believe many many people are ready for the truth even though it is going to shake things up. Lack of trust is definitely one, if not the biggest reason we don’t see our desires manifest, so this post is to address this matter of trust. As you know trust is one of the 4 legs of successful and consistent manifestation.

This post may blow your socks off because I am going right to the truth and it’s going to upset a lot of what people believe about life on this planet, but these faulty beliefs must be demystified in order for us to reconnect with our true power, self and be the intentional creator of our reality that we came here to be. We simply got to get to the truth so we can cultivate the trust that allows us to maintain the high vibration needed to have our desires manifest. The law of attraction is surely part of this, but it is way down stream in the creative process and if we don’t understand the first part, well we just are not going to have the level of trust and confidence to sustain a high vibration.

Trust (in the creative process) is the corner stone of a high vibration, and in order to have this trust you need accurate information and understanding about the creative process. In order to get really clear on the creative process we have to demystify some of the long time beliefs on this planet, otherwise they can continue to get in the way of the true creative process and create shakiness in your vibration. So let’s really pull this apart and finally get to the truth that sets us all free and empowers us to be the true creator of our reality that we came here to be.

Before I get into getting clear on the creative process let me say that many people get very focused on doing the “right” things so they attract what they want, and that can actually create resistance which is the opposite of what we want to have happen. We want to shed the resistance (negative feeling thoughts) because really, that is the only thing that interferes with our life flowing along as it was meant to, as we want it to – fulfilling in all ways. So, should you find yourself in that space, this article is really good to help you stand back and acknowledge / embrace the true creative process. To really embrace the creative process . . . it brings a feeling of peace and ease and makes sure we approach life from a place of peace and ease rather than trying to get it “right” or do the “right” things. It really helps us reconnect with our true self and realize that this attraction / manifestation aspect of life is all really natural, fun and easy, much easier than we may think it is.

So let’s really dig into this creative process and get clear on it, demystifying flawed beliefs once and for all so we can firmly plant the truth and the trust that is necessary for a consistent high vibe, by finally having a solid reason to release fear, worry and doubt, and thus opening the doors for everything we want to flow.

Ok, here we go. We all have a larger eternal part of us, Source Energy and to really demystify something that has been believed for a long time on this planet, Source energy is what many call God. There is nothing religious about Source Energy / God, it is simply the all knowing, pure positive energy that our physical presence has manifested from. You don’t have to go to any designated building or do any designated rituals or practices to connect with Source Energy, you are connected with Source in every moment and it is listening to you and talking to you / guiding you via your emotions and non physical cues such as intuition, hunches, inspirations etc.

So regardless of what part of the world you live in, what religion you study, or anything you may have believed, your God is Source energy, it is the larger part of you, each of us have our own personal God. This may be a shock to you but we are overdue to tear down those old faulty belief walls that have been holding us back. What the vast majority of us were taught about whatever God you honor, it’s not totally accurate so now it’s time to get clear on this because it will give you a lot of confidence, trust and empowering beliefs that will keep you in the high vibe necessary for the abundance you desire to flow into your life. Without trust, it does not matter what you do, your vibe will be low because worry, fear and doubt will be dominant.

Now that we have this understanding of Source / God, we come to the phrase Ask and it is Given, again this is not religious in any way. It is a simple truth, when we experience what we don’t like in our daily life, that experience causes us to ask Source for what we want (not in words, in emotions). Source then grants it instantly – vibrationally. Now this gives us another clarification on old beliefs. Many people think Ask and it is Given means it comes to us in the physical world. Not true at all, it comes to us first vibrationally. You can see the confusion this causes people, it’s a huge difference receiving something vibraitonally versus physically.

If we don’t know about vibrational reality and that what we want has been given, you can see how worry, doubt and fear set in. We wonder if Source / God has heard us so we keep asking and looking for that thing to show up, but that is not how the creative process works at all, no wonder people have lived with fear, worry and doubt. We get thoughts like, am I asking correctly, does Source / God not want me to have this, when is it coming, what do I have to do so Source / God grants me this desire. All the while it has been granted and vibrationally available to you, in fact it’s in the room with you right now at a vibrational frequency just waiting for you to tune into it. But if you don’t know this, wow, how scary life can seem, out of control, powerless, uncertainty, insecurity, all low vibes. It is any wonder we have not had things we want manifest but a lot of stuff we don’t want.

Without knowing this is how the asking happens and the first step of granting it, we get all tangled up in the circumstances, not seeing the value of what is happening, not realizing that thing we don’t like (the financial matter, the relationship matter, the family matter, the career issue etc.) is making us aware that something new is cued up for us to receive. Talk about going through life with a blind fold on. It’s time for us to realize and understand how this works so we stop wasting time muddled up in what we don’t like and go to what it caused to be created, what we want.

So many people are trying to get the law of attraction to work for them but you can clearly see, the law of attraction has not yet entered the picture and if you don’t get this first part in order, well your vibe is not going to be in the place necessary for what you want to manifest. You can see why so many people get frustrated and give up, then go after another book, another video, another something, only to fall flat again. Without understanding the first part of this, it’s like beating our self up against a brick wall.

Knowing this first part of the creative process puts you in a place to easily setup for the next part which is to have the desire move from vibrational reality to physical reality. When you know how it works, you are at ease, you feel worthy and deserving. You know that the universe is setup for you to succeed, wants you to succeed. You just got to understand and thus trust the process and this leads to knowing your true self, liking yourself, being nice to yourself and others. It’s an incredible process, the first part is automatic as you can see, the second part to receive . . . you got to be nice to yourself and others, and if you are not, you are not in the vibration to receive. Isn’t that totally awesome, you have to be your natural nice self to receive what you asked for and was created for you. The thing is if you know the first part of the process you know that Source is guiding you, with you all the time, supporting you, carving out a path for your fulfillment.

It’s kind of interesting when you think of this process, it’s not so different from the way we are in life, when people are nice to you, you want to give to them and when they are not you don’t.    The creative process is like that with us, when we are nice (self and others) the loa gives us what we want, when we are not nice to self and others – low vibe, loa does not give us what we want, it gives us something not nice.

So do you trust your Source, when you choose a negative feeling thought, you are saying Source I don’t trust you and when you choose positive feeling thought you are saying Source I trust you. I don’t now how this is all going to work out, it’s not my job, but I trust you do and will see to it. I am going to keep the resistance out of the way so you and loa can do your work. As you do that, then loa can bring you the path so that you can receive what was setup for you. Those are the 2 parts, 1st creation, then receiving. The creation is automatic, the receiving happens by virtue of a high vibration. It’s that simple.   Be nice to yourself and be nice to others.

So if you find yourself in a low vibe, listen to the voice of Source, it is saying, do you trust me? Say yes Source, I trust you,  I am going to be nice to myself and others, that will help you to start letting go of the resistance. If you find you are not trusting Source, then keep embracing the creative process, the truth about you, the truth of abundance, the law of attraction, expression and expansion. Demonstrate to yourself with the easy manifestations, things with no resistance that Source is there by your side at all times, granting what you want and guiding you to it.